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    Clark by PTR

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                         Clark FAQ for KOF'99 v1.3
                              By PTR
             EMAIL: PTR_95@yahoo.com or ICQ: 35031999
              Here I am once again to provide you with another FAQ for KOF.... 
    KOF'99 to be exact. As some of you may already know, I made several 
    FAQ's in KOF '98 for Clark, Blue Mary and Goro and this year, if my 
    time allows it, I'll be making at least 3 character FAQ's. So let us cut 
    the crap and let's get down to business OK?
    *sections with ">>" are the updated/new ones found in version 1.3
    I Author's note and about the author himself, PTR 
    II Clark of '98 and Clark of '99: Differences compared 
    >>III Specialized normals
    >>IV Special moves, DMs and some stuff about them
    >>V Combos
    VI Tactics and Strategies
    VII Credits
    About Clark
              Clark is a grappler, as you may know by now. Grapplers 
    aren't the ones that you should take for granted because the 
    damages they can inflict most specially grapplers like Clark. 
    Unlike other grapplers, Clark isn't slow and is very versatile, 
    he some high priority normals and easy to do moves and combos. 
    Those are some of the reasons why Clark is dangerous and I 
    say this because he is one of my team players and he gave me 
    quite some victories over the years. The keys to playing 
    effectively as Clark are patience, quickness and timing.... 
    Have all these and it'll be great help in winning.
    I Author's note and about the author himself, PTR
              This is NOT your traditional "A-Z" FAQ because I'm 
    very sure most of the people who'll be reading this have played
    KOF '97 at least so I'm sure you know the basics. This FAQ
    WON'T be containing Clark's profiles because it isn't necessary 
    and it won't affect your gameplay or whatever and besides, I'm 
    too lazy to put that here. And about me.... I've been playing this
    game since '94 and also have been using the Ikari/Brazil team 
    (Clark's team) since that time too so don't ask me if I know what 
    I'm writing about. As some of you may know by now, my KOF
    playstyle is mostly grappler based as in most fighting games I play. 
    In this FAQ I will put ALL that I can put so I hope you find this FAQ 
    useful. BTW, if you wanna know where I'm from, I'm from 
    Quezon City, Philippines.
    II Clark of '98 and Clark of '99: Differences compared
              Hmmm.... let's see now.... How do I begin? Ah yes!
    Clark '98:
    1. His Far Standing C is similar to Ralf's in animation only 
    slower and has lesser priority.
    2. Has that rolling cradler and that running backbreaker which 
    cannot be blocked for they are both running 
    3. His Crouching B can be linked to a crouching A into an 
    Super Argentine Backbreaker (SAB) or his Ultra Argentine 
    Backbreaker DM (Fwd, Dwn, Bck 2X A/C)
    Clark '99:
    1. His Far Standing C has been changed into a punch almost 
    similar to Terry or Benimaru's Far Standing C but with more
     priority and damage than before.
    2. He lost his Rolling Cradler and the Running Backbreaker 
    and it was changed into his Tackle move, which is blockable and 
    requires a follow up in order to do damage.
    3. He no longer have his crouching B, A combo 
    4. Lost his almost worthless Vulcan Punch (press A/C rapidly)
    >>III Specialized Normals:
    Usefulness point system are as follows 
    *****= very useful 
    ****= good but not great 
    ***= decent 
    **= near useless
    *= worthless
              In this section, I will give you a rundown on Clark's normals.
    Though I WON'T be elaborating them all, I will elaborate on the vital
    Far Standing:
    A - quick straight jab
    This move may seem useless but things are not what they seem to be.
    Believe it or not this move CAN be used against high priority jump attacks 
    such as Iori's jump D when timed properly AND at the RIGHT DISTANCE. 
    Though not comboable, it comes out fast and is arguably one of the best standing 
    pokes in the game. Also works well against Iori's crossup attempts.
    C - long ranged straight punch similar to Terry's and Benimaru's
    What can I say.... this is the only normal move that changed and it did for
    the better. Comes out at a decent speed, great damage and also acts somewhat 
    of an anti-air move that works very well against low jumpers.
    Close Standing:
    B - quick mid-ranged knee strike
    Alternative combo starter. The good about this one is the speed. This, due to it's 
    quickness can interrupt moves such as Iori's uppercut. When quickly cancelled
    into command throws such as the SAB or the UAB DM, you'll be able to grab your 
    opponent out of his auto guard moves.
    C - two hit downwards punch
    His primary combo starter, has two hits. Must be cancelled after the first
    hit inorder to combo with.
