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    Whip by cHaNgFuI

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    The Millenium Battle
    Character FAQ
    Version 2.20
    Copyrights by cHaNgFuI 1999
    VERSION 1.10
    16 September 1999
    - reformatted [3.1] Basic moves
    - made correction for Gun Shot in [3.2] Special moves
    - made correction for Strength Shot "Power" in [3.2] Special moves
    - added new move info in [3.4] Striker moves
    - added new section [4.2] Counter Mode Combos into [4] Combos
    - 1 new combo added to [4.2] Counter Mode Combos
    - made correction for Attacks after grab in [5.2.2] Against passive/regular 
    VERSION 1.15
    17 September 1999
    - reformatted [3.1] Basic moves 
    - made correction for Gun Shot in [3.2] Special moves
    - updated [7] Acknowledgements
    VERSION 1.20
    19 September 1999
    - 1 new combo added to [4.1] Special Move and DM Combos
    - updated [7] Acknowledgements
    VERSION 1.30
    25 September 1999
    - made changes to a few combos in [4] Combos
    - added 1 new combo to [4.2] Counter Mode Combos
    - added 1 new strategy to [5.2.1] Against active players
    - updated [7] Acknowledgements
    VERSION 1.40
    6 October 1999
    - added details to [3.1] Basic moves
    - made changes to Attacks after grab in [5.2.2] Against passive/regular players 
    (it is now Extra Hit)
    - updated [7] Acknowledgements
    VERSION 2.00
    19 October 1999
    - added info for [1] Introduction
    - complete the basic moves list in [3.1] Basic moves
    - made correction to Gun Shot move in [3.2] Special moves
    - made correction to Strength Shot "Power" move in [3.2] Special moves
    - added info for Strength Shot (Cancel) move in [3.2] Special moves
    - added info for Sonic Slaughter in [3.3] Desperation Move
    - added info for [3.4] Striker Moves
    - edited all Combos for [4.1] Special Move and DM Combos
    - edited all Combos for [4.2] Counter Mode Combos
    VERSION 2.01
    20 October 1999
    - made correction to Extra Hit in [5.2.2] Against regular players
    VERSION 2.10
    18 November 1999
    - added new section [3.5] Throws for [3] MOVES
    - edited Combo 3 for [4.1] Special Move and DM Combos
    - edited and added cool combos to [4.2] Counter Mode Combos
    [2]	LEGEND
    [3]	MOVES 
    		[3.1]	Basic moves
    		[3.2]	Special moves			
    		[3.3]	Desperation move
    		[3.4]	Striker moves
    		[3.5]	Throws
    [4]	COMBOS
    		[4.1]	Special Move and DM Combos
    		[4.2]	Counter Mode Combos		
    		[5.1]	Strategies against computer opponent
    		[5.2]	Strategies against human player opponent
    [6]	AUTHOR
    [1]	Introduction
    Being a new character in The King of Fighters series, Whip, a spy sent by 
    Heidern to find out the mysteries behind the KOF99 tournament. She is also a new 
    member in the Ikari team, which consist of Clark, Ralf and Leona. Using whip as 
    main weapon, her moves are identifically different from other characters. 
    Eventually Whip is a offensive character, which also means she shouldn't be used 
    for defensive game even when it comes to the close the end of the game (refer 
    [5] Strategies). As a beginning some will find she is pretty hard to use, but 
    once one get use to her moves and strategies, will know and impressed how deadly 
    she could be. Notice that she is not a choice for novice players because they 
    will realise to master Whip is actually to play around with the psychology of 
    human opponent rather than simply knowing how to perform her special moves.
