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    Yuri by Rinoa

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    The King of Fighters '97 Yuri Sakazaki guide v0.7
    by Sheila Knight
    I originally wrote a KOF 97 Yuri FAQ beacuse it was a mailing list trend, 
    and because there are people out there who 'care'. Yuri usually is one of 
    my better characters because I know the odds and ends of most of her 
    attacks. (and because I just plain used her alot for years) She's supposed 
    to be cute and fun to use since she's the shotoscrub's nightmare and the 
    main crapcom parody. Yuri used to be one of the stronger characters in KOF, 
    but since 96, it aint so. But that doesn't mean that you have to throw a 
    round away or leave her as striker when you have her in your team. This guide 
    may change that as it will familiarize you with her.
    0.0 Preface
    1.0 Introduction
    	1.1 About the Author
    	1.2 How to Use this Guide
    	1.3 Where to Get More Information
    	1.4 Character Background
    	1.5 Colour Select
    	1.6 Fight Introduction
    	1.7 Defeat
    	1.8 Taunts
    2.0 The Moves
    	2.1 Special Moves
    	2.2 Desperation Moves
    	2.3 Normal Moves
    	2.4 Command Moves
    	2.5 Throws
    	2.6 Combinations
    	2.7 Slides and Slide Attacks
    	2.8 Striker Attacks
    	2.9 Win Poses
    3.0 General Strategy
    	3.1 Overview and Example
    	3.2 Ranges and Zoning
    	3.3 Mind Games
    	3.4 Meter Management
    	3.5 Punishing Mistakes
    	3.6 Odds and Ends
    4.0 Closing Acknowledgments
    	4.1 Credits
    	4.2 Version History
    1.0: Introduction
    1.1: About the Author
    If you care, check out the "About" section on my web page. 
    I've spent hours using this character and getting beat down in the process 
    but thats because I'm still a Yuri fan "4life". I first used her when AOF 2 
    came out because I sorta looked like her, with the long braid and stuff. I 
    once associated with that underdog trying to prove herself bit, but not 
    anymore. She probably was supposed to seem like a useless character then, 
    and since 96 she really is useless now! She had a personality with her own 
    arsenal and I'd take a butt attack over another Hienshippuukyaku anyday.
    1.2: How to Use this Guide
    While this guide is most useful when read from beginning to end, it may 
    otherwise be consulted as a resource in any order. Note, however, that the 
    strategy chapters toward the end assume the reader's familiarity with 
    Yuri's normal / special / desperation moves. To this end, you are 
    recommended to read chapter 2 beforehand, as it introduces certain features 
    and properties about Yuri's moves which come into play later in the guide.
    1.3: Where to Get More Information
    This guide is designed for middle to advanced-level King of Fighters '97 
    players; in other words, if you're reading this, then this guide is for 
    you. If, however, any of the terminology in this guide is confusing to you, 
    please refer to more comprehensive King of Fighters '99 FAQs found at:
    Therein you will an extensive glossary of terms in addition to all the 
    basic rules of the game.
    1.4: Character Background
    Yuri Sakazaki
    voice by: Kaori Horie
    Fighting Style:   Kyokugenryu Karate
    Nationality:      Japananese-American
    Birthdate:        December 7, 1976
    Bloodtype:        A
    Age:              21
    Height:           168cm
    Weight:           50kg
    Hobby:            Karaoke
    3 Sizes:          B82 W56 H80
    Favourite Sport:  Softball
    Favourite Food:   Sweet Curry with homemade Pickled Umeboshi (plums)
    Important thing:  Friends, her late mother's (Ronnet) pearl earrings
    Hated Thing:      Octopus, people who like Octopus, indecisive men
    This is based on the games with Yuri:
    AOF1:       Yuri gets kidnapped and you have to save her.
    AOF2:       Yuri is now a selectable character.
    KOF94:      Yuri is left out of her father/brother/boyfriend?'s team 
                (Mexico) and is joined with Mai and King in "Team England".
    KOF95:      Yuri is still in "Team England".
    KOF96:      Takuma's outta there and Yuri joins Team Mexico.
    KOF97:      Yuri is still in Team Mexico.
    KOF98:      Yuri is still in Team Mexico.
    KOF99:      Yuri and Takuma both join Team Mexico.
    1.5: Colour Select
    Pick Yuri in your favorite colour!
    A button - White gi, Red trim, and Dark Blue tights (Original!)
    B button - White gi, Orange trim, and Brown tights (Gross!)
    1.6: Fight Introduction
    Yuri winds up her hand away from the opponent then she bangs her 
    fists twice and points at the opponent saying "Babitto yattsukechau 
    zo!" ("I will defeat you quickly!") fast.
    VS Ryo:     Both siblings pause with their hands on their hips.
    VS Takuma:  Yuri does the same thing as Takuma approvingly nods.
    VS Kasumi:  Yuri does the same thing as Kasumi says "Kyokugenryu Kakugo shite 
                moraimasu!" ("Kyokugenryu member, please fight to the finish!").
    1.7: Defeat
    Knock Out:  "Otousan, gomen!" ("Father, sorry!")
