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    Joe by Boo Boo

    Version: 1.21 | Updated: 01/26/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Title: Joe Higashi KOF99 FAQ v1.21
    Author: Boo Boo
    Last Updated: 1-26-00
    email: booboo33_33@yahoo.com
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    Legal stuff: This document is intended for public use. Do not use for
    profit in any manner, unless you have first received permission from
    me. If you wish to post this elsewhere or use material from this faq,
    please notify me first; I would like to know where this faq is going.
    Table of Contents:
    1. Version Updates
    2. Who is Joe Higashi
    3. Why This Faq, and Why Play Joe Higashi
    4. FAQ Notation
    5. Joe's Attacks
    6. Joe's Combos
    7. General Strategy (Lengthy)
    8. Vs. Advice
    9. Fun Stuff
    10. Stuff Needed
    11. Credits and KOF Links
    12. Comments, Suggestions, Corrections?
    1. Version Updates:
    v1.21: Added a Ryo-Striker combo (section 6.5). Upgraded my thoughts 
         on his Jump B, Jump C, and his Golden Heel Hurter. Added speech
         and translation for SDM Screw Happa. Made a couple other tiny
         changes, can't remember what they are...
    v1.2: Downgraded my opinion on Joe's dnfwd B and Slash Kick. I
         replaced Jump B with Jump A in all the combos (it seems easier to 
         combo off Jump A). Added a couple new Leona-Striker combos
         (section 6.5). Added some useless thoughts in the Armor Mode area 
         (section 6.7).
    v1.1: Modified some Vs. Advice. Changed thoughts on his Jump A.
         Changed thoughts on Slash Kick. Added a warning about TNT 
         Finisher when fighting against grapplers. Finally remembered to 
         add the Golden Heel Hurter as an air-defense option. Added speech
         for Joe's B win pose.
    v1.05: Correction about his Rush SDM's comboability. Separated DM and
         SDM combos into two sections, and revised them a little.
    v1.0 : Here we go! The first draft of my Joe FAQ.
    2. Who is Joe Higashi:
    Joe Higashi is the world Muy Thai champion, and he is also
    a close friend of the Bogard brothers (Terry and Andy). He is really 
    noisy and somewhat arrogant (he is extremely confident in his 
    fighting abilities), but he generally seems to be a good guy, even if
    he does annoy you now and then. 
    BTW, here is his profile, thanks to Gunsmith's KOF99 FAQ:
    Place of Birth : Japan
    Fighting Style : Muetai Kickboxing
    Age            : 23
    DOB            : 29th March
    Blood Type     : AB
    Height         : 180 cm
    Weight         : 71 kg
    Hobby          : Fighting
    Favourite Food : Fried Wani (Fried Alligator meat)
    Important Thing: His Hachimaki (headband)
    Best Sport     : Any kind of fighting
    Hated Thing    : Dressing up formally
    3. Why This Faq, and Why Play Joe Higashi:
    Well, I wrote this FAQ largely because I am a big-time Joe fan. But 
    also, not many people out there play with Joe, or even give him a 
    chance. A lot of players think Joe sucks now in KOF'99, and while Joe
    certainly isn't among the best of the best in KOF'99, he can be a
    competitive and capable fighter if played correctly. He's been 
    toned down from '98, but that doesn't hurt him too much, because a lot 
    of people got toned down. Anyway, hopefully this FAQ will help you 
    play Joe to his full potential.
    Why would you want to fight as Joe Higashi? Well, Joe may not be among
    the best characters in KOF'99, but he can still hit quite hard, since 
    his combos are powerful and easy to do. He is a bit on the slow side, 
    however. You can hop with him sometimes, but in general, he is more of 
    a pressure character that mixes it up from both the air and the 
    ground. With Joe, a bit more emphasis should be placed on offense than 
    defense. If you like this style of play, like to think during a
    fight (i.e. no pattern-fighting), and you are a big fan of Joe (like I 
    am), you should try Joe out sometime.
    4. FAQ Notation:
    A = light punch 
    B = light kick 
    C = heavy punch 
    D = heavy kick 
    dn  = down joystick motion
    u   = up joystick motion
    b   = hold joystick in blocking direction 
    fwd = joystick forward motion
    db  = hold joystick down and back
    df  = hold joystick down and forward
    qcb = quarter circle back joystick motion (d, db, b)
    qcf = quarter circle forward joystick motion (d, df, f)
    hcb = half circle back joystick motion (f, df, d, db, b)
    hcf = half circle forward joystick motion (b, db, d, df, f)
    dp  = uppercut joystick motion (f, d, df)
    rdp = reverse uppercut joystick motion (b, d, db)
    CM = Counter Mode
    AM = Armor Mode
    5. His Attacks:
    Note: Joe's moves will be rated from * to *****, where * = sucky,
    *** = so and so, and ***** = awesome.
    5.1 Throws:
    When close, b/f + C (*****): This throw can really irritate your
         opponent. Joe grabs the opponent and starts to knee him in
         the gut. Mash on the buttons and wiggle your joystick, and
         Joe will knee the opponent LOTS of times for good damage. This
         throw is his best throw, unless time is a factor. It is good for 
         keeping cornered opponents cornered. Seems to have good range for
         a normal throw.
    When close, b/f + D (****): Joe grabs his opponent with his legs,
         flips over, and slams him on the ground behind Joe. This throw
         ends quickly, so if time is running out and you are losing, use
         this throw instead of the other one. That way, you have more time
         left to catch up with the opponent. This throw reverses positions
         between Joe and the opponent.
    5.2 Normal Attacks:
    Far Standing A (***) (not cancellable)
         A quick jab at chest-level. It misses crouchers, but it does okay
         against other standing pokes. Better poke than you'd think.
    Far AND Near Standing B (***) (cancellable) :
         Joe sticks out his front foot with a push kick (it's called a 
         teep kick in Muy Thai). It has okay range, pretty good speed, and
         pretty good priority. At close range, this will help you pressure
         your opponent.
    Far Standing C (**) (not cancellable):
         Joe throws a straight heavy punch at chest-level. Okay reach and
         speed. Small characters can duck under it. Don't use it much, his
         Standing D is better.
    Far Standing D (****) (not cancellable):
         He does a roundhouse kick at waist-level. Comes out fast for a 
         D, has good range, & great priority. Unfortunately, it seems to
         hit higher than it did in '98, and a lot of long-ranged sweeps 
         will now trip Joe while he's doing it. And it still misses small 
         crouching characters. But still, this is useful when used 
    Near Standing A (***) (cancellable):
         A quick elbow at about chest-level. It hits higher than it did in
         '98, and it whiffs against small ducking characters. You won't be
         using this too much outside of combos.
    Near Standing C (****) (cancellable):
         Joe does a heavy elbow to his opponent's gut. This is his best 
         combo starter. Use it a lot. However, it's not as fast as the 
         really good Close C's out there (i.e. Shin Kyo's).
    Near Standing D (***) (cancellable):
         Joe thrusts up his knee towards his opponent's chin. Although
         this is a new feature for him in '99 (in '98, he had no Near D
         animation), it isn't all that useful. It serves the same purpose 
         as his Near Standing C, although it seems to come out a little
         faster (still not as fast as Kyo's Close C, though). But this 
         will miss against small ducking people and people who are doing
         low-to-the-ground moves (i.e. Beni's Dwn C). Joe's Near Stnd C
         is better overall. 
    Standing CD (*) (cancellable):
         Joe does a slow, high, funky kick. It misses most crouchers. 
         Don't use it much, it will usually get you into trouble.
