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    Shin Kyo by MChi

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 01/02/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Shin Kyo Faq Version 1.2
    Date when faq was created: 1-2-2000
    Game: King of Fighters '99: Millennium Battle
    Platform: Neo Geo
    Author: Minh Chi
    Email: Squallff896@aol.com
    Note: This is a new update on this faq. For anyone who have read this 
    before, there is a few minor changes. My suggestion is that you don't 
    have to read on if you already read this on my older version!
    Hi there! My main topic will be Shin Kyo. He's not as great as he was 
    in '98. Some of his moves have changed for the worst making Kyo a 
    little more weak. But most people use him because he looks cool, and 
    he's a secret character. Hopefully with this faq, you'll gain a better 
    understanding of using Kyo. I intended this faq for players of beginner 
    to expert in KoF '99. That just means that you at least know how to 
    block, jump, perform special moves, slide, control the different jumps, 
    If after reading this faq, you don't understand something or if 
    something is wrong, feel free to mail me a message to fix the faq! Its 
    even fine if you just want to send comments on this faq.
    One last note, do not sell or plagiarize this faq! You can use this on 
    your faq as long as you give me credit.
    Here is my short guideline to how this faq will be constructed:
    I. How to Get Kyo
    II. Movelist functions
    III. Striker functions
    IV. Strategy
    V. Combos
    VI. Conclusion+References
    I. How to Get Kyo
    Kyo in the beginning of the game is not selectable. To get him 
    selectable, you must choose a random team (just go to the ? and let it 
    choose all 4 of your characters). The random team must consist of at 
    least 3 of the following characters: Kyo-1, Kyo-2, K, Shingo, Benimaru, 
    Maxima, Whip, and some other characters that I have forgotten. I'll 
    tell you right now, it's extremely difficult to get 3 of these 
    characters. You must be very lucky! After you beat a team (CPU or human 
    player) with the random team with the characters above, on the victory 
    screen where the B.A are given, there will be a code that will teach 
    you how to use Kyo. Kyo is now accessible. To be certain, check if 
    there is <K> on the bottom of the KoF logo after the short opening 
    demo. It's best if someone actually already got Kyo accessible so you 
    don't have to go through all this hard-work.
    Once you have Kyo accessible, start the game like you normally would, 
    hold start at the ? and enter the following code: left, right, up, 
    left, down, right. The sun symbol (under Kyo-1) will change into Kyo. 
    Now just go to Kyo and select him. 
    II. Movelist
    Here is the legend for the moves:
    qcf-quarter circle forward
    qcb-quarter circle back
    dp-dragon punch motion
    rdp-reverse dragon punch motion
    hcf-half circle forward
    hcb-half circle back
    x2-do motion twice
    db-down back
    df-down forward
    ^-corner combo
    *-super move or preferably called desperation move (DMs for short).
    jump-jump forward
    K-any kick button
    P-any punch button
    1-these numbers indicate follow up order (e.g. 2 can be followed after 
    >-can be canceled in counter mode
    Far range standing:
    A-a nice jab. It's weak in damage but is comboable, preferably into 
    Kyo's special sweep kick (df+D). 
    B-a far kick. It's best as a far poke and that's probably its only use 
    since it is uncomboable.
    C-a far backhand. This is the best button to go for at far range since 
    it is comboable, preferably Dokugami (qcf+C), and it does a hefty 
    damage. Watch out though for sweeps, because most players will go for 
    sweep at far range and you are extremely vulnerable when using C.
    D-a spin kick. Does the same damage as C but is not comboable. The good 
    part is that it is invulnerable to sweeps (except for Iori, and any 
    other characters with high sweeps).
    Close range standing:
    A-an elbow. Does very little damage but comboable. Not preferred!
    B-a low kick. What I like about this is that it hits low even though 
    you are standing. It is also comboable! In a way this can also be used 
    as a high-low move. Not bad I guess.
    C-a strange punch. Definitely better to use than A or B since it does 
    more damage and is comboable. It is also the only way you can chain 
    into Aragami (qcf+A) or Dokugami (qcf+C) to do high damaging combos.
    D-an outward kick. Pretty much the same as C. So its interchangeable 
    with C!
    A-a low jab. Not really powerful in damage but is comboable. 
    B-a quick low kick. Hits low and the best part is that A or B can chain 
    C-an uppercut. Not only is it comboable, its also a great anti-air 
    move. Nice!