    Time Out:   Crosses her arms over her chest and glares at the opponent.
    Draw:       Same animation as a Time Out.
    1.8: Taunts
    Press the start button to taunt the opponent. You can taunt as often as you
    like. Taunts leave you momentarily vulnerable but can be canceled with
    anything after around a half-second. Taunts have no direct effect upon any
    aspect of a match.
    Taunt: Yuri goes back to doing her original taunt! She bends over and slaps 
           her bum saying "kotchi kotchi!". Eva parodies were boring!
    2.0: The Moves
    (Note: The following assume Yuri is facing right. Mirror the motion if 
    facing left.)
    In the following chapter, an (arbitrary) five-point scale will be used to 
    rate the effectiveness of each of Yuri's moves, with ----- representing an 
    utterly useless attack and OOOOO representing one which is extremely 
    2.1: Special Moves
    What fighting games are all about. A joystick motion and the corresponding 
    push of a button yields any number of different special moves for each 
    character. If blocked, special moves nonetheless inflict a small amount of 
    damage to the opponent. This can add up over the course of a round.
    1. Kouken  -  "Kouken!"
    |  \  -O  	+ A/C
    O   O
    Effectiveness : OOO--
    Yuri steps forward, and does a fairly large pink cotton candy looking 
    fireball with her fist. The C version steps farther and has more reach than 
    the A version. Hits both standing and crouching opponents but can be blocked 
    standing or crouching as well.
    Holding the button for about two seconds will "charge" up the fireball into 
    a Haohshoukouken! This is really fun and sometimes useful at full screen 
    distance from the opponent (of course)!
    The Kouken is best used at it's full range for the version selected (A or C 
    button). Yuri steps forward quite a bit with this move and it gains her extra 
    reach. But with that, there is more lag before the move and after. She is 
    fairly open to all sorts of attacks with herself all stretched out. Also, when 
    done too close to an opponent she may release the fireball behind the opponent 
    and miss. Because of the fireball's size, she can use it as a possible anti-air 
    and to keep the opponent far from her.
    As it is a "normal fireball", it will only negate other "normal fireballs", 
    like Mai's kachousen but will not negate "big fireballs" like Ryo's 
    Haohshoukouken. For negating other people's fireballs, use the A version 
    since it will come out faster and the ending lag is lessened.
    Cannot be cancelled into anything in Counter Mode.
    Best used when at the selected version's maximum range. Haohshoukouken best 
    used and charged when at a full screen's distance from the opponent.
    NOT comboable anymore due to a new half second delay before the fireball is 
    released. That is why I gave it three stars.
    2. Haohshoukouken  -  "Haoushoukouken!"
    |  \  -O  	+ hold A/C for 2 seconds and release
    O   O
    Effectiveness : OOOO-
    Yuri gathers her energy then throws a big pink fireball that goes across 
    the screen at lightning speed.
    To just be a big old projectile. Never as effective as Ryo or Robert's 
    versions. Can be easily rolled through and countered since she sticks 
    herself out alot more than they do, like in her Kouken. The only start up 
    is the 2 seconds to charge it. There is also visible ending lag. Hits both 
    crouching and standing opponents but can be blocked while standing or 
    crouching. Just remember it won't pass through small projectiles, it will 
    just negate along with the other projectile. Not good as Yuri is still lagging 
    after letting go of the fireball.
    Cannot be cancelled into anything in Counter Mode.
    You could only use the move as a charged Kouken, both versions go across 
    the screen very fast. Four stars because it's not a DM and the charge time 
    is minimal and cause its hella big hehe.
    3. Yuri Chou Upper  -  "Chou Upper!"
    -O  |  \ 	+ A/C
        O   O
    Effectiveness : OO---
    An anti-air uppercut. Yuri travels on the ground forward a bit more on the 
    C version before rising. The A version instantly goes straight up. The 
    difference between A and C versions is not very obvious as in KOF 95 or 96. The 
    C version has an optional add-on finisher for extra damage. This year the move 
    is less effective than ever. Probably because most uppercut type attacks have 
    been lessened in priority for KOF 99.
    This move used to have flawless anti-air properties. The lag after both 
    versions of the uppercut are terrible too. Whether whiffed or not, the move 
    sends her forward alot more before she lands and it gets you to get close to 
    the opponent, thus creating a huge risk to being punished.
    The C version should be used more since it has the finisher. And is best 
    when comboed into off of a standing normal instead of just alone. This is not 
    just for more damage but beacuse you can option select and find out beforehand 
    whether you will be able hit the opponent with it or not. If not, then avoid 
    the attack being blocked at all costs. If you are able to hit with this move 
    close or inside a combo, you should be able to hit the opponent at point blank
    range. At point blank range the upper should hit twice. But if it hits once, 
    like in certain combos where the opponent has been pushed back a little, the 
    "double" finisher might whiff. The C version has more range, and should be 
    used earlier than the A version.
    The A version should only be used when close to the opponent or as late, 
    instant anti-air for an opponent nearly on top of your head. Even with the 
    almost instant hit and faster recovery, the range is weak and can't be used as 
    a longer ranged attack. Also, as an anti-air attack, remember it needs to be 
    used at the last moment. You also don't get the extra damage that you can from 
    a C version with the finisher. During counter mode this version can be 
    cancelled into any Desperation Move.
