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    Bao by ShawnL

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/03/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    |              The King of Fighters '99:Millennium Battle             |
    |                                 BAO                                 |
    |Character Guide by ShawnL(scool85@hotmail.com)  Version 1.0   3/11/99|
    Please agree to the terms that this FAQ is solely for entertainment
    purposes and IS NOT for sale. No charges are applied whatsoever for
    this FAQ. You may put it anywhere (on a webpage, in a CD, BBSs, etc.)
    but with the promise of keeping the original version and not send in an
    edited version. The author must be credited. You may print it out for
    your own reference but not sell the printed version. Thanks!!
    0. Version updates
    1. Introduction
       1.2>How to read my FAQ
       1.3>Ratings guide
    2. Normal moves
    3. Special moves
    4. DMs
    5. Combos
    6. Techniques to play Bao.
       i> Technique 1
       ii> Technique 2
       iii> Final/Best Technique
    7. Credits
    Version updates
    Version 1.0- First version. Most combos added. Techniques not
    Hello! My name is Shawn. This is actually my first FAQ but I'll make
    sure is the best Bao FAQ you'll ever read (no offense Edwin!). "Okay,
    so he's new but I don't have to use him, do I?" you ask. Ask? Heck,
    you shouldn't have even asked. Bao is a projectile shooter, much 
    like Athena and quite a defensive character. We don't have such
    characters come around so you should try him out. A good player
    should have a fair mixture of a close range attacker (K', Clark), a
    projectile shooter (Athena, Bao) and a good combo-er (Iori, Terry)
    plus an effective Striker (Ryo, Original Kyo). And that's why YOU
    should use him. Even though he is a small little kid, he can be a
    real pain in the a**. Especially when he starts throwing his Psycho
    Balls. He is quite a well-balanced character but he's a dead kid if
    anyone comes close. So without further ado, let's get IT ON!
    But first, his Bio-Data;
    Name           : Bao
    Place of Birth : China
    Fighting Style : ESP
    Age            : 12
    DOB            : 18th July
    Blood Type     : Unknown
    Height         : 153 cm
    Weight         : 40 kg
    Hobby          : Home Game
    Favourite food : Hot milk with no sugar
    Good Sports    : River Fishing
    Important Thing: B class game and Family Games (Monolopy, etc.)
    Hated Thing    : Epic Role Playing Games (Final Fantasy...)
    How to read my FAQ
    b    Back
    f    Forward
    u    Up
    d    Down
    j    Jump
    df   Down-forward
    db   Down-backwards
    A    Low punch
    B    Low kick
    C    High punch
    D    High kick
    qcf  Quarter circle front
    qcb  Quarter circle back
    hcf  Half circle front
    hcb  Half circle back
    dp   Forward, down, down-forward
    rdp  Back, down, down-backwards
    NOTE: My rating system goes like this: -- Don't use it  - Really bad
          * Neutral/ Cautious   + Good!   ++ Great! Abuse it!
    Normal Moves
    Soushou : in air, b+A                        Rating: *
    Bao Put his palms together and attacks you. It has terrible range and
    will lose out to most air attacks but it's good for chaining combos.
    Aerial Driving HeadButt : in air, d+B        Rating: --
    Bao goes downward attacking with his head. Very slow and useless.
    Kakugi : f+A                                 Rating: +
    Bao punches forward towards kneecap area. Can destroy all projectiles
    but not King's Double-Strike, just her Venom Stike. Main combo starter.
    If you do the move alone, it is an overhead and must be guarded high.
    If done in combos, it can be guarded low.
    Cartwheel : f+B                              Rating: *
    Bao leaps and attacks the opponent. An overhead and must be guarded
    high. Use it to confuse. A bit on the slow side.
    High Cartwheel : df+B                        Rating: -
    Same as above but Bao jumps really high. It is slow and easily
    countered. Don't use it to much.
    Rikotsu Shuu : df+D                            Rating: ++
    Turns around and kicks low. Very fast and accurate. Can push
    the opponent far away. Guard low to block. Use it a LOT of times
    to annoy.
    A button                                     Rating: -
    Bao does a straight punch. Short range. Comboable.
