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    Terry by Shirow

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                            THE KING OF FIGHTERS '99
     [Guide]      :  Terry Bogard 
     [Game]       :  The King of Fighters '99
     [Systems]    :  Arcade, Neo*Geo, PSX
     [Author]     :  Orochi K
     [E-mail]     :  kartelkertra <at> caramail <dot> com
     [Version]    :  Final 
     [Date]       :  April 29, 2002
      2001-2002, Orochi K. All rights reserved.
     The King of Fighters '99  SNK.
     Terry Bogard  SNK.
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        I. Introduction
       II. Control notation
      III. Bio sheet
       IV. Profile
        V. Movelist
       VI. Move descriptions
      VII. Combos
     VIII. Strategies
       IX. Beating Krizalid easily (PSX only)
        X. Outro
       XI. Revision History
      XII. Legal Disclaimer
     XIII. Contact Info
      XIV. Credits
     I know you are probably thinking that I'm really a freak, writing so
     many guides on Terry Bogard. Well, since I use him more than anyone
     else, it was inevitable, right? ^_^
     Damn, Terry has really been toned down now. His Rising Tackle is a charge
     move and it no longer has guard crush and auto-guard. He has 2 new moves
     but heck, they're both pretty much useless. To make things even worse,
     the Power Dunk is a follow-up to the Power Charge which means that the
     latter no longer enables juggling.
     On reading this, you would think that Terry is no longer worth it seeing
     how he's been toned down and cannot juggle anymore. Quite true but that
     doesn't prevent him from kicking major ass as always.
     Read on and we'll find out how!
               ub   u   uf                        A        B
                 \  |  /        
               b -- n -- f                   
                 /  |  \      
               db   d   df                        D        C
      General Notations:
       n    - neutral                             A     - Weak Punch
       d    - down                                B     - Weak Kick
       u    - up                                  C     - Strong Punch
       b    - back                                D     - Strong Kick
       f    - forward                             
      Special Notations:
       db   - down-back                           P     - Press A or C
       df   - down-forward                        K     - Press B or D         
       ub   - up-back                             AB    - Escape          
       uf   - up-forward                          CD    - Attack
       qcf  - d,df,f                              BC    - Call striker
       qcb  - d,db,b                              ABC   - Enable Counter Mode
       hcf  - b,db,d,df,f                         BCD   - Enable Armor Mode
       hcb  - f,df,d,db,b                         START - Taunt
       dp   - f,d,df
       rdp  - b,d,db
      NOTE: A/B/C/D position may be different! The buttons always represent the 
            same thing though.
     Fighting Style:        Martial arts and Jeff-style Kenka Sappou
                            (Deadly Brawling Arts)
     Birthday:              3 / 15
     Age:                   24
     Birthplace:            America
     Blood Type:            O
     Height:                182cm
     Weight:                82kg
     Hobby:                 Video games, trolling
     Favorite Food:         Fast food
     Best Sport:            Basketball
     Most Important:        Jeff's gloves
     Dislikes:              Slugs
                       "This's (sic) what makes a legend!"
     Terry and Andy used to live with their father, Jeff. Jeff was a greater 
     fighter and one of his partners was a man by the name of Geese Howard. 
     Their master, Tung Fu Rue, then teached the secrets of his style to Jeff 
     only and this caused the rage of Geese who vowed revenge. As the years 
     passed, Geese became one of the most powerful criminals of Southtown and 
     was a very feared man. However, despite all these years, he hadn't forgotten 
     about this humiliation and one day, he killed Jeff in combat.
     Now orphans, Terry and Andy decided to go seperate ways and train in their 
     own style. Andy went to Japan while Terry decided to stay in Southtown. 
     Equipped with his gloves which had been given to him by his father, Terry 
     wandered in the streets of Southtown and trained in several martials arts,
     while keeping in mind all that his father had told him. Years of training 
     and his great variety of styles made him a very worthy opponent indeed and
     he managed to survive the hellbound streets of Southtown. 
     He then waited for Andy who brought along a friend with him, a Japanese 
     boxer by the name of Joe Higashi. The trio decided to participate in the 
     tournament held by Geese, the King of Fighters, which was a yearly 
     competition. Terry soon showed his strength and abilities and defeated Billy 
     Kane, Geese's right hand, in the final. After this, he got to the top floor 
     of Geese's tower to fight him. There, Geese mocked him, saying that he was
     too weak. They engaged battle and Terry, due to his love for battles against
     worthy opponents and his new techniques, defeated Geese and knocked him out
     of the window.
     Terry then kept on training while his victory resounded in the whole world. 
     News of his victory finally reached the ears of Wolfgang Krauser, a German 
     noblesman. Not really knowing who Terry might be, he went on a long quest 
     around the world, beating all the fighters who could be this man. Terry was 
     informed about this and went out to look for him, meeting new fighters and 
     new friends along the way: Kim Kaphwan, the Tae Kwon Do justice fighter; 
     Mai Shiranui, the red-haired bouncy ninja; Jubei Yamada, the Judo master. 
     Terry and Krauser finally met and fought. The battle would be a great one 
     since both fought for the love of it. However, Terry came out better due 
     to all the progress he had made after fighting others. Geese, on the other 
     hand, would only fool around with inferior fighters and that made all the 
     difference. This new victory made Terry a very popular man worldwide.