    Use the A version as a wakeup attack only when you _know_ that the opponent 
    will get hit by it.
    Both versions are multiple hitting moves and therefore very good offense 
    against an opponent's autoguard since autoguard can only stop one hit.
    I think the first hit can be cancelled in Counter Mode.
    The C version obviously leaves Yuri slightly more vulnerable if whiffed 
    than the A version, but the extra damage you can get with the finisher 
    is worth the small risk you would be taking anyway when it comes to combos. 
    This year the move gets two stars due to its lessened priority and 
    increasingly large lag time afterwards.
    4. Double Yuri Chou Upper -  "Double!"
    -O  |  \ 	+ A/C
        O   O
    Effectiveness : OOOOO
    A pretty looking finisher for the C version of the Chou Upper.
    It's 5/5 because it's damage FOR FREE! That is if you connected with the C 
    version of the Chou Upper. No real difference between the C and A version 
    in this case.
    When you use it outside of a connected C version of the chou upper for the 
    heck of it, it's just another neat looking uppercut with fairly good 
    priority. I noticed that the hit frame lasts all the way up. I have yet to 
    see anyone counter her out of it and see what she can't hit with it.
    The C version goes farther horizontally than the A version, both have huge 
    vertical range. This also hits only once.
    Cannot be cancelled into anything in Counter Mode.
    She says "Double!"! Don't forget to execute this second motion right after 
    the second hit of the Chou Upper, before Yuri goes to the ground. Most 
    finishers require you to do the 'second' motion instantly.
    5. Yuri Chou Knuckle  -  "Chou Knuckle!"
    |  /  O-	+ A/C
    O O
    Effectiveness : OO---
    Yuri turns around, then lunges forward (like Terry's power knuckle) with
    her fist.
    Some non-Yuri users will fall for this, especially used as a well timed 
    anti-air. She moves fairly fast across the screen.  She can pass over some 
    attacks and hit the opponent only if the opponent is still standing. The 
    turnaround startup takes quite a while now.
    The A-button version goes about 1/2 of the screen, starts up and recovers 
    faster than the C-button version. The C version goes pretty much full 
    screen. None of the versions are comboable. And it whiffs on small sprites 
    of crouching opponents. If you use this uncharged version and the opponent 
    blocks it, the opponent has even more time to retailiate against her than 
    if it was a blocked charged one.
    If this attack is uncharged and it hits, it will not knock down the opponent.
    Cannot be cancelled into anything in Counter Mode.
    Not very effective when not charged.
    6. Yuri Chou Knuckle Power Up -  "Chou Knuckle!"
    |  /  O-	+ hold A/C as long as you can
    O O
    Effectiveness : OOOO-
    Yuri turns around, then starts winding up her fist before lunging forward 
    (like Terry's power knuckle) with the fist (when you release the button).
    This is a pretty funny and weird move! If the opponent gets near, he/she will 
    hit multiple times!
    Only DMs and certain jump attacks so far seem to hit her out of the spinning 
    motion. You can be lucky using it as anti-air and juggle with the windup motion 
    and then the Chou Knuckle, knocking the opponent down. Only when this move is 
    used charged, then the Chou Knuckle will knock down.
    Fireballs also can get sucked in by the windup!
    As far as I know, normally if you use the move when really close to an 
    opponent (lucky) you can hit the opponent twice from the windup motion and 
    another time from the Chou Knuckle (as a mini combo) and knock the opponent 
    Each of the windup attacks do about a jab's worth of damage but the Chou 
    Knuckle itself also does more damage if you charge longer.
    It's not perfectly safe but it's fun to use nonetheless. The only bad part is 
    the hitting range and how you will have to do her vunderable Chou Knuckle 
    afterwards. Even so, the Chou Knuckle when charged and blocked by an opopnent 
    will be harder for an opponent to counter since Yuri recovers faster.
    Cannot be cancelled into anything in Counter Mode.
    The charging or winding up part is not invincible but it has autoguard and 
    good autoguard!
    7. Hyakuretsu Binta  -  "Konno!"
    -O  / | \  O- -O	+ B/D
       O  O  O
    Effectiveness : OO---
    A running or grappling attack. If it hits, Yuri grabs the opponent and 
    slaps him/her. Yuri's original multihitting trademark attack.
    The move still has some priority over most attacks. Can be used as a means 
    of closing distance between you and the opponent. But the ending lag is too 
    large. The D version also covers about 4/5 of the screen. The B version I 
    think runs about 2/3 of the screen, I can't remember.
    Both versions are blockable and have visible startup and large end lag which 
    also make it uncombable. She runs slower than in KOF 95/96 and the damage is 
    This move also seems to get people out of their slides, I'm not so sure.
    Cannot be cancelled into anything in Counter Mode.
    Even with some priority, she still can be hit out of it easily because you 
    can see it coming. Or she would get punished badly if she misses.
