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    Shingo by K

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            The King Of Fighters '99: "The Millenium Battle"
                              A Shingo FAQ
                              -v3.10 by K-
    Latest Updates
    v3.10 - 10/03/00 - Some updates in the quotes section. This FAQ will no
                       longer be updated. Wait for the KOF 2000 Shingo FAQ
                       by me.
    1. Introduction
      1.1 Biography
      1.2 Changes from '98
    2. Moves
      2.1 Legend
      2.2 Game System
      2.3 Normals
      2.4 Command attacks & throws
      2.5 Special Moves
      2.6 Desperation Moves
    3. Gameplay
      3.1 Combos
         3.1.1 Chain Combos
         3.1.2 Standard Combos
         3.1.3 Counter Mode Combos
         3.1.4 Slide Attack Combos
         3.1.5 Striker Combos
      3.2 Strategy
    4. Acknowledgements
      4.1 Version History
      4.2 About the author
      4.3 Credits
      4.4 KOF Sites
      4.5 Copyright & disclaimer
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    1. Introduction
    1.1 Biography
    Shingo Yabuki--------------------"The True Boy of the Blowing Arrow"-
    Place of Birth : Japan
    Fighting Style : self-taught Kusanagi-ryuu Kobujutsu
    Age            : 19
    Date of Birth  : 8th April 1980
    Blood Type     : O
    Height         : 1.79 m
    Weight         : 69 kg
    Fav. Sport     : Swimming and Water Polo
    Hobby          : Exploration / fan of 'Lizard Man'
    Favourite Food : Frozen Noodles and Sardines
    Important Thing: Life, Girlfriend, Student Notebook and Gloves
                     given to him by Kyo Kusanagi
    Hated Thing    : Milk
    Shingo readjusts his precious glove. As he is doing this, he says:
    "Naguutaneanta oyanimo naguraretakotonainoni!"
    (Translation: "You hit me! My parents never hit me!")
    Round Opening:
    1) Shingo jumps out in a tracksuit and does some leg stretches saying
       "Ichi ni san shi, Shingo, ichi matte ikimasu!". Then he removes
       the tracksuit and gets ready to fight.
       (Translation: "1, 2, 3, 4, Shingo, first up, here I come!")
    2) Shingo brings a hand to his chest, closes his eyes, and takes a
       deep breath. He then covers his mouth with his fist, and mutters:
       "Kotoshiwa edit jyanaize Shingo!" This opening only happens if
       Shingo isn't the first person.
    Shingo vs Kasumi:
    Shingo stands there reading his notebook and checking through his
    moves, probably saying "Fukushu fukushu?" while Kasumi is angry
    because she wants him to be serious about the match and so taunts him
    by saying, "Techounanka miruna! (Don't look at your diary!)". At that
    point, Shingo loses the book and almost falls down trying to catch it.
    You notice that Shingo is actually doing his '98 taunt.
    Shingo vs Kyo:
    Shingo is suprised to see his sempai after so long. The last thing
    Kyo had said to Shingo was to get some Yakisoba bread for him. So
    Shingo hides behind his arms and yells: "KuuuuuuusaNAGI-SAN!". Will
    Kyo be suprised to see how Shingo has grown? Will he be impressed to
    see how Shingo got this far? Kyo shows no emotions at all and just
    goes through his normal opening where he burns his headband.
    Round Ending:
    A) Shingo takes out his notebook and pen, saying "Eeto...memo, memo!
       Ok!" and writes something inside. Then he closes the notebook and
       grins at the screen.
       (Translation: "This guy....note note!....Ok!")
    B) Shingo stands with arms and legs outstretched saying, "Yoshi!!!"
       The he turns around and looks triumphantly at his fist, saying:
       "Yarimashita yo, Kusanagi-san!"
       (Translation: "Alright! I did it, Mr. Kusanagi!")
    C) Shingo faces the screen, steps forward with both hands out in
       victory and grinning broadly. He then looks up towards the sky
       with his fist on his chest saying, "Ore no, kachi da!"
      (Translation: "This is my victory!")
    D) Round ending is selected at random from the above three.
    "I just get tougher! Kyo, I'm coming for you!"
    In a way, this is true, because Shingo did get a little tougher this
    year with his new moves. Plus his CM combos realy hurt too. I hope he
    gets better in KOF 2000.