    CD counter (****) (not cancellable):
         Joe does his Standing B animation, which comes out MUCH faster
         than his regular CD. It is a very good CD counter. Joe doesn't 
         have any use for counter or armor mode, and he can still do
         decent damage without DMs; so you may want to use this a lot.
    Crouching A (*****) (cancellable):
         Joe does a quick knee-level jab. Comes out very quick and has 
         good range for a Crouching A. It is good for combos. Use this a 
         lot to bother your opponent up close, and link to his TNT 
         punches or Rush DM.
    Crouching B (****) (not cancellable):
         Joe sticks out his foot low and kicks the opponent's ankle. Comes 
         out fast and has very good range. Useful in-close poke.
         Make sure to hold the joystick down, and not down-forward, or
         Joe's slide attack will come out.
    Crouching C (no stars):
         Argh, what did SNK DO to this move?! In '98, this was his best
         combo starter! In '99, this thing SUCKS! Joe pops up and does 
         some weird elbow to the opponent's head. There is nothing good
         about this move. Do not use.
    Crouching D (***) (cancellable):
         Joe does a low roundhouse sweep. This has good reach, but comes
         out very slow. A lot of other sweeps will beat it. I usually use 
         it at maximum range against opponents who are getting up, or
         against opponents who have no long-range poke (i.e. Bao) or worse 
         sweeps (i.e. Maxima).
    Jumping A (****):
         Joe does some sort of leaning elbow in the air. Okay range for a
         Jump A. It aims higher than the Jump B does. In air battles, this 
         is Joe's quick attack of choice. Can use as jump-in, also.
    Jumping B (****):
         Joe sticks out a kick that is aimed a bit downwards. This kick 
         has GREAT range for a Jump B. It is basically a slightly 
         quicker version of his Hop D.
    Hopping C (****):
         Joe's new Hopping C has him doing a funky downward punch. It has
         very bad horizontal range, but it has GREAT downward reach. It is
         good for jump-in attacks. It's not good for air battles, though.
    Vertical High Jump C (**):
         Joe does his old Jump C animation from '98. Not really all that
         useful compared to his other air attacks.
    Hopping D (****):
         Joe sticks out his leg at roughly the same angle as his Jumping
         B. It is probably his best jump-in for combos, and is pretty good
         for air battles, too. It used to have a LOT more priority in '98, 
         but it is still okay in '99. It's pretty quick and strong.
    Vertical High Jumping D (***):
         Joe stabs down with his foot at a downward angle, an angle
         similar to that of his Hopping C's punch. It's somewhat special
         in that it can be used as an instant overhead.
    Jump CD (*****):
         Joe's new air CD is GREAT. He does this horizontal kick that
         has great range and comes out FAST. I think this comes out faster 
         than his Jump D or C, amazingly enough! Very useful for high-jump 
         air battles or defense. It is kinda bad for jump-ins.
    5.3 Striker Attack:
    Rating: (***)
    Joe jumps in and briefly does his old TNT Punch animation from KOF'95. 
    If he completely misses the opponent, he then jumps back off screen.
    If he touches the opponent, he does more TNT punches, finishes with a
    leaping uppercut animation that was grabbed from his SDM Screw Happa
    animation, then moons the opponent. ^_^
    Joe's striker attack is actually pretty good, IMHO. When your fighter 
    first calls out Joe, your fighter is invincibile for a moment, which
    certainly does not suck. And if the opponent gets caught inside Joe's 
    punches, you can do almost anything you want while Joe's punching
    out the opponent (you can do even grab DMs like Clark's Running
    Threeya!) If your opponent blocks Joe, you still have plenty of time 
    to move around and set up your next attack. 
    The only problem with Joe's striker attack is that it has BAD range.
    And boy, when I say bad, I mean BAD. It's bad enough to knock down
    Joe's Striker Attack from good to only average.
    5.4 Slide Attack: (hit A, B, C, or D during AB forward slide)
    Rating: (****)
    Joe's Slide Attack is a high back-kick with good range and speed. 
    It misses against small crouching characters, though. Useful against 
    fireballers. Also, in Counter Mode, slide attacks become cancellable, 
    although I wouldn't recommend using Joe in Counter Mode.
    5.5 Command Attacks:
    f + B (****) (cancellable) :
         Joe steps forward and delivers a low sweeping kick, using his
         hardened Muy-Thai-trained shin to club the opponent's shin. When
         done outside of a chain, this attack must be blocked low. It is 
         always cancellable, whether it is used in a chain combo or used 
         alone. It should be used only in chains, since it is too slow to
         be used as a poke by itself.
    df + B (**) (not cancellable):
         Joe slides low for about 1/2 screen, sticking out his foot. This
         hits low, but does not knock down. It has much better range than
         it did in '98, but it does NOT go under fireballs anymore (except
         against Kryzalid-1's and Maxima's Vapor Cannon). The recovery 
         isn't too great, either, so do not use it at close range. It is 
         okay as an occasional surprise poke, but that's about it.
    5.6 Special Attacks:
    Hurricane Upper -> hcf + P (****):
         Ah, Joe's trademark move. If you use the A button, Joe throws a
         single hurricane wave that is about as tall as him, and the
         hurricane travels about halfway across the screen. If you use
         the C button, Joe throws two hurricanes.
         Some characters can hop over the hurricane if they time it
         well, all high jumps will also jump over it (Chin still has a
         tough time, though, heh heh). 
         Use mostly his A version, since it comes out faster and recovers 
         faster. This is a good move for safe chip damage after a blocked 
         combo. It is probably his most important weapon, but not 
         necessarily the weapon that Joe should use most.
         Outside of combos, you should use it quite a bit, but do not use 
         it as your sole offensive attack; it's not that good a fireball. 
         Especially do not use it at CLOSE range; it takes a while for Joe 
         to summon his hurricane, and he can be hit before it comes out. I 
         like to use it when the opponent is at its maximum range, around 
         1/2 a screen away. At this range, if the opponent hops from 
         there, it has time to come out and hit the opponent in mid-hop. 
         Use it at this range to discourage hopping, then see if your 
         opponent starts to recklessly slide or high-jump.
         Don't use this at long-range either. There's no point in throwing
         it out from long-range.
    Tiger Knee -> dp + K (****):
         Joe's uppercut attack. He leaps high into the air with his knee
         thrust upwards. The D version goes higher than the B version.
         The B version has better horizontal range than the D version.
         If Joe misses his opponent or the opponent blocks the knee, Joe 
         is left WIDE open for punishment.
         Use the D version of his Tiger Knee most of the time. It has 
         much better anti-air priority than the B version. But still, 
         neither one is invincible, and they will often trade hits with 
         well-timed high-priority jump ins. 
    Slash Kick -> hcf + K (***):
         Joe's main combo move, outside of DM combos. Joe sort of flies
         forward towards his opponent, leg outstretched. The B version
         travels a little more than 1/2 screen, while the D version goes
         about 3/4's of the screen.
         This move comes out pretty fast, has pretty good priority once 
         the kick comes out, and has okay recovery so long as Joe doesn't 
         land RIGHT in front of the opponent. It is good for punishing 
         mistakes from a distance.
         Use the B version most of the time. The D version does a tiny 
         bit more damage, but it hits higher than the B version and will 
         miss most crouching characters, even during a combo. 
         The B version is pretty good as an occasional surprise poke, but 
         you should be using this mostly in combos.
    TNT Punches -> Mash on A/C repeatedly (***):
         If you mash on the punch buttons a lot, Joe will start doing all
         these crazy short-ranged punches and elbows. If you mash on
         Crouching A a lot, it will usually combo off the Crouching A's. 