    7. Raiouken  -  "Raiouken!"
    |  \  -O	+ B/D
    O   O
    Effectiveness : OOO--
    Yuri jumps straight up then throws a small round ball at the opponent. The 
    position she is in while throwing the ball is the same as the KOF96-98 
    You can use the D version at it's full distance but since she stays in the air 
    for a long time after she has shot the ball, it's easily punishable if blocked 
    or missed. I usually use the B version if the opponent is walking or advancing 
    towards Yuri using a standing special move and I know I can hit them on their 
    head with it, other than that there isn't much use for this.
    It will negate small projectiles if timed. But both versions have large ending
    than compared with her KOF94 or KOF95 version of the Raiouken.
    Cannot be cancelled into anything in Counter Mode.
    It's a fairly risky move, use it timed and at it's full distance always. No 
    more mini-geyser when it lands (from KOF 94-95) this stinks!
    7. Yuri Chou Mawashigeri  -  "Chou Mawashigeri!"
    |  /  O-	+ B/D
    O O
    Effectiveness : OOOO-
    Yuri leaps and does a revolving kick attack.
    To teach FATSAK how to do it.
    This year the move has less ending lag, and is closer to how it was in 
    KOF96, so it is more like Ryu/Ken's rather than FATSAK's. So there's no more 
    mini arc.
    The B version travels less, will hit twice when near is best used in combos. 
    Still not safe when blocked though. The D version goes farther hits once to 
    three times (depending on situation) in most cases.
    Both leave you landing in front of the opponents (if the right version was 
    used) and the end lag is minimal but you are not totally safe.
    Can be cancelled into any desperation move in Counter Mode on the last 
    (third) hit.
    The B version can't be used as a "crossover" attack anymore when close. She 
    will always land in front of the opponent.
    2.2: Desperation Moves
    These tend to decide who wins the match. Desperation Moves (DMs) do a lot 
    of damage and are usually comboable. When the character is powered up, the  
    desperation move becomes an even more powerful super desperation move (SDM) 
    which is typically twice as powerful and has superior priority to boot.
    1. Hien Hououkyaku  -  "Hien Hououkyaku"
    |  \   -O   \    |    /  O- + B/D
    O   O        O   O   O
    Effectiveness : OOO--
    Yuri does her charge up pose during the super pause, runs forward, if she 
    touches the opponent, she "runs up" the opponent while kicking his/her 
    face in. On SDM she adds a raiouken. Known as Yuri's original desperation.
    This attack is not comboable anymore outside of a crossup, keep in mind 
    there was a start up lag added this year which makes it less useful.
    The B version runs about 2/3 of the screen and the D version runs almost 
    full screen. In KOF 96, you can stop her from continuing her running if you 
    hold back before she gets to the opponent, doesn't seem to work anymore. No 
    matter what, once she touches the opponent she runs up the opponent. On the 
    DM version she does two ticks, on SDM three ticks (because of added Raiouken).
    Since she hops back after both DM versions, she is fairly safe. But after 
    she hops back, she still lags a bit while standing. Fast horizontal travelling 
    moves can catch her afterward, or any other fast long ranged attack can nab her 
    On DM it does 12 hits and on SDM it does 17, doesn't matter which button you 
    Not safe to use, slow start up, not comboable outside of crossups, and a 
    visible end lag.
    2. Hien Rekkou  -  "Yuri, Cho Reppa!"
    |  \  -O  |  \  -O	+ B/D
    O   O     O   O
    Effectiveness : OOOOO
    Yuri charges it while the microwave crapcom like *ding* is heard and does 
    3 of her uppers (Chou and Double) in a row. On SDM she adds 2 more, making 5.
    To teach Ken how to do it.
    This is her best DM in my opinion. It does loads of damage on both SDM 
    and DM versions as well. I think I'm seeing about 40-50% on DM and 60-70% 
    on SDM. SDM isn't comboable though because of startup.
    Its originally considered an anti-air super. It needs to be used fairly late, 
    and to get all the hits it should be comboed or used close instead. Yuri gets 
    lots of horizontal range on the first upper. I havent seen the major difference 
    between B and D versions. And it can be done more easily by ending in down 
    forward + P.
    Of course after the super if its blocked, she has a big fat chunk of lag 
    where she will easily get pounded on. You can use this super to even finish off 
    someone with the tick damage, on DM it does 11 ticks, on SDM 21 (!) ticks (same 
    number as hits). Opponents can react and counter in between uppers but this is 
    rarely gonna happen, much less work.
    Once someone says their name for a move, that means they're cool. Her best 
    DM, use it, and use it often.
    2. Shin! Chou Upper  -  "..."
    |  \  -O  |  \  -O	+ A/C
    O   O     O   O
    Effectiveness : OOOO-
    Yuri does two slow strong punches and ends with a Chou Upper.
    To teach Ryu how to do it.
    This is her second best DM in my opinion. It also does decent damage on both 
    SDM and DM versions. It is SUPER fast. So fast that it can be comboed into 
    with a low B (which isn't bufferable) and comboed after the hit of a qcb+P
    at farthest range (not charged version)!!
