Review by CTallman

"Not as complictated as it may seem"

My review of this game is simple. The game was fun. The gameplay was excellent minus the factor of to move in the direction you wish to go you must tilt yourself to get it right for to go diagonally down left, you press left, but this obstacle is easily gotton used to.
This is for anybody who gave the game a bad review: Just because you are retarded and believe that your opinion actually matters does not mean a thing. First of all, nobody cares about if the animal sounds sound fake, its a god damn game, nobody expects the makers to go out and put a fricken mic in front of a cow just to get the ''real'' noise a cow makes. This game is extremely good, and if you're having trouble with it, buy the strategy guide, preferebly the prima one. It helps out a lot and tells you everything you need to know, and if for some reason it doesn't include something just go and find it online. It's not as complicated as some people make it out to be.

Graphics: The graphics in this game are for people who are more interested in the sequence and how fun the game is and not how it looks. Looks are for games that need to look pretty because the gameplay sucks and so does the story.

Controls: Though the controls sometimes get tedious and boring, (like trying to empty all of your eggs into the mayo maker and then putting them in the shipping bow by pressing triangle and r simultaniously and timed distances)this game actually has many secrets and a lot of holidays that everbody can enjoy at least once.

Gameplay: The gameplay in this game is actually rather annoying when playing this game. To optimize your field you usually build a 3x3 block and hollow out the middle to jump over it and plant your seeds, but the problem with that is the random number of randomly placed weeds that appear everyday can sometimes make a real biotch of things when you have to run around some groups of crops. The thing I find most annoying though are the animals. At least one thing is annoying about every animal. The cows and sheep can not be walked through which makes talking to them, grooming this, milking them, and feeding them quite difficult. Most people say that all you have to do is let them out and they will be easier, the only problem with that is that every where they go, they just mosie they're way there which makes it so that you can stay up extremely late trying to get all of the animals back inside. The chickens have 2 things wrong with them. One is the fact that they rarely move so you end up having to move every chicken to get at its egg, and the other thing is trying to keep them outside is a pain because they are hard to make a pen for, and then they're pen breaks and then a wild dog eats them or you forget to put them in the night before and the next day is a hurricane of something like that.

Though this review might seem completely negative, it is only because I do not have the time to list all of the good things about it. The good parts of this game outnumber the bad things 10 to 1 and, unless it was my job to list them, I wouldn't waste 5 hours doing it. I strongly reccomend buying a strategy guide because it was somebody's job to list the good things and they did a pretty damn good job of it it the 70 page strategy guide.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/10/01, Updated 09/10/01

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