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    Ralf by Lucifer69

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    -=== History ===-
    Yada, yada, yada, blah, blah, blah... ain't no one read this anyway..
    -=== Copyright  ... ===-
    well this has been a work by me, Lawrence, aka, LucifeR69, any works that reproduces this FAQ
    in any form for the uses for monetary exchange will be condemned by me and legal action would be
    seeked. (err... that's all i know.. anyone want to add in more? :p)
    any other FAQs who wants to quote me would have to seek permission from me, Lawrence, in form of
    writing to BadGuy77@tm.net.my
    anyone who wants to clobber me may also contact me at this address, otherwise, only girls may 
    email me..
    -=== ForeworD ===-
    Well, KOF 99 have been here for around two three months or so.. :) Lucky us huh? Well, I didn't
    expect to write about Ralf once again this year, BUT, there's no one taking the initiative,
    so here's me writing one..
    I've wrote Ralf FAQ in KOF 98 too, till some schmu*k actually copied pretty much everything and
    call it his own, AND claim that I don't know how to actually use Ralf, if so, STOP COPYING
    -=== That's enough for now.  I can only be forgiving so much... ralf jones '98 ===-
    *I rip these information below from GunSmith, I pretty much LOVE his FAQ a lot, since it is very
    comprehensive right next to MoonRun's. All the move list and history from him. So the credit goes
    to you here GunSmith..~
    -=== Information on Ralf ===-
    Ralf Jones 
    Place of Birth : America   * think it is Brazil, but still rocks anyway right?
    Fighting Style : Army-Training + Heidern Assasination Skill
    Age            : 39 
    DOB            : 25th August
    Blood Type     : A
    Height         : 188 cm 
    Weight         : 110 kg 
    Hobby          : Collecting Knives
    Good Sports    : Baseball
    Favourite Food : Chewing Gum
    Important Thing: Orders from the President
    Hated Thing    : Snakes
    Misc           : Blue Mary, Ralf and Lucky Glauber share a passion
                     for Baseball...
    *once again, thanks GunSmith..
    -=== How to Read ===-
    English basically....
    ok ok... here's how
    if you hadn't notice.. it's the same from the last Ralf FAQ I wrote on KOF 98.
    Here I shall use the method use by MoonRun, since I notice most of the FAQ's are written in this
    form. Not that I can't think of a new one.. just don't want to add in to more confusion.. so 
    MoonRun.. the credit goes to you here.
    dn/dwn = press down.. that's pushing your joystick thingy towards down..
    up     = pretty much self explanatory from now on isn't it?
    bk     = back
    fw     = forward
    s      = store for a few secs..
    QCB    = quarter cirlce back joystick motion
    QCF    = quarter circle forward joystick motion
    HCB    = half circle back joystick motion
    HCF    = half circle forward joystick motion
                        * note to old school KoF '97 people.. no more shortcuts for ya.. :p
    DP     = uppercut joystick motion
    RDP    = reverse uppercut joystick motion
                        * comes from the old school of Capcom, Street Fighters. Press forward, 
                          downward and forward down simultaneously.. reverse would be... figure this
                          one out yourself..
    A      = A button = light punch
    B      = B button = light kick
    C      = C button = heavy punch
    D      = D button = heavy kick
    (C)  - corner combos, combos that only work in the corner.
    (DM) - DM combos, combos that involve super moves or desperation moves.
    (CM) - Counter mode combos.
    (AM) = Armor mode co... hey.. there's ain't~!
    -=== Normal Move Breakdown ===-
    Well, Ralf didn't change much since the last King of Fighters tournament, BUT he gained a much 
    more useful poking move, Standing K, so let's get a movedown here..
    Would still use the star giving system like last year, so not much difference here..
    @@ Standing Far @@
    Button       = A
    Description  = quick jab to the torso/head area. Nigh, useless, use ANYTHING ELSE BUT A~!
    Usefulness   = *
    Rundown      = It starts up Vulcan Punch when pushed rapidly, but...
    Button       = B
    Description  = an upward kick to the chin area... 
    Usefulness   = **
    Rundown      = Fairly useless.. poke with it once in a while..
    Button       = C
    Description  = put your left leg out, stretch your right hand out, see your opponent groan at
                   it's length. ABUSE IT.. well.. what do you expect, he's Ralf, what else have
                   he got? Fireball? sheesh..
