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    Maxima by PHwang

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    King of Fighters 99
    Millennium Battle
    Maxima Guide v11.0
    November 17, 1999
    by Patrick Hwang
    email ph@ucla.edu 
    IMPORTANT NOTE  In the last few weeks something disturbing has been brought to 
    my attention.  It seems that a KOF site, which will remain unamed, has been 
    using one of my FAQs without asking my permission.  This hurts me.  I get 
    nothing from writing these FAQs.  I write this for my own enjoyment.  These FAQs 
    are for you guys to read and for your enjoyment too.  Regardless of how good or 
    bad my FAQs are, they do require an extensive amount of time to write.  All i 
    want is recognition for my own work.  If you want to use this on your site, 
    please go ahead, just let me know.  In fact, you don't even need to tell me just 
    as long as you give me credit.  Now this site blatantly ripped off my FAQ and 
    copied it word for word.  He/she didn't even bother to change the words around.  
    Oh well, on with the FAQ!
    Table of Contents
    -Version History
    -Why Maxima?
    -Maxima Tidbits
    -Kof Basics
    -Maxima's Moves
    -Credits and Thanks
    Version History
    v11.0, 11/17,99-It's been a while, update nearly everything here.  This is my 
    FINAL update on Maxima, time to move on to better things. 
    v10.1, 9/27/99-Wohoo! fairly big up update. manly little changes here and there 
    throught the guide.
    v6.1, 9/1/99-Okay I'm finally done with the guide, ready to be submitted
    v5.1, 8/23/99-Major update, still not ready to be submitted yet 
    v4.1, 8/21/99-Late late night update...or should I say early early morning...
    v3.1, 8/20/99-Guide is nearing completness, still missing some information.
    v2.1, 8/17/99-More info added, still very messy.
    v1.1, 8/16/99-First ideas on the guide. Outline of the guide completed. 
    Why Maxima?
    Why do I like Maxima so much? When I first saw Kof99 and Maxima, the first thing 
    that came to mind was Brian (from the USA team) with armor.  I laughed at him.  
    As I started to play Kof99, I realized that all my favorite characters were 
    gone.  Shermie, Orochi Yashiro, Goro...the grapplers, they were all gone.  In 
    fact, the only true grappler that was left was Clark. But I hate Clark.  Don't 
    get me wrong, Clark is an awesome character, he's faster and has more 'throws' 
    than Maxima.  The thing is, I hate all the mainstream characters, thats why I 
    never play Kyo, Iori, or K', and thats why I won't play Clark.  Not that I 
    can't, its just that I don't like playing any of the popular, albeit powerful 
    characters.  So Clark was definitely out of the question.  Well, out of all the 
    new characters this year, it looked like Maxima was the only thing close enough 
    for me to call a grappler.  Maxima wasn't terribly popular (yet, for that 
    matter) where I played so I immediatley took a liking to him.  As a grappler, 
    Maxima is horrible, though he is damaging, his range is just simply 
    horrible...maybe i'm just too used to the others like Shermie, for instance. 
    Agagin, don't get me wrong, Maxima isn't bad, he's actually very good in the 
    right hands, its just that he could have been 
    It's been a while now and I've been able to play with Maxima a lot more.  I 
    think I've grown to appreciate him.  He still doesn't rank up there with Clark, 
    but I find him one of the more interesting characters out there.
    Maxima Tidbits
    Place of Birth   Canada
    Fighting Style   "M Type" Grapple Art
    Age              29
    DOB              March 2nd
    Blood Type       A
    Height           204 cm
    Weight           204 kg
    Hobby            Driving Motorcycles
    Favorite food    Sweet food in general
    Good sports      Rugby
    Important thing  His sideburns
    Hated thing      Natto and people who want opinion
    Round Opening    Kneels down and scans the opponent while                  
                      adjusting  his wrist saying                   
                      "Yoooku mieruze..."      
                      "I can predict your next move...."
    Winpose A        Stands straight facing the screen and flicks                  
                      his left wrist, which emits exhaust.