    Close A                                      Rating: -
    Same as above.
    B button                                     Rating: -
    Bao kicks downwards towards the opponent's shin area. Used for poking. 
    Close B                                      Rating: -
    Same as B button.
    C button                                     Rating: *
    Bao turns and uses his back to attack oppponent. Comboable.
    Close C                                      Rating: +
    A shoulder knock. Used to start main combos.
    D button                                     Rating: *
    A jumping straight kick. Use against people who likes to low-D on you.
    Close D                                      Rating: *
    A straight kick to the stomach followed by a kick to the chin. 2 hits. 
    Comboable. A bit more damage than his close C.
    Ducking A                                    Rating: --
    Bao attacks with the back of his fist. Beware of this useless move.
    Ducking B                                    Rating: -
    Kicks forward a little. Beware of this move too.
    Ducking C                                    Rating:+
    A two fisted attack at an angle of 45 degrees. Will hit most air 
    attacks. Comboable.
    Ducking D                                    Rating: *
    A leg split. Okay to use once in a while.
    Jumping A                                    Rating: -
    A straight punch downwards. Good for jumping in attacks.
    Jumping B                                    Rating: --
    A knee thrust. Utterly useless. Will lose to almost all air attacks.
    Jumping C                                    Rating: +
    A punch downwards similar to the jumping A. A combo starter.
    Jumping D                                    Rating: +
    A leg split in mid-air. Will win against most air attacks. Good priority.
    C+D                                          Rating: +
    A head butt at an angle of 45 degrees. Will win against some air
    attacks. It has the most range of any of Bao's normals & has good 
    priorty. Pretty hard to cancel this move.
    Jumping C+D                                  Rating: +
    Looks a bit like Clark's jumping D. Has good range.
    Dodge Attack(Press A+B, then f + any button) Rating: -
    Bao uppercuts the opponent.
    Bao stands there, opens his mouth and says I'm not a weakling!
    Gen'ei Tougi : When near, b/f+C                Rating: *
    Bao climbs up and hits with his head. Press A & C for more damage
    Critical Throw : When near, b/f+D              Rating: *
    Lifts up the opponent & drops him ot the other side.
    Special Moves
    Psycho Ball Attack . Front : QCB + A           Rating: *
    Throws a blue projectile across the screen, like Athena's. Moderate
    speed and damage. Can be used in combos. His main weapon.
    Psycho Ball Attack . Air Front : air, QCB + A  Rating: +
    Like above but throws his projectile in air. It's better in the sense
    that it has faster recovery time than the normal PsychoBall.
    Psycho Ball Crash . Front : QCB + C            Rating: -
    Bao tranform into a moving blue projectile and hurls himself onto the
    opponent. Slow recovery time & short range. Use to escape only.
    Psycho Ball Crash . Air Front : air, QCB + C   Rating: -
    Same as above with slightly better recover time. Don't overdo it.
    Psycho Ball Attack . Rise : QCF + A            Rating: *
    An anti-air move. He throws a PsychoBall upwards. You're dead if it
    doesn't reach the opponent as he stands there for a while. The range
    isn't great, either. You've to time correctly or the opponent will
    jump in front of you and they can get a free attack in. Beware!
    Psycho Ball Crash . Rise : QCF + C             Rating: *
    Same as above but he hurls himself up this time. It has two hits and
    he moves a bit forward in this version. Dangerous if it doesn't hit
    the opponent. If you want to use anti-air use QCF+K (explained below)
    Psycho Ball Attack . Bound : QCF + B           Rating: +
    This can be an anti-air move or a normal projectile. Bao throws a
    projectile towards the floor which then bounces upwards at a 45-degree
    angle. It can hit opponents earlier than his QCF+P and more priority
    too. His recover is quite fast here so use it frequently when opponent
    is far.