         It does okay damage, but it has bad range. And it has bad 
         priority against low attacks. Only use it when you are close to 
         your opponent. Don't mash on the punch buttons for too long, or 
         the opponent will get pushed out of Joe's range while Joe is 
         still punching; and Joe will be left open for punishment. This 
         move has terrible recovery if you do not use the TNT Finisher 
         afterwards, so always do the TNT Finisher after you execute this 
    TNT Finisher -> during TNT punches, qcf + A/C (A = **** , C = **):
         If you use the A version, Joe does an overhead elbow that must be
         blocked high. If you use the C version, Joe does a flying high
         kick that can be crouched under. The A version does not knock
         down, while the C version does. The A version has much better 
         recovery than the C version, and it does about the same damage.
         Always use the A version, whether the TNT punches are blocked or 
         not. After Joe does his overhead elbow, Joe and his opponent are
         usually pushed away from each other, leaving Joe safe from most
         counter attacks.
         If the TNT punches are blocked, it's best to do this move as soon 
         as you can, which is right after executing the TNT punches. I 
         have gotten the timing down where I always have Joe do his 
         overhead elbow after only one or two hits with his TNT punches. 
         If blocked, this still leaves him pretty safe.
         Using the TNT Finisher (and TNT Punches) against grapplers can be
         dangerous. When Joe rushes forward with his overhead elbow, I 
         think grapplers can grab him as he's rushing forward. I'm not
         sure if this theory is correct or not. But once, an opponent 
         grabbed me out of this move with Maxima. He had been spazzing on
         the joystick with hcf + D while I was attacking with Joe, and I 
         think that is what happened.
    Golden Heel Hurter -> qcb + K (****):
         Joe flips in the air, lashing out with his foot in an overhead
         arc. The B version travels about 1/4 of the screen, and reaches
         up to about 2/3's of the screen's height. The D version travels
         about 1/2 of the screen, and reaches up almost to the top of the
         You can sort of poke with this move, since it has pretty good 
         priority and recovery. It is also good for pressuring if the
         opponent is blocking your combo, since it pushes the opponent
         to the corner and keeps Joe close to the opponent.
         Don't throw this out TOO much as a stand-alone poke move, because
         Joe can be easily hit out of it during its rather slow start-up.
         As for anti-air, I have mixed feelings about this move. It has 
         good air-to-air priority. And you can also set up a juggle with 
         this move. But it has a slow start-up, so to use it as anti-air, 
         you have to practically anticipate your opponent's jump. Use only 
         the B version, since it does essentially the same thing, and is a 
         bit safer than the D version if you miss with it. But still, I
         would not advise relying too much on this move as anti-air. Joe 
         has better alternatives for air defense, I think.
    5.7 Desperation Moves:
    Screw Happa -> qcfx2 + P (****):
         Wait, did I say that Joe's trademark move was Hurricane Upper?
         My bad, his Screw Happa is his trademark move! For the DM
         version, Joe first creates a purple tornado in front of him that 
         is as tall as him; then the tornado grows taller and slowly
         travels forward for about a 1/4 of the screen. For the SDM 
         version, Joe does the same thing, except the tornado is now
         bright orange, and the tornado travels full-screen. The DM has 
         pretty good recovery, but the SDM has bad recovery. C versions
         of the S/DM travel a little faster than the A versions.
         For the DM, the A version comes out so slow, it doesn't even 
         combo anymore. Only the C version combos now, off a close C or
         D. Never use the A version, only use the C version. The DM 
         also does a lot of block damage, BTW.
         Both versions of the SDM, on the other hand, are quick enough to 
         combo after a Crouching A or Near Standing A. I've noticed that 
         the A version of the SDM does more damage in combos. The C 
         version travels faster, so you can use it as a full-screen 
         projectile against an idiot who keeps throwing fireballs against 
         a Joe player who has a red life bar. If blocked, the SDM does
         a LOT of block damage.
         If the opponent does a high or slow jump, the Screw Happa is
         great anti-air. Once Joe has summoned his hurricane, almost 
         nothing can penetrate it. Keep in mind, however, that when the
         hurricane is first summoned, it is only as tall as Joe; an
         opponent can jump over it rather easily, so make sure the
         opponent is jumping INTO it, not OVER it. Also, do not use this
         against hops. It comes out too slow to counter hops.
         One final note on Screw Happa: It beats practically EVERY other
         projectile attack out there. It snuffs out HaohShoKokens, Chin's
         Firebreath DM, Bao's Fireball Supers, etc. The only thing it does
         not beat is Kasumi's Wave DM. Against Kasumi's Wave DM, the DMs 
         will just go right through each other, and both Joe and Kasumi 
         will be hit (assuming Kasumi is within range of the Screw Happa).
    Exploding Hurricane Tiger Heel -> qcf, hcb + P (****):
         For this DM, Joe quickly rushes forward doing his TNT punches.
         Then he throws a couple Hurricane Uppers, a Tiger Knee, then
         a Golden Heel Hurter. For the SDM, Joe does a lot more TNT 
         punches, a few orange-colored Hurricane Uppers, then a really 
         high Tiger Knee into a Golden Heel Hurter. It is his most 
         damaging DM, I believe.
         For the DM, only use the C version, since it has better range 
         than the A version. Practice comboing this DM, because it
         does good damage. It combos off A attacks, Close Stnd C/D, or the
         fwd B command attack.
         The SDM stinks. He pauses before rushing forward, thus making it
         tough to combo. So far, I find that it only combos off a Standing
         C/D. I advise you to use his Screw Happa for SDM combos.
         Keep in mind, Joe's rush DM is not like Ryo's or Kim's rush DMs.
         Joe's rush DM does not suck in his opponent, and if it is done on
         airborne opponents, it only juggles them for a couple hits before
         they fall to the ground. Joe will still be doing his crazy 
         punching and kicking when they get up, and this is a bad thing.
    Strongest Low Kick in History -> qcfx2 + K (***) (chargeable):
         I love this move, because it is so Joe! Joe coils as he turns his
         back to the opponent, then he lunges forward with a very painful-
         looking shin kick. It has better reach than it seems, about 1/2
         screen. It also has a higher hit area than you'd think. This DM 
         must be blocked low.
         You can hold the kick button after doing the qcfx2, and Joe will 
         not lash out with his kick until you let go of the button. If you 
         keep holding onto the kick button, Joe will automatically do the 
         kick after a few seconds. Unfortunately, charging the DM doesn't 
         make it unblockable or increase the damage. The SDM is the 
         exact same thing as the DM, except it does more damage.
         The DM & SDM come out too slow to use in normal combos. But this
         DM is not useless, because it is Joe's only DM that juggles after
         a juggling striker attack (i.e. Kim or Yuri). It is easy to time 
         the juggle with this DM, too. Just do the DM as soon as possible, 
         then hold down the button until the opponent falls down to 
         striking range; then simply let go of the button for easy damage.
    6. Combos:
    If you know of any combos that are not listed here, I would greatly 
    appreciate it if you sent them to me, so I can put them in and give 
    credit to you...
    6.1 Chain Combos:
    These are some of the more useful chain combos that Joe can do.