     Terry was indeed one of the first fighters to be invited to the new format 
     of the King of Fighters tournament, which had a new host. As the competition 
     required a team entry, he invited Andy and Joe to accompany him. Their 
     team, the "Lonely Wolves", soon became one of the best in the world. 
     Although they never won the tournament, they always reached the finals, 
     and Terry was always an excellent fighter. He always helped Kyo in his 
     fights against Rugal and the Orochi clan.
                                     - Source: KOF Story Guide by Kailu Lantis
    |-------------------------------[ Throws ]----------------------------------|
     Grasping Upper                           When close, b / f + C
     Buster Throw                             When close, b / f + D
    |----------------------------[ Command Moves ]------------------------------|
     Hammer Punch                             f + A
     Rising Upper                             df + C
    |----------------------------[ Special Moves ]------------------------------|
     Power Wave                               qcf + A
     Round Wave                               qcf + C
     Burn Knuckle                             qcb + P
     Crack Shoot                              qcb + K
     Power Charge                             hcf + K
     Power Dunk                               f,d,df + K during Power Charge
     Power Shoot                              f,d,df + K
     Power Drive                              f,d,df + P
     Rising Tackle                            Charge d,u + P
    |--------------------------[ Desperation Moves ]----------------------------|
     Power Geyser                   qcb,db,f + P
     High Angle Geyser              qcf,qcf + K
     Close A  
     Terry will hit the opponent with his elbow but in doing so, he tends to
     go back a litte. This attack is great because it has a nice recovery time
     and is very quick to come out. It is comboable. The hits don't always add
     up but the close A into a move is really comboable. But it is damn hard 
     to combo it into desperation moves though, specially the High Angle 
     This is a great tool for poking. You may catch your opponent in it while
     they slide and if this happens, immediately follow with another strong 
     move. It's also quite useful against aggressive opponents because if
     you pull it just as they land against you, they almost always eat it
     since it is so quick to come out and is thus, rather unpredictable.
     Close B 
     Terry will hit the opponent with his knee rather low. It is rather smpw
     to come out and also has bad recovery time. Moreover, your opponent won't
     find it hard to anticipate this move and there are thus a lot of risks
     to using it. If the opponent manages to block, he'll have enough time to
     pull anything and you'll probably eat what he decides to throw your way.
     You can use the close B from time to time, like to poke the opponent around
     but if that's what you really want to do, use the close A instead. It's
     better and safer.
     Close C 
     A 2-hit attack with a marvellous recovery time and which is very quick
     to come out. This will be your most used attack due to the negligible
     lag time and all its uses.
     It can be cancelled into any move and his overhead on the first hit but
     there's really no need to do so because everything will connect after
     both hits. Perform it as an unsuspecting opponent gets up after a roll
     and throw in any DM you have, there's no getting out of the close C.
     Close D 
     A strong high kick with an excellent recovery time. Very quick to come
     out too and will take your opponents by surprise after a roll a lot of
     times, yes, even blocking opponents!
     Comboable just like the close C but you may encounter some problems 
     following it with a DM. This arises mainly because when you try to 
     perform it with the DM, you'll most likely pull the crouch D instead.
     This is why I would advise you to never combo a DM after the close D
     even though it is possible. Use special moves instead and use your DMs
     only with the close C.
     Far A 
     Terry's far standing A is absolutely fantastic. This is a quick jab and
     by quick, I really mean it. You can basically stand there against a 
     defensive opponent and carrying on pulling this and win through guard
     crush. Your best tool to poke the opponents around and to make things
     even better, it is interruptable.
     If your opponent is the defensive type or a turtler, you can try pressing
     the far A and wait for them to get caught in it. The quick recovery time
     ensures that you'll be able to block any of his attacks such that you
     really are safe.
     Use this often, specially in human matches. It's very useful and will
     make you win a lot of matches!
     Far B 
     Middle kick with a bit of a lag time. Terry could do without this useless
     move. The speed with which is comes out means that your opponent can
     attack you meantime and the recovery is even worse.
     You'd be better not caring about it because it's a sure way to leave 
     Terry open to any attack and there's no way blocking successfully if
     this far weak kick misses.
     Far C 
     A fairly quick strong punch but it is not interruptable and the recovery
     is pretty lame. Don't abuse it because anybody can predict it and you'll
     be in for some damage if you constantly use it against a fast opponent.
     Has a rahter good range but it's not that much and the far D is much better
     if that's what you're looking for.
     Far D 
     A strong kick which hits high. Takes a lot of time to come out and the
     recovery time is not that good either. Has an excellent range though
     and may still hit unsuspecting opponents thanks to its range. You
     can use it to catch your opponent off-guard and the kick does nice
     damage too.
     But watch out for the recovery though. Terry takes a lot of time to
     go back to his original stance and this enables your opponent to attack
     you if he's quick enough. And characters with projectiles will surely
     use that against you if you use the standing strong kick too often.
     Crouch A 
     Another excellent poke. Terry will just crouch and pull quick jabs. Tap
     the button and he'll continuously punch around. Any opponent who tries
     to cross-over will be caught in one of the punches and from there, you 
     can cancel into a special move or a DM.