    Costume Colours:
    A - Marine Blue (Original flavour)
    B - Olive Brown (Imitation brand ^_^)
    "Yacchatte Kudasai!"
    Shingo runs out and hits the opponent. After that he falls down and
    holds the opponent. Very funny to see! Can be blocked. The opponent
    is open to ANY attack when held. 2 hits total. This is the best way
    to combo in K's Chain Driver. :)
    1.2 Changes from '98
    It seems that Shingo has changed quite a bit from '98. For better or
    for worse? Well I don't know. The most obvious change is that he has
    lost his numerous Critical Hits which was his trademark. He has lost
    his elbow counter but has gained a new move that imitates Kyo's Moon
    Koto Positive. Actually, I feel it looks more like Iori's Aoi Hana.
    Also, he finally goes up into the air when he does his Twilight Wheel
    and still has that falling drop after that.
    2. Moves
    2.1 Legend
    I am assuming that you are an intermediate/expert player.
    If you are a beginner, see Triste or Gunsmith's FAQ for details.
    A = light punch
    B = light kick
    C = heavy punch
    D = heavy kick
    d   = down joystick direction
    u   = up joystick motion
    b   = hold joystick in blocking direction
    f   = joystick forward motion
    qcb = quarter circle back joystick motion (d,db,b)
    qcf = quarter circle forward joystick motion (d,df,f)
    hcb = half circle back joystick motion (f,df,d,db,b)
    hcf = half circle forward joystick motion (b,db,d,df,f)
    dp  = uppercut joystick motion (f,d,df)
    rdp = reverse uppercut joystick motion (b,d,db)
    j   = jump
    s   = stand
    cx  = crossup jump
    HC  = hit chain combo
    ~   = means 'to' for example A~D means A to D
    (c) = corner
    (X) = cancel after X hit.
    (CM)= Counter Mode
    (AM)= Armor Mode
    Special = generally speaking, a fighting move that takes energy off
              opponent even if blocked and requires a input on the
              joystick and button.
    DM = Desperation Move. The last ditch, a last resort move. Also done
         to demoralise the opponent and wow the crowd. 1 POW stock is
    SDM = Super Desperation Move. Same as a DM but is more cool to see.
          Must have a flashing red life bar and 1 POW stock to do.
    2.2 Game System
    (done as facing right)
    Forward Run          : F,f
    Back Dash            : B,b
    Small Jump           : B-u or U or U-f instantly
    Middle Jump          : When running : B-u or U or U-f
                           From standing: B-d + B-u or U or U-f
    Big Jump             : Hold B-u or U or U-f
    Guard Cancel         : when blocking AB or f/b AB(needs 1 stock)
    Heavy Attack         : CD
    Guard Cancel Blow off: when blocking CD(need 1 stock)
    Guard Crush          : If you block too many hits, your guard is
    Safe Landing         : AB when about to land
    Mid-Air block        : B-u or B or B-d when performing up/back jump
    Slide Dodge (+Attack): forward/backward + AB (+A~D)
    Striker System       : BC
    Counter Mode Activate: ABC(need 3 stocks)
    Armor Mode Activate  : BCD(need 3 stocks)
    2.3 Normal Moves
    All hit for 1.
    Stand A (**)
    A jab. Fast but has short reach. No real use. Comboable, but not much
    Stand B (***)
    A mid kick. Okay range. Good for poking but tends to have a slight
    lag at the end on recovery. Fun to annoy the opponent with.
    Stand C (*)
    A downward swinging punch. Bad, very bad. It doesn't combo and is a
    very lame move that should never be done. Another problem is that if
    you tried to do close C but missed, this comes out.
    Stand D (***)
    A roundhouse kick. Has quite some anti-air potential. Comboable and
    OK for poking or punishing missed aerial moves. Acceptable recovery.
    The range is slightly shorter than that of the standing B.
    Close A (**)
    A strike with the elbow and can be linked into combos. Has incredibly
    short range. Therefore not advisable.
    Close B (**)
    A lower version of the Stand B. Hits the shins. Can be linked. Also
    has incredibly short range.
    Close C (***1/2)
    A fist in the face and the main combo link. Very useful if only for
    the comboability. I refer to this in the combo list as s C. Don't
    confuse this with the Standing C. You can also start a DM after this
    Close D (**)
    Looks like Shingo is doing a high roundhouse in a really awkward way.