    D-Kyo's standard sweep. Comes out quite slow which can lead to some 
    problems when you have sweep battles. Nevertheless, if you want the 
    opponent down, this is your best bet!
    Vertical Jump:
    A-a stupid elbow. Really useless!
    B-a nice looking knee. Has some air priority but too low in damage. 
    C-a punch. Does decent damage but has a short range. Not good in air-
    to-air combat which is what players tend to do most.
    D-a far kick. If you want high damage and air priority, definitely use 
    Diagonal Jump:
    A-same as vertical jump. Useless!
    B-similar to vertical jump. Useless!
    C-same as vertical jump.
    D-similar to vertical jump except that the kick comes out a little 
    Knockdown Attack (CD)-both air and ground are shoulder rams. It will 
    cause knockdown. That is all I can say. It's not really good.
    Slide attack (AB, then any button)-after the slide, Kyo can do a gut 
    punch. The distance is fairly short. Definitely not as cheap as Kim's.
    Special+Super Moves:
    Overhead (f+B)-this has change a little. Only when you use this alone 
    will it be an overhead. You should be able to tell by the different 
    animation. Use this for your high-low mind games. When you use this as 
    a chain move, the animation will be that of '98. Use it the same as '98 
    as extra hits. Not preferred though since not much can chain after it 
    except probably a Dokugami (qcf+C). 
    Double Sweep (df+D)-hits low. This does decent damage and is best used 
    as a "safe" combo ender. Also another move added to your arsenal of 
    high-low moves.
    Goufu You (air d+C)-this move is fairly good. It will knock down 
    opponents straight to the ground when they're airborne. I also find 
    players not able to counter this move from the ground because the way 
    it hits. Use this move as your jump in once in a while for some better 
    jump in results.
    >Oniyaki (dp+P)-Kyo's best anti-air move. What I like about it is that 
    there is autoguard. If you can time correctly, you'll counter most 
    attacks, both air and ground, without a scratch to your lifebar. Nice! 
    Like to add, never use the C version!
    Shiki Kai (qcf+K,K)-Kyo's juggling move. It has some anti-air priority 
    but is unreliable so don't use this on a jumping opponent. Its also not 
    very effective when it's not used in a corner. It has a problem with 
    reach! Also like to mention that the B version, only high juggles 
    (where the opponent is at maximum height after juggle) will hit, 
    preferably, use the R.E.D kick or Oniyaki. The D version can juggle 
    from character height, giving more options to what moves can juggle 
    R.E.D Kick (rdp+K)-the uses for this move is plentiful. It can go over 
    projectiles, win most airborne attacks from opponent, and has fairly 
    safe recovery. Feel safe to do a low A after the R.E.D Kick because 
    normally, you'll get to recover first before your opponent. Note of 
    advice, never use the D version! One quickie; be very careful not to 
    use this on a ducking opponent it will completely miss and you'll be 
    stunned there for a while leaving you open to massive combos.
    >Nue Tsumi (qcb+P)-this will only counter low and standing regular 
    attacks. I find it extremely hard to time the counter against an 
    opponent, especially human players. Once you miss, you are dead! This 
    move can also catch opponent from the air if the punch extends upward 
    to hit the opponent. Kyo's counter is not as powerful as Kasumi's but 
    hey, better than nothing. My note of advice is that you might want to 
    use this when you are better and more confident. It's extremely hard to 
    counter with Kyo. Also I have noticed that if you use this at a 
    considerate range, if blocked, this will leave you fairly safe. Just 
    make sure it makes contact or you'll be punished.
    >Hikigane (hcb+K)-This is a new move replacing Kyo's Koto Moon 
    Positive. This move does a fancy double punch (B version) and a juggle 
    then punch (D version). This move is not really that powerful. The B 
    version only covers a short distance, and the D version cannot even be 
    used in a combo. In a matter of fact, the D version is so slow and 
    predictable, that your opponent has at least 1.5 seconds to react to 
    it. It does decent damage, but has somewhat a slow recovery. Only the B 
    version should be used, and only should be used in a combo. In my 
    opinion, I would probably want to use something that does more damage!
    1. Aragami (qcf+A)-covers a pretty far distance and has autoguard. It 
    is also unretaliatable giving you 100% recovery if blocked.
    2a. Kuno Kizu (qcf+P)-a follow up after Aragami. Nothing much to say 
    but do not use this if the Aragami was used at a far distance from the 
    opponent because it will miss.