    Its also considered an anti-air super, but when used like that you just get one 
    hit and you have to do it early. Yuri gets a little horizontal range with the 
    two punches. I havent seen the major difference between A and C versions. And 
    it can be done more easily by ending in down forward + P.
    Of course after the super if its blocked, she has another chunk of lag where 
    she as to land and will easily get pounded on. The tick damage isn't anywhere 
    as good as the Rekkou, on DM or SDM it does 4 ticks. Opponents can react and 
    counter in between uppers but this is rarely gonna happen, much less work. I 
    don't think there's a voice sample associated with this, then again the machine 
    had no sound.. Also easily comboable. Sometimes it misses the upper if you are 
    too far, which I don't like.
    Silent Moves. Good. Like King Silent Flash.
    2.3: Normal Moves
    Merely press A, B, C, or D from any position to accomplish a normal punch 
    or kick. The effective use of her normal moves is absolutely crucial to the 
    Yuri player's success.
    Far Standing A (weak punch)
    Cancels into Command Moves and Special Moves.
    Hits high and misses crouching opponents.
    Can be blocked standing or crouching.
    Effectiveness: OOOOO
    Yuri does a really fast, straight, karate type punch.
    The punch has one hit frame, but since it is fairly fast, it's easy to 
    cancel and combo off of. Its range is also average for a far standing A. 
    It's good that she can cancel it into the Hien Rekkou or the f+A butt 
    attack. It also can be used as a fast, easy normal attack to stuff things 
    like King's Illusion Dance since it hits fast and is easy to time.
    Close Standing A (weak punch)
    Cancels into Command Moves and Special Moves.
    Linkable into another normal.
    Hits high and misses crouching opponents.
    Can be blocked standing or crouching.
    Effectiveness: OOO--
    Yuri does something like an elbow attack and her attacking arm is is at 
    a right angle. Her other arm is at the same position as the far A attack.
    Crouching A (weak punch)
    Cancels into Command Moves and Special Moves.
    Linkable into another normal.
    Hits low and hits standing or crouching opponents.
    Can be blocked standing or crouching.
    Effectiveness: OOOOO
    Yuri does a straight, fast karate type punch like the standing A, cept 
    she's crouching. She seems to have more range than on the standing far A. She 
    can cancel this thing into just about anything and chain with it easily, does 
    light damage, but doing multiples of them makes up for it.
    Jumping up A (weak punch)
    Not cancellable.
    Effectiveness: O----
    An air slap. Short reach, angled straight ahead. Pitifully small hit frame 
    which lasts as long as a Jumping strong attack would.
    Jumping towards A (weak punch)
    Effectiveness: OO---
    An air punch. Short range, angled downwards a little. Has a small hit frame 
    but lasts longer than the Jumping up A attack at least.
    Far Standing B (weak kick)
    Not cancellable.
    Hits high and misses crouching opponents.
    Can be blocked standing or crouching.
    Effectiveness: OOO--
    Now average vertical and horizontal range to stuff attacks and is a good 
    poke attack. As before, she still has fast recovery from this. The vertical 
    range is larger than the horizontal range. It can be used to stuff people 
    from jumping up towards when they're near you. Also since it hits a little 
    high now, it whiffs on crouchers at certain distances. But the stuffing of 
    jumps on the way up has always been the main use for me. Since the hit frame 
    is sorta like Yuri's whole foot, unlike just her toe in the old version, she 
    has a better chance of hitting opponents.
    Close Standing B (weak kick)
    Cancels into Command Moves and Special Moves.
    Hits low and hits standing or crouching opponents.
    Must be blocked crouching.
    Effectiveness: OOOO-
    Yuri steps on her opponent's foot. Has small range, and it takes a while for 
    her to stomp on the opponent. This usually results in Yuri getting hit 
    before she stomps. Be familiar with the range at which Yuri's standing B 
    attack becomes a low hitting attack, this can come in handy, so you can 
    cancel it into something.
    Crouching B (weak kick)
    Linkable into another normal.
    Hits low and hits standing or crouching opponents.
    Must be blocked low.
    Effectiveness: OOOOO
    Yuri goes on one knee and does a short ranged kick that goes along the 
    floor. This attack seems to have more range than before, and has fast 
    recovery, on top of that it can be linked into low A attacks.
    Jumping up B (weak kick)
    Not cancellable.
    Effectiveness: OOO--
    In KOF96 it looked like ChunLi's (not the really old one) standing 
    roundhouse kick where she kicks straight up (yeah! Yuri can do it in the 
    air!), I was never able to find a use for that in KOF 96.
    Now its pretty normal looking. She kicks slightly lower than in the Jumping 
    towards B. The horizontal hit range is small and it does low damage but its 
    a fast attack. It is angled downwards and Yuri can hit the opponent with 
    any part of her foot, its best to depend on her heel which hits at the 
    lowest point.
    Jumping towards B (weak kick)
    Not cancellable.
    Effectiveness: OOO--
    Yuri does a short, mostly horizontal ranged Jumping kick angled slightly 
    downwards. This move also does small damage and the hit frame lasts in the 
    air for a while. The hit frame is small as it is only the side of her foot. 