    Almost useless move with punishable recovery. But can be linked into
    other moves.
    Low A (***)
    A fast jab like the Standing A with equally short range. Only dp + P
    and hcb + K can combo after it. I gave it 3 stars because it can
    combo after a low B.
    Low B (****)
    Fast jab with his leg and good recovery. Mainly used to stop sliders
    and slammers who come too close. Good for poking. Hits low.
    Low C (***1/2)
    A sort of crouching uppercut with good anti-air defense. But since it
    hits rather vertically, the opponent has to be fairly close to be hit.
    Low D (***1/2)
    Standard sweep. Good reach and knocks the opponent down so combos
    can't be started from this. Recovery is acceptable. If it is blocked
    you can try continuing with a qcf + A. Won't connect but at least you
    did some tick damage. It's quite safe too. Hits low.
    Jumping A (*)
    Attacks with a jumping elbow. Never really used this. Pointless.
    Unless it's part of a combo. Which is unlikely to happen.
    Jumping B (***)
    Attacks with a jumping knee. Can crossup. Use this rather than the
    jumping D if you are close to your opponent or in the corner.
    Jumping C (***)
    Attacks with a downward punch. Mostly likely to trade hits. Never
    really used this either. If you are hopping, use this instead of
    a jumping D.
    Jumping D (****)
    This move is one of Shingo's best normal move. It's sort of like a
    jumping reverse heel kick. It has good priority and range. The usual
    combo starter. Do you notice that his animations of his jumping up D
    and his jumping forward D are different?
    Standing CD (*)
    A shoulder push-off. Slow to start with slow recovery. Don't bother
    about even using it. You are more likely to punished if blocked. And
    it will be most likely blocked.
    Jumping CD (***)
    Shingo jumps and does a downward punch. Looks almost like his jumping
    C except with a little more range. It will do 2 hits on a counter. By
    the way, it's the only jumping CD to do 2 hits. Can interchange with
    his jumping C.
    2.4 Command Moves and Throws
    Forged Iron: (close) b/f + C
    (**)  1 hit
    Shingo grabs the opponent to him, then does a close shoulder or elbow
    ram. Can be guard cancelled. Same as Kyo's and pretty useless too.
    [Issetsu Seoi Nage Fukanzen]
    Incomplete Single Arm Shoulder Throw: (close) b/f + D
    (***)  1 hit
    Shingo grabs the opponent and throws him over his shoulder like Kyo
    minus the follow-up. Cannot be guard cancelled. A good trick would
    be to slide back, hop forward and slam the opponent. Positioning is
    the key factor here. Although I've done it many time by accident. :)
    [Ge Shiki: Goufu Kakkodake]
    Foreign Style: Thunder Axe "Only In Looks": f + B
    (***)  2 hits
    The first hit has good priority as air defense and acts as a knock
    down hit, meaning the opponent can't recover if hit in the air by the
    first hit. It can cancel into certain special moves such as hcb + K
    or qcf + C. Also, f + B can cancel into a (S)DM after the first hit
    if it was cancelled into from a close C or D.
    2.5 Special Moves
    [Hyaku Juu Yon Shiki: Aragami Mikansei]
    Style No. 114: Incomplete Wild Bite: qcf + A
    (***1/2)  1 hit
    Quote: "Body ga amai ze!"
    Translation: "Your body is weak!"
    A very fast right hook with excellent recovery but little damage and
    short range. Shingo swings forward to hit the opponent then quickly
    returns to his original postion. You will almost always be safe after
    doing this move and should be able to block any retaliation. This
    move is able to stuff any other move if timed correctly or if he
    missed you. Most of the time, you blocked the opponent's move or
    combo, you can hit him back with this move due to it's speed. Sadly,
    d B, d A, qcf + A doesn't work anymore. Of course it still can be
    done if you want some tick damage. This move can be cancelled in CM.
    [Hyaku Juu Go Shiki: Dokugami Mikansei]
    Style No. 115: Incomplete Poison Bite: qcf + C
    (**)  1~2 hits
    Quote: "Kurae!"
    Translation: "Eat this!"
    A reverse Wild Bite, this move will randomly do 2 hits if done from
    close range. Slow to come out and equally slow recovery. It knocks
    the opponent down after landing a successful hit so you can't combo
    after it. Don't use it unless it's part of a combo or as a follow-up.