    2b. Yano Sabi (hcb+P)-if the situation occurs where you use Aragami at 
    a far range, use this. This is an overhead! My criticism for this 
    though is that it comes out quite slow. Experienced players will easily 
    counter this!
    3a or b. Nanase (K)-the last follow up after Kuno Kizu or Yano Sabi. 
    Not much to say except that you should never use this on a blocking 
    opponent. The recovery is horrible. Actually, try to immediately do a 
    cB, cA, double sweep (df+D). As long as your opponent is not trying to 
    throw you, you'll mostly come out safely with this follow-up.
    3a. Yano Sabi (P)-this is also the last follow up after Kuno Kizu. It 
    should be used on a blocking opponent because it will leave you unharm. 
    It is also conveniently an overhead. How nice!
    3b. Migiri Ugachi (P)-follow up after Yano Sabi. Needless to say, this 
    should only be used if the opponent was hit by Yano Sabi. 
    1. Dokugami (qcf+C)-this has a far reach and has autoguard. This serves 
    better in your combos than Aragami. 
    2. Tsumi Yomi (hcb+P)-follow up after Dokugami. Use this even if your 
    opponent blocks. It should safely push them away and leave you unharm.
    3. Batsu Yomi (f+P)-only follow this if Tsumi Yomi hits otherwise 
    you'll die. There is a way to use this as a trick but I tell you in the 
    strategy section.
    *Orochinagi (qcb,hcf+P)-this is Kyo's infamous Serpent Wave. It's not 
    as powerful as it was in '98 because the time lag for the Orochinagi is 
    longer, meaning you can't use this in a combo. However, this super is 
    still very good because it has a long range and should only be used at 
    long range. The reason why is so that you can recover, so that this 
    super can be used safely. My advice is to calculate the distance such 
    that the tip of the flames will hit the opponent, giving you a fair 
    distance from your opponent. Also you can delay it by holding down P. 
    It's still not completely safe though. You can still get hit by supers 
    or some quick far range attack. The SDM version is even better because 
    you are protected by the heat and flames that surround you when you are 
    delaying it. Also does hefty damage.
    *Hyaku Hachi Juu Ni Shiki (qcfx2+P)-This is Kyo's 2nd DM which has no 
    purpose except for high damage combos. Like Orochinagi, you can delay 
    it. In fact, if you delay till it automatically release (around 4 
    seconds), it is unblockable. Just for your knowledge, there won't be 
    anyone stupid enough to just stand there and block. But this move comes 
    out surprisingly fast. But just use this for combos, Ok?!
    III. Kyo as Striker
    In my opinion, the striker system of KoF '99 is quite pathetic. Its 
    nothing more than a straight copy of the helper system in Marvel Vs 
    Capcom. Nevertheless, it adds some "fresh" options to the world of KoF. 
    When you call Kyo as a striker by pressing BC, he'll jump in, about a 
    1/5 of the screen from the edge, and do his SDM Orochinagi. It gives 
    you some protection from jump-ins, it does a massive damage, and it 
    gives you free juggles. It also covers about 60% of the screen, quite a 
    long distance. Kyo's striker is definitely one of the best of all the 
    characters. But I prefer Kyo as one of the fighters rather than the 
    striker. If you want a good striker, try Athena, Kim, Chang, or Robert 
    IV. Strategies
    I like to dedicate to my faq, strategies to improve players how in 
    using Kyo. Such strategies as what to use as best air defense, how to 
    use the moves effectively, and how to do some tricks to open an attack 
    on your opponent. A lot of these strategies are more general than in 
    depth information, so apply some of these strategies to other 
    characters you'll use.
    -One of the things I like to emphasize is know what moves are safe to 
    use. Kyo has a few moves that are unretaliatable. They include: Double 
    Sweep (df+D), Aragami (qcf+A), Shiki Kai (qcf+K,K), and Tsumi Yomi 
    (after Dokugami). If your opponent is blocking your attacks, use these 
    moves to ensure safety.
    -If you want air-defense you got air defense. Kyo has a number of moves 
    for air defense. Oniyaki (dp+P) serves as the best air defense because 
    it is fast and has autoguard. Shiki Kai (qcf+B,B) can also be used but 
    is a little more risky. The benefit to Shiki Kai is that you can juggle 
    afterwards, giving you more damage. R.E.D Kick (rdp+K) can also beat 
    most airborne attacks. Extremely useful against players jumping back! 
