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"Forget about all the bad reviews for this game"

The only other harvest moon game that I played was harvest moon 64 and I thought that was a great game. So as soon as harvest moon: back to nature came out i bought it right away. In some of the other reviews I saw that they had said harvest moon back to nature cost 40 dollars but it is possible to find harvest moon back to nature for only 20 dollars and that's how much I paid. So I don't know why they're complaining about the price when you can very easily find it for 20 instead of 40. So if your worried about the price don't be.

Graphics- 9 out of 10
I thought the graphics in harvest moon back to nature were great. They weren't choppy or blurry or whatever.(some of the people in the other reviews exaggerate way to much) I think the trees in the game are pretty good and the rest of the graphics are to. And somebody said in their review that they had mistake a fence for the ground. I'm sorry but if you mistake a fence for the ground in this game you would have to be some sort of idiot. I think the way they colored it was nice and I also think that the graphics in this game are way better than the ones in harvest moon 64.

Sound-7 out of 10
The sound in harvest moon back to nature is pretty good too. The songs are very motivational. And the sounds like the mooing, the clucking, the rain, the brush, etc. sound very realistic. Especially the rain. And if you don't like the songs or the other sounds or if you just get sick of them you could always just turn the volume down and listen to the radio. I mean come on are you going to let the music be the only reason you don't but this really great game?

Game control-10 out of 10
The controls in this are really not that hard to figure out. It's just like playing super nintendo. And it's not to complex it took me like maybe 10 minutes at the most to get used to it. And someone said that the arrows in the rucksack move to fast. They do not move to fast, they're fine. It's just like in harvest moon 64. The characters in back to nature do move kind of fast but you could always just whistle and they'll stop. And it's kind of nice seeing them walk instead of like teleporting everywhere. I used to hate that in harvest moon 64 when someone would be there and then you would leave and come back and then they're gone. Your character doesn't really move that fast but I would avoid using the analog because I guess that would make it seem like it was going faster and I just think it's easier just to use the arrows instead. And I never dropped an item because of the controls. Like I said they're not that hard to figure out.

Story-6 out of 10
The story is still pretty much the same. You went to visit your grandpa's farm when you were little, then ten years later he dies and you inherit the farm and you have three years to restore it. What's nice about harvest moon back to nature is that they mixed up the families and what they do. So everything isn't exactly the same. And that's pretty cool because it would get kind of boring if everything stayed the same.

Game design-8 out of 10
I think the festivals in harvest moon back to nature are cool but they are also a lot more challenging. Like the swimming festival and the tomato festival but they're still a lot of fun. And it's cool that you actually get to cook the recipes you get this time. I also like ordering stuff off of the TV. That's one of my favorite parts in the whole game. They got some new crops too which I think are pretty cool. And I like the cheese,mayo,and yarn maker. The sub-plots are nice too.

Overall-8 out of 10
I think this is a really great game and I really think that some of the other people are exaggerating about a great deal of things that I didn't even find a problem in this game. And some of these reviews almost stopped me from buying harvest moon back to nature, but I'm glad I did buy it because I really like this game. And I gave it a 8 because I don't really believe that there is a perfect game so I wouldn't give it a 10 and it does get boring after a while. But a long while because all games do eventually get boring.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/28/01, Updated 08/28/01

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