    Because of the slow recovery, you will probably be command thrown. It
    can hit people half a screen away. The most likely combo that this
    move can be used in is j D, s C, qcf + C. But you have much better
    options than this. This move can be cancelled in CM.
    [Hyaku Shiki: Oniyaki Mikansei]
    Style No. 100: Incomplete Demon Scorcher: dp + A/C
    (***)  1 hit
    Quote: "Oriya!"
    Translation: ???
    Same as Kyo's move but without the flames and autoguard. Basically an
    anti-air move. Don't use it unless the opponent is already in the air
    or it is part of a combo like the simple d B, d A, dp + A. Try to use
    it early, rather than late. It does 2 hits on a counter. Don't ever
    use the C version either. Not even in any combo. This move can be
    cancelled in CM.
    [Hyaku Ichi Shiki: Oboro Guruma Mikansei]
    Style No 101: Incomplete Twilight Wheel: rdp + B/D
    (****)  Light 1 hit / Strong 2~3 hits
    Quote: "Oka!" (He says this if he falls down.)
    Translation: ???
    An imitation of Kyo's Oburo Guruma, this move finally does flies up
    into the air as an anti-air move. The B version does only one kick
    while the D version does two kicks. If the D version is done, Shingo
    will randomly fall down. However, falling hit will only hit if the
    opponent is in the corner. Note that the falling hit can also hit an
    opponent on the ground. And although it is no longer an overhead, the
    opponent blocking it will suffer a stun period in which Shingo just
    drops flat onto the floor then gets up. During this time, Shingo is
    rather safe and you won't have to worry much about retaliation.
    [Ni Hyaku Juu Ni Shiki: Kototsuki You Mikansei]
    Style No. 202: Incomplete Moon Harp Positive : hcb + B/D
    (***1/2)  2 hits
    Quote: ???
    Translation: ???
    Shingo's cool imitation of Kyo's Moon Harp Positive. In this new
    move, Shingo runs towards the opponent and hits him into the air with
    his fist, then whacks him down with Kyo's jumping down C. The second
    hit is an overhead and must be blocked high. As the recovery on this
    move is quite bad, don't do unless you're sure it will connect. Most
    easily comboed off a f + B. The B version goes 3/4 of the screen and
    the D version goes full screen. This move can cancelled in CM after
    the first hit.
    [Shingo Kick]
    Shingo Kick: hcf + B/D
    (***)  1 hit
    Quote: "Shiiiinnggooo Kicccck!"
    Translation: "Shiiiinnggooo Kicccck!"
    In this move, Shingo attempts to do Kyo's R.E.D Kick. Basically a
    high-angled flying roundhouse that goes horizontally rather than
    vertically, this move is OK in terms of speed to come out. As in that
    the wind-up is slow but the execution is fast. The B version flys
    about 1/2 of the screen with acceptable recovery while the D version
    goes about 3/4 across and can be punished if blocked. This move does
    huge damage if it connects, especially if it's a counter. Also, the
    Shingo Kick sometimes hits as an overhead at random. The overhead
    comes more often when done from a distance but it's still very rare.
    [Shingo Kinsei Ore Shiki: Katogi]
    Shingo's Humble Self-Made Style: Studying the Pattern on the Sword
    Blade: (close) dp + B/D
    (*****)  3 hits
    Quote: "Et, at, dokkan! Oriya!"
    Translation: ???
    Another excellent Shingo original command throw which is unblockable.
    It's cool to see too! Shingo whacks his elbow up, follows with a
    upwards shoulder ram and finishes off with a reverse elbow strike.
    Sad thing is that this move only combos off a close standing C or D.
    But no matter, this is still a great move. It has great juggling
    possibilities at the end as Shingo reaches the ground first. But keep
    in mind that this move may sometimes miss and that will leave you
    very vulnerable. And I also think it has the record for longest move
    name! This move can be cancelled in CM after the first or second hit.
    2.6 Desperation Moves
    [Ge Shiki: Kake Hourin]
    Foreign Style: Phosphorous Driving Phoenix: qcfx2 + A/C
    (****)  DM/SDM 1 hit
    Quote: "Totsugeki~! Oriya!"
    Translation: ???