    A - quick jab similar to the standing version
    The difference between this and the standing version is that this one is comboable.
    Since it comes out quick, it can be used as an interrpution to some moves which can 
    lead into the Gattling Attack, SAB or the UAB.
    B - a short and very low sweep like attack (must be blocked low)
    Things that seem to be useless turn out to be much useful. Since this MUST be 
    blocked low, it adds to Clark's arsenal of mind games. The main thing that made this 
    one so useful is that you can actually combo it into an SAB or a UAB S/DM but the 
    timing is very tricky but with practice, this one certainly proves to be useful.
    D - long ranged sweep
    This never underwent any change ever since '94. Long range and low, this one is 
    quite decent.
    Jumping (straight):
    A - downwards pointing jab
    Effective as an alternative move when his jumping D is out prioritized by other normal
    move. This one is either win or trade against high priority air moves. Also can start a 
    combo when connected to the opponent who isn't airborne.
    D - airborne legdrop
    Effective when against opponents who keep on jumping towards you using move with 
    lesser priority due to it's range. Also starts a combo.
    Jumping (towards and/or away):
    A - same can be said here but due to the moving jump, I give this an additional 1/2 
    Usefulness:****and 1/2.
    D - upwards kick
    This one simply outprioritizes most air moves specially when used with anticipation.
    >>CD - Pointed downwards kick
    Use this as one of your primary offense moves. Great priority and is also good for
    distancing your opponent.
    IV Special moves, DMs and some stuff about them
              Here are the special moves and the DMs (desperation 
    moves or "supers") of Clark. In this section I will explain all that 
    I know about them, their priorities, damage, etc
    Bck- Back
    Dwn- Down
    Fwd- Forward
    Up- make a wild guess
    QCF - quarter circle forward (Dwn Fwd or fireball motion)
    QCB - quarter circle back (Dwn Bck or Hurricane kick motion)
    HCF - half circle forward (Bck Dwn Fwd or Original Yoga Flame motion)
    HCB - half circle back (Fwd Dwn Bck or reverse Yoga Flame motion)
    DP - Dragon punch or uppercut motion (Fwd, QCF)
    RDP - reverse Dragon Punch motion (Bck, QFB)
    Special Moves:
    Super Argentine Back Breaker or the SAB, Done: HCF, B/D     
    This is his primary throw because not only do you see this often 
    executed but it can inflict great damage and can be lethal if you
     know when to execute it. I recommend this one for run-ins or 
    when you jump toward your opponent
    Clark Tackle, Done: HCF, A/C and it's follow ups: 
    Dwn 2X A (Clark Lift) Dwn 2x B/D (Rolling) and my personal 
    fav, Dwn, Dwn, C, (DDT) which also has and Elbow Follow 
    (QCF A/C) up like his SAB
    This is the move that replaced his running throw moves. The 
    stuff that I like about this new move of his is that you can choose
    up to 3 kind of follow ups and since its a blockable move, it can 
    catch opponents that are about to jump. Overall, I would
    recommend this in combos but there are other alternatives 
    when it comes to combos
    Frankenstiener, Done: DP, B/D and Follow up: QCF, A/C
    What can I say about this one? Well this move can work for
    you but it can also work against you. How does this move work for you?
    Effective against jump in attackers (opponents who do a jumping 
    attack) because of it invincibility at start up. In short, use this move 
    to "catch" your jumping opponent
    And it works against you when:
    You miss. As simple as that. This is true for the Frankenstiener 
    has a slow recovery time
    Napalm Stretch, Done: DP, A/C and Follow up: QCF, A/C
    Excellent move for those who constantly jump high specially when anticipated. 
    An average move overall that does decent damage.
    Gattling Attack, Done: Bck (hold for 2 sec.), Fwd A/C
    One of THE best moves to combo with because it can be followed 
    up by a Napalm Stretch and end with an Elbow Follow up which will 
    be explained later. Comes out quick too and is his only move that 
    does guard damage.
    Besides the combo properties, it's the startup speed that adds to the usefulness
    of this move. Do this move when your opponent does a long recovery moves and 
    then finish the punishment with a Napalm Stretch and Elbow follow up. Basically, 
    use this as a retaliation move. The A version does not followup with the Napalm Stretch.
    Usefulness:**** (as a stand alone move)
    Usefulness:***** (in combos) 
    DMs and SDMs (or "Supers")
    Ultra Argentine Backbreaker (UAB), Done:HCB 2x A/C
    What can I say.... this is his best DM/SDM. Same priority as 
    the SAB and the only difference between the two are the motion. 
