"A Legendary Name For A Horrible Game"

Once I heard Harvest Moon is coming out on PSX I knew I needed to get it. I was patient enough to get a scoop on the game from my friend before I got it. He was saying it like if it was game made in heaven but when I bought it, played it, and got bored with it I had knew I had to write something about it and by the looks of it I won't be complementing it in this review. Read on if you like.

Graphics- 5 out of 10
The graphics in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature are one of the good stuff about it even though its the same graphic as Mario RPG FOR SUPER NINTENDO. It looks ALMOST like the 64 character but worse. Stuff on your farm looks like if it is cardboard pieces stuck together and colors for their object is definitely wrong.

Nice Things:
Characters almost like 64's

Bad Things:
Kids art projects can look better

Sound- 4 out of 10
The songs are like for old people (the ones that need hearing aids) to play with the game meaning it’s horrible.
All the songs are nothing compared to the 64's and the opening theme will give you an ear ache the size of Texas (just like saying that).

Good Things:
Volume on T.V. is adjustable

Bad Things:
It’s a pain to let your ear listen to such horrible music
People who are deaf is lucky

Play Control- 2 out of 10
When I first played it I can't even control the directions on both d-pad and joystick took me an hour to get use to. The rucksack did improve by letting a push of a button take out an object. You can hold up to 3 in beginning but you can upgrade it and all your tools with the proper amount of gold. The world map is huge and time is fast so its hard to look for people in the game and when you do find that person they move too fast and you move fast too but not enough making hard to talk to someone or give someone a thing without dropping it.

Good Things:
The improve control to your rucksack

Bad Things:
NPC move too fast
Controls are confusing
Map to big and time to short

Game Design- 4 out of 10
Good thing is you can actually cook the ingredients you find even though there is very little and the T.V. has shopping channels and cooking channels. There are good festivals such as tomatoes throwing festival which is quite fun. The ranch and everything else is poorly design. Not as much tools as 64 neither. This game don't deserve the rights to be called Harvest Moon just because its about a boy name Jack that runs a farm

Good Things:
You can cook
New fun festivals
T.V. got better

Bad Things:
Not enough recipes
Very few tools
Ranch is poorly designed as with everything else

Story- 1 out of 10
The story is about a boy name Jack who went to his grandfather from 10 years ago and met a girl had fun and left promising he'll come back. 10 years passed your grandfather died you own the ranch and its in poor condition and its up to you to bring it to the top.

Good Things:
You got a girlfriend already

Bad Things:
Many unanswered questions
Lack of details
Too short and take too long

Replay Value and Challenge- 5 out of 10
The best part of Harvest Moon: Back to Nature is it'll keep you playing because you never know when some part in the game you find out who that girl is and answer many question as how does the baby look like when you get married and have a family. IT is very hard to accomplish stuff since all the thing need money such as upgrading but that’s the whole challenge of the game.

Good Things:
Very hard
Will keep you playing

Bad Things:

Overall- 5 out of 10
Overall this is not quite a bad game. You can mute the music, try to get use to the control and graphics, and forget about the bad storyline and that is a wannabe of harvest moon and play along discovering stuff as you play while trying to make your farm better with lack of money and expensive things that are needed to success.

Good Things:
Hard game
Very Challenging

Bad Things:
Terrible story
Bad play control and graphics
A Harvest Moon 64 wannabe

Buy or Rent:
I'd say buy if your a fan and don't bother if not

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 09/27/01, Updated 09/27/01

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