    In this move, Shingo runs forward and does a massive shoulder ram
    when he connects with the opponent, assuming the opponent doesn't
    slide past, jump over or block it. This is the more commonly used DM
    as it provides a freebie hit if it connects, but if it doesn't, you
    will still be able to recover in time to defend yourself because it
    will cause a guard crush. However, you can no longer cancel it into
    other moves due to the recovery lag. If you press A or C during the
    time that Shingo is running, he will hit earlier. Not really of any
    use though.
    [Burning Shingo]
    Burning Shingo: qcb.hcf + A/C
    (**)  DM 4 hits / SDM 7 hits
    Quote: "Bakkin! Moerou Shingo! Oriya!"
    Translation: "Burn him, Shingo!"
    This is a lousy but impressive move. First Shingo throws an Aragami,
    then a close C, followed by a standing C and finishes off with a mean
    shoulder ram. The SDM version throws an Aragami, a Dokugami, then a
    close C followed by 3 more standing Cs and finally that mean shoulder
    ram. Only do it as part of a combo as this move has bad startup lag
    as well as a slow recovery. Sometimes, even though the first hit of
    the DM connects, the rest of the hits might not connect. But in the
    SDM version, all the hits will definitely connect because the second
    hit moves Shingo foward. This move also has invincibility at about
    the first few frames of the start-up. Last of all, this DM does more
    damage than the Phosphorous Driving Phoenix. Around 5~10% more.
    3. Gameplay
    3.1 Combos
    Only the SA combos have not been tested.
    Pls email me you have any other combos to add.
    Each combo can be started at any point in the chain.
    The combos listed here are the more useful ones.
    For a complete list of every possible combo, wait for m00nrun's FAQ.
    Note: hcf + K is not possible to combo.
    3.1.1 Chain Combos
    d A/B, d A/B                  (2 hits)
    d A/B, s A/B                  (2 hits)
    s A/B, d A/B                  (2 hits)
    s A/B, s A/B                  (2 hits)
    d A/B, d A/B, d A             (3 hits)
    d A/B, s A/B, d A             (3 hits)
    s A/B, d A/B, d A             (3 hits)
    s A/B, s A/B, d A             (3 hits)
    d A/B, d A/B, d B             (3 hits)
    d A/B, s A/B, d B             (3 hits)
    s A/B, d A/B, d B             (3 hits)
    s A/B, s A/B, d B             (3 hits)
    d A/B, d A/B, s A             (3 hits)
    d A/B, s A/B, s A             (3 hits)
    s A/B, d A/B, s A             (3 hits)
    s A/B, s A/B, s A             (3 hits)
    d A/B, d A/B, s B             (3 hits)
    d A/B, s A/B, s B             (3 hits)
    s A/B, d A/B, s B             (3 hits)
    s A/B, s A/B, s B             (3 hits)
    d A/B, d B, d A/B, s B        (4 hits)
    s A/B, d B, d A/B, s B        (4 hits)
    d A/B, d B, s A/B, s B        (4 hits)
    s A/B, d B, s A/B, s B        (4 hits)
    s C/D, f + B                  (3 hits)
    d C, f + B                    (3 hits)
    d B, s C, f + B               (4 hits)
    j A~D, j B/D                  (2 hits)
    3.1.2 Standard Combos
    d B, d A, dp + A  (3 hits)
    d B, d A, hcb + K (4 hits)
    d B, d A, rdp + K (3~5 hits)
    d B, f + B, qcf + C (4 hits)
    d B, f + B, hcb + D (5 hits)
    j C/D, s C, qcf + P (3 hits)
    j C/D, s C, dp + P (3 hits)
    j C/D, s C, rdp + K (3~5 hits)
    j C/D, s C, dp + K (5 hits)
    j C/D, s C, hcb + K (4 hits)
    j C/D, s C, qcfx2 + P (3 hits)
    j C/D, s C, qcb.hcf + P (6 hits)
    j C/D, s C, f + B, qcf + C (5 hits)
    j C/D, s C, f + B, hcb + D (6 hits)
    j C/D, s C, dp + K, qcf + A (6 hits)
    j C/D, s C, dp + K, dp + A  (6 hits)
    j C/D, s C, dp + K, hcb + B (6 hits)
    j C/D, s C, dp + K, rdp + K (6~8 hits)
    j C/D, s C, qcfx2 + P, s A/C/D (4 hits)
    j C/D, s C, qcfx2 + P, j A~D (4 hits)
    j C/D, s C, qcfx2 + P, qcf + A (4 hits)
    j C/D, s C, qcfx2 + P, dp + A (4 hits)
    j C/D, s C, qcfx2 + P, rdp + K (4~6 hits)
    cx B/D, d B, s C, f + B, qcf + C (6 hits)
    cx B/D, d B, s C, f + B, hcb + D (7 hits)
    3.1.3 Counter Mode Combos
    Counter Mode must be activated.