    This DM is best as a run in and is also good for combos. The 
    damage is quite good too.
    **Note: this is how you do the UAB DM/SDM as a run in: first
    do the first motion, which is HCB and then dash. As 
    you get in range, do the rest, which is HCB, A/C. The 
    run in only works when you dash from a 3 character distance.  
    Running Three, Done: HCF 2x B/D
    This DM may not be as easy to combo as the other DM but 
    what's good about it is it has invincibility at start up, much like
    the Frankenstiener but the recovery time is slightly lesser that 
    of the Frankenstiener. This DM also does slightly more damage 
    that the Ultra Argentine Backbreaker. This move in the SDM version 
    ignores most strikers when timed properly..... watch Clark run over 
    the striker and grab your opponent...hehehehehehe
    >>V Combos
    Since most of you know how to do combos in fighting games like 
    this one, I'll make it quick:
    Jump in combos:
    Jump A/B/C/D, stand C (1 hit), SAB and follow up elbow 
    (HCF B/D then QCF, A/C)
    Jump A/B/C/D, stand C (1 hit), Gattling Attack (Bck 2 sec, Fwd +C), 
    Napalm Stretch and follow up elbow (DP A/C)
    Jump A/B/C/D, stand C (1 hit), Clark Tackle (HCF A/C), 
    any Tackle Follow up (Dwn 2x A~D)
    >>Standing/Crouching combos:
    >>Down A, Gattling Attack (charge Bck, Fwd C), Napalm Stretch
    Down B, SAB (HCF, B/D)
    Down B, UAB S/DM (HCB 2X, A/C)
    Yes, the above combos are back which made Clark very dangerous if played 
    correctly. Why you ask? It adds a great deal to Clark's wakeup game specially 
    when you know how to variate your attacks when your opponent is about to get up.
    **Note: the timing of this combo is quite tricky so practice
    Stand C (1 hit), SAB and follow up elbow (HCF, B/D then QCF, A/C)
    Stand C (1 hit), Gattling Attack (Bck 2 sec, Fwd + A/C), 
    Napalm Stretch and follow up elbow (DP, A/C)
    **Note: the Gattling Attack is only a two hit move unlike Ralf's. 
    Clark's Gattling Attack must be cancelled by a Napalm Stretch 
    after it's second hit. It uses the same principle as Terry's Power 
    Charge follow up or his Fire Kick follow up from his RB2 version in KOF'98**
    Stand C (1 hit), Clark Tackle (HCF, A/C), any Tackle 
    Follow up (Dwn 2x A~D)
    DM/SDM Combos:
    Jump in:
    Jump A/B/C/D, HCB C 2x     note: doing HCB C 2x 
    is the shortcut for the UAB DM combo
    Standing Close:
    HCB C 2x (UAB) combo
    HCF, wait 1 sec then C (1 hit), HCF, B/D    
    note: this is the tricky trick to use the Running Three in a combo but try not to do 
    this fancy combo in a serious match ok?
    Counter Mode combos:
    Dodge Slide Attack (AB then while sliding, press any button to attack), UAB DM
    VI Tactics and strategies:
              Well, I have to be really honest with you.....I cannot give you strategies in
    this FAQ. Why? it's because when you apply strategy, you must be in some sort of 
    situation so if you need help, ICQ or mail me ok? I can also give you info on how to 
    do Clark's "Corner Trap" so ask me and i'll reply as soon as I can.
    VII Credits:
    Serpent Wave: My ICQ buddy..... he told me about the follow up 
    for the Clark Tackle and that Counter Mode combo (Dodge Slide attack, UAB)
    Webmaster of the site that posted this FAQ
    Dark Fire, Shingo (Kasumi FAQ 99 writer): For the respect. Nuff said
    Margoyle and Ignet: you guys know already.....
    Erwin Balicoco: the man who told me about the Dwn B, SAB or UAB combo, personal
    buddy of mine
    Special mention: my friends on the net such as Shingo, Crossblade, KyoForever, 
    M00nrun, Blash, KOFreak, Orochi Yamazaki, Yasakani, K',... and the list 
    goes on and on and on and on..... way longer than the Energizer Bunny could ever go. 
    To those not listed here, pls don't get pissed at me OK?
    KOF or King of Fighters is copyright of SNK and so are it's characters. 
    The Energizer Bunny is owned by....uh.... Energizer? and this FAQ is 
    copyright of me, PTR, The Tainted Hero. All rights reserved. Copyright 1999. 
    PTR property..... or whatever 

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