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"A game that shares many of HarvestMoon 64's strong points, without the bugs..."


Well, first of all i'm sure that some people have been very worried about the bad reviews and have even not bought the game about it. Those people are biased toward the Nintendo 64, and most of them hate Sony, so they make a playstation game look bad. 65% of them have never even played the game, nonetheless even own it ! Well, i've played through the entire game, both the Harvest Moon 64 and BTN, so here I go!

Gameplay *10 of 10*

It makes or breaks the game. Bad reviewers claim that the controls are ''unresponsive'', ''hard to learn'', and ''took an hour to learn''. My younger sister picked it up and got used to it in 30 seconds. She was 10 years old too !!! The reason they said that is because Harvest Moon 64 has 8 directions, while BTN has 4. No whining allowed, that should be in the review rules. But here are the facts:

--- Comparisons ---

N64 : Had 8 directions, easier to do some tasks
BTN : Had only 4 directions, but you can jump over plants !


Controls *5 of 10*

Not nearly as convenient as the N64 version, but it is nice that you can flip through the inventory quickly.

Loading Time *3 of 10*

Ugh... the one reason I have to hate CD's, the ol loading times. They can be anywhere from 10 to 60 seconds, very bad for a game that requires a lot of saving. (30 seconds to access save menu)

Difficulty *5 of 10*

The game can be hard at times, depending if you have played any harvest moon game in your life. Tedious at the start, but slowly improves.

Story *7 of 10*

Not the best story in the world, and very similar to all the previous harvest moon games out there. Not many complaints here. Both of the games were completely non-linear, which I loved.

Audio *8 of 10*

Noooo ! Sounds were recycled from the N64 version here, but the N64 version did have nice sounds though. The water sounds realistic.

Video *10 of 10*

Ahh the video... the number 1 complaint. Well, if you noticed, BTN is in full 3D, while the N64 version was geared towards much younger audiences, with more ''cutesy'' graphics. (what nintendo is well known for, but I still loved the game)

Complaints included:

''Trees are flat''

Ummm... no. They are full 3D, while the N64 ones WERE in 2D ! Trust me, i know what 3d and 2d is.

i''Buildings look like cardboard''

Not really... these people who write bad reviews have to be blind. Now do you see why half of them have never seen or played the game ? They make up complete garbage to make N64 look better...

''Rivers looks like paper!''

What the **** did that come from ? You had to NOT play the game to say that. Crazy ol bad reviewers...

--- Comparisons ---

N64 : Frequently used 2D sprites in the objects and people. This included Trees, People, Plants, Animals, an dother common objects. RIVER WAS IN 2D

BTN : Only thing in 2D were the actual people, everything else in beautiful 3D. Oh and RIVER IN 3D.


Replayability *7 of 10*

Well, none of the Harvest Moon games have to much replayability, but the N64 wins here ! In BTN, every new game must start with the same 30 minute intro, and is , more difficult to experiment in. N64 has many ways to play, marrying other people and messing around.

Buy or Rent ? *Buy*

Very worthwhile to buy. Dont be stupid and buy a brand new PSX for this game alone though, it aint that good. The N64 version is highly recommended also for more replay value and sometimes a lower price. Dude767 signing out.

Final Review Scores:
Final Score: 8 (not an average)

Gameplay - 10 of 10
Control - 5 of 10
Loading Time - 3 of 10
Difficulty - 5 of 10
Story - 7 of 10
Audio - 8 of 10
Video - 10 of 10
Replayability - 7 of 10
Buy or Rent - Buy

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/29/01, Updated 09/29/01

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