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"A Good Game if You're Patient Enough"

Be patient, grasshopper, for a good Harvest Moon game does not come quickly. You must play for a long time, gamer-san, before it becomes a true classic, but once you do, it is sweeter than the sweetest lotus blossom. Because i'm running out of Karate Kid metaphors, I'll start the review:

Gameplay - This game starts off slow; the first spring is the most boring time you may ever have in a game. It picks up quickly after the first summer and you'll be thrilled with the events and friends in the game. You can choose a girlfriend/wife-to-be and woo her with gifts, sweet talk, and befriending her family. This is the most interactive game ever!

Characters - I thought since this a crucial to the game, I'd mention the cast. The characters are all really great, plus everybody and their grandmother has their own interesting little backstory. Fortunately, the girls you can marry are the most interesting people in the game.

Story - As in every Harvest Moon, ol' Grampa kicks the bucket and you get his crappy farm, which you have to save while at the same time developing relationships with the townspeople. In this game, there are about a zillion subplots, like the fact that whichever girl you want may already like SOMEONE ELSE!! (You better work fast!)

Audio/Video - The character sprites, with a few exceptions, are recycled from the Nintendo 64 Harvest Moon game, but for a good reason: they are simple but charming. Think Final Fantasy 6 in 3D. The backgrounds are great, artistic, and sometimes pretty realistic. The music is repetitive but not intolerable. The sound effects are actually pretty good.

Replayability - Heck yes this game's got it, but unlike most games, there's no real ending, so you'll be playing the same file for eternity and the day after for all I know.

To buy or to rent? - Well, you probably cannot get a good grasp of this game in the three or five days you'll rent this game for, so you may have to buy to get it. To test, you should probably just borrow it from a friend for a month... if you have a friend who will let it go for that long!

Cows and chickens and sheep, oh my! This game is basically Harvest Moon 64: Version 2.0; just an improvement of the 64 version, but a welcome one. If you want a game were you don't kill anyone, shoot a gun, or save the world, this is the game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/21/01, Updated 06/21/01

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