    Whip appearance colour:
    Standard appearance (select with A):
    Maroon hair
    Grey female army uniform
    Maroon gloves & boots
    BLue whip
    Alternate appearance (select with B):
    Light brown hair
    Navy blue female army uniform
    Grey gloves and boots
    Red whip
    [2]	Legend
    A   - light punch
    B   - light kick
    C   - heavy punch
    D   - heavy kick
    AB  - dodge forward/safe landing
    BC  - striker
    CD  - knock down move (can be done in air)
    ABC - counter mode activation
    BCD - armour mode activation
    d   - downward 
    u   - upward 
    b   - backward 
    f   - forward
    qcb - quarter circle back 
    qcf - quarter circle forward 
    hcb - half circle back 
    hcf - half circle forward 
    dp  - dragon rising punch (forward, down, forward down)
    rdp - reverse dp 
    DM  - desperation move
    SDM - super desperation move 
    *   - ratings based on 5 ratio
    [3]	Moves
    [3.1]	Basic moves
    Whip bend and flips whip out low, quite slow and not really a useful move, 
    covers about 1/4 of the screen
    Whip's fast light kick that hit opponent's knee part, chainable either when to 
    Special Moves
    Whip flips whip upwards then downwards (looks like gymnast duh!) which inflicts 
    2 slashes of hits, not very fast but good to confuse foe
    Whip kicks upwards. Slow and useless yet uncomboable
    A (near)
    A fast punch from Whip. Fast but have poor range
    B (near)
    This kick is not much difference with the normal range B, fast, very useful and 
    C (near)
    Whip back thrust opponent with her whip folded in her hand. Good speed and 
    D (near)    
    Whip swing her leg upward which a knife is attached to her boot for a cool 
    looking attack, quite slow but chainable to Special Moves
    d + A	      
    Whip slash her whip on the ground, comes out fast and covers about 1/2 of the 
    screen, can also use for extra hit when opponent is knocked down
    d + B	      
    Whip kicks low and far with her knife attached to boot, have good range and 
    fast, excellent for poking, chainable
    d + C	      
    Whip spin her knife upward for a 2 hit uppercut which is anti air and chainable, 
    but comes out pretty slow, comboable
    d + D	      
    Whip sweep foe with her knee, has good range and comes out pretty fast, will 
    knock down opponent
    j + A	      
    Whip swings out her whip's handle to attack foe, fast but quite a useless attack
    j + B	      
    Whip split and kicks with one of her leg, fast and has a average range
    j + C
    Whip swing her full range whip around in 180 degree forward, average speed but 
    excellent range.
    j + D
    Whip turn upside down and kick opponent while her head facing downwards.
    j + f/b + A
    Whip bend down while on the air and knock opponent with her folded whip in her 
    j + f/b + B
    Whip kick with both of her leg, fast and have pretty good range
    j + f/b + C	      
    Whip flips whip low while jump causing it very effective against ground 
    opponent, fast and have good priority. But not effective enough against air 
    j + f/b + D	      
    Whip kick twice with different side of her leg, notice that only the first kick 
    is wit her boot with knife while another is normal kick. Efficient against air 
    opponent, perfect to confuse opponent
    AB + A/B/C/D
    Whip holds her folded whip and thrust at opponent forward, range is average but 
    speed is the best! Is the fastest dodge attack I ever seen in this year! Bravo!
    Whip swings her whip handle 360 degrees upwards, looks cool but has rather poor 
    j + CD      
    Whip again use her 'something-like-knife-thing' to thrust down forward while she 
    jumps, excellent range for an air CD!
    [3.2]	Special moves
    - Whip Shot	[fwd + A] x 5	[***]
    This move can be executed up to 5 times in a row. But it dont chain tough. Dont 
    really have good priority but have good reach almost across 3/4 of the screen. 
    Once blocked it pushes Whip away from opponent from being returning an attack. 
    Therefore second whip slash dont reach and it is not wise to launch all 5 
    - Gun Shot	[rdp + A/C x 7]	[*]
    Well I really dont know how should SNK come up with this move. It is totally 
    useless. 7 shots in a row, blockable only low. You can execute this after 
    grabbing your opponent, but it dont take ANY damage at all, and no matter how 
    many shots you release, after each 7 shots she will reload her gun. Even if you 
    shot twice at first, then after 5 shot another time you execute this, she will 
    automatically reload her gun which takes forever (duh)
    - Boomerang Shoot	[hcf + A/C]	[****]
    The Boomerang Shoot should only be executed only when there is oppoturnity to 
    injure the target. In other word it should only use in a combo chain because it 
    has a long lag after executing it or if blocked. So it gives a big chance for 
    opponent to return an attack. It is a perfect anti air move. If timed perfectly, 
    Whip will slash the opponent in the air once then pull them down with the whip. 
    If the timing is not good enough, the hit would be only the first slash.
    - Assasin's Strike	[dp + A/B/C/D]	[**]
    If you play against computer with Whip, you will notice this move is used 
    cheaply. Once executed Whip will pull herself up and land stepping opponent's 
    head in four point of the screen based on which button used. It looks like Billy 
    Kane's move where he jumped up out of the screen and fall down from nowhere. So 
    basically you can picture it is a rather useless move. There is a chance of anti 
    air when Whip pulls herself up.