    Also when situation requires quick reaction, where you won't be able to 
    pull a special move, just use cC. It's not as powerful as Oniyaki 
    (dp+P), but it can still counter most jump-ins.
    -One confusing strategy in fighting games is the high-low mind games. 
    Kyo has an overhead (f+B) that hits high and Double Sweep (df+D) that 
    hits low. When you mix these 2 once every so often, you can get some 
    positive results. For example, when an opponent is knockdown, when they 
    recover, try an overhead on them. Most of the time, players block down 
    and the overhead will hit them. Once they get use to your overhead, 
    they will probably try to block high everytime they are knocked down, 
    at this time, just use the Double Sweep and jackpot, you nailed them 
    again. Just mix high and low and you'll find your opponent get hit time 
    after time, again and again. High-low strategies are usually a form of 
    prediction and luck. You usual never know what you'll get. But I'll 
    tell you right now, it works! You just need to find the right time and 
    way to use it!
    -Now I like to talk about R.E.D Kick (rdp+K). As I mentioned earlier, 
    this has some great recovery. Just make sure it is used on a standing 
    and not ducking opponent! After you use the R.E.D Kick, try a low A, 
    Double Sweep (df+D) on your opponent. If they try to attack, guess 
    what, you'll get 3 easy hits with this follow up. If they block, it's 
    still OK, you'll still be safe and you get free stock to your super 
    bar. There are other types of follow up such as low C, Dokugami 
    (qcf+C), Tsumi Yomi (hcb+P). This does a lot more damage if you were to 
    hit. There are others, but if I were to list the many possible way to 
    follow up, this whole faq would be the follow ups. So it's up to you to 
    find out!
    -Remember what I said about Batsu Yomi (f+P). Well there is a way to 
    use this but it is very risky. What you do is do this at the last 
    moment you can after Tsumi Yomi (hcb+P). In other words, delay for a 
    short time then do it. What should happen to your blocking opponent, is 
    that they will get hit. Why? Well, most players (especially the 
    experienced ones) will assume you'll stop after Tsumi Yomi for safety. 
    That's when they try to retaliate and end up eating the last hit. This 
    trick works, but is really risky! If you make the wrong prediction and 
    your opponent blocks the Batsu Yomi, close your eyes , let go of the 
    controller, and prepare to die! 
    -Kyo's counter move Nue Tsumi (qcb+P) can also be very effective once 
    you know how and when to use it. It's best on players who use excessive 
    low attacks. What they like to do is do a few low A or B, then do a 
    sweep. When they try to sweep, use the counter move. It can also 
    counter some of the characters' f+A/B or CD. Especially useful against 
    a Choi player who loves to use that cheap combo sC, f+A, qcf,hcb+K. One 
    very effective way to use this is do it after an Aragami combo 
    (blocked) or after a R.E.D kick (rdp+B). 60% of the time, your opponent 
    will go for a sweep after you use these moves and bingo, you got them. 
    However, if you use this at the wrong time, you'll be heavily punished 
    with combos because this move has somewhat slow recovery. What I find 
    is that as long as you make contact, you should be able to recover 
    safely. In my opinion this is more of trying to be fancy. This does low 
    damage and is risky. Anyone that uses Kyo, will probably never use 
    this. But if you so happen to see some idiot player trying to counter 
    with this move in an arcade, that's probably me!
    -One thing that really pisses me off when playing KoF '99 is that 
    players use low jump attacks too much (especially Ralf and Clark). 
    They'll mix it up with ground combos. For most characters, the only 
    thing you can do is a counter CD. With Kyo, there is a way to avoid 
    this by just using Nue Tsumi (qcb+P). If they jump attack again, Nue 
    Tsumi will catch them in the air. If they go for a sweep or ground 
    combo, it will couter them. It will also protect you from throws! You 
    must be careful of slides. In the corner, you'll be safe from slide-
    That's all I can say about strategies for using Kyo. If anyone knows 
    other useful or better tactics than the ones here, mail me and I'll put 
    it in the faq and give you credit for it!
    V. Combos
    Now the final part of the faq, the combos! These combos are pretty much 
    self-explanatory, so I won't give too much in depth info on them. It's 
    however, splitted into 4 stages, beginners, intermediate, advance, and 
    counter. The beginner combos are combos that anyone can do right when 
    you first start playing for the first time. Intermediate combos require 
    a little more understanding and practice. Advance combos are usually 
    the harder and higher damaging combos. Counter combos can only be done 
    after you use counter mode by pressing ABC (uses 3 stocks of super). 