    Winpose B        Stands straight facing the screen and crosses                  
                      his arms, then sighs.
    Winpose C        Stands straight facing the screen and a lazer                  
                      line scans up his body.
    Colour A         Dark Blue, White and Blue
    Colour B         Black, Gold and Red
    Seiyuu           Katsuyuki Konishi
    Endquote         "I read your moves like the funny papers!"
    Kof Basics
    dash forward F, F 
    run forward F, F(hold)
    dash back B, B
    hop jump Tap U
    super jump qcf,u
    forward slide F+A+B
    backward slide, hop forwards B+A+B
    max roll Forward or Back+A+B(while blocking, uses 1 stock)
    slide attack slide forward then press A/B/C/D 
    recovery roll A+B when landing
    summon striker B+C
    heavy attack C+D
    counter attack C+D(while blocking, uses 1 stock)
    Counter Mode
    When you have stored three stocks, you may then activate Counter Mode.  While in 
    this mode, you can perform unlimited DM but they have longer start up time.  You 
    are also able to cancel your special moves into DM.  You may also combo your 
    sliding attack moves into special moves.  A very good mode for characters that 
    are good at performing combos.  After this mode is over, you may not gain stock 
    for a brief period of time. 
    Armor Mode
    When you have stored three stocks, you may then activate Armor Mode.  The time 
    Armor Mode lasts is significantly shorter than compared to Counter Mode.  While 
    in this mode, you may not perform DM/SDM.  While this mode is activated, you 
    will not experience hit stun.  You will, in fact, still take damage, but you 
    will not be pushed back.  Sliding attacks will also knock down opponents.  This 
    is the ideal mode for grapplers.  After the mode ends, you will not be able to 
    gain stock for a brief period of time. 
    NOTE you will not experience tick damage while in this mode.
    Maxima's Moves
    Rating ***
    Quick, fast backhand jab.  Has pretty good range for a jab attack.
    Rating **
    High side kick.  A odd looking move.  Maxima is performing a backdoor looking 
    kick on his side.  Hits about waist level.  An okay move at best, not used too 
    Rating **
    Big punch.  A long ranged punc that is very slow but powerful.  It looks like 
    Zangief's standing fierce punch in Street Fighter Alpha 3.  Has very good rang 
    and also, this move has autoguard. 
    Rating *
    Big boot kick.  Looks kinda like a kick wrestlers use on TV.  Kick is extended 
    outwards at about 90 degree angle.  Very slow and NOT recommended.  NOTE Its 
    recovery is so slow that I have been nailed by K's QCFX2 DM after performing 
    this move...
    Rating **
    Double-fisted swing.  Maxima swings his fist upwards in an arc.  Looks like what 
    a batter's 
    swing as if he was swinging a baseball bat.  This move is slow to come out but 
    it does seem like he goes forward a tad bit during execution.   I believe this 
    move also has autoguard.  
    Rating ***
    Jabbing elbow attack.  Fast and quick.
    A low ankle kick. Looks like Maxima saw a spider and steps on it.  It has no use 
    and is horrible.  So bad that it gets no rating.  I laughed when I saw this 
    Rating ****
    Backhand like move that hits twice.  Great move, I have come to love this move.  
    Gives you a lot of time to tag a move afterwards, i.e. Terry close C. 
    Rating **
    Knee.  A close knee to the abdomen area.  Not too useful but it is comboable and 
    you can command throw them after this move.  Oh did I mention this move is slow?
    Rating ***
    Low jab attack.  Crouching version of his standing A.
    Rating ***
    Low Kick. A fairly long-ranged and quick attack.  Good for poking opponents. 
    Rating ** 
    Low chop. This move looks like a swipe attack, Maxima slices his hand across at 
    an arm's length.  Has auctoguard.
    Rating ****
    Sweep.  Maxima's sweep is a very long ranged sweep attack.  Slow but one of the 
    better sweeps IMO.
    Jumping Up
    Rating ***
    Jumping chop aimed at a 45 degree angle downwards.