    The qcfx2 + P DM can be replaced by the qcb.hcf + P DM.
    d B, d A, dp + P, qcfx2 + P, rdp + K (5~7 hits)
    j C/D, s C, qcf + P, qcfx2 + P, rdp + K (5~7 hits)
    j C/D, s C, dp + K (2), qcfx2 + P, rdp + K (6~8 hits)
    3.1.4 Slide Attack Combos
    Counter Mode must be activated.
    The qcfx2 + P DM can be replaced by the qcb.hcf + P DM.
    SA, rdp + K (2~4 hits)
    SA, f + B, qcf + C (4 hits)
    SA, f + B, hcb + K (5 hits)
    SA, dp + P, qcfx2 + P, rdp + K (4~6 hits)
    SA, qcf + P, qcfx2 + P, rdp + K (4~6 hits)
    3.1.5 Striker Combos
    General Striker Combos
    Call striker, qcfx2 + P, rdp + D (c)
    This is a general combo. All you need is a striker that can hit the
    opponent up into the air. You have to time it so that Shingo hits the
    opponent as he falls down after the striker hits him up. Strikers
    that can be used are: King, Yuri, Clark, Robert, Choi, Mai, Kasumi.
    Specific Striker Combos
    This is a SDM combo using Ralf as striker.
    First, you need to meet the following requirements:
    *Flashing lifebar
    *1 POW stock
    *1 striker stock
    *Ralf as striker
    1. Call Ralf. When Ralf does his Galatica Phantom, do qcfx2 + P.
    2. Ralf will hit the opponent and during the stun, Shingo will hit
       the opponent.
    3. Follow-up with rdp + D.
    (4~5 hits)
    This is a easy combo to do. You just have to time it right. Not very
    useful in actual gameplay unless you are lucky and the opponent got
    hit by Ralf. You can also use a DM instead of a SDM. But the damage
    is less. For the SDM combo, the damage is about 70%.
    This is a DM combo using Ralf as striker.
    First, you need to meet the following requirements:
    *1 POW stock
    *1 striker stock
    *Ralf as striker
    *Counter Mode
    1. Call Ralf. Go close to opponent.
    2. When the Galatica Phantom hits, do qcf + P and then cancel into
       qcfx2 + P.
    3. Follow-up with rdp + D.
    (5~6 hits)
    Actually, any Counter Mode combo is possible once Ralf's Galactica
    Phantom connects. This combo is just an example of one of the many
    possibilities. This specific combo does about 50~60% damage. If you
    used his most damaging CM combo, Shingo might be able to deal up to
    85~90% damage!!!
    This is Shingo's 100% combo.
    First, you need to meet the following requirements:
    *Flashing lifebar
    *2 POW stocks
    *1 striker stock
    *Iori as striker
    *Opponent near or at corner
    *Opponent jumping
    1. Call Iori out when opponent has jumped to the highest point and is
       about to come down.
    2. When the fireball just passes Shingo, do qcfx2 + P. Iori's
       fireball should hit the opponent just as he is about to reach
       the ground. Shingo will then hit the opponent.
    3. The opponent will fly up into the air and Iori's fireball will
       turn into a purple puddle. Then, the opponent will fall down and
       bounce up because of the puddle. Do qcfx2 + P again just as the
       opponent is about to fall down.
    4. Follow-up with rdp + D.
    (8~12 hits)
    This 100% combo is nearly impossible to do in an actual combat,
    especially if you are playing against a human opponent. However, if
    you are so lucky as pull it off, the look on your opponent's face
    will be worth the number of times you failed to pull it off! For
    screenshots of this combo, visit Vincent's KOF Page. To download the
    video, go to Gunsmith's page at Wu-tech.
    3.2 Strategy
    Shingo's main power comes from his combos. Shingo's a combo man and
    should be played that way. Use his normal moves for poking, store up
    stocks and when the opponent slips up, whack the bugger with a 8 hit
    DM combo! Be aggressive; keep on piling the pressure. Remember, the
    best defense is a good offense.