    ## = can be chained, but will not combo
    1) dn A, dn A, dn A
    2) dn B, dn B, dn B
    3) dn B, dn A
    4) dn A, Stnd B
    5) dn A, Near Stnd A
    6) Stnd C, fwd + B
    7) Stnd C, dn fwd + B
    8) Far Stnd A, Far Stnd A
    9) Far Stnd A, dn A
    10) Far Stand A, dn B
    11) ## dn B, Stnd B
    12) ## dn B, Stnd B, fwd + B
    13) ## dn A, Stnd B, fwd + B
    14) ## dn B, dn A, fwd + B
    15) ## dn A, dn A, fwd + B
    16) ## Far Stand A, dn A, fwd + B
    17) ## Dn D, fwd + B
    18) ## Dn D, dn fwd + B
    6.2 Non-DM combos:
    1) Jump A/B/C/D, Stnd C/D, fwd + B, hcf + B
         *(This is Joe's bread-and-butter combo. It does good damage 
         for such an easy combo. It does the most damage out of all his 
         non-DM combos.)
    2) Stnd C/D, fwd + B, qcb + B
         *(Even if blocked, this is a good pressure tactic, since Joe is
         pretty safe after the qcb + B... except against grapplers.)
    3) Jump A/B/C/D, Dn A, press A/C rapidly (TNT Punches), qcf + A (TNT
    4) Dn A, Dn A, dp + B
    5) Stnd B, dp + B
    6) (corner) Stnd C/D, fwd + B, dp + B
    7) (corner) Stnd C/D, fwd + B, press A/C rapidly (TNT Punches), 
    qcf + C (TNT Finisher), A
         *(You can skip the fwd + B if you want. If you use the fwd + B,
         the 1st punch of the TNT Punches will not connect, it will be the 
         2nd or 3rd punch; you must do the finisher right after this 2nd 
         or 3rd punch. The A afterwards is a juggle. Showoff combo.)
    8) (opponent in air) qcb + B/D, hcf + B
    9) (opponent in air) qcb + B/D, Stnd D
    10) (opponent in air and near corner) qcb + B/D, dp + B/D
    11) (opponent in air and near corner) qcb + B/D, press A/C rapidly
    12) fwd + B, qcb + B
    13) fwd + B, hcf + B
    14) fwd + B, dp + B
    15) (very close to opponent) fwd + B, hcf + A
    16) Jump A/D, Stnd C/D, hcf + A
    17) Jump A/D, Stnd C/D, dp + B/D
    18) Jump A/D, Stnd C/D, hcf + B/D
    6.3 Normal Mode DM Combos:
    1) Stnd C/D, fwd + B, qcf hcb + C (DM only)
         *(Joe's bread-and-butter DM combo. You can NOT do this off a 
         jump-in, because Joe will be pushed too far away from his
         opponent, even if Joe has the opponent in the corner. Also,
         the DM sometimes doesn't connect against small opponents,
         especially Bao.)
    2) Jump A/B/C/D, Dn A or Near Stnd A, qcf hcb + C (DM)
         *(His easiest jump-in DM combo, IMO)
    3) Jump A, Dn B or Dn A, Dn A, qcf hcb + C (DM)
         *(Joe's Dn B, Dn A chain has pretty strict timing in KOF'99, as
         opposed to what it was in KOF'98. Sometimes the Dn A will not 
         combo if your timing is a tiny bit off, so doing the DM off a dn 
         B, dn A chain can be risky. Dn A, Dn A is much easier to time.
         BTW, the jump-in must be deep, or the DM might not connect.)
    4) Jump A/B/C/D, Stnd C/D, qcf hcb + C (DM)
         *(Joe has to jump in pretty deep against the opponent for the
         DM to connect. Otherwise, the opponent gets pushed too far away.)
    5) Jump A/D, Stnd C/D, qcfx2 + C (DM) 
         *(The comments for combo #4 apply here also.)
    6.4 Normal Mode SDM Combos:
    1) Dn B or Dn A, Dn A or Near Stnd A, qcfx2 + A (SDM)
         *(Both the A and C versions of the SDM can combo, but A version
         does more damage.)
    2) Jump A/B/C/D, Dn A or Near Stnd A, qcfx2 + A (SDM)
    3) Jump A/B/C/D, Stnd C/D, qcfx2 + A (SDM)
    4) Stnd C/D, qcf hcb + C (SDM)
    6.5 Striker Combos:
    1) Juggling Striker (i.e. Kim, Yuri, Leona) -> qcfx2 + B/D (DM/SDM)
         *(The most practical striker combo, by far. If you don't have a
         DM charged up, use Joe's hcf + D instead. It does the most damage
         out of all his non-DM moves.)
    2) Leona Striker -> qcb + B/D -> hcb + B
         *(You must do the qcb + B/D as soon as Leona blows up the 
         opponent and the opponent starts flying upwards.)
    3) Leona Striker -> qcfX2 + P (DM/SDM)
         *(If you're bored of juggling with Joe's Strongest Low Kick,
         you can try this combo out. It does about the same damage,
         too. You must pull out the DM as soon as Joe stops doing his 
         Striker-Call animation.)
    4) (Opponent in corner) Jump A -> Stnd C -> qcfX2 + C (DM only) -> 
         Ryo Striker -> C/D Throw
         *(This is a pretty nifty combo to do if you land a jump-in attack
         on a cornered opponent. You can do a shortcut for the DM by doing
         Jump A, qcf + C, qcf + C. Just make sure you do qcf + C, not
         HCF + C.)
    5) King striker -> qcb + B -> qcb + B -> dp + B/D
         *(This does a lot of damage for a non-DM combo.)
    6) (Opponent near corner) King striker -> qcfx2 + C -> qcfx2 + B/D
         *(Needless to say, this does a lot of damage, too. This is
         pretty tough to do, I've only done it twice so far.)
    6.6 Counter Mode Combos:
    Note: Joe is utterly WORTHLESS in Counter Mode. In Counter Mode, both 
    his Screw Happa and Rush DM have start-up pauses that make them 
    uncomboable. His Strongest Low Kick In History stays the same, but 
    that doesn't help any because it is uncomboable in the first place. 
    Therefore, since none of his DMs are comboable in CM, there is no 
    point in using CM with Joe.
    But still, if you accidentally press ABC while using Joe, here are
    some counter mode combos you might want to try.
    1) AB slide attack, fwd + B, hcf + B
    2) AB slide attack, hcf + B
    3) AB slide attack, dp + K
    I don't even know why I'm bothering to tell you this, but the special 
    attacks that Joe can cancel in Counter Mode are:
    1) 1st hit of the Tiger Knee
    2) The second hit of his C version H-upper
    3) The A TNT Finisher (not so sure about this one)
    6.7 Armor Mode Combos:
    Hmm, Joe doesn't really have any use for Armor Mode, IMHO. Once, CPU 
    Joe activated Armor Mode against me, and he did all these qcb + B's.
    I tried this strategy out later, wondering if it was anything like
    AM Chang and his Spinning Ball; but the block damage of the qcb + B's 
    was only about 1/8 of a lifebar.
    7. General Strategy:
    Here are some abbreviations I may use in the following discussion, 
    since I am too lazy to type long words over and over again.
    H-Upper => The A version of Hurricane Upper (never use C version)
    S-Happa => Screw Happa
    Rush DM => Exploding Hurricane Tiger Heel
    7.1 Thoughts on how to fight with Joe:
    First things first, Joe is not a pattern fighter! He doesn't have
    any weapon that is easily abusable, therefore being predictable with
    him is a sure way to lose. King can do Jump CD all day and still do
    fairly well, but Joe can't do anything like that. Joe has to play
    Joe has some decent combos, but he is not really a combo-oriented 
    character. He is more of a poking and zoning fighter that can 
    occasionally go on offensive tirades.
    Joe is probably at his best when he has his opponent trapped in a 
    corner. So try to move your opponent towards a corner in any way you 
    can, be it attacking, throwing, CD-countering, whatever. If you
    really start mauling your opponent in the corner, I find that Joe can
    guard crush his opponent quite easily. Keep that in mind when doing
    blocked combos.