    Double Footed Kick.  This is a horrible and UGLY looking move.  Maxima kicks 
    downwards...picture something like Jhun's Down+B hop.  Again, its so bad it 
    doesn't even get a star.
    Rating **
    Headbutt.  No comment.
    Rating ****
    A very verticle kick.  Great move.
    Rating ****
    Jumping chop. A jab chop aimed downwards at a 45 degree angle.  This should be 
    the move to use for hopping attacks to apply pressure on the opponent.  
    Rating *
    Jumping double knee.   
    Rating ****(regular)  **(hop)
    Body Splash.  A gaint body splash move similar looking to the one Zangief 
    perfoms in the Street Fighter  Only an okay move, it can be used to cross up.  
    Note Hopping version of this move is the same as the jumping straight up one.  
    Not very good to use.
    Rating **(regular) *****(hop)
    Jump kick.  The jumping D attack is a standard jumping kick that aims downwards 
    at a 45 degree angle.  It looks a lot like the jumping D that Goro had in KoF98.  
    Because of the angle on this move, and the limited horizontal range, it is best 
    used as a jump-in attack. 
    NOTE The hopping version of this move is great.  Same as the jumping straight up 
    Rating *****
    Air shoulder ram.  Maxima is almost vertical with this move.  Somewhat similar 
    to Kyo's jumping CD attack.  This move has good air-to-air priority.  
    Command Moves
    Rating ***
    Maxima performs what 
    looks like a lunging hammer fist.  Looks something like Ryo's forward+A, but 
    with two hands.  Distance is bad but he does go forwards a bit.  The speed on 
    this is also average, but it does seem to have some start-up time.  This is your 
    basic command move that can act as an overhead when performed alone, or it can 
    be chained in combos for an extra hit.  In addition, I find that you cannot 
    chain this from a close C, you will miss since the distance isn't that great on 
    this move.   
    M9 Kata Maxima Missile  
    Rating ***
    Another command move, Maxima 
    performs an upwards punch aimed at a 45 degree angle.  This move is very slow to 
    come out but it seems that you may use this move as an anti-air if done early.  
    Reminds me of Goro's downforward+C in Kof98, obviously not as great though... Oh 
    yeah this move has autoguard.
    Dynamite Drop
    C Throw
    Rating N/A
    Maxima grabs you and does a double leg drop kick that pushes you off.
    Choking Vise
    D Throw
    Rating N/A
    Maxima grabs you and chokes you, then throws you to the opposite side.
    Special Moves
    M-4 type Vapor Cannon
    Rating ****
    Maxima extends his arm out and a blast of smoke comes out, much like a cannon.  
    Reminds me of Heavy D!'s QCFX2 DM.  The actual range on this move is extended a 
    little farther than what it seems to be.  The move seems to have a start-up lag 
    so it is not recommended to be used up close.  C version also seems to have a 
    delay afterwards so always use the A version.  This move has a high damage 
    System 1 Maxima Scramble 
    Rating ****
    This move is similar to Brain Battler's move where he does his mult-version 
    grab.  Maxima's is better since he does move forward.  In this first part, 
    Maxima will do a mid level chop-thrust to the gut area.  This is fairly fast to 
    come out and can be chained from a low A.  This is a three part move.
    Double Bomber (after System 1 Maxima Scramble)
    Rating *****
    Maxima will grab the opponent.  Can't really see what he is doing at this time 
    due to his excessive movement.  This move is preferred over the C version 
    because it deals more damage.  Always use this instead of C.  
    Bulldog Press (after Double Bomber)
    Rating *****
    This is done after the System 1 verion of the Maxima Scramble.  Maxima will 
    finish the move by grabbling the opponent in the air with one hand and slam them 
    onto the ground.  This move gets five starts in my book because it is freebie 
    damage after you connect with the first part of the Maxima Scramble.  Remember, 
    free is always good. ) 
    System 2 Maxima Scramble 
    Rating ***
    Same move as the A version, but the A version deals more damage overall, I dont 
    really recommend this move.