     This is one of Terry's best moves and you should use it very often. It
     has an excellent recovery time too which means you don't have to be afraid
     of being hit as you pull one. The move is interruptable too.
     Its best use is probably to start with a jump D, to do 2 crouch A very 
     quickly and to finish with the infamous Rising Tackle. A highly damaging 
     combo, try to master it!
     Crouch B 
     Quick weak kick but Terry seems to step back when he pulls one of it. Still,
     the recovery time is nice but it is very difficult to combo onto it. Good
     for poking but the crouch A is better and you'd be wise sticking to the A.
     The crouch B has better range though and you can try using it to break
     into an opponent's guard. Personally, I use it only to poke opponents who
     aren't very good at crouch-blocking. It can take them by surprise.
     Crouch C 
     Strong low punch. The recovery sucks though which means you shouldn't 
     use it that often. Can be used to poke the opponent but because of the
     recovery time, I don't advise you to use this attack to do so. Rely on
     his other attacks instead.
     Since the crouch C is comboable, it is pretty useful too. It needs to be
     crouch-blocked. So, you can jump in and perform the crouching C instead
     of the normal standing one. If it connects, add a special move or even
     better, a DM. It is damn easy to follow with your DMs after the crouch 
     C, you can't possibly miss.
     Crouch D 
     Knockdown interruptable attack. Takes some time to come out and since 
     Terry takes some time to turn around, the recovery is even worse. The
     range is excellent and you can use it knock down far opponents if you 
     know what you're doing. Maxima is pretty weak against it! ^_^
     If the move is blocked, you can do a move immediately afterwards. It
     may connect and since the move is also interruptable, your task will be
     even easier.
     Jump A 
     This is more of a slap and it comes out rather high to make it that good.
     The angle makes things even more awkward too such that you'll have a lot
     of difficulty making it connect.
     Use this only against a jumping opponent. That's the only use for it. It
     has a good recovery time too and you can try and poke your opponent with
     this in the air.
     Jump B 
     One of his most useless moves! His jump B hits rather high. Okay, I know
     that it's supposed to be a jumping attack after all but the programmers
     have exaggerated here. Or maybe they did it on purpose to limit the Wolf!
     Cool recovery but a bit slow to come out. Will hit only big or jumping
     opponents due to the angle at which it hits.
     Jump C 
     Terry's jump strong punch has a great recovery time and is very quick to
     come out. You can use it to start your combos but you might want to  
     consider the jump D first. This attack is great both against standing and
     jumping opponents.
     In air matches, it is better than the jump D because it comes out in
     an unpredictable way and may confuse your opponent.
     Jump D 
     The starter for ALL your combos, Terry's jump strong kick will work wonders
     all the time. It comes out real fast and has a good recovery time. As for
     its range, it'll suck all your opponents in and if you're quick enough to
     follow with the stand C, there's no getting out of the combo.
     Use it to start your combos and to take turtlers by surprise. That's what
     it's here for. It's good to use in aerial duels too but like I said above,
     the jump C is better for that!
     Stand CD 
     Very strong roundhouse kick. The attack takes some time to come out though
     but the recovery time is excellent. This is a knock-down attack, so you
     can't combo after it.
     However, the recovery is so quick that if the stand CD is blocked, you can
     perform a move or even a DM immediately afterwards and your opponent may
     still eat it. In such cases, the stand CD may prove important and it's
     also good for poking.
     Jump CD 
     Strong knock-down attack and a cross-over. Has decent recovery time and
     comes out fairly quickly. Anyway, it is much better than its standing
     counterpart due to its speed.
     One way of using Terry's jump CD effectively is to perform it and if the
     opponent blocks, do another move. You can also do the stand CD afterwards
     but since this takes some time to come out, I advise to use another move
     What may happen is that the opponent tries to attack you after the jump CD
     but if you use it as cross-over, they will fail to hit you and your next
     move will easily connect. Sounds unbelievable but hey, that's what Terry
     is all about! ^_^
     Grasping Upper  :  When close, b / f + C
     Terry will hold the opponent and kick them once in the face. Good throw.
     A nice way of using this effectively is to do the (A) Burn Knuckle and 
     you'll land close to the blocking opponent. If the latter is too slow and
     just remains blocking like a fool, just press f + C and Terry will perform
     his Grasping Upper. OK, I know this is pretty cheap but what other thing
     can you do if you have only Terry left and your opponent is taunting you
     with his 3 characters?! 
     It's a good throw but personally, I like to use the Buster Throw better.
     Anyway, just use it when you can. It will save your day on more than one
     Buster Throw  :  When close, b / f + D
     Terry will hold the opponent and slam him down on the other side. This
     throw will make you and your opponent switch sides. Again, you can apply
     the (A) Burn Knuckle technique to be able to pull the Buster Throw. Also,
     if the opponent is of the aggressive type, one thing you can do is to 
     retreat and wait for the freak to come at you. Keep holding back and
     immediately press the D button to throw them. It works very often and is
     deadly against challengers if you know how to use it.
     Hammer Punch  :  f + A
     This is an overhead attack and it has considerable lagtime when used alone.