    If you're new to Joe, the first thing you'll notice is that Joe is
    pretty darned slow. His strikes are kinda slow, and his jumps and 
    hops are DAMNED slow. He is not ideal for hop-fests, but you still
    have to jump with him sometimes, since his ground poking isn't
    the best.
    If you want to offensively hop with Joe, I'd advise using his Hop A or 
    B most of the time. But in general, I would advise you to not 
    repeatedly hop-attack with Joe. His hop is just too slow.
    Joe has mediocre defense, so he is better off acting first, rather 
    than reacting second. You don't have to go beserk with Joe, but you 
    want Joe to be controlling the flow of the fight. If Joe is not on the
    attack, it is best to keep his opponent near the maximum range of 
    his H-Upper. Joe controls the fight pretty well at that range.
    One thing you probably want to do is let your opponent know that you 
    WILL randomly throw out the H-Upper. If an opponent jumps into Joe's 
    H-Upper a couple times, he will most likely be wary of the H-Upper, 
    and he won't be so hop-crazy. Even if he blocks the H-Uppers, at least 
    he still knows that an H-Upper might come out at any moment. Not-so-
    smart players will begin to recklessly slide and high-jump to avoid 
    any possible H-Uppers, and you can easily deal with those guys. 
    Unfortunately, smart players know that Joe can't win a round solely on 
    his H-Upper alone, and they'll be more patient. You will actually have
    to think against these opponents...
    BTW, don't throw the H-Upper ALL the time. If you get predictable with 
    it, the opponent can get around it and hurt Joe badly. Instead, just
    throw a couple, and watch to see if your opponent is wary of the H-
    Upper or not. If your opponent is wary, that usually means he's not 
    attacking. Then, that is your cue for you to start moving in with Joe.
    On to specific stuff...
    7.1 Close-Range Fighting:
    Once you get used to Joe's moves, you'll find out that Joe can really
    go on offensive rampages when he's up close. Joe's Crouching A and 
    Standing B are effective pokes at this range, and both are 
    cancellable, so if the opponent is blocking, you can cancel either of 
    the above with: an H-Upper; fwd + B -> H-Upper; or fwd + B -> qcb + B 
    for rather safe block damage. Using the qcb + B is recommended when
    Joe doesn't have his opponent in the corner; the qcb + B is very good 
    for pushing the opponent towards the corner and keeping Joe close to 
    his opponent, letting Joe continue his offensive tirade. Once Joe has
    his opponent in the corner, use H-Upper instead; in the corner, a 
    blocked qcb + B will leave Joe TOO close to the opponent. Oh, and BTW, 
    don't use the qcb + B much against grapplers like Ralf/Clark, unless
    you become very familiar with the qcb + B's range.
    Don't forget Joe's Crouching B, either. It has better reach than his 
    Crouching A, and better speed than his Standing B. If the opponent is
    outside the Crouching A's range, you can do a Crouching B -> Standing 
    B, then build off the cancellable Standing B. Sometimes I do a 
    Crouching D right after the Crouching B, then do a fwd B -> qcb + B. 
    You can do these or other variations to keep the pressure on.
    If an opponent blocks an H-Upper up close, watch for what he
    usually does afterwards. Some opponents like to jump after blocking 
    Joe's H-Upper; for them, do Joe's Standing D after an H-Upper, and the 
    Standing D will smack the opponent before his feet even leave the 
    ground. If the opponent likes to slide after blocking an H-Upper, 
    catch him in mid-slide with a Stnd C, fwd B, DM combo. Some 
    opponents are absolutely unpredictable. With them, just wait and react 
    to whatever they do after they block an H-Upper. 
    Joe doesn't have anything that can compete with stuff like Kyo's Close 
    C or Clark's Close C. Don't try to beat the priority of those moves.
    Instead, try to keep the opponent at around Joe's Crouching A/B range.
    If things get hot and you don't have time to think, you can mash on 
    Crouching A, do the TNT Punches, then quickly cancel into the A TNT 
    Finisher. Whether the TNT Punches are blocked or unblocked, the A
    TNT Finisher has good recovery and gives Joe some breathing room.
    Hop C is pretty good here. It has great downward range, so if you hop
    and then immediately hit C (that is, Joe does his punch while he is
    still rising from his hop), you will still hit anyone who is 
    crouching. People who are slow or confused may fall for this 
    pseudo-overhead tactic. Even if they block, it still gives them 
    something to think about, it takes off a bit of the opponent's guard 
    crush meter, and Joe stays rather close to his opponent.
    If the opponent turtles, throw him with the C button. People hate
    Joe's C throw and usually get flustered (which is a good thing,
    unless your opponent is much larger than you, or carrying a loaded
    Bottom line: Joe is good at this range. Try to take the offensive and
    push opponent into the corner. Keep the opponent at around Joe's 
    Crouching A/B range, if you can. Once Joe gets them in the corner, 
    wait for the opponent to do something reckless, keep attacking until a 
    guard crush happens, or throw the opponent if he's turtling.
    7.2 Mid-Range Fighting:
    Joe's H-Upper is really important here. Like I said, throw it once in
    a while, but don't get predictable. See if you can bait someone into
    sliding or high-jumping right into your lap.
    Joe's Standing D is pretty good here, too, except against tiny dudes 
    like Bao, Choi, and Xiangfei. It has great priority and good speed,
    and beats a lot of stuff, including special moves. However, it has a 
    major problem in that Joe can be swept out of it. If your opponent
    anticipates your Stnd D and starts to sweep a lot, don't do Stnd D
    and switch to H-Upper; let them eat hurricane as they stick their 
    foot out. Or hop attack over their sweep, and see if you can get in
    a punishing Hop A/D, Stnd C, fwd B, hcf + B combo.
    Joe's qcb + B/D is a good mid-range poke at this range. Use it
    periodically, but don't abuse it too much. It ain't that good.
    Use the B/D Slash Kick to punish mistakes at a distance, like 
    a blocked Power Geyser or Bao-reflector.
    Joe's dn fwd + B slide is a decent surprise poke here, if used 
    from a distance. But still, it's not very good. Use it, at most, 
    twice per round.
    Joe's Crouching D is not recommended as a stand-alone poke, unless 
    you're fighting guys with slower sweeps (i.e. Maxima, Shingo/Kyo) or 
    guys who have no range (i.e. Choi). Rememember that Joe's Crouching D 
    is cancellable, so you can follow it up with other stuff after you 
    throw it out.
    If you're not throwing out any of the above, you can do several
    things. You can just wait, walk back and forth, or hop-attack. If you
    want to hop, I recommend using Joe's Hop A or B. His Hop B has great
    reach, so use it if you're far away from your opponent. His Hop A is
    better if you are hopping closer to the opponent. And make sure
    to HOP, not jump. Joe's hop is slow enough as it is, and Joe's jump
    is incredibly slow.
    Opponents also like to hop at this range. To fight this, Joe's Tiger 
    Knee does nicely. However, if you're not confident in your reactions, 
    try anticipating the opponent's hop by hopping upward or backwards and 
    sticking out Joe's quick Hop A/B. If you're close enough, Joe's 
    Standing D snuffs hoppers who are just starting to jump, and for 
    really-close hops, his Standing A is okay for snuffing, too.
    Bottom line: Wisely use the H-Upper, Standing D, and qcb + K. Sometimes
    do a hop A/B. Be ready to pull out anti-hop defenses. Try to get closer, 
    if you want to.
    7.3 Long-Range Fighting:
    NEVER throw out an H-Upper in this range. It's pointless.