    And this kick hits a little higher than the Jumping towards D although both 
    attacks look very similar.
    Far Standing C (strong punch)
    Not cancellable.
    Hits high and misses crouching opponents.
    Can be blocked standing or crouching.
    Effectiveness: OOO--
    Yuri does a straight punch she steps into. It looks alot like her executing the 
    Kouken without the fireball but faster. The range is increased since she steps 
    forward but the lag time before and after this punch is fairly visible.
    Close Standing C (strong punch)
    Cancels into Command Moves and Special Moves.
    Hits high and misses crouching opponents.
    Can be blocked standing or crouching.
    Effectiveness: OOO--
    Yuri steps into the opponent and does an attack that looks like she is 
    either clotheslining the opponent or just trying to punch the sky. Huge 
    lag time afterwards if blocked. 
    Crouching C (strong punch)
    Cancels into Command Moves and Special Moves.
    Hits high and hits crouching opponents.
    Can be blocked standing or crouching.
    Effectiveness: OOOO-
    Yuri does the traditional crouching strong punch uppercut facing the screen. It 
    hits mostly vertically. Looks sorta like a standing old style Chou Upper frame. 
    Can be used as a late anti-air attack. And is a good ground combo attack since 
    the hit frame lasts a long time, right from the beginning of it. Also has lots 
    of lag if blocked.
    Jumping up C (strong punch)
    Not cancellable.
    Effectiveness: OOO--
    Yuri does a double palmed attack angled downwards. The range is small and 
    the hit frame lasts for a short time. It is not angled downwards as much as 
    the Jumping towards C.
    Jumping towards C (strong punch)
    Effectiveness: OOO--
    Yuri does a double fisted punch angled downwards. It is angled downwards 
    more than her jumping up C attack and has less horizontal range than her 
    Jumping up C attack. Usual substitute for her Jumping D. The range is small 
    and the hit frame lasts for a short time. Wins lots of air to air fights, I 
    guess. But if you have an air fight, use her air throw instead.
    Far Standing D (strong kick)
    Not cancellable.
    Hits high and misses crouching opponents.
    Can be blocked standing or crouching.
    Effectiveness: OOOO-
    Yuri does what I think is a roundhouse kick. The range is mostly horizontal 
    and the the lag time before and after the kick are equal. For poking, her 
    standing B is almost as good. Yuri's Standing D has the most horizontal 
    range out of all her standing attacks.
    Close Standing D (strong kick)
    Cancels into Command Moves and Special Moves.
    Hits high and hits crouching opponents.
    Can be blocked standing or crouching.
    Effectiveness: OOO--
    Yuri knees her opponent in the midsection. The lag time before and after 
    are as large as that on the standing close C and the hit frame only lasts 
    for the moment her knee is out. This is usually her substitute for a 
    standing C.
    Crouching D (strong kick)
    Cancels into Command Moves and Special Moves.
    Hits low and hits standing or crouching opponents.
    Must be blocked crouching.
    Effectiveness: OOOOO
    Yuri trips the opponent. It's a really good attack especially since it's 
    cancellable this year. The range is average, This sweep~ also has the most 
    horizontal range out of all Yuri's crouching attacks.
    Jumping up D (strong kick)
    Not cancellable.
    Effectiveness: OOO--
    A horizontally ranged Jumping kick angled downwards a little because of her 
    foot's positioning. The kick is horizontally ranged unlike her Jumping towards 
    D and it is usually used defensively because of its reach.
    Jumping towards D (strong kick)
    Effectiveness: OOOO-
    An average horizontally ranged Jumping kick angled downwards. Also Yuri's 
    best combo starter because of its good angle and reach. Since it has a good 
    downwards angle and 97 combos need deep jump in attacks, its best to stick 
    to this jump attack. Also, it can be used for crossing up.
    Standing CD (knockdown blow)
    Cancels into Special Moves.
    Hits high and misses crouching opponents.
    Can be blocked standing or crouching.
    Effectiveness: OOO--
    Yuri does her Hyakuretsu Binta (hcb + P) last slap's animation. It's an 
    obvious anti-air attack. It's small horizontal range, slow startup and 
    recovery make it useless when near the opponent. It seems slower to 
    come out than in the past, so this attack cannot be used as late air defense.
    Jumping CD (knockdown blow)
    Not cancellable.
    Effectiveness: OO---
    Yuri has a new redrawn jump CD attack, it reminds me if maybe Mai's original
    jump CD or Athena's original jump CD attacks (from KOF95). First she tucks 
    herself in then she kicks outwards with one leg on a horizontal ranged kick. 
    It's not angled downwards at all either. Most people prefer her original 
    jump CD.
    2.4: Command Moves
    Command moves act like normal moves but are accomplished in tandem with a
    simple controller motion.
    1. En Yoku a.k.a. "Butt attack"
    -O + A
    Effectiveness: OOOOO
    This is Yuri's original command attack.