    - Strength Shot "Superior"	[hcb + A](holdable) 	[*****]
    When Whip executes this move, the opponent have to block high. She will slash 
    her whip once and grab the opponent's neck with her whip and step on their face 
    :) Once the first slash is unblocked by the opponent, the following grab is 
    assured. Is a cool move to start a high low game and too bad it is not 
    - Strength Shot "Power"		[hcb + B](holdable)	[****]
    Different from Strength Shot "Superior", this move is blockable either high or 
    low. It doesn't come out fast either, and only the first slash inflicts some 
    damage. The purpose of this move is to open an opportunity to stun the opponent 
    and to chain with other moves. So once it is unblocked by opponent, it involves 
    2 slashes where the second slash will bring opponent near to Whip giving 
    opportunity for further attack (either DM or Boomerang Shot).
    - Strength Shot "Victory"	[hcb + C](holdable)	[*****]
    When Whip execute this move, the opponent have to block low. She will slash her 
    whip once and grab the opponent's leg while pulling them near with her whip and 
    step on their face repeatly (face again! :P). It is a good move to use together 
    with Strength Shot "Superior" for a high and low game, especially when opponent 
    is knocked down. Same with the rest Strenth Shot, this move is also uncomboable.
    - Strength Shot (Cancel)	[hcb + A/B/C (hold) then D]	[****]
    Not much different with Yamazaki, this move is to cancel when either Strength 
    Shot is on hold. To cancel the Strength Shot simply press D while holding other 
    buttons. The reason i award 4 stars for this move is because in my opinion it is 
    important for a player to be able to judge the situation to cancel or attack and 
    not viciously attacking like a wild dog :P (especially to human player 
    opponent). Also a good way to charge your power gauge
    - Hook Shot 	[qcb + A/B] (air)	[*****]
    This is one of the best move from Whip. She launches an attack simmilar to what 
    Spider Man does. While jumping, She hooks her whip to the top of the screen and 
    swing forward. Covers around 3/4 of the screen. It comes out fast a have quite 
    good priority. If the distance calculation is good, even if blocked Whip will 
    land further behind of opponent, leaving no chance for them to return attacks. 
    Once unblocked, it knocks oppponent down. Is very ideal to deal with players who 
    keep releasing projectile especially low projectiles like Iori and Kyo.
    [3.3]	Desperation Move
    - Sonic Slaughter	[qcb, hcf + A/C]		[*****]
    This actually the only desperation move for Whip, where she flip her whip around 
    herself. Once unblocked, the opponent will received ALL damage for sure and 
    being slashed again and again around Whip. So the basic here is the perfect 
    timing needed. It comes out very fast and has good priority. So it depends on 
    the player on how it is used. Shouldn't be used cheaply for it lags for a while 
    once blocked. The SDM version of course inflicts more damage and hits. There's 
    no difference with the priority and speed except the last hit where Whip will 
    lauch a move that looks like Boomerang Shot but it doesn't grab the opponent! 
    DM version inflicts 18 hits
    SDM version inflicts 24 hits
    [Strategies for Sonic Slaughter]
    The best timing to perform this DM is when: -
    - Whip is knocked down and the opponent is near to launch a high low game. So 
    once she is on her feet launch it and Voila! You will then enjoy the scene where 
    your opponent receiving all the hits if he try to do something stupid like 
    Clark's Frankensteiner or Jhun's Flying Tiger Strike.
    - The oppponent is jumping towards Whip. This is one of the pros of this DM 
    because it is unblockable when opponent jumps in toward Whip, even the opponent 
    tries to jump in with a kick. Best to deal with grabbing characters such as 
    Clark when the game almost end and both character hav close HP. Here's a trick - 
    try to use some poking move such as d + A or d + B to annoy opponent and they 
    will mostly try to jump in. So practise the timing well and launch at such this 
    -  Launch together in a combo chain. This would need more practise. Mostly start 
    with air combos, so if the first jump in attack is unblocked, it is safe to 
    execute. Else, hold back from launching this DM.
    [3.4]	Striker Moves
    There is 2 Striker moves for Whip and the condition depends on the range with 
    the opponent. 