    Usefulness   = *****
    Rundown      = Rundown, THE move for Ralf, try and use it alternately with Standing Far D to
                   have the maximum effect. This move have been toned down a lot in sense of priority
                   and speed. Some characters like Choi can dodge over this move.
    Button       = D
    Description  = it's slow to come out, it gives a mid section back kick towards your opponent
    Usefulness   = ***
    Rundown      = Last time I've checked, it is too far to combo into anything, BUT it stretches
                   out at quite a reasonable length, when playing corner games, it is definitely
                   a gem, as it stops your opponent from jumping.. but the most important thing is
                   it won't miss crouching opponents that are trying to avoid your standing far C
                   .... I'll give it another (*) over here.. muah ha ha ha.. abuse the move in 
    Button       = CD
    Description  = Ralf steps forward, Ralf throws out a punch faster than the eyes can SEE~!
    Usefulness   = Well.. ***
    Rundown      = It's more towards a surprise move, I mean, it's like Yashiro's standing CD 
                   last age, meaning it comes out with a small lag, but it comes out fast, i MEAN
                   really fast, afterwards. Would hit running opponents sometimes. Another use is
                   at the beginning of the game.. more on this later in tactics.
    @@  Standing Close @@
    Button       = A
    Description  = quick jab to the torso/head area. It's a different case this time, since it is 
                   comboable in this distance, BUT I would still use the overprioritised Close C
                   ANYTIME OF THE DAY~!  :)
    Usefulness   = ***
    Rundown      = It's a different case this time, since it is comboable in this distance, 
                   BUT I would still use the overprioritised Close C ANYTIME OF THE DAY~!  :)
    Button       = B
    Description  = a kick to the chin area..
    Usefulness   = ***
    Rundown      = combos, good poke.. but still.. USE THE C~!
    Button       = C
    Description  = Ralf twists his whole upper torso for a hit with his elbow... or is it hand?
    Usefulness   = *****(*)
    Rundown      = Like what I've said last age, if anything happens to the C button in your
                   arcade, DON'T use Ralf, less you really have a lot of money and everything..
    Button       = D
    Description  = Ralf do a drop kick onto his opponent.
    Usefulness   = ***
    Rundown      = Fairly useless move, but the drop kick have some lower body invulnerbility,
                   since IT IS a drop kick..
    Button       = CD
    Description  = Ralf steps forward, Ralf throws out a punch faster than the eyes can SEE~!
    Usefulness   = Well.. ****
    Rundown      = As a surprise element, well it's FAIRLY useful, but against doofus that does not
                   know of rolling and immediate guard.. well this is the move for YOU~!
    @@ Crouching @@
    Button       = A
    Description  = Ralf sticks out his hand to hit around the knee area.
    Usefulness   = ***
    Rundown      = Well, the computer seems to do it to connect into Super Argentine Back 
                   Breaker isn't it? Well, it's quite useful up close and far, good for poking
                   and everything else I think.
    Button       = B
    Description  = Ralf would stick out his leg a bit.
    Usefulness   = **
    Rundown      = Frankly speaking, I don't use this move at all.. I mean, well I just don't
                   tonnes of other moves to use, so forget using this much too often unless 
                   you want some variety in the game..
    Button       = C
    Description  = Ralf lunges forward a bit and sticks out both arms.
    Usefulness   = *****
    Rundown      = This is another move you should over abuse, losing out only a wee bit in 
                   term of range against Crouching D, but it is heavily prioritise. It combos
                   quite well.
                   * it seems to have lose the two hits combo from two simultaneous Crouching
                   C from KOF 98.. dang..~!
    Button       = D
    Description  = Ralf basically just stretches out his leg are far as possible.
    Usefulness   = ****
    Rundown      = The move have range.. use it in high and low game..
    @@ Jumping @@
    Button       = A
    Description  = Ralf jumps and sticks out his hand with a downward chop or something..
    Usefulness   = **
    Rundown      = How do I put this, it have so so priority, but it isn't like Clarks'
                   Jumping A, so just do don't it too often.
    Button       = B
    Description  = He jumps and stick out his leg a bit.
    Usefulness   = *****(*)	
    Rundown      = SORRY~! This is an anti air move that really kicks..~! Will at least trade with
                   moves when done.