    Shingo can get annoying if you can use him as a poking character.
    Keep using 'safe' poking combos such as the d B, d A, dp + A. If any
    of your normal combos are blocked, follow-up with qcf + A. It's safe
    and you will get the bonus of some tiny tick damage. Whenever you get
    the chance, slip in some of the higher rush hit combos.
    Standard poking combos:
    d B, s B, s B (only do when very very close to him)
    d B, s B, f + B (won't connect but safe)
    d B, d A, qcf + A (won't connect, only for building stock)
    d B, d A, dp + A (easy to do)
    d B, d A, rdp + D (for the damage)
    d B, d A, hcb + D (for crouching opponents)
    d B, d B, d B (to really get annoying)
    d B, d B, d D (not a combo but they sometimes get hit by the d D)
    d D (use at a distance or when opponent is running at you)
    Shingo's qcf + A is known for it's speed and excellent recovery, so
    make use of that fact to zone your opponent. It can also be used to
    counter other moves provided you time it right or the other move
    missed you. Use it as much as you want. Note that the move pushes
    Shingo quite a distance away from the opponent if blocked. Hence the
    safe recovery. His qcf + C is a different story. If you do it and it
    hits, great. If not, you will probably get command thrown or some
    thing like that. This is because if it blocked, you land up right in
    front of the opponent's nose. And the recovery time is not very good.
    The B version Shingo Kick is quite safe if it misses the opponent.
    Use this move to zone on an opponent if you are far away. You can
    try sliding back and cancelling into the Shingo Kick. Try not to
    use the D version unless you are about half a screen away.
    Use the B Twilight Wheel to hit those players who like to jump low.
    For high jumps, use the Uppercut to air counter them. Note that
    Shingo's Uppercut is slower to come out than Kyo's. Therefore, as I
    said before, do the uppercut early rather than late. Of course if
    your is good, you can use his D Twilight Wheel instead. But if you
    miss, hope that you fall down or it's a killer combo coming your way.
    The new move, Incomplete Moon Koto Positive is actually quite lame as
    if it doesn't hit the opponent, he can do almost any thing to you.
    Sometimes the opponent is caught unaware by this move as it is quite
    fast to come out but don't rely on that. But still it's safer only
    use it in combos.
    Shingo's humble Self-made Style is one of his best moves and should
    be done whenever possible. Being an unblockable, you can use it after
    a cross-up and follow-up for more damage. And the best part is that
    almost any move can be used to follow-up this move. So use it often!
    j D, s C, dp + K, rdp + K is the best Shingo combo to use. Lots of
    damage plus easy to start. Practise the motions continuously so that
    the moment your Jump D connects, this combo comes out. If possible,
    perform it in the corner so as to get the extra hit from the Triple
    Combos applicable in normal gameplay:
    d B, f + B, qcf + C (safe combo to do)
    d B, f + B, hcb + D (anywhere-only for standing opponents)
    d B, s C, f + B, hcb + D (ground combo-only for crouching opponents)
    j D, s C, qcf + A (the only way to get qcf + A to connect in a combo)
    j D, s C, f + B, qcf + C (err...for the variation?)
    j D, s C, f + B, hcb + D (good to use + decent damage)
    j D, s C, dp + K, rdp + D (huge damage + easy to do)
    j D, s C, dp + K, dp + A (easier to do)
    j D, s C, dp + K, qcf + A (easiest to do)
    As for his DMs, well, Shingo's DMs are traditionally lame if done by
    themselves, so use them only as part of a combo. Sometimes people get
    suckered by the Burning Shingo because the second hit comes out so
    slowly. I've seen it happen a lot of times already. The first hit is
    always blocked, but when they try to attack back, they end up getting
    hit by the other hits. You can also use the invincibility frames of
    the Burning Shingo to negate projectiles and 1-hit moves. You must do
    the Burning Shingo just as the move or projectile almost touches you.
    It's not easy though; I've only done this trick once and failed the
    other times.
    Also, since the Phosphorous Driving Phoenix can be prematurely ended
    (not cancelled) by pressing A or C, use it to your advantage by
    stopping Shingo where you think the opponent will be after he tries
    to slide past. A bit tricky though. It's all speculation on my part.
    I can't really explain it properly so it's best if you try to play
    around with it yourself.