    - If Whip is out of contact range she will jump out and perform a series or whip 
    slashing around her. This is a good stiker move because it covers large area 
    (almost whole screen wide!). Altough didn't inflict much damage or give an 
    oppoturnity to juggle, it knocks down opponent once unblocked no matter how many 
    hits. She will then leave the screen with Assasin's Strike
    - If opponent is within contact range with Whip, she will jump out and knock the 
    opponent then do a "Boomerang Shoot"-like attack but this move dont pull the 
    opponent down like the usual Boomerang Shoot. She will then leave the screen 
    with Assasin's Strike. 
    [3.5]	Throws
    - Alpha		[f/b + C]
    Whip grab opponent jump and step their head, knocking them down on her feet. 
    After this move Whip is very near to the opponent and their position is still 
    the same, its ok if you want to launch Gun Shot. But if you want to do [d + A], 
    you will hav to move back a little.
    - Z		[f/b + D]
    Whip grab opponent and flip to the other side. After this move Whip and opponent 
    shifted position and she is not very near and it is okay to launch Gun Shot or 
    [d + A].
    [4] Combos
    Heres a listing of some combos that are useful only. The unimportant combo is 
    sorted out. You will only find some combos, which I use often. Do mail me to 
    inform if you have any idea of any other working and strategic combos and I will 
    add in as soon as possible.
    [4.1]	Special Move and DM Combos
    - Combo 1	[*****]	[Jump in + C, B, B, B, Boomerang Shot]
    This is one of my favourite combos. It is very useful against human or computer. 
    As we know Boomerang Shot lags for a while if blocked, so if the opponent 
    blocked the first Jump in + C, stop immediately. Do not continue to launch 
    Boomerang Shot. Please note that this combo works only if using Boomerang Shot 
    with high punch C. 3 times of B kicks should be judged wether Whip is near 
    enough to launch Boomerang Shot or not. If opponent is not near enough, use 
    either once or twice B only.
    - Combo 2	[***]	[near D/near C/down C, Boomerang Shot]
    Not much difference with the combo above, but this combo cannot be chain with 
    the Jump in + C.
    - Combo 3	[*****]	[Jump in + C, B, B, d + B, Sonic Slaughter]
    This is also one combo that is useful and very effective. Thanx Lence Lam for 
    contributing this combo. Can be executed easily after few practises. You MUST 
    use d + B for the last hit instead of B else the Sonic Slaugther dont reach.
    - Combo 4	[****]	[hcb + B, B, Boomerang Shot]
    This combo should be executed when the Strength Shot is unblocked and opponent 
    is brought near to Whip for further attack. Use B instead of C or D to combo 
    with Boomerang because B comes out much much faster. In this combo timing is 
    important. Launch [B, hcf + C] before opponent is concious to block.
    - Combo 5	[****]	[hcb + B, d + B, Sonic Slaughter]
    This is simillar to the combo above. Nothing much difference. Just that it 
    involves DM. After few practise it comes in handy.
    - Combo 6	[***]	[near D/near C/down C, Sonic Slaughter]
    A hit before DM
    [4.2] Counter Mode Combos (requires 3 stock of power) [ABC to activate]
    - Combo 1	[*****]
    [AB + any button, Boomerang Shot {cancel} Sonic Slaughter]
    Note	- Cancel to Sonic Slaughter after first hit
    - Combo 2 	[*****]
    [jump + C, B, B, d + B, Boomerang Shot {cancel} Sonic Slaughter, d + B]
    (works only when opponent in corner)
    Note	- Cancel to Sonic Slaughter after first hit
    	- d + B after opponent is knocked down 
    - Combo 3	[*****]
    [Hook Shot, Boomerang Shot {cancel} Sonic Slaugther, d + B]
    (works only when opponent in corner)
    Note 	- Stay as far as possible to opponent to launch Hook Shot
         	- Before opponent falls down, execute Boomerang Shot
    	- Cancel to Sonic Slaughter after first hit
    	- d + B after opponent is knocked down 
    [5]	Strategies
    [5.1]	Strategies against computer opponent
    [5.1.1]	Against Krizalid
    Many players would complain that Krizalid is a tough boss. I think that way too, 
    but not anymore when I found out this way myself to defeat him easily using 
    Whip. Her air knock down move (Jump + CD) is fast and reach out very far so it 
    is a great option to defeat this annoying boss which like to launch the 
    undefeatable projectile (looks like verticle Goenitz wind). Guess what? Even 
    Robert or Ryo's Haou Shou Ko Ken SDM cant disperse his projectile! So dont 
    bother to use a projectile against him. Position Whip at one end of the screen 
    while Krizalid is at another end, which made both of them as furthest possible. 