    Yuri faces the other way and hops backwards into the opponent, hitting the 
    opponent with her bum. This is a VERY useful overhead. Even with the short 
    range it has, the speed it takes to come out and the fast recovery makes it 
    worth your while using. It can be chained into easily so use it wisely when 
    close to the opponent. Don't worry too much about missing the overhead since 
    the recovery is the best it has been in years. The damage it deals is small 
    but it is so easy to land it often. She goes off the ground for a short time, 
    so command throws cannot get her while she's in the air at that moment. This 
    move does not knock down by the way.
    Great when used as the end of a chain or after a blocked qcb+B move for 
    pressure. Or on opponents who are getting up, but you must be fairly close 
    to them before using it.
    2. Senkai Kyaku a.k.a. FATSAK but better
    -O + B , B
    Effectiveness: OOOO-
    This is Yuri's new command attack.
    Yuri does a kick very similar to FATSAK's overhead, it hits twice each 
    hit doing very little damage. It is not an overhead, but very good and 
    comes out quickly nonetheless. It's horizontal range is fairly short and 
    the main attraction with this kick is that if you hit twice with the 
    attack, you can press B again to do another kick with her other leg. All hits 
    hit high and can be blocked in any position. It can be chained into easily 
    also. But use it wisely since opponents wont be knocked down. Don't worry too 
    much about missing, since the recovery is very good. 
    Great when used as the end of a chain or for style pretty much. 
    2.5: Throws
    -O + C or O- + C
    Effectiveness: OO---
    Yuri grabs the opponent and does one slap that sends the opponent across 
    the screen.
    The opponent stays on the same side. Can be escaped out of and 
    recovery rolled out of.
    Silent Nage
    -O + D or O- + D
    Effectiveness: OOO--
    Yuri does her original comma style throw. In the versions before KOF 96,
    she would grab the opponent, bounce on the floor as she threw him/her, do 
    her old Raiouken startup animation then land doing her powerup pose, which 
    was kinda cool and silent (the silent powerup). I wonder why it was 
    changed, must be the trashed old Raiouken frames.
    The opponent is tossed over Yuri to the other side, this can be escaped but 
    can not be recovery rolled out of. The Silent Throw also does slightly more 
    damage than the Oniharite.
    Tsubame Otoshi
    in the air: O- OR \   OR  |  OR   / OR -O	+ C or D
                       O      O      O
    Effectiveness: OOOOO
    Gets them everytime you have a frog fight. Yuri takes the opponent down 
    from the air for a wee bit o' a ride. Also, after the throw she is safe 
    since she hops away.
    Yuri's Throw Escape
    Some throws can easily be escaped by the opponent hitting any button (at 
    what seems almost any time of day) while in the first few grappling frames.
    Donut mistake it for her CD attack, C throw, or Hyakuretsu Binta slaps 
    because these share the same animations.
    2.6: Combinations
    I have to confirm a few of these since I usually play against humans and 
    you never know if they were attempting to block or not.
    - the following combos can begin from the ground without the initial jump-in 
      attack, * indicates you need a stock or must be in red/counter mode
      Jumping A/C/D, Crouching C, dp+P
      Jumping A/C/D, Standing C/D, dp+C, dp+P
      Jumping A/C/D, Crouching C, qcb+K (must use B version on small characters)
      Jumping A/C/D, Standing C/D, qcb+K
      Jumping A/C/D, Crouching Ax2, qcb+B
      *Jumping A/C/D, Crouching B, Crouching A, qcf,hcb+B
      *Jumping A/C/D, Standing C/D, qcf,hcb+B
      *Jumping A/C/D, Crouching C, qcf,qcf+P
    - the following combos must be without a jump in
      Crouching B, Crouching A, dp+C, dp+P
      *Crouching C, qcf,qcf+D
      *Crouching B, qcf,qcf+P
      *Standing C/D, qcf,hcb+K
      *Crouching C, qcf,hcb+K
      *Crouching B, A, qcf,qcf+P
      *qcb+P, qcf,qcf+P (do the qcb+P at farthest distance, not full charge)
    - the following combos must be done in the corner
      Jumping C/D, Crouching A x2, qcb+B
      *Crouching C, qcf,qcf+K (not SDM)
      *Standing C/D, qcf,qcf+B (only on large characters)
      *Crouching C, qcf,qcf+K (only on large characters)
    - the following are chain combos
      Crouching A x3
      Crouching B x2, Crouching A
      Crouching B x3, Standing B
      Crouching B x2, Standing A
    - the following are crossup combos
      Crossup D, Crouching B, dp+A
      Crossup D, Standing C/D, dp+C, dp+P
      Crossup D, Crouching A, Crouching A, qcb+K
      *Crossup D, Crouching B, Crouching A, qcf,hcb+B
      *Crossup D, Standing C/D, qcf,hcb+K
      *Crossup D, Crouching B, Crouching C, dp+C, dp+P
      *Crossup D, Crouching B, Crouching C, qcf,hcb+K
    - the following only works in counter mode
      Anything into dp+A, qcf,qcf+P/K
    2.7: Slides and Slide Attacks
    Forward Slide:  Yuri does something similar to her dodge but moving forward.
    Backward Slide: Rolls back and hops forward, same for each character.
    Slide Attack:   Yuri does a punch sorta similar to her standing far C. Can be 
                    cancelled in Counter Mode (same for each character).