     You may cancel this into a special move or a desperation move but you need
     to have cancelled in it first. I really don't advise anybody to use the
     Hammer Punch as an overhead simply because of the recovery time. Besides,
     even though it can only be standing-blocked, the moves takes so much time 
     to come out that your opponent will easily know what to expect. Instead,
     use it in combos instead and always start with a stand C. The Hammer Punch
     will flow in nicely and you can finish with a good move for a strong combo.
     Rising Upper  :  df + C
     Hits high and comboable in the Rising Tackle, which makes it pretty useful.
     It has considerable recovery time though mainly because Terry is still 
     crouching when he does it. But the fact that the move is comboable into
     one of Terry's best moves saves it. A good way to use it effectively is
     to run. As you run, move your finger such that your are holding the
     down-forward direction. Now, if you press C, Terry will perform the Rising
     Upper. You only need to press up & C and the Rising Tackle will combo in.
     Power Wave  :  qcf + A
     Terry's projectile as seen in RB. It comes out very quickly and will
     travel the whole screen quite fast. The Power Wave also has a nice
     recovery time but that won't really change anything against very fast
     characters. Besides, it is possible to jump over it. Your opponent may
     very well jump over it and can land near you before you recover and you'll
     be in serious trouble. 
     You can win using only the Power Wave against some CPU characters. Just
     abuse it and you'll win through tick damage. Of course, that's cheap play
     but it is possible, I need to mention it. :)
     The Power Wave is comboable and can be used along with the Hammer Punch.
     Use it in combos to make sure that it connects all the time. Note that
     the Power Wave doesn't knock down the opponent. The opponent appears to be
     dizzied for a short time but whether you use it alone or in a combo, it
     won't knock down the opponent.
     The Power Wave can also be cancelled into a DM in Counter Mode. Although
     this is possible, it isn't really useful though because the Power Geyser 
     takes way too much time to come out in Counter Mode. It may catch the 
     opponent by surprise a few times but don't expect that to happen often.
     On the other hand, the High Angle Geyser comboes in easily.
     NOTE: There is a slight glitch in the PSX Japanese version of the game
           (dunno about the NA release). If you are as close to the opponent
           as possible, the Power Wave travels by them but doesn't touch
     Round Wave  :  qcf + C
     This is considered as the stronger version of the Power Wave but in fact,
     it is very different from its weak counterpart. The Round Wave takes a
     hell of a time to come out and if blocked, watch out for the recovery time
     which implies you'll eat anything, even from Chang.
     The Round Wave looks like a big Power Wave except that it doesn't travel
     at all. Instead, it remains by Terry just like Robert's projectile in '98
     and Terry remains crouching as long as it is on-screen.
     The best thing about this move is that it hits low and as such, it can
     only be crouch-blocked. If your opponent just stand-blocks, have a good
     laugh because the Round Wave will connect. 
     The move isn't normally comboable but in Counter Mode, it can be cancelled
     into any DM. As such, the Round Wave become very helpful. A good combo is
     to do the Round Wave and to cancel it into the High Angle Geyser as the
     opponent is still stunned and you'll get a 6 hit combo.
     Burn Knuckle                             qcb + P
     Terry will throw his hands forward with energy radiating from them in the
     form of a ball and he'll rush at the opponent. The weak version travels
     about 1/3 the screen distance while the strong version goes up to 3/4
     the screen distance. However, it has a really poor recovery time and takes
     to much time to come out. On the other hand, the weak one comes out soon
     and Terry does not take that long to recover from it.
     The weak Burn Knuckle should be used in combos or to tick the opponent.
     Anyway, the strong one cannot be comboed because it takes too much time 
     to come out and your opponent can block it. Use the strong one to land 
     close to the opponent if you are too far apart. There are risks to using
     it though because a fast opponent will attack you as you recover.
     Thus, you should rely on the weak one most of the time. It can take
     jumping opponents by surprise and hit them when they least expect it.
     A good way of fooling the CPU is to perform the Power Wave quickly followed
     by the Burn Knuckle. It works fine from time to time but do not abuse it!
     Crack Shoot                              qcb + K
     Terry whirls around and tries to hit the opponent with his foot. The weak
     version come out very quickly but doesn't have a very good range and is
     good only against close opponents. The D version takes a lifetime to come
     out and Terry takes even more time to recover from it.
     The weak Crack Shoot is rather unpredictable and you can use it to take
     your opponent by surprise. It is comboable after a stand C but even that
     sometimes misses. I don't understand why this happens though, my guess is
     that's because of the lag. It doesn't go far but is quite damaging and
     has certain uses.
     On the other hand, the strong one will see Terry fidget about for about 2
     seconds and if the move misses, I hope you still have a lot of life left.
     It's still useful though because it lets you get close to the opponent and
     do some tick damage at the same time. It can also act as anti-air but I
     wouldn't count on that very often if I were you. ^_^
     Power Charge                             hcf + K
     Terry will ram into the opponent with his shoulder. Both versions are
     fairly quick to come out and have decent recovery time although the strong
     one leaves Terry open more towards the end.
     D button will send the opponent higher up. Whether you pressed B or D,
     you can then follow with the Power Dunk.