    Button       = C
    Description  = Think wrestlemania when you see this move, he just do a elbow drop from
                   the air.
    Usefulness   = ****
    Rundown      = Well.. Ralf is not really an air man.. but this move should outprioritise
                   most of other moves if done early enough. It kinda goes for crossups too~!
    Button       = D
    Description  = He sticks out his leg a bit downward, and kicks.
    Usefulness   = ***
    Rundown      = Good for attacks from air to ground. Otherwise don't do it too often.
    Button       = CD
    Description  = It looks a bit like jumping D, but it hurt much more and have more
                   vertical damage.
    Usefulness   = ***(*)
    Rundown      = Fairly useful for corner game. It is also good for air to air combat.
    @@ Command Move @@
    Well.. I don't know, maybe Ralf was too good for any? DAMN IT~!!!
    Let's pray real hard so that Ralf may have one next millenium.
    @@ Super Move @@
    Move name    = Gatling Attack     (GA)
    Execution    = Hold Bk 1 sec then Fwd + P
    Description  = Ralf turns and turns giving your foe two punches in the face and ends with 
                   a two hit uppercut. 4 hits with either A or C version.
    Usefulness   = ***
    Rundown      = Frankly I don't do this too much much often. Except, in combo. Also it gurantees
                   to connect after the first hit hits your opponent. Connects to a DM in Counter
    Move name    = Super Argentina BackBreaker    (SAB)
    Execution    = HCF + K when near enemy
    Description  = See Ralf picks up enemy, see Ralf throws enemy to mid-air, see enemy land on Ralf
                   shoulder, see enemy get thrown by Ralf to the ground.
    Usefulness   = *****
    Rundown      = THE move you should use a lot and abuse frequently as much as possible. They made
                   the recovery time shorter and definitely improve on both the range. What's more
                   they also heighten up the invulnerbility frame. So its a WEE bit longer now.
                   More on this move later in the strategy section.
    Move name    = Vulcan Punch        (VP)
    Execution    = Press P three times in rapid succession. ABCD to cancel.
    Description  = Ralf punches rapidly to the air giving sparks of fire.
    Usefulness   = ***
    Rundown      = The truth is.. I only do this by accident sometimes. I don't do too much of this
                   move either. Though it juggles the enemy in corner and it connects through C quite
                   good, for a quick two or three hits up close. Good anti air property. But still,
                   it's quite useless with the over powering C.
    Move name    = Fast Bombing Punch   (FBP)
    Execution    = Hold Down 1 sec then Up + P or in air, QCF + P
    Description  = In the first version, Ralf shoots up into the air with anti air properties, and 
                   then, plunges down in the 45 degree dive towards the front. In the latter version
                   Ralf just plunges down fast.
    Usefulness   = **
    Rundown      = Not quite useful against those combo crazy characters. Maybe on turtlers. Good
                   end game tactic since it ticks out a bit of energy off your opponent. Add this in
                   after a successful SAB. You won't believe how many suckers still falls for this 
                   move.. but not too often till it becomes too obvious.
    Move name    = Ralf Kick    (RK)
    Execution    = Hold down K for five secs or more.
    Description  = Ralf flies up to the air vertically and hit for one PAINFUL hit.
    Usefulness   = -**
    Rundown      = Ralf have NO COMMAND MOVE, and they just HAD to change another great move of his.
                   *sigh... during the execution of this move, you can't run, you can't jump, and 
                   you can't get hit.. it's like ' OH YEAH~! STAND THERE, I'LL HIT YOU WITH 
                   SOMETHING~! JUST DON'T DO ANYTHING~! ' 
                   Damn, anything and I mean ANYTHING can disrupt the move. My advice, find a friend
                   and BEG him to let you do this move. Thats' about the only way of making this move
                   besides playing with a really awful turtle.
    Move name    = Ralf Tackle   (RT)
    Execution    = HCB + K
    Description  = Ralf bends over and charges frontward like a bull~!
    Usefulness   = **
    Rundown      = This move have autoguard. That's pretty much it.. I mean, it's not the BEST move
                   there is, but it really give the audience (*if there is one) a good laugh...