    Recovery Roll:  same as her old rolls but she says "otto!" ("whoa!")
    Jumps: Yuri doesn't get as much height as most characters, but she has alot 
           of horizontal range on her jumps. This applies to small, super hop, 
           normal and super jumps. So if you are going to super jump over a 
           Haohshoukouken attack, make sure that Yuri is at the highest point 
           when she is over it.
    Run/Hop: Yuri runs pretty close to the ground, same animation as Hyakuretsu 
             Binta and Hien Hououkyaku (Advanced mode only). Yuri's backwards hop 
             also leaves the ground and the top part of her body is angled away, 
             it's safer than other character's backwards hop frames, but isn't 
             much so.
    2.8: Striker Attacks
    Yuri is a really good Striker, gamest ranked her as B Rank. That doesn't mean 
    you shouldn't use her! To summon a striker (t uses up an S stock) and press BC.
    Close: Yuri will do her Hien Rekkou DM saying "konno!" (I think). If it hits 
           correctly you can juggle the opponent anytime afterwards too! Sometimes 
           you will hit the opponent for one or two of the uppers though. You must 
           be very close for this to work.
    Far:   For defense, not as good as the close version. Mainly can use Yuri to 
           take the hit of your opponents attack and hit the opponent, or you 
           can just have Yuri taunt and raise your meter.
    2.9: Win Poses
    You can choose your win pose when you win a round by pressing and holding
    either button A, B, or C when you knock the opponent out. No more "service, 
    service" and no more "ay ay oh oh! jump V! V!". I'm not sure of the buttons 
    so I might have to switch these later.
    A-button: Yuri's original pose with a "chou". Yuri cools herself off with her 
              shirt, remembers the 'audience' watching, then turns to the screen 
              saying "Chou yoyutchi!" while doing a thumbs up pose. 
              Meaning: "Super piece of cake!" (or "that was hella easy!")
              - For people who are trying to recreate the old Yuri ... OR to 
                teach Dan how to do it.
    B-button: Yuri does a few kicks and poses and ends by making a cute noise. 
              I don't remember much of this pose right now.
              - For the FATSAK hater.
    C-button: Yuri does something like Ryo's df+B ending with one leg bent and one 
              arm up saying "yaaiiee!", pretty cool. Reminds me of Kimagure Orange 
              Road because one of Kyosuke's two sisters says stuff like this.
              - Best used if you are an Orange Road fan.
    3.0: General Strategy
    3.1: Overview and Example
    under construction
    3.2: Ranges and Zoning
    under construction
    3.3: Mind Games
    under construction
    3.4: Using Modes 
    under construction
    3.5: Punishing Mistakes
    under construction
    3.6: Odds and Ends
    - Leona's QCFx2 SDM when done on Yuri does 90%+ damage for some weird reason.
    - In September 99's Gamest, Yuri as a Striker is ranked B (I don't agree).
    - In the KOF 99 Geibun Mook, Yuri as a Striker is ranked 7 (I agree).
    - CPU Yuri is pretty dumb, often does low B followed by low D. dp+A on anything
      you do in the air with insane reaction time. After doing some special moves 
      blocked she often goes right into her uppercut, be expecting this. It's also 
      a high risk thing to do yourself, but more often than not you will nab your
    4.0: Closing Acknowledgments
    4.1: Credits
    This guide would not have been possible without the following:
    - The King of Fighters Mailing List: kof-request@dhp.com
      The largest discussion forum for the King of Fighters
      series on the Internet. Original thanks to Mike Ho for the first KOFML.
      Since we like hella talked about people who are 96 shrubs this year.
    - Tony Wedd: tonyw@i.am & Greg Kasavin: shrike@slip.net & Matt Hall: bbh@i.am
      Tony's '97 Leona guide defined the trend for the KOF-ML, and I originally 
      followed both his guide and Greg's Yashiro guides to make this one. Yep I'm 
      not good at thinking of what's a pretty way to make this thing. I also got 
      ideas on what to add or not from Matt's Shingo guide.
    - Chris Macdonald aka Kao Megura: kao@i.am
      Thanks Kao for correcting all those anal bits this lazily made FAQ that I 
      would never have noticed, hehe. Anyways, it was good to hear you're still 
      alive, I'll be adding your 99 FAQ on the next QOF site update fer sure!
    - Neo Geo Freak Magazine
      Some strategies and special move names, consulted, but did not use the 
      normal attack ratings.
    - Gamest's "BIG PRESENTS"
      Graphical mooks on KOF that have character info, etc. Sadly no more Gamest..
    4.2: Version History
    v0.1  September 16, 1999. started typing stuff using old FAQ as a template.
    v0.2  October 17, 1999. few more additions, haven't played 99 in a while.
    v0.3  November 1, 1999. starting to fill in some holes from memory.
    v0.4  November 5, 1999. a few more additions added from KOFML posts.
    v0.5  November 21, 1999. almost my b-day and Kao gave me a ton of additions.
    v0.6  November 22, 1999. my b-day and still more corrections hehe.
    v0.7  April 4, 2000. a long overdue update!
    End of Guide v0.7

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