    Skull Crush (after System 2 Maxima Scramble)
    Rating **
    Maxima will grab the opponent and slam them down to the ground.  Must be done 
    after the System 2 Maxima Scramble. This move can catch a juggled opponent since 
    it can grab them out of the air. 
    Centoun Press (Skull Crush)
    Rating *
    While your opponent is on the ground, Maxima will do a flip and land on the 
    opponent.  This must be done after the System 2 version of the Maxima Scramble. 
    Let me be the first to tell you that this move sucks.  This move is horrible 
    because you are required to time the move.  If you do it too early, Maxima will 
    miss the opponent and end up on his back, if you do this too late, you won' do 
    it at all.  Unless you enjoy messing around, do not use this. 
    M-11 type Dangerous Arch 
    Rating ****
    This is Maxima's command throw.  If you connect with this move, he will grab you 
    and thenbackdrop you to the ground.  This is his only command throw and the 
    truth is, it sucks.  There is very very little range on this move meaning you 
    must be *really* close for this to connect, otherwise you will get the miss 
    throw animation.  Unfortuantely, since this is his only command throw, this will 
    be *the* move that you should be concentrating on landing on the opponent.  The 
    damage on this is also high. 
    Rating ***
    Maxima jumps out and performs his System 1 Maxima Scramble move.  If he hits the 
    oppoenent, he will grab and hold him.  Note This move does no damage but he will 
    hold you long enough so that you can get a free hit in.
    Bunker Buster
    QCF, HCB+A/C
    Rating ***
    Maxima crunches up into a ball and shoots up, then he comes back down with an 
    explosion.  The SDM version is the same thing except it has "earthquake" 
    properties similar to Chang's SDM.   The only difference is that the 
    "earthquake" takes place while going up, unlike Chang's which occurs while he is 
    going down.  To block this move, simply block low while he goes up, then block 
    high when he comes down.  If they are tricked by the "earthquake" Maxima will 
    surely land on them, the same will apply if you are able to hit them while goin 
    up. From what i can see though, if you are hit by the first part, you are still 
    able to defend against the second part if you recovery roll from it.  Most of 
    the time, this will trick newbies and/or people that do not know about this 
    move.  After they find out, it is pretty easy to avoid.  You can also delay 
    Maxima's "take off" by holding down the button.  In addition, Maxima has 
    autoguard while he recovers from landing so there is no fear of being attacked. 
    Try to avoid using this move out just for the heck of it, you can see this move 
    coming a mile away.  Best times to use this move is when the opponent is in the 
    middle of attacking you or as a wake-up move.  It has invinciblity frames on the 
    way up.
    Maxima's Revenge
    HCB, HCB+B/D
    Rating ****
    This is Maxima's other DM, like all other grapplers, this one is a throwing DM 
    which means the opponent must be close for this to land.  Maxima will grab you 
    and lift you up with one hand, then he will slam you down to the ground.  
    Afterwards, Maxima will throw you up, a la Clark's Ultra Argentine Back Breaker 
    DM. When you are about to land, Maxima will head butt you back up like what you 
    would do to a soccer ball.  In the SDM version, Maxima will head butt you up 
    three times instead of one.  This is what you should be using your stocks for 
    since it is the more relaible DM.    
    Maxima isn't too great in the combo department.  If you are a player that opts 
    for characters with combos, Maxima is not your man.  He does have a few combos 
    though, not too many that will be too interesting.  Concentrate more on getting 
    close to do your damage.  
    I will list the combos that I know of as of now. 
    ^^^Close C, Dangerous Arch  
       C, HCF+B/D 
    ^^^Close D, Dangerous Arch 
       D, HCF+B/D 
    ^^^Low A, Maxima Scramble  
       Low A, QCF+A X3 
    ^^^Low A, Forward+A, Maxima Scramble 
       Down A, Forward+A, QCF+A X3 
    ^^^Close C, Maxima's Revenge
       C, HCB B X2
    NOTE All combos are add and extra hit with a jump in attack
    It might be easier to show a flow chart, please note that this is  a most basic 
    flowchart that almost any character can follow.  Okay I know its a very simple 
    chart, but like I said, hes not a "combo" guy.  Anyway, im sure you all know by 
    now all the "simple" combos.