    This is a bad situation for Joe if time is running out & Joe has to go 
    on the offensive. His jumps are too slow, so don't ever long-jump 
    towards your opponent, unless you're going over a fireball. If you 
    need to get closer to the opponent, just walk towards him, or dash a 
    little distance and stop.
    If time is running out and the opponent has to come to Joe, Joe is in 
    a good situation. If you see your opponent long-jump towards you, pull
    out a S-Happa; once the S-Happa is formed, it is great anti-air. If
    your opponent dashes towards you, be wary of a dash into a slide. If
    your opponent just walks towards you, wait for him. Time is on your
    Long-range fighting is not ideal for Joe, and I also find it boring.
    I don't want to talk about it anymore.
    7.4 Air Defense:
    Joe has decent air-defense options, I think, after considering the 
    fact that many characters in KOF'99 don't have solid anti-air:
    1) Joe's D Tiger Knee is a pretty good uppercut, although it's not 
       invincible. There's no point in using the B Tiger Knee instead
       of the D Tiger Knee. The B Tiger Knee is not much safer, since both
       Tiger Knees have terrible recovery. And the B Tiger Knee has bad 
       anti-air priority, compared to the D Tiger Knee.
    2) His Jump CD can be really good as air-defense, especially against 
       high jumpers. Jumping backwards with Jump D works well, too.
    3) If an opponent uses quick air attacks to beat Joe's Jump CD, use 
       Joe's Jump A to out-quick him.
    4) Against jumping opponents who are landing a bit in front of you, 
       Joe's Stnd D works very well. You can set this up by quickly 
       dashing back and letting a jumping opponent land where you used to 
    5) If you are periodically poking with the Golden Heel Hurter (qcb + K),
       chances are pretty good that you will hit a jumping opponent with
       this move. Remember to try to juggle with hcf + B afterwards.
    6) Against long, high, or slow jumps, Screw Happa works quite well as
       anti-air. It's not good against quick jumps or hops, though.
    7) Block and CD counter. Joe can afford to use up stocks, because he
       has no use for Counter Mode, and he can still do good damage
       without DM combos.
    8) Block and look for an opening. Watch out for faked-jump-in throws.
    7.5 Jump-Ins:
    1) All of Joe's jump-attacks are pretty good jump-ins, except for the
       Jump CD. Jump A is probably the best for hops. Jump C is probably
       the best for higher jumps.
    7.6 Possible Wakeup Moves for Joe:
    1) If you know the opponent is going to attack when you get up, do
       Joe's D-version Tiger Knee. It's not invincible, but it's still
       pretty strong.
    2) The range of Joe's C throw is better than you would think. Use it
       if your opponent is within its range.
    That's it. Joe doesn't have any really high-priority wake-up moves.
    7.7 When the opponent is getting up:
    There isn't anything special here I can really add. However, I'd 
    like to point out a couple things that you might not have noticed:
    1) If the opponent has no stocks and is almost dead, do a S-Happa just 
       before he gets up. The block damage done by a S-Happa is amazing 
       (especially the SDM version), and it will usually guarantee
       your opponent's death. Don't do this if your opponent has stocks,
       since he will block and AB-slide-counter.
    2) Joe's Vertical High Jump D has one use: it is an instant overhead  
       if it is done IMMEDIATELY after starting a vertical high jump with 
       Joe. You should do this only if the kick will finish off a nearly-
       dead opponent, though. Joe will not be able to do anything else as 
       he finishes his high jump, and the opponent will recover in time to 
       punish Joe.
    3) Stand right in front of the opponent. Then, as he gets up, hop over 
       to his back while doing a Hop C. That's pretty much the only 
       situation that Joe's Jump C will EVER cross-up. You have to do the
       Hop C pretty early to crossup, so comboing afterwards is
       impossible, I think; and it leaves Joe open to a throw. But if your 
       opponent is almost dead and not expecting a crossup attack, this 
       will connect and kill him off.
    7.8 What to do when an opponent AB-slides:
    Opponents are more likely to AB-slide against Joe, due to Joe's 
    annoying H-Upper. So keep an eye out for AB-slides, and snuff them out
    with a couple tactics like these:
    1) Stnd C/D -> fwd + B -> qcf hcb +  C (DM only)
         *(This situation is the most likely situation for Joe to pull 
         out this DM combo, other than punishing mistakes. Keep the 
         joystick neutral when doing the Stnd C/D, or you might throw them
         instead, which does much less damage.)
    2) Dn A, Dn A, press A/C rapidly (TNT Punches), qcf + A (TNT finisher)
         *(This requires no skill. Just mash on Dn A if the opponent 
    3) If he's a grappler, he may attempt a command throw at the end of
         his slide. Anticipate this, hop up to avoid his throw, then combo
         him on the way down.
    7.9 What Joe can do to quickly punish mistakes:
    1) Standing D is good for quickly punishing minor mistakes. However,
       it will miss people who recover in a low crouching animation, so 
       keep that in mind (for example, in '98, Joe's D always missed Yuri 
       after he blocked her Rush DM.)
    2) Joe's Rush DM is quite fast and covers ground quickly. Use the C 
       version. Don't use the Rush SDM, since it has a start-up pause.
    2) Joe's B Slash Kick (hcf + B) is fast and does not miss crouchers.
       It only reaches 1/2 screen, though. The D Slash Kick reaches almost 
       full-screen, but it will miss crouchers. Keep that in mind.
    3) Joe's DP + B has pretty good range, and is faster than Slash Kick.
       Use it if the opponent is close enough, and Slash Kick will not be
       fast enough to punish his mistake.
    3) Joe's dnfwd + B slide is pretty quick, but make sure you do it
       from a distance. If done too close, the opponent can hit him before
       Joe recovers from the slide.
    8. Vs. Advice:
    Ok, I'm just going to give tips here, because I can't predict what 
    your human opponent is going to do. Keep in mind, I am not the best 
    Joe player out there, so these are not foolproof methods to victory. 
    If you have any helpful strategies or corrections, I would appreciate 
    it if you sent them to me. I am very open-minded when it comes to 
    improving my skills with Joe.
    K' - It's easy to slide through K's qcf + P crap. Don't use H-Upper
         much, since K' will like to jump. Anticipate K's jump and Tiger
         Knee his ass. If you can beat his Jump D and his qcf + P attacks,
         K' is toast.
    Maxima - As with all grapplers, be careful with using H-Upper, 
         because most grapplers will slide and attempt command throws. 
         Joe's dnfwd B slide goes under the Vapor Cannon, so use it if 
         you're in the correct range. Max has a trick where he does qcf A, 
         qcf A, pause, command throw; to beat this, just block and mash on 
         A. Whenever Max stops doing his multipart move, Joe will 
         immediately pop out with his TNT punches and hit Max (then end it 
         with A version of TNT finisher, of course). Joe's Crouching D
         is actually moderately effective in this battle.
    Benimaru - Eh, tough fight. Joe's Dn A/B always beats Beni's Far Stnd 
         B. Air battles are very tough against Beni, but Beni has a high 
         hop, so a quick Tiger Knee is okay here as anti-air. Joe's Stnd D 
         is not good against Beni if Beni likes to sweep. Try to stay on 
         attack, don't let Beni push Joe around.
    Shingo - I don't have much experience against human Shingos. But Joe's 
         Stnd D seems to work better against Shingo than other characters
         (it usually beats his qcf + A). H-Upper is pretty useful here, I 
         think. Crouching D is okay here, too. 