     This move used to be a combo starter since it enabled juggles but sadly,
     it is no longer so. Instead, it can only be followed by the Power Dunk
     but that is not good news since the Power Dunk is no longer a move on
     its own.
     The Power Charge is, thankfully, comboable and you should be able to do 
     some damage out of it.
     Power Dunk                               f,d,df + K during Power Charge
     Upon doing the Power Charge, Terry will jump up and hit the opponent with
     a move which somewhat looks like a very strong Burn Knuckle. It doesn't
     matter which button you pressed for the Power Charge, both enable the
     Power Dunk.
     In the previous titles, the Power Dunk used to be a great anti-air but
     now that it is a follow-up, it has also lost all its uses. You can only
     pull it as follow-up to a Power Charge and thus, isn't really useful.
     You can perform it in the hope that the opponent won't block and will eat
     it after he's blocked the Power Charge but that is so obvious that nobody
     is stupid enough to stop blocking just after the Power Charge.
     Thus, you'll have to forget about this one. Of course, you should follow
     with it if you've managed to make a Power Charge connect but apart from
     that, there really are no uses to the new Power Dunk. 'Nuff said!
     Power Shoot                              f,d,df + K
     New move where Terry will punch and kick the opponent as he moves forward
     all the time. The punch and the kick are just regular ones with the
     exception that they make a combo.
     The weak version has less range and is slower while the strong one makes
     Terry move forward a lot and is way quicker. You need to cancel the stand 
     C after the first hit in order to combo it. Otherwise, the lag between 
     the second hit of the stand C and the first hit of the Power Shoot gives 
     the opponent enough time to block.
     This move is rather useless mainly becase your opponent can see it coming
     miles away. It isn't even really damaging and the combos you can pull with
     it are definitely not worth it.
     Power Drive                              f,d,df + P
     A bit similar to the Power Shot except that Terry will punch the opponent
     2 times. The second hit ressembles the Burn Knuckle with Terry having
     the same animation.
     The range is practically the same as for the Power Shoot. However, the 
     Power Drive is comboable after both hits of the stand C and it has some
     uses, although limited. The recovery time for both versions is really
     crap though.
     In Counter Mode, the Power Drive can be cancelled into a DM after the 
     first hit. That makes it useful since you can cancel it into the High
     Angle Geyser for a damaging combo.
     Rising Tackle                            Charge d,u + P
     A great move! It has been toned down but it still is useful. However, it no
     longer has auto-guard and guard crush and doesn't have that high priority
     which made it so cheap back in '98.
     The strong version will do up to 7 hits if you manage to suck the opponent
     in as from the first hit while the weak one can do 5 hits at most. Both
     are highly damaging and once the opponent is caught in either, there's no
     coming out.
     I guess that's pretty obvious from the command itself, the Rising Tackle
     is an anti-air and a very good one at that too! Use it against overly
     aggressive opponents who like to jump at you like Choi. To make sure it'll
     efectively connect, wait for the character to land, do a crouch C and 
     release the Rising Tackle.
     This strategy has a lot of risks though. If your opponent manages to
     cross-over, you're in for a bad time. The recovery time is another 
     drawback. Terry takes a lot of time to get back on his feet after a missed
     Rising Tackle. If it misses completely, your opponent even has time to 
     taunt you before attacking you.
     The Rising Tackle can be cancelled into a DM in Counter Mode but don't even
     bother with this because the DM cannot even combo in. 
     Power Geyser                   qcb,db,f + P
     Terry will punch on the ground and will perform a very big Round Wave.
     The projectile is stationary too and is a very good desperation move.
     Both the weak and the strong versions can be used in combos along with
     the Hammer Punch and this makes the move very dangerous.
     Once you can get a close C to connect, whether standing or crouching,
     simply follow with the Hammer Punch and end with the Power Geyser. There's
     no getting out of this.
     This DM is also a great anti-air and jumping opponents cannot block it.
     Pull this and win laughing! It is very quick to come out although the 
     recovery time for the strong version really sucks. Terry remains crouching
     for too long and any player can punish you for that.
     As as a desperation move, you couldn't ask for more. Quick, comboable and
     works anytime. It is more damaging that the High Angle Geyser when it
     connects too! 
     As a super desperation move, Terry will pull 3 geysers. However, the
     third one will miss against cornered opponents and the second or third
     one may miss against a jumping opponent.
     In Counter Mode, the Power Geyser takes a lot of time to come out and thus
     makes Terry very vulnerable. I recommend you forget about it because it
     gives too much time to your opponent to attack you as Terry stares on
     High Angle Geyser              qcf,qcf + K
     Terry's second desperation move where he'll start with the Power Dunk and
     finish with a Power Geyser. The move does 5 hits in all and Terry even
     swears during it. Yeah, right, I know I said something else in my 2000
     FAQ and Run Hin Hun and Kao's FAQ confirmed that but I still get the 
     impression that Terry's swearing. Can't really help it! ^_^
     This DM does 5 hits and when blocked, does massive tick damage. It takes
     off less life than the Power Geyser when it fully connects though. The
     High Angle Geyser is comboable just like the Power Geyser.