    Psycho Ball Crash . Bound : QCF + D            Rating: ++
    This is also a great anti-air move and can also be used to escape from
    corners. It is the same as above but Bao turns into a blue ball & then
    he jumps forward a bit and the bounces up 45 degrees to jump from one
    end to the other end. His recovery time is so-so, but if people who
    likes to do corner combos use this to escape. Beware not to do this
    when the opponent is waiting at the other side. Just use his projectile
    Psycho Ball Attack . Air Bound : air, QCF + B  Rating: +
    He performs a PsychoBall in the air that shoots downwards and then 
    bounces up. You can use this as an alternative to his original anti-air
    Psycho Ball Crash . Air Bound : air, QCF + D   Rating: +
    It's the same as above but instead he turns into a moving projectile.
    He bounce a cross the screen like before, but with an additional shot
    downwards. Use it when opponent is running towards you.
    Psycho Ball Attack . Reflect : QCB + B         Rating: +
    Used to reflect most projectiles (not Krizalid's). It is quite useful
    as it can reflect and also hit (7 hits). If you go near the opponent
    and execute this move you'll gain a stock whether he blocks or doesn't.
    This is the best 'close-up' attack you can use. Does tick damage.
    Psycho Ball Bound . Reflect : QCB + D          Rating: *
    This is a bit like his Pyscho Ball Crash . Front (QCF + C) where he
    throws himself forward to hit the opponent. I gave it a higher rating
    because of the fact that it can also reflect projectiles. The down-
    side is it comes out much slower so you'll ave to anticipate it.
    DM: Psycho Ball Attack . Max : QCBx2 + P       Rating: +
    Bao charges a big PsychoBall in his palms and then releases it, like
    Ryo's Haou Shou Ko Ken DM. Easily jumped or dodged over, though. After
    he shoots the PsychoBall he rolls backwards for a lag. The lag can
    escape most air projectiles (like Ryo's Haoh Shou Ko Ken).
    DM: Psycho Ball Attack . DX : f, HCF + K        Rating: +
    This has to be one of the better DMs this year. He charges a small
    PsychoBall in his hand and then shoots it at the opponent. It's a bit
    slow but if it comes into contact it will turn into something like 
    Benimaru's DM: Raikoken. After that things get better as you can then
    add in anything you like, a combo, a (S)DM, Special Attack, whatever!
    DM: Psycho Ball Attack . SP : QCBx2 + K        Rating: ++
    Quite good too, but lags a lot. A big glowing Psycho Ball surrounds him
    like Athena's Shining Crystal Bit DM. He glows only a while and then
    sits down for a long lag. But what makes it so good is that it has
    100% hit accuracy, 100% priority and 100% speed. Some characters who
    like to combo (e.g. Iori/K') can get into a trap. If they jump to you,
    do it. If they slide towards you, they will get it too. His damage is
    quite okay compared to the first DM. Even if Athena and Bao does their
    DM together Athena will suffer first!!!
    The main thing in KOF games these days are combos. They reflect a
    person's profesionality in playing the game. A player should have a few
    combos up their sleeves each time they play so here are the incomplete
    combos for Bao. All combos have to be done close so beware because not
    everyone can use Bao to attack close-up. Stick to the basics first.
    As a note I don't put ratings for combos.
    Jump D, Stand C, f+B then do any heavy Psycho Ball Crash/Bound
    Stand C, f+A then QCB+C
    Do df+B, d+C, df+D
    Techniques to play Bao
    Just to let you know, the following aren't combos, ok? They are just
    fighting patterns to really confuse your opponent. It ranges from
    close attacks to far ones. Technique 1 is suited for the one who likes
    to stay away and keep throwing cheap projectiles. This is targeted to
    those who are amateurs but beware, they may be using a tactic too. 
    Technique 2 is for those who like to come close and make Bao 12 year
    old butt get sore, like K'. They are more agressive, so this guide
    might help you, a LOT! The Final technique is a technique to make sure
    no one else looks bigger than you, forever. Use it with caution though
    as you might get trapped too. Let's get it on now!!!
    Technique 1
    <to be written>
    Technique 2
    <to be written>
    Fina/Best Technique
    <to be written>
    SNK, for making a game that is of a true Capcom rival.
    Kao Megura, for the inspiration in his FAQs
    Gunsmith, for the bits of info I copied from his movelist.
    Edwin 'Shinji' Chow, for most of the info here taken from his FAQ.
    To all other contributers I have not mentioned, thanks!

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