    Terry - Nothing special to say here, except don't try to compete with 
         Terry's Close C. Joe should be on offensive, don't let Terry maul
    Andy - Nothing much to say, no one really plays Andy here except me,
         and even then, I don't use him much. In close, use Crouching B to 
         duck under Andy's Close Stnd C, then chain off Crouching B. 
    Joe - Heh, just be smarter and beat him to the punch.
    Mai - Her Stnd A is quick, but once you're just outside its range, 
         your Stnd B or A beats it all the time. If Mai does a lot of 
         Flame Tail or Fan Toss, use Joe's Stnd D if you're close enough; 
         it stuffs those moves before they come out. Jump more, since her 
         only good air-D is her jump attacks. H-Upper is okay here, but 
         she has a good jump to go over it, so be careful.
    Ryo - No one plays Ryo here except me, so I have no tips on how to fight
         him. Beware, his counter-hit Punch DM goes through fireballs.
    Robert - Ugh. His kicks and overhead are really damned good, and will
         beat most of your pokes. Learn how to block them. Good H-Upper 
         usage is important here. You must not give him time to breathe. 
         Once you get on his ass, don't let him get away. Hop more 
         against Rob, since his anti-air is a charge move. You really want 
         to force Rob into a corner.
    Yuri - Yuri's Crouching D can give you headaches. H-Upper is needed
         here. Try to get close and maul her. Be ready with the Tiger Knee 
         and air defense, she has good jumps. Hop more against her, but 
         time your hop-attacks well; her A Chou Uppa has mediocre priority, 
         but it can duck under ill-timed jump attacks.
    Takuma - Use slide attack whenever he throws fireball. Use Stnd D
         often in this battle. Air battles will be interesting here. Tiger 
         Knee is okay against jumping Takuma. Watch for crossover 
         attack. H-Upper is pretty good here.
    Shin Kyo - H-Upper is good here to keep Kyo from hopping and
         doing lots of firefists. Don't try Tiger Knee too much as anti-
         air; Kyo's hops are so fast, your reactions may fail you. Stnd
         D can snuff Kyo as he just starts to hop. If he does RED kick, 
         duck under it and do Dn A into a combo like TNT punches -> TNT 
         Finisher or Rush DM. Kyo has good defense, but try to attack 
         anyway. Kyo's qcf + A is no longer safe if you block it VERY 
         close, remember that. 
    Kyo-1 - He has bad defense, so attack and hop more against him.
         Use H-Upper, but focus more on hand-to-hand combat. Be prepared
         for a lot of hops from Kyo-1. Block all those low chains. Joe 
         should really go on offensive here.
    Kyo-2 - Same as Shin Kyo, pretty much, except easier. Kyo-2 has that
         cool Jump B, Dwn C air chain, but it's easy to crouch under the
         Jump B. Poor Kyo-2.
    Iori - H-Upper is okay here, but be wary of Iori's jumps/hops/
         crossover kick; get that Tiger Knee and Jump A/CD ready. Stnd D 
         works pretty well here. If you have Iori pinned in a corner, do 
         not throw out an H-Upper. If Iori blocks the H-Upper, Iori's 
         qcb + P attack is fast enough to hit Joe before Joe recovers.
    Leona - H-Upper is good against her. She has good air priority, but 
         you should do okay in air-battles here, and you have Tiger 
         Knee. Her Crouching D is annoying, don't use Stnd D against her. 
         If you see her Crouching D a lot, hop over it and combo her. 
         Careful, though, her Moon Slasher and Dn C are pretty good anti-
         air. Her Crouching A and B aren't what they used to be, you can 
         pester her up close. When she dashes towards you with her Ground
         Sabre, you can hit her out of her dash with a well-timed attack.
    Ralf/Clark - Joe's Stnd D beats their Standing C/D's all the time. 
         Wisely use H-Upper, but don't use much. They can't hurt you
         unless they get close to you, and since your Stnd D won't let
         them walk towards you, they must slide or jump. Keep your Jump
         A/CD ready against these guys. Note about Ralf: if he's
         trying to hit you with GPhantom, your Tiger Knee will cleanly
         hit him out of it as he rushes forward. Screw Happa will also
         shield Joe from GPhantom.
    Whip - Get close to her and beat the crap out of her. Watch out for
         DM, though. She will be jumping a lot, so H-Upper isn't very
         useful against her. Jump CD works well against her. Tiger Knee
         isn't so good against her Jump CD. If she goes into one of her
         high-low-mind-game moves (hcb + A/B/C), immediately pull out a D
         Slash Kick or high-jump over it. Be patient against Whip.
    Athena - Get close to her and beat the crap out of her. Slide-attack
         through her fireballs. If you are just outside of her Stnd C 
         range, Stnd D works well against her, since her sweep has crap 
         range. Don't underestimate her, she is better than people think 
         she is (not THAT much better, though). BTW, when she has her 
         Crystal Bit DM floating about her, S-Happa will not hurt her. 
         Damn it. Use H-Upper a bit here, see if you can bait her into
         using one of her stupid reflectors.
    Kensou - If Kensou likes to cheese/chip you, C-throw Kensou whenever
         you can and piss off the Kensou player. H-Upper is needed for 
         mid-range fighting against Kensou's Crouching D. Joe does well up 
         close against Kensou, though, so try to get close. Use dnfwd B
         slide a little more here. Kensou's DP + P attack has pretty bad
         priority, so if you see that he's doing it from a little distance
         away, hit him immediately with a Stnd D.
    Chin - Chin's Far C is very good, but if he's within your Stnd D
         range, your Stnd D does quite well against his Far C. Chin has an 
         extremely difficult time jumping over Joe's H-Upper; abuse H-
         Upper against Chin. Chin will probably then try his AB-slide, his 
         Firebreath DM, or his qcb + C 2-hit jug toss. If he slides, combo 
         him. If he does DM, block it, of course. If he does 2-hit jug 
         toss, jump over the second one and combo him. If both of you have 
         red life, time is running out, and Chin does his Firebreath SDM 
         to keep you away, do Joe's S-Happa SDM and laugh as S-Happa blows 
         right through Chin and his SDM.
    Bao - Ugh. Tough and annoying fight. Be careful with DM combos, the
         DM sometimes misses Bao. Jump-ins are tough against Bao, too.
         Be patient, just look for opening. If Bao is doing his CM 
         fireball/DM cheese within S-Happa range, nail him with a 
         C version S-Happa if you can.
    King - Ugh. Her Jump CD is incredible, you have to time your jump
         attacks well to just compete with it. Don't use Tiger Knee much 
         against her Jump CD. Use H-Upper carefully, since she will 
         usually be jumping whether you use H-Upper or not. If she likes 
         to do hcb + B a lot, then use H-Upper and hope she flies into it. 
         Use Stnd D a lot if you're just outside her sweep range, it does
         quite well against her Stnd C/D. Don't let King get you into 
         corner. Time your hop attacks well, or you'll never beat her 
         Dn C. Tough fight.
    Mary - Ugh. H-Upper is very important here, since her hop is too
         low to clear it. Keep her at H-Upper's max range if you 
         can, unless you are in close and on the offensive; once you are 
         on her ass, don't let up. In a poking war, her Stnd B beats 
         almost anything you have, so don't try to compete with it.
         C-Throw a lot against her, and discourage her from using her 
         counters/dodge throw. If she is on top of you and hopping a lot,
         don't panic. You can try a Stnd A to jab her away, or hop away 
         doing Hop A/B; her Hop D will still hit you, but you will have 
         created some breathing room, hopefully.
    Kasumi - C-Throw her a LOT, and discourage her from doing counters.
         She has terrible pokes, so fight her from mid to close range.