     The best thing about it concerns its recovery time. It is very quick and
     you are safe performing it. Not to be abuse against real fast opponents
     It is also very useful as even if the opening part misses because you
     are too far from the opponent or he has managed to roll back, the rest
     may still hit him. CPU characters tend to eat it a lot and let themselves
     fooled by the tick damage.
     Against, this DM is usless in Counter Mode because it simply takes too 
     much time to come out.
     As a SDM, the High Angle Geyser does 10 hits and is worth a normal move in
     terms of tick damage! O_o
     Dunk Geyser                    Press BC with Terry as your striker (costs
                                    1 strike bomb)
     If your character is far from the opponent, Terry will jump in and will
     perform his Power Geyser. The attack does good damage and allows free
     juggles but you need to be fairly quick.
     If your character is fairly close to the opponent, Terry does in with the
     Power Charge, continues with the Power Dunk and ends with the Power Geyser.
     With this attack, Terry is one of the best strikers in the game since you
     have enough time to throw in a lot of hits and with certain characters,
     you even have time to take about 3/4 your opponent's lifebar.
     Here are all of his combos along with the most damaging striker combos.
     In any combo, the stand C can be cancelled after the first hit. I know 
     you're probably wondering why the hell would you do that since you'll
     be getting less hits and doing less damage at the same time! I like to
     cancel after the first hit though because it makes some combos look
     way cooler and human opponents look stupid.
     Most of all, a 1-hit stand C into the Hammer Punch totally rOxOrs. Try
     it out!
     NOTE: - Hits where stand C is used in the list are when the attack does its
             regular 2 hits.
           - Rising Tackle is counted as strong and does 7 hits.
           - Power Geyser and High Angle Geyser are counted as DMs and do 1 and
             5 hits respectively.
           - Stand C (1 hit) means the standing strong punch needs to be 
             cancelled after the first hit. Otherwise, it isn't a combo.
           - This section will be big. I'm covering all of his combos.
     * Jump D  -> stand C   
       [3 hits]  
     * Crouch A -> crouch B -> Rising Tackle
       [9 hits]
     * Crouch B -> crouch B -> Rising Tackle
       [9 hits]
     * Rising Upper -> Rising Tackle
       [8 hits]
       To do this, simply run forward. While you're still running, move your
       finger until you are now holding down-forward. Once you're within close
       range, keep holding the direction and press C for the Rising Upper.
       Up + P for the Rising Tackle to flow in smoothly.
     * Stand C -> Rising Upper
       [3 hits]
     * Stand C -> Hammer Punch
       [3 hits]
     * Stand C -> Power Wave
       [3 hits]
     * Stand C -> (A) Burn Knuckle
       [3 hits]
     * Stand C -> (B) Crack Shoot
       [4 hits]
     * Stand C (1 hit) -> Power Shoot
       [3 hits]
     * Stand C -> Power Drive
       [4 hits]
     * Stand C -> Power Charge
       [3 hits]
     * Stand C -> Power Charge -> Power Dunk
       [4 hits]
     * Crouch C -> Rising Upper -> Rising Tackle
       [9 hits]
     * Stand C -> Power Geyser
       [3 hits]
     * Stand C -> High Angle Geyser
       [7 hits]
     * Jump D -> crouch A -> crouch B -> Rising Tackle
       [10 hits]
     * Jump D -> crouch B -> crouch B -> Rising Tackle
       [10 hits]
     * Jump D -> stand C -> Rising Upper
       [4 hits]
     * Jump D -> stand C -> Hammer Punch
       [4 hits]
     * Jump D -> stand C -> Power Wave
       [4 hits]
     * Jump D -> stand C -> (A) Burn Knuckle
       [4 hits]
     * Jump D -> stand C -> (B) Crack Shoot
       [5 hits]
     * Jump D -> stand C (1 hit) -> Power Shoot
       [4 hits]
     * Jump D -> stand C -> Power Drive
       [5 hits]
     * Jump D -> stand C -> Power Charge
       [4 hits]
     * Jump D -> stand C -> Power Charge -> Power Dunk
       [5 hits]
     * Jump D -> crouch C -> Rising Upper -> Rising Tackle
       [10 hits]
     * Jump D -> stand C -> Power Geyser
       [4 hits]
     * Jump D -> stand C -> High Angle Geyser
       [8 hits]
     * Stand C -> Hammer Punch -> Power Wave
       [4 hits]
     * Stand C -> Hammer Punch -> (A) Burn Knuckle
       [4 hits]
     * Stand C -> Hammer Punch -> (B) Crack Shoot
       [5 hits]
     * Stand C -> Hammer Punch -> Power Charge -> Power Dunk
       [5 hits]
       This combo is slightly harder to perform because the Hammer Punch may 
       cause the Power Charge to fail to connect.
     * Stand C -> Hammer Punch -> Power Geyser
       [4 hits]
     * Stand C -> Hammer Punch -> High Angle Geyser
       [8 hits]
     * Stand C -> Rising Upper -> Power Wave 
       [4 hits]
       Rising Upper combos are harder to pull than the Hammer Punch ones.