    Tap B and Krizalid will launch the projectile (75% possibility). So jump at him 
    using High Jump (d then u) while doing air CD knockdown attack. Once he is 
    knocked down High Jump back to your original position and repeats the procedure. 
    If it works out well, Whip might finish him off with a perfect! I'm not sure if 
    this works with other characters as well. Probably those with good High Jump and 
    far air CD knockdown move like Whip :)
    [5.1.2] Against other computer characters
    Computer opponent can be easily defeated by using Whip if your team is losing. 
    Simply use the Hook Shot continuosly. However I still encounter problem when it 
    comes to Kasumi. She is really one tough fellow huh. If anyone have any idea or 
    trick how to defeat her please mail me. Remember to estimate the safe landing 
    area (refer to [3.2] Special Moves section)
    [5.2]	Strategies against human player opponent
    [5.2.1]	Against active players
    Generally Whip is rather weak against such players where they will viciously 
    trying to jump in for a combo chain or continuosly launching projectiles. But of 
    course there is few way to counter attack them and turn them into defensive 
    playing and from there Whip can take over the game. Make sure to plase Whip in a 
    correct order so that she will versus passive characters. Avoid placing her with 
    opponent such as Choi, K, Mary, King or Takuma. Moves such as Gun Shot and 
    Assasin's Strike doesn't come in handy. Also, at this point of game you 
    shouldn't use Strength Shot YET, but you can use it when your opponent turn 
    defensive (refer [5.2.2] Against passive players). Below is a few listing of 
    situation often occurred when playing with an active opponent and ways to handle 
    - Jumping opponents
    Sometime we will come across opponent, which like to jump around annoyingly. 
    Estimate their jump in time. Use Boomerang Shoot against high jumping opponent 
    (Choi, Athena). High Jump back knockdown CD against low jumping opponent (Mary, 
    Iori, K, Chang). Her air D high kick had also good priority against air attacks. 
    But I will still suggest the best move, which is DM Sonic Slaughter which comes 
    out very fast and high priority. After few more damage your opponent gets from 
    your moves, I suppose they will start to be defensive or stick to the floor :) 
    - Vicous projectiles
    This of course goes to opponent with Projectile Moves such as Iori, Kyo, King, 
    Mai, Athena, Bao, Terry, K and Art of Fighting Team. When it comes to such 
    players with projectiles, you should prepare yourself for the coming 
    projectiles. And since Whip have just nice jumping range and height, when 
    opponent launch projectile, High Jump in with a knockdown CD to surprise them or 
    if they are near enough, do the air jump in combos (refer [4.1] Special Move and 
    DM Combos). Another good way I suggest is using her Hook Shot crossing the 
    projectile. If timing is perfect, the opponent will be knocked down before he 
    can even block after launching the projectile because Hook Shot is so fast! Once 
    your opponent is down, you can go for the High Low game :)
    - Grabbing opponents
    This section specially refers to dangerous opponents such as Clark. Human 
    opponents tend to come near as possible once you are knocked down for another 
    grab. Either jump in and direct grab or chain with Basic moves. As I mentioned 
    in Desperation Move section, launch Sonic Slaughter when Whip is on her feet and 
    surprise your opponent!
    - High Low game
    This is one tough moment when expert players would do sometimes when Whip is 
    knocked down while they got close as possible for psychology war. Especially 
    goes to opponents like Jhun, Mary and Bao. They tend to launch attacks, which 
    can only either be blocked high or low only when Whip waking up. Use her dodge 
    attack move (AB + any button) because Whip has one of the fastest dodge attack 
    move I ever seen in KOF 99. Or if you have any stock ready, launch Sonic 
    Slaughter! The opponent will sure receive the hits no matter High or Low move he 
    is trying to perform!
    - Use striker!
    When Whip is being surround at the corner by offensive and annoying opponent, 
    make use of your striker by pressing AB. Choose offensive striker such as Chang, 
    Clark, Ralf to confuse your opponent. While your striker is striking, Whip is 
    invincible for a short moment plus even if your opponent try to attack you, your 
    striker will take the damage. It is best to use striker when Whip is run out of 
    power stock or is cornered.