                   Better still when the opponent's life is just a wee bit left.. do this move and
                   laugh hysterically~! It doesn't seem to connect with any of the moves I know.. so
                   anyone wanna help out here? Cancels into a DM move in CM mode.
                   (Fat Cat Lim, thanks for the correction~!)
                   This move actually combos off standing C or crouching C or any other combo starter
                   in the B version. Since the D version takes more time to actually starts things
                   up a bit, THUS, use the B version for combos, D version to go through fireballs,
                   and BOTH version for hysterical maniacal laughs...
    @@ Desperation Move @@
    Move name    = Flash Vulcan Punch
    Execution    = QCF,QCB + P
    Description  = Ralf starts with the starting of GA, onward with a barrages of VP, followed by a
                   mean uppercut.
    Usefulness   = ****
    Rundown      = Well this move have some invulnerability from the point of execution straight up
                   to the first turnaround that Ralf makes. This is a very good wake up move, and
                   what's more, it goes through fireball and punches straight up to your opponent's
                   face. Definitely an A on the chart.
    Move name    = Mount Vulcan Punch    
    Execution    = HQB,HCF + K
    Description  = Ralf runs forward and trip the opponent if he's not guarding. Followed by a 
                   barrages of punches straight up to your opponent's face~!
    Usefulness   = ***
    Rundown      = The only move this should be included are either in combos or antiair. As an 
                   antiair, it practically rips off your opponent straight up from where he's jumping
                   and put him on the ground~! It's THAT bad...
                   Furthermore, SNK seems to be making it a much better move as anti air if compared 
                   to KOF 98 last year. Cool move to look at ever since they put out Iori's Mashing
                   Maiden's SDM. This is definitely cool in the book of coolness.
    Move name    = Galactica Phantom
    Execution    = QCF,QCF + P
    Description  = Ralf turns his back, Ralf charges for a while, Ralf releases a death strike 
                   with one punch towards the enemy~!
    Usefulness   = ****
    Rundown      = He's Ralf, he a one punch guy.. and this move basically just described him the
                   best~! He've one move autoguard in DM version and three moves autoguard in the SDM
                   version. Note that in BOTH version, he can be thrown out of it. The charging time
                   for the SDM is definitely smaller than the DM. It takes around 3 secs to charge in
                   DM and around 4~5 secs in the SDM version. Oh yeah.. he can also be sweeped away 
                   from the move, aka, dwn D. Though there is many disadvantages in this move, BUT
                   it is too cool to miss in the first place. The SDM move can take up to 85% of
                   the meter away~! In fact, some of my matches played here are won by this move
                   since I most of the time only do the SDM version. You won't even believe how many
                   suckers are out there that still falls for this move..
                   * made an error on the DM and SDM difference... the SDM charges slower.. not
                   faster than DM version.
    @@ Striker Move @@
    Arr.. striker, the one new essence that SNK add into the game to make it look like MSHVSSF~!
    Why the heck did they put it in the first place anyway? It is overabused in most of the
    time, especially Yuri, Shin Kyo, Athena and Clark. They act as shield and some of them add in
    insane damage as well. Eg. Iori with Terry as striker can execute two DM consecutively.
    BUT, it does help Ralf in executing his Galactica Phantom, so .. well...
    Anyway, as a Striker, Ralf do the following,
    Comes in in FVP and ends it with a GP. The GP can be blocked, but if hit, there would be 
    juggling possibilities.
    But frankly I don't use much of Ralf as a striker. Want a real cheapo striker? Try executing GP
    in SDM version AFTER using Athena as a striker. Athena shields you from pretty much everything,
    and leaves you with enough time to charge your GP, so when it comes out, your opponent would
    have to know GP REALLY well to go through it.
    @@ Combos @@
    dwn A, dwn B
    dwn A, dwn A
    dwn B, dwn B
    dwn A, SAB
    dwn C, SAB
    close C, SAB
    close C, GA
    close C, FVP
    close C, MVP
    * note, all move that combos can be added with a jumping C or D for more damage.
    * This combo section is at no finish stage. Just write to me to add in more.
    @@ Strategy @@
    Here comes the interesting part in most FAQs. Strategy. This won't help you to really win in 
    every matches, but it sure will help you to have more options when you're using Ralf.