    Jumping C/D------------>Close C------------>Dangerous Arch
                                                          l -- System 1 Maxima 
    Scramble-->Double Bomber-->Bulldog Press
                                                          l --System 2 Maxima 
    Scramble-->Skull Crush-->Centoun Press
                                                          l --Maxima's Revenge
    Counter Mode Combos
    ^^^slide attack, System 1 Maxima Scramble, Double Bomber, Maxima's Revenge DM
       slide A+B, A/B/C/D, QCF+A, QCF+A, HCB, HCB+B/D.  
    Since Maxima is a grappler, the best distance for him is close.  With Maxima's 
    lack of speed and somewhat limited amount of moves, he is definitely not a combo 
    person.  Besides the few combos that he does posses, his main move should be his 
    command throw.  His command throw is powerful and he only needs to land a few on 
    the opponent to do some heavy damage.  A few methods of getting close are to 
    simply jump at the opponent and do nothing.  The opponent will think that you 
    are attacking and stand there and block.  Upon landing, the opponent may try to 
    do an attack on you, just simply perform the command throw and they will be 
    thrown to the ground like meat.  This usually will get sleeping opponents. Now 
    that many people already know this, it will not work as much.  Another way to 
    get close fast is to dash/slide at the opponent.  This will usually catch 
    opponents that are doing a special move, etc.  The thrid way that I usually fake 
    the opponent out is with the new back dodge, forward slide move.  By pressing 
    back and A+B, your character will jump backwards and then forwards.  This is 
    especially useful since it is very fast.  By all means you are not invincible 
    while performing this move, but since it is so quick, opponents may not have 
    time to react.  One instance to use this is when the opponent is attacking you 
    with a limited ranged move.  e.g Ryo's fireball.  By executing the move at the 
    right time, you will dodge backwards, avoiding the move, then jump right back in 
    their face, giving you an open opprotunity to grab them.  Occassionally, I will 
    dash at the opponent, and right before i get to them, I will do the dodge.  
    Because they were expecting me, they might do a move , e.g an uppercut to him 
    me.  I dodge back to "sucker" them in, leaving them open, and a chance for me to 
    do some damage. Maxima's poking game is horrible.  Even his light hits are slow.  
    My suggestion, stick to grabbing them instead of ticking them away. 
    Counter Mode Vs. Armor Mode
    The new modes introduced in KoF99 are designed to give you a new game play.  
    Counter Mode allows you to perform unlimited DM/SDM for about thrity seconds.  
    The real beauty of this mode is that it allows you to counter special moves into 
    DMs.  This allows you to do insane damage by doing doing comobs and interrupting 
    them with DMs.  Unfortunately, Maxima lacks in the combo department.  The lack 
    of comobs really makes this mode useless for Maxima.  The other mode is Armor 
    Mode.  In this mode, Maxima will be immune to hit stun, very similar to the 
    Super Armor Zangief in Marvel Vs. Capcom. This means even if he takes hits, 
    Maxima will still be able to grab the opponent.  This is definetely a scary mode 
    for Maxima. Unfortunately, this mode only lasts for 10 seconds. In addition, in 
    Armor Mode, Maxima will not suffer tick damage.  So that means if time is 
    running out and Maxima is a little ahead in life, activate Armor Mode and 
    turtle. hehe  cheap but if you're desperate... 
    winner neither 
    Why neither modes? Because in 99, characters do not pass stock.  This means that 
    when a new character comes in, they must rebuid stock from scratch.  This makes 
    building up to three stocks a little difficult, and this usually means that by 
    the time you do have 3 stocks your life will be very little.  In addition, 
    Maxima has a little more difficutly in building up to three stocks.  Instead, I 
    recommend you using your stocks for his DMs for damage and CD counters for those 
    people that are overly offensive.