    Counter combos should range from intermediate to advance. I would say 
    the ones less often used is advance combos because the conditions to 
    use them is practically impossible.
    1. jump C/D, sC/D, Hikigane (hcb+B)/Oniyaki (dp+P)/Double Sweep 
    (df+D)/Aragami (qcf+A) (note: jump C/D can be removed)
    1. jump C/D/d+C, sC/D, Dokugami (qcf+C), Tsumi Yomi (hcb+P), Batsu Yomi 
    (f+P) (note: jump C/D/d+C can be removed)
    2. jump C/D, cB, c/sA, Double sweep (df+D)/Oniyaki (dp+P)/Hikigane 
    (hcb+B) (note: jump C/D can be removed)
    3. ^ jump C/D, sC/D, Aragami (qcf+A), Kuno Kizu (qcf+P), Yano Sabi 
    (P)/Nanase (K) 
    4. sC/D, overhead (f+B), Dokugami (qcf+C)
    5. ^ jump C/D, sC/D, Shiki Kai (qcf+D,D), Oniyaki (dp+P)/R.E.D Kick 
    (rdp+B)/Shiki Kai (qcf+B,B)
    6. jump C/D, sC/D, Hyaku Hachi Juu Ni Shiki (qcfx2+P) (note: requires 
    one stock of super to do this combo) 
    1. ^ jump C/D, sC/D, Shiki Kai (qcf+D,D), Aragami (qcf+A), Yano Sabi 
    (hcb+P), Migiri Ugachi (P) (note: this is the strongest combo that does 
    not require a super)
    2. ! jump D, sC/D, overhead (f+B), Dokugami (qcf+C), Tsumi Yomi 
    (hcb+P), Batsu Yomi (f+P) (only complete with Batsu Yomi if you are 
    close enough to connect with it.)
    3. this last one is not a combo but is a very tricky set-up. Not 
    recommended, but for any of you who want to try my personal set-up, 
    here it is.
    First, get the Shiki Kai (qcf+B,B) to hit (must have both hits in). 
    Doesn't matter how you get there. Doesn't matter if you use a striker, 
    air counter , whatever. After Shiki Kai (qcf+B,B), immediately super 
    jump forward and press C/D. When you land, you have many options you 
    can go from here. Here's a few: 
    1) after C/D, dash either in front of or in back of the opponent, press 
    cB, c/sA, Double sweep (df+D)/Hikigane (hcb+B). The trick here is to 
    confuse your opponent to block the wrong side!
    2) after C/D, dash forward and do an overhead (f+B)/Double Sweep 
    (df+D). The trick here is to confuse your opponent with high-low mind 
    3) after C/D, dash low jump C/D, then into any combo (a powerful combo 
    if jump C/D connects or a safety combo if blocked). Or instead, after 
    C/D, dash low jump, once you land (which should be a short time after 
    your opponent lands), throw. The trick here is to trick the opponent to 
    get thrown!
    These set-ups are not perfect and can be prevented or countered. The 
    outcome is also based on luck and prediction, so use this at your own 
    1. jump C/D, sC/D, Hikigane (hcb+B), cancel before 2nd hit of Hikigane 
    into Hyaku Hachi Juu Ni Shiki (qcfx2+A)
    There are still a number of other combos you can try that are not 
    listed here. These are just a few general ones that I use!
    VI. Conclusion and References
    There you have it, my Shin Kyo faq. I hope this was some use to you and 
    not just some garbage that didn't help at all in improving your skills 
    in using Kyo.
    I would like to give a shout out to some friends (you know who you are) 
    and site some people and their work for if it wasn't for them, I 
    couldn't complete this faq. I would also like to thank SNK for 
    providing this great game, and hope there will be future titles that 
    are going to be better. Oh also, if you want to use part or all of this 
    faq on your site, please ask for my permission first! If you wish to 
    use this for your faq, at least give me credit!
    Author: Kao Megura
    Web site: you can go to www.gamefaqs.com or members.zoom.com/megura to 
    find some of his works!
    Comment: I know I should ask first, but I borrowed some of the names 
    for the movelist. He also has a great Kof '99 faq you should read. 

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