    Face it, Ralf isn't really a combo guy. Some people would retaliate and say, what about CrsUp C,
    dwn C into GA? Well.. how many times did YOU made that combo? The sad truth is, Ralf isn't
    really that good in combo. He's more of a simple one hit guy. That's where the C button comes to
    mind. Some people think that his C is a very cheap move due to its insane damage and priority.
    BUT to think it in another way, ANY characters can easily outdo in terms of damage in their
    respective combos.
    The super move that Ralf should be concentrating in executing is SAB. Well, this is easy since
    it is the most easiest move to execute, and it takes of a good amount of energy. What's more, it
    combos extremely good with either close C or dwn C. GP, as a move by itself, is great in SDM 
    version. Some people can't really understand how to counter this move. THOUGH it have so
    many downsides, it is one move that can't be overlooked. Do MVP as antiair when you've stock, or
    do it in combos. It hurts really bad and it is quite reliable. VP is the old move from the book,
    BUT it still carries some invulnerability frame at start up, thus, it makes a great recovery
    move. RK have been pretty much rendered useless at this installment of KOF. It is a great move
    from KOF 98 that really could do some zoning besides dishing out insane damage when hit. Though
    there is still a teeny possibility here and thereee...
    Fighting your opponent:
    General -
    Simple, abuse the C and D button a LOT. Since it is the only move in Ralf's arsenal that could 
    really be considered as useful in the first place. The best distance in Ralf's game is around
    close to semi close distance. He could really do a lot of damage if he can trap the opponent in 
    the corner. Wait for your opponent to make a mistake and punish them severely. Use jumping
    B for both air to air battle and combo starter when others anticipate your C and D.
    Turtle -
    Well against a turtle, Ralf could really be mean, throw in some standing D from far and you won't
    believe how many people out there would fall for it. Use C for zoning in. The trick is to just
    keep your opponent guessing on which move you're going to use at them and you should have the
    upper hands. In other times, just roll in front of them and let them eat a SAB. Another thing is,
    you can finally try the RK if your opponent is really THAT turtle. The B version is pretty much
    safe from three quarter screen distance.
    Combo crazy -
    This is the type you'll have fun with. Not with anything that is important, but the pleasure of
    finding that itsy, bitsy space of death and punishing your opponents for it. CD counter, jump
    C, stand C, stand D, roll. Do anything, just as long as you either maintain your composure, be
    a turtle, or just basically ruin his tempo of playing. Believe me, Ralf is really your man for
    poking your opponent crazy. Remember, every player, no matter how good he is, would have a 
    specific combo that he really enjoys dishing out. Meaning there would be a pattern of play,
    if there is one, make sure you know what to do best to counter him.
    Which Mode to use? Counter? Armor?
    Well, this is entirely up to you. I've heard from a friend in ICQ saying that there is a 
    possibility in executing GP infinitely in KOF 99. I've not verified this news yet, BUT there 
    seems to be some truth in it. Since it is quite a trusted source.
    Armor mode give you some room to move about, but the time frame for it is considerably smaller
    than the Counter mode. SAB could really be hurting in this mode.
    @@ Ending Credits @@
    Thank you to
    GunSmith  =  For providing such a great FAQ in the first place,
    MoonRun   =  Err.. don't know you, but you're a great FAQ writer non the less,
    SNK       =  For providing endless hours of fun with your versions of KOF.
    Planet    =  The arcade in SS2 that provided KOF 99 at first week of it's release and only making
                 it 80 cents per game.. for those of you that don't know anything in currency thingy,
                 1 US roughly equals to 4 ringgit Malaysian. Yes, it's THAT cheap here...
    Most of all, all those players in SS2, of Petaling Jaya in Malaysia, for whopping me time after
    time with all those combos. They didn't help much in the making of the combo, but I felt that 
    they deserve the credits after all. 
    If you're ever in an arcade, saw this person who's quite thin, and always likes to use an
    original team to fight with ya, no matter how good you are... don't think he's being a smartass,
    he just like using original team. That's ME~!
    Till the next time I correct this FAQ... so long..
    oh Yeah~! Write to me if you think there's something wrong with the FAQ, since it is definitely
    NOT completed yet in any ways. Give your two cents here and there, and for sure, I'll get back
    to you or add in your opinion in this small FAQ I have made.
    :)   ~my email address is     Badguy77@tm.net.my

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