    Moves Breakdown
    -Vapor Cannon QCB+A/C
    This Vapor Cannon move is very good.  The A version should always be used 
    because he suffers nearly no lag afterwards.  This move is recommended to be 
    used while the opponent is further away.  Obviously, when he opponent is close 
    he should be in the cluthes of the Dangerous Arch throw.  This move has good 
    range and is even greater in damage.  This hits fairly high and 
    because of this, I have been able to catch opponents as they try to jump away 
    from it. Important note, this move should not be used close because at close 
    range, you will suffer recovery lag.  At further distances, the opponent will be 
    pushed away. heheh A good move to play keep away with.
    -Dangerous Arch HCF+B/D when close
    Obviously, the Dangerous Arch is a damaging move.  When the opponent is close, 
    your goal should be landing this move.  This move is very damaging.  Remember 
    though, the range on this move is horrible and Maxima's miss throw animation is 
    especially long due to his slowness.  Be sure it will connect or you might 
    suffer a lot of punishment.
    -Maxima Scramble QCF A X3
    The Maxima Scramble is a great move IMO.  It is very similar to Brian Battler's 
    move except it is not as complicated to execute.  The A version is always 
    preferred to the C because it does more damage.  One thing to do is to perform 
    this move when the opponent is close.  If they are hit, finish the move for big 
    damage.  If they block the move, perform up to the second part of the Maxima 
    Scramble and pause a little. If they are still blocking, you can then stop the 
    move and perform the Dangerous Arch command throw or even the Maxima's Revenge 
    DM if you have stock.  You are able to do this because you will be extremely 
    close to the opponent.  If the opponent decides to counter attack, immediately 
    finish the thrid part of the Scramble and 
    nail them hard. 
    NOTE I have found a use for the C version.  The ender for the C version is an 
    air attack, i.e. an overhead.  You can nail sleeping opponents with this move if 
    they just sit there and block.  Also, you can slightly delay the flip kick mess 
    with them.
    -Buster Bunker DM QCF, HCB+A/C
    I suppose the Bunker Buster DM can be used as an air counter if they are right 
    above you, but that unfortunatley, is too unrealibe.  The would have to be 
    nearly over you for this to be effective.  You could also use strikers to get 
    them into this position. Kim, Choi, King, and others that launch them up can be 
    used to acomplish this task. The SDM version is good but it will only trick the 
    newbies and scrubs.  Unfortunately, good players, or people that already know 
    the move will be able to block it with ease.  One thing though, the Buster 
    Bunker DM is good for a wake up move so if they are over you when down, do it, 
    they will most likely be hit because Big M here has autoguard both when 
    launching and landing.  Otherwise, concentrate more on landing the Maxima's 
    Revenge DM.  The damage on the other DM may not be great, but at least it is 
    more reliable.  
    Credits and Thanks
    - GameFAQs
    For accepting and displaying my FAQs
    - Japan Arcade
    For getting Kof early and having it for only one credit 
    - Orbit Comics
    For having two Kof99 machines and staying open late
    - UCLA X-Cape Arcade
    For having the best damn joysticks 
    - Peter 
    Thanks for all your help/input on Maxima 
    - Gunsmith 
    Wu-Tech Corp.
    Thnaks for letting me use the Maxima bio and other various information.  All 
    such information has been copied off of his excellent and highly detailed FAQ.  
    And thanks for displaying my FAQ on your site.
    - Fabian Chung
    For you input on the Maxima counter mode combos. Thanks!
    - Douglas Shin
    Thanks for pointing out the jopping C and combos.
    - Gamest Mook Vol.195
    The King of Fighters 99 Graphical Manual
    - To everyon that has taken the time to read my FAQ.   
    This FAQ can be viewed at the following sites
    - GameFAQs
    - Wu-Tech Corp.
    - Black Noah Isand
    Although I said this is my final update. Feel free to email me with imput or 
    information. Who knows, I might update it sometime in the future.  Take carez
    Patrick Hwang
    Copyright (c)1999

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