    On whether to use Counter Mode or Armor Mode, I would suggest that
    you play Shingo in Counter Mode. After all, Shingo was meant to be
    played aggressively. In Counter Mode, the added damage really hurts
    in Shingo's usual combos. Also, dp + K can cancel into a DM. Which
    means major pain when both are done in a combo. In fact, Shingo's
    most damaging combo can only be done in Counter Mode. The only reason
    to use Armor Mode would be to keep on going on so as to land a dp + K
    on the opponent. Quite pointless in my opinion. So use Counter Mode!
    After all, you would be building up those stocks easily if you play
    Best low combo to use:
    d B, f + B, hcb + D (most damaging low combo)
    Best non-DM combo to use:
    j D, s C, dp + D, rdp + D (c) (hits hard)
    Best DM combo to use:
    j D, s C, qcfx2 + A, rdp + D (c) (for good damage)
    Best combo to use:
    (CM) j D, s C, dp + D (2), qcfx2 + A, rdp + D (c) (80% damage!!!)
    4. Acknowledgements
    4.1 Version History
    v3.00 - 27/12/99 - Just a lot of tiny touch-ups and corrections like
                       spelling errors and the like. Many minute details
                       edited, corrected and updated.
    v2.50 - 12/12/99 - Added 2 striker combos. An enormously huge load
                       of general corrections everywhere. Added more
                       flesh to the FAQ. Gave section 3.1 a new look.
                       Added more info in section 3.2.
    v1.50 - 28/11/99 - Corrected some quotes & speech. Added 100% combo.
                       Changed both DM entries. More general corrections.
    v1.45 - 23/10/99 - Corrected some combos. Added more KOF sites.
                       Changed a lot of stuff here and there.
    v1.34 - 11/09/99 - General corrections + misc. stuff added.
    v1.32 - 31/08/99 - Edited some entries. Changed section 3.2.
    v1.30 - 22/08/99 - Added new intro and win pose. Also added move
                       quotes, translations and their Japanese names.
    v1.20 - 21/08/99 - Rewrote and extended the strategy section and did
                       another general revision. Edited some combos.
    v1.00 - 15/08/99 - First draft. Incomplete.
    4.2 About the author
    Nick: K
    Email: alkanphel@hotmail.com
    ICQ#: 703273
    I'm just average so most of the strategies here are not tested. All
    the information presented here is purely based on my opinion too.
    I'm a Singapore Polytechnic student in Singapore and am writing this
    FAQ because I'm bored and I like Shingo. Shingo is sooooo underused
    here and hopefully this FAQ will promote him among KOF players around
    the world.
    The latest version of this FAQ can be found at: www.gamefaqs.com
    4.3 Credits
    SNK Corp. (http://www.neogeo.co.jp)
    - for releasing KOF '99. Get KOF 2000 out fast!
    Kao Megura (http://i.am/kao)
    - Move names and character bio from his KOF '99 FAQ.
    ChaRle5 (http://welcome.to/paopaocafe)
    - KOF '99 new moves for Shingo from his KOF '99 FAQ.
    m00nrun (http://i.am/moonrun)
    - 95% of the combos here are from him. Thx man!
    - for some misc Shingo combos.
    Matt Hall (kensou@aol.com)
    - Move details, intro and win poses, and move quotes and translations
      from his Shingo '97 FAQ.
    Gunsmith (http://w3.to/wu-tech)
    - pre-fight intros, quotes and combos.
    Mjl (http://fly.to/mjl)
    - helping me to test out the CM combos.
    Triste (triste@darkmail.com)
    - quotes taken from his FAQ + some misc. stuff.
    Hiyou (http://bhkof.cjb.net)
    - for the 100% combo details.
    4.4 KOF Sites
    Madman's Cafe
    House of Shingo
    The Magic Box
    Vincent's KOF 99 Page
    Wu-Tech Corp
    Zyzyfer's Odds & Ends
    Bloodhound's KOF Arena
    4.5 Copyright & disclaimer
    Copyright 1999 by K (alkanphel/aziraphale)
    Please direct all comments, ideas, info, errata and contributions to
    me at alkanphel@hotmail.com. Hope you enjoyed this Shingo FAQ. The
    information provided in this non-profit FAQ is for free. If you wish
    to use the info in this FAQ for a non-commercial publication or post
    it up on a website please notify me first and give credit where it is
    due. And if there is anyone whom I have forgotten to give credit to,
    please email me and tell me. Thanks.
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