     * Stand C -> Rising Upper -> (A) Burn Knuckle
       [4 hits]
     * Stand C -> Rising Upper -> (B) Crack Shoot
       [5 hits]
     * Stand C -> Rising Upper -> Power Charge
       [4 hits]
     * Stand C -> Rising Upper -> Power Charge -> Power Dunk
       [5 hits]
     * Stand C -> Rising Upper -> Power Geyser
       [4 hits]
     * Stand C -> Rising Upper -> High Angle Geyser
       [8 hits]
       Good skill required!
     * Jump D -> stand C -> Hammer Punch -> Power Wave
       [5 hits]
     * Jump D -> stand C -> Hammer Punch -> (A) Burn Knuckle
       [5 hits]
     * Jump D -> stand C -> Hammer Punch -> (B) Crack Shoot
       [6 hits]
     * Jump D -> stand C -> Hammer Punch -> Power Charge -> Power Dunk
       [6 hits]
       This combo is slightly harder to perform because the Hammer Punch may 
       cause the Power Charge to fail to connect.
     * Jump D -> stand C -> Hammer Punch -> Power Geyser
       [5 hits]
     * Jump D -> stand C -> Hammer Punch -> High Angle Geyser
       [9 hits]
     * Jump D -> stand C -> Rising Upper -> Power Wave 
       [5 hits]
       Rising Upper combos are harder to pull than the Hammer Punch ones.
     * Jump D -> stand C -> Rising Upper -> (A) Burn Knuckle
       [5 hits]
     * Jump D -> stand tand C -> Rising Upper -> (B) Crack Shoot
       [6 hits]
     * Jump D -> stand tand C -> Rising Upper -> Power Charge
       [5 hits]
     * Jump D -> stand tand C -> Rising Upper -> Power Charge -> Power Dunk
       [6 hits]
     * Jump D -> stand tand C -> Rising Upper -> Power Geyser
       [5 hits]
     * Jump D -> stand tand C -> Rising Upper -> High Angle Geyser
       [9 hits]
     * Counter Mode -> Power Wave -> cancel into High Angle Geyser
       [6 hits]
       The Power Geyser doesn't combo in because it takes too much time to 
       come out.
     * Counter Mode -> corner opponent -> stand C -> Power Wave -> cancel into
       High Angle Geyser
       [7 hits] - smaller characters (Choi, Whip...)
       [8 hits] - bigger characters (Chang, Clark)
       Need to corner the opponent, otherwise the H.A.G. doesn't connect.
       Against smaller characters, the last hit of the H.A.G. doesn't connect.
     * Counter Mode -> Round Wave -> cancel into High Angle Geyser
       [6 hits]
       As it is, the Round Wave cannot be comboed after the stand C but you can
       try it against the CPU. The opponent may hit the stand C + the Round
       Wave since it hits low and the punch fools them in blocking high.
       So, you can try doing
       Counter Mode -> stand C -> Round Wave -> cancel into High Angle Geyser
       [6 hits]
       The hits are actually in 2 parts. When you do the stand C, you'll get
       the regular 2 hits. On doing the Round Wave, the 2 hits will still be
       on-screen. Once you cancel it into the High Angle Geyser, the hit of
       the Round Wave and the DM add up to give the 6 hits.
     * Counter Mode -> Power Drive -> cancel into High Angle Geyser
       [5 hits]
       You need to cancel the Power Drive after the first hit. Even in doing so
       and although it is a combo, the hits don't add up.
     * With Maxima:
       Call Maxima -> Power Geyser
       Maxima makes you changes sides with the opponent and you may have to 
       roll before performing the Power Geyser. If it is a SDM, chances the
       second geyser will miss are very high.
     * With Shingo:
       Call Shingo -> stand C -> any combo from the list
       Shingo will hold the opponent and will give you enough time to pull
       any of your combo. Of course, use your DMs if you can.
     * With Ryo:
       Call Ryo and wait for his projectile to hit the opponent. As this happens,
       add your own combo. In this combination, you need to start hitting the
       opponent at the same time as the projectile hits Ryo. You'll notice 
       how the projectile also brings a downed opponent up such that you can
       call Ryo just as an opponent hits the ground and you'll be able to
       combo in. In the DC version, this is an infinite. All you need to do
       is to knock the opponent down, call Ryo, combo, lather, rinse, repeat!
       Note: Although the Striker System isn't active in the PSX version, the
             Terry & Ryo combination can sometimes works for a short period.
             The CPU is so stupid that you'll have enough time to call Ryo and
             to perform your knockdown combo. I have been managed to do so
             quite a lot of times.
     * With Ralf:
       Call Ralf. For the combos to work, Ralf must not hit the opponent as he
       comes down. Instead, he must send them up with his Galactica Phantom.
       As this happens, run forward if need be and wait for the opponent to
       come down. When he's in reach, do a stand C. This will bring the opponent
       to a stop and you can combo in.
       Of course, the best thing to do is to do the Power Geyser or the High 
       Angle Geyser and to time it well. Vets might want to try this out though.
       It's a cool thing to watch and it is much more damaging!
     * With Andy:
       Call Andy. Wait for Andy to send the opponent up, Power Tackle or DM.
       Okay, it's not that damaging but there's a good reason why I listed it.
       Andy as a striker is pretty unpredictable and he performs his action
       very quickly such that he succeeds in juggling the opponent nearly
       all the time.
