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"This is a great game."

I had some gift money for an online store, and I was lacking on GBC games. I looked up Harvest Moon 2 and I found all the Harvest Moon titles. I looked at the one for the Playstation and said, ''There's a Harvest Moon for Playstation, read the mini review and bought it. I almost constantly played it for the month after I received it.

Gameplay (9 of 10 overall)

-Controls (8 of 10)

I've heard from HM64 Fans that they don't like the controls, but I think they are perfect. Sure, sometimes Jack seems slow or I occasionally drop a chicken feed if I'm a little off target, but once you get the hang of them you can unload 9 Sweet Potatoes in your bin in like 5 seconds with a barrage of X's and R2's. The only weird thing is that your character can only move in 4 directions and that since the map is diagonal, up isn't really up. But you get used to it.

-Game Features (9 of 10)

In BTN you can grow crops, and raise a variety of animals. You can plant a lot of crops in the big area you're given, and with the Hothouse you can grow any plants any time. You are limited to 10 of each animal(except fish) and can put them in contests in their respective festivals. Speaking of festivals, the festivals in this game are great! Theres a Swimming festival, a Chicken Sumo, Dog and Horse Races, and even a giant Tomato Fight! And a new addition is cooking. You collect ingredients and buy utensils and cook them. Collect all recipes! That's not even getting into detail into all the parts of the game.

Also, which I think is the most fun part of the game, you can find a bride and chose one of the 5 single girls. You give them items which they like and and then they like you more. After you get married you can even have a kid!

Graphics (5 of 10)

These graphics are okay. They look 3-D but cartoonish at the same time, but they serve their purpose and everything looks nice enough but they could be better. The graphics are very round and not choppy especially for the characters and they go into some detail.

Sounds (8 of 10)

The sounds are pretty good. The Spring and Summer tunes is nice little cheery background music, and the Fall tune is great! The downside is that the Winter music is slow, boring, and gloomy. After your second Year the music gets repetitive.

Story (8 of 10)

This story is simple. You visited your Grandpa's farm 10 years ago and when he died, he handed it over to you. It's in pretty bad shape and you have to clean it up. When you arrive, it brings back memories of your Grandpa, his dogs, his animals, and that girl you met in the meadow 10 Years ago...

Later in the game you will be encountered with many events, and they can affect how much they like you and can determine the outcome of the game.

Replayability (9 of 10)

The Replayability is what makes this game what it is. There is so much to uncover, and the game is so unlinear that you can do basically anything you want. You can be a friend to everyone, or a Millionaire who keeps all his money to himself. You could be a master chef with a happy family. The possibilities are endless!

But there is one drawback. After playing and replaying, you get very tired of the repetitiveness. Then the game can seem really long and boring and once your tasks pile up, you'll want to bail and start a new game again.

Extras/Reviewers Tilt (10 of 10)

My above ratings don't show a great game, but this IS a great game. Months of entertainment, which brings me to...

Buy or Rent?

Definitely buy. For two reasons:

1. It is a very replayable game, and is worth the 40/30$.

2. If you rent it, you have no possible way to beat it. This game takes A LONG TIME to beat.


Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 5/10
Sounds: 8/10
Story: 8/10
Replayability: 9/10
Extras/Reviewers Tilt: 10/10

OVERALL (not an average): 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/14/01, Updated 10/14/01

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