         Her Kasanete (that Wave fireball) can be bothersome; it wipes out 
         Joe's H-Upper, and it has good recovery. Try hopping over it or 
         slide-attacking through it. If she does her Wave DM, AB-slide 
         through and combo her. Her non-DM counter can catch Joe's dnfwd B 
    Xiang Fei - Her Stomp Ball is annoying, but she can be hit out of it
         before it comes out. H-Upper is needed here, because it can 
         cancel/beat her Stomp Ball and get in the way of her Crouching D,
         which will beat almost any other long-ranged poke Joe has. Use 
         well-timed hop and jump attacks against her; her Crouching C is 
         beatable, but still good. Her A/B pokes stink, so if she is 
         within your Crouching A/B range, you can kick her butt. Stay on 
         offensive, her defense isn't very good. BTW, don't use Stand D 
         against her.
    Kim - Watch out for those low-chains->DM combos. Be careful when
         attacking Kim, cuz Kim's ever-reliable Hienzan is waiting to
         pop you in the face...
    Chang - A well-timed jump CD does okay against a jumping Chang; don't
         use Tiger Knee much on air Chang. If Chang does his Spinning Ball 
         from a distance, dnfwd B or Crouching D is good to hit him low. 
         Chang is slow, so do anything you can to get him into corner and 
         pummel him into submission. Don't use H-Upper much. Use Stnd D 
         more against Chang.
    Choi - Ugh. Be patient against Choi. He usually jumps too high for
         your Tiger Knee to be effective. Your Jump CD does okay against 
         him. If he high-jumps to aim for a cross-over, jumping backwards
         with Jump A or CD works okay. Don't stay still on the ground 
         while Choi jumps. Don't use Joe's Stnd D much against Choi. If 
         Choi does his Dive Kick, you can jab him out of it. C-Throw Choi 
         a lot, since Choi will try to throw you. Don't use H-Upper much 
         unless you have him pinned on the ground. Once again, be patient.
    Jhun - I haven't faced many Jhun users, so I can't say much here. If 
         he gets into stance and you have time to attack, throw an H-Upper 
         or B Slash Kick; they are quick and rather safe, in case he 
         dodges or stops stance to block incoming attacks. His crossover 
         Stomp is annoying, I'm not sure how to fight it if he's right 
         over your head.
    9. Fun Stuff:
    Joe's speech during his moves (he sure does say "Ora ora!" a lot):
         Hurricane Upper = (not too sure)
         Tiger Knee = "Tiger Kick!"
         Slash Kick = "Slash Kick!"
         Golden Heel Hurter = "Ora ora!" (Hey hey!)
         Screw Happa = (DM) "Screw Happa!" 
                       (SDM) "Ototoi Kieyare" (Take this!)
         Rush DM = (S/DM) "Ora ora... yosha!" (Hey hey... all right!)
         Strongest Low Kick in History = (S/DM) "Ora ora!" (Hey hey!)
    Joe's Costume Colors:
         Select with A: Red boxer trunks with gold trim, light-colored 
                        skin, red dot on his headband
         Select with B: Blue boxer trunks with dark orange trim, dark-
                        tanned skin, blue dot on his headband
         I call A-button Joe "Pasty-faced Joe", while B-button Joe is 
         "Tanning-Salon Joe" or "Sunburnt Joe".
    Joe's Win Quote:
         "You bring a song to mind. Heard of 'The Loser Blues?'"
    Joe's Taunt (hit Start button):
         Joe stands on one foot and brings up a knee, then winds his
         arm around with this big grin on his face as he yells, "Ora
         Ora!" Kind of a dumb taunt, and NOWHERE near as good as his
         classic "moon" taunt. Hey SNK, bring his "moon" taunt back!
    Joe's First Round Intro:
         He has on a fancy tiger-striped robe, then he tosses it away
         as he yells. If you are using A-button Joe, the robe is
         golden with black stripes. If you are using B-button Joe, the
         robe is white-silver with black stripes.
    Joe's Second and Third Round Intro:
         Joe jumps in, does a couple punches, then clenches his fists at 
         his sides as he yells. Sweat drops or something fly from his body 
         when he yells. He looks really pumped up for this fight.
    Joe's Special Intros:
         vs. Terry or Andy:
              Joe grins as he puts his hand on his chin; then he taps his
              fists together in front of him. When he has his hand on his
              chin, he looks like he is thinking really hard about 
              something. But, since this IS Joe we're talking about here, 
              he's probably thinking about hamburgers, girls, or something 
              else not too intellectual.
    Joe's Striker Call Animation (press BC):
         When Joe calls out his striker, he places one hand on his hip,
         lunges forward, and points with the other hand towards his 
         opponent. I've never seen this animation before in previous 
         KOF's. Joe also says something that sounds like "Kurae!", but I'm 
         not sure.
    Joe's Counter Mode Activation Animation (press ABC):
         Joe stands up straight and points a defiant finger at his 
         opponent. I've never seen this animation before in previous 
    Joe's Armor Mode Activation Animation (press BCD):
         Joe does his charge animation from when Extra Mode was still 
         around. He puts his fists down by his side, or something like 
    Joe's Win Poses:
         A button: Joe gets down on his knees and raises his arms in
              victory as he yells "Yosha!" (All right!) Note his ferocious
         B button: Joe puts his hand on his hip, and points down at the
              opponent with his other hand. He grins and says "Mou ikkai 
              yattemiruka~?" (Want to try once more?)
         C button: Joe jumps up and yells "Yosha!", then falls on his butt
              and starts to loudly laugh as he holds his hand over his 
              forehead. He seems amused by the fact that he has just
              kicked his opponent's butt.
         D button: Randomly selects from his A, B, or C win poses.
    Joe's Dizzy Pose:
         Joe bends a little to the side, holding the side of his leg and 
         breathing hard. It looks like his leg has just cramped up.
    Joe's Time-Out Loss Pose (Heaven forbid you lose with Joe):
         Joe sits down and scratches his head in confusion. He is probably
         wondering why he didn't win the round.
    Top 5 Reasons Why Joe Is Cooler Than Sagat:
         5) Joe is not an old fart, unlike Sagat.
         4) Girls usually find Joe more attractive than Sagat (I would 
         hope so, at least).
         3) Joe is a good guy who has friends. Sagat is a mean ornery guy
         who wants to kill Ryu.
         2) Joe has a cool hairstyle, while Baldy has no hair whatsoever.
         1) Sagat doesn't have anything that can beat Joe's Screw Happa!
    10. Stuff needed:
    Any new combos would be welcomed, of course.
    Tips on how to beat certain characters would be welcomed, too. Joe
    needs all the help he can get in KOF'99.
    Any help with speech translations would be wonderful, esecially his 
    SDM Screw Happa.
    11. Credits and KOF Links:
    Thanks go out to:
    - SNK for creating such a fun game in KOF99. 
    - Gunsmith for his very nice KOF99 faq, which has much info on Joe.
    - Action Mask for his nifty combo video on Joe. I'd list his website
         address here, but the site is always going up and down. His
         videos have a bad effect on me, in that whenever I pull off a
         difficult combo, I now have the urge to taunt my opponent.
    - the KOF mailing list, kof@dhp.com. I absorb all sorts of KOF info 
         from there.
    - the BBS on the Kof4ever website, a.k.a. the wacky side of KOF.
    - you, for actually reading this FAQ. Now go out and kick some butt 
         with Joe! Yoshaaaa!
    12. Comments, Suggestions, Corrections?
    Please send comments, suggestions, corrections, etc. to this address:
    Any input would be highly appreciated, believe me.

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