     There are truthfully no specific strategies you can use in this game and
     besides, Terry is such that the one strategy you may use against one
     opponent holds for everyone. So, instead of breaking this section into
     multiple parts, I'll be giving you useful tips to ensure that you win.
     First thing, when using his moves, unless you are 100% sure that they
     will connect, always stick to the weaker versions. The stronger versions
     can easily be punished when missed and by using the weaking versions,
     you can pull them out, knowing that you will recover rather quickly.
     The Burn Knuckle and the Power Wave are without doubt your best special
     moves and they are very effective in combos. Use them a lot and rely on
     your best combos to do big damage. Your Rising Tackle combos will do a lot
     of damage but however, they are much harder to perform. You'll have to
     practice those a lot.
     Concerning the Rising Tackle, remember that it is your best anti-air and
     this move alone is enough to take care of some CPU opponents, EVEN KRIZALID
     SECOND FORM. All you have to do is to wait for them to run over  or to jump
     in and to do a crouch C followed by the Rising Tackle. (The crouch C is
     Otherwise, against the other characters, use a cross-over attack and
     combo in if you have any openings. Terry has a big advantage in that
     all his cross-over attacks are slightly faster than those of the other
     characters and it would be a pity to overlook that.
     A cheap way of winning is to use the Power Wave strategy. In other words,
     hit the opponent for some substantial damage at the start of the round.
     Then, hop back until there is 3/4 the screen distance between Terry and
     his opponent and from there, go on with the Power Wave and win through
     tick damage. Note that it doesn't work against all opponents though.
     If the opponent evades or jumps over the first or second Power Wave, 
     don't do this.
     Anyway, since there is so much distance between you two, it is impossible
     for the opponent to get real close to you so he can really attack. So, 
     you're still safe!
     Against human challengers, your jump CD is your best attack and you should
     use it quite often as well as the Burn Knuckle. The Power Wave is not 
     that effective. You may pull one so that it hits the opponent as he gets
     up but just don't abuse it. Anybody can easily jump over that and 
     counterattack you.
     Lastly, since Terry's combos which involve his DMs are not that hard to
     pull, don't pull any of his DMs just like that unless you are sure they
     will hit. Of course, you may pull the Power Geyser against a jumping
     opponent but be sure to time it right. Otherwise, since his combos are
     easy, use them only in combos. A stand C followed by any DM or even a
     crouch C is really not that tough. You'll win no matter what! ^_^
     On the PSX port of KOF '99, there is a sure way of beating Krizalid with
     Terry. Note that I've tried the method on the Neo-Geo and the Arcade
     versions, they don't work. It works only on the PSX version.
     To get on with it, all you need to do to defeat Krizalid (second form)
     is to apply the strategy. It's a rather cheap method but heck, Krizalid 
     asked for it! ^_^
     As soon as the round start, hop back and call your striker. It doesn't
     matter who the striker is, just call him/her. Krizalid will block.
     From here, remain in your corner. If you are at the edge of the screen, 
     your task will be even easier since Krialid won't be able to cross-jump
     you then.
     Ok, just remain in your corner and keep crouching. Don't do anything else.
     Krizalid will then run at you at one point or another. He may use his
     projectiles beforehand a few times but no matter how many times he ticks
     you, he'll eventually come at you. If this happens, just keep blocking.
     When he's close enough, just do the crouch C and combo with the strong
     Rising Tackle. It is important that you do the crouch C first because
     Krizalid may still block the Rising Tackle. By doing so, you'll know
     whether you can effectively pull the move or not.
     Keep doing this and you'll beat the hell out of him! Cheap but it sure
     works! o_o
     Well, the FAQ comes to an end. I have covered anything you really need
     to know about the character. If you feel something's still missing, just 
     let me know and don't hesitate to point out mistakes and to contribute
     to the FAQ.
     Now that you know everything about Terry, you'll be able to kick anybody's
     butt in no time. It doesn't matter who the opponent is, Terry will beat
     them all. He's that damn good!
     If you wish to mail me, read the contact info here and if you found this
     FAQ at a site other than GameFAQs, check there to see if you have the
     latest version before mailing me. 
     C ya all! And remember...TERRY IS A MONSTER!!!
     Version 1.00 on November 28, 2001
     * First release...Well, I hope... ^_^
     Final version on December 18, 2001
     * Final version. Don't worry, I will still add contributions.
     Final version on January 2, 2002
     * Correction in Maxima-striker combo. I won't be updating it anymore, so
       please don't bother to send in contributions.
     Final version on April 29, 2002
     * E-mail change!
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     Before you go away to kick some major ass with Terry, scroll down the list
     and get to know all the people who made this guide possible. My thanks
     to them all:
     - SNK
       For creating such an awesome fighter.
     - Jeff "CJayC" Veasey <http://www.gamefaqs.com>
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     - Kao Megura
       For writing the most complete guides for KOF. Bio and profile have been
       taken from his FAQ which can be found at GameFAQs. Also took a bit from
       his format.
     - Kailu Lantis
       For giving me permission to extract Terry's profile from his great 
       Story guide (found at GameFAQs). If you haven't already checked it out,
       you should. His FAQ kicks major @$$, wOOt wOOt!!
     - You <insert contact info here>
       Wanna become top tier with Terry? ^_^
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