    [5.2.2]	Against passive/regular players (involves psychology war)
    Once your opponent is knocked down or you scare them enough, they will start 
    blocking your attacks. Here's the best part and the chance for Whip to perform 
    her best moves. Below are the strategies in different situations that are pretty 
    - High Low game		[*****]
    The small requirement to do this is to make sure Whip is near enough (not too 
    near to be grabbed) to perform Strength Shot. Define your opponent carefully, 
    either he is fammiliar with Whip or not. If he is pretty novice and not 
    fammiliar with Whip you should start with Strength Shot "Superior" which is only 
    blockable high. Once he is knocked down by the move launch Strength Shot 
    "Victory" which is only blockable low. In reverse, for more expert players, you 
    should start with Strength Shot "Victory" and so on. Make sure in the process 
    you stop after 2 times of Strength Shot or else it might invoke the opponent to 
    launch desperation move.
    - Offensive 	[****]
    Whip has an irritating air C. Not only it confuses your opponent, but also easy 
    to chain into a combo for further damage. High Jump toward your opponent and use 
    C. If your opponent didn't block of course it is good you chain it into a combo. 
    Else jump in again with Low Jump using C again, mostly those who try to use anti 
    air or grab will receive this second jump C hit. Of course u can chain it with 
    combo. If your opponent blocks well and you dont have the opportunity to chain a 
    combo, keep jumping Low or Cross jump behind him with C. It really irritates and 
    guess seldom will be blocked perfectly. This strategy sounds useless but 
    seriously it works all the time. Once in a while you can also use dodge attack 
    after jump C to confuse your foe. If he continues to block, grab him.
    - Hook Shot technique	[****]
    Hook Shot is one of Whip's imporatant and useful move. Use Whip's Hook Shot 
    carefully, estimating the safe landing area to make sure you recover before your 
    opponent return attack. Use it when your opponent launches projectiles or when 
    your opponent jumping chasing you (launch it when Whip jumping backwards). If 
    your opponents blocked your Hook Shot and you landed safely behind him, I'm sure 
    most of the opponent will dash forward to attack you. At this time, launch Sonic 
    - Cold War/Poking	[****]
    At some point of the game, you and your opponent might walk forward and backward 
    but none of you would launch attack or jump. I call this a cold war when both is 
    in aware state. Annoy him with your [d + A/B] which has good range and speed and 
    get him to jump in at you. Once he jumps launch Boomerang Shoot or Sonic 
    Launcher DM.
    - Extra Hit	[***]
    You can actually do extra damage on opponent which is knocked down by doing [d + 
    A]. Either grab using C or D Whip can gain extra hit after opponent is on the 
    floor. It is also useful after combos especially opponent is knocked down in the 
    corner. In the case of grabbing you can also use the Gun Shot to shoot your 
    opponent on the floor. But I suggest to use [d + B] because it is easy to 
    execute and inflicts some damage. If you use Gun Shot make sure you stop tapping 
    after one shot (since only the first shot would hit the opponent) so that 
    opponent wont have oppourtunity to return attack. By the way the bad news is I 
    don't notice ANY damage inflicted on opponent when I did this. Correct me if I'm 
    [6] 	Author
    Author	-	Chang Fui 
    E-Mail	-	changfui@yahoo.com
    Origin	- 	Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Do mail me to correct any information in this FAQ or any new Whip 
    strategies/combos. I'll be appreciate to get some feedbacks for this is my first 
    ever time to write a FAQ myself. More information on Whip either new combo or 
    strategies will also be posted here on next update. I'm also be glad if any 
    other KOF fan around my area would contact me for challenge or discussion.
    [7]	Acknowledgement
    I would wish to credit the following
    SNK		- producer of this cool game
    GameFAQs	- to post my FAQ online
    XiNaN		- my best friend that gave variuos ideas and supports
    KOF 99 FAQs	- for revision of FAQ formatting and move names
    Edward Koo	- for first feedback
    Lence Lam 	- for contributing for [4] Combos section
    mOOnrun		- for contributing for [4] Combos section
    MC Gunsmith	- for contributing for [4] Combos & [5] Strategies
    Winning Quote:
    All Shows. No Substance
    Thanks for spending time reading this FAQ.
    The King Of Fighters Rules!!

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