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    Kyo by MChi

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    Title: Kyo-1 Faq v.1.0 (c)1-3-2000
    Game: King of Fighters '99: Millennium Battle
    Platform: Neo Geo
    Author: Minh Chi
    Email: squallff896@aol.com
    First thing I want to say is that this faq was intended for players 
    with basic knowledge of this game. Mainly that just means you know how 
    to slide, safe land, jump, etc. If not, I suggest you read Kao Megura's 
    general KoF '99 faq first. It can be found at www.gamefaqs.com. If you 
    see any errors or see that some part can be fixed or made better please 
    tell me! Oh, and one other thing! This guide is for the benefit for 
    everyone, do not try to sell this faq for money because that is very 
    dishonest to people; including me! You can use this faq if you first 
    ask for my permission. Now, on with the faq.
    Here's my outline for my Kyo-1 faq:
    I. Movelist
    II. Striker
    III. Strategy
    IV. Combos
    V. Conclusion & Reference
    I. Movelist
    Here is the legend for the moves:
    qcf-quarter circle forward
    qcb-quarter circle back
    dp-dragon punch motion
    rdp-reverse dragon punch motion
    hcf-half circle forward
    hcb-half circle back
    x2-do motion twice
    db-down back
    df-down forward
    ^-corner combo
    *-super move or preferably called desperation move (DMs for short).
    jump-jump forward
    K-any kick button
    P-any punch button
    >-can be canceled in counter mode
    Far range 
    A-Short elbow. Its comboable but not preferred! Don't use this much, 
    its useless except for pokes.
    B-A knee. Does too little in damage, comboable but lack range. Not too 
    C-A far reaching backhand. Comes out a little too slow for my liking. 
    The good part is that it is comboable and better than using D.
    D-A spinning jump kick. It is not comboable but is invulnerable to 
    sweeps! Try using this after a low A/B. Chances are that your opponent 
    will try to sweep and end eating your far D.
    Close range 
    A-Same as far A. Like its far range, comboable but not preferred!
    B-Same as far B. Comboable but not preferred!
    C-Some kind of punch? Same as '98. This is the most preferred button 
    because it causes more damage and is comboable!
    D-Some kick? Interchangeable with C. But C is more better in case for 
    some reason you become out of range you can still chain something 
    afterwards (assuming you won't be sweep).
    A-A low jab. Same as the other A attacks!
    B-A quick sweep. Not strong in damage but is great because you can 
    chain a low A after it! It also hits low!
    C-Some weird looking uppercut. Can be used as anti-air attack but must 
    be timed correctly. In other words, it can be quite unreliable. It is 
    also comboable!
    D-A knockdown sweep! Just your standard sweep! Comes out quite slow 
    Vertical jump 
    A-some weird elbow. Useless!
    B-An air knee. A great air to air move but does very little damage. 
    Hmm.. useless!
    C-A punch. Does decent damage but the range is too close! 
    D-A far kick. Definitely the best out of all the buttons!
    Horizontal jump 
    A-Same as above. Useless!
    B-Same as above with a slight different animation! Still useless 
    C-Same as above!
    D-Same as above! D and C can be interchangeable though!
    CD-knockdown attack! The air CD is quite powerful but you should never 
    use the ground version.
    AB, any button-Slide attack. Doesn't cover a lot of range but use this 
    like every other character.
    Special & Super moves
    Kurogami (f+A): A cheap imitation of Shingo's aragami! I think Krizilid 
    must had copy the wrong move because this looks more like Shingo's 
    flameless and autoguardless aragami. Anyway it is nothing more than an 
    extra hit to your combos. But it is a good move because it cannot be 
    retaliated. What I also like about this is that you can link a special 
    move after it regardless if you use the Kurogami alone or after a C/D.
    Honofuri (f+B): This is the same as Kyo's elbow attack but without 
    flames. It comes out slow but can be used in high-low mind games! Hits 
    high and also comboable if followed before another attack (e.g. C, 
    Honofuri)! Note that if you follow Honofuri after an attack, it is not 
    going to be an overhead.
    Migiri Ugachi (df+C): Same as Kyo's ground punch but without flames 
    (well, he is an imperfect clone!). Not only does it hit low, it can 
    also be used to hit your opponent when they are lying on the floor 
    (only Kyo-1, Whip and Takuma can do this). Whenever you knockdown your 
    opponent and you are somewhat close, do it to get an extra hit. It can 
    also destroy ground projectiles (namely Kyo, Iori, and Terry). Make 
    sure when you use it, it hits because if you miss you will be left wide 
    open to attacks. 
    >Yami Barai (qcf+P): Kyo's infamous '95 ground projectile. I find this 
    quite weak! It's great for a projectile but the problem is its lag 
    time. It takes Kyo at least a second to dish out the move giving your 
    opponent plenty of time to slide in or jump in and open a can of wup 
    ass on you. Don't use this at jumping range! One note though is that 
    the C version comes out faster than the A version. So at close range or 
    in a combo, use the C version. Oh yeah, it can also hit your opponent 
    when they are lying on the floor giving you a free hit! It's also safer 
    than Migiri Ugachi (df+C).
    Oboro Guruma (dp+K): Kyo's infamous '94 kick. This is the meat of Kyo's 
    high damaging combos. Only and I repeat only use this in a combo. If 
    you use this by itself, you are sooooo dead! For its highest potential 
    as an anti-air it requires a lot of timing. Just try to dish it out way 
    ahead of time before your opponent gets too close. The B version does 1 
    hit but the D version does 3 hits. One other important note is that if 
    your opponent ducks or was hit while ducking, Oboro Guruma will 
    completely miss! In fact against Choi, it will completely miss even 
    when he is standing! So be careful!
    Shiki Kai (qcf+K,K): Kyo's juggle starter. Compare it with '95 version, 
    this really sucks! Both hits will not hit unless you do it extremely 
    close or against the wall! It can be used as air defense but is quite 
    unreliable. This move produces a lot of juggling possibilities and can 
    be dished out without fear of being retaliated. It also has no juggling 
    limit unlike Shin Kyo. Both B and D version lets you juggle at 
    character height.
    >Aoki (qcb+P): Looks a lot like Kyo's Punishment Creator. This move 
    sucks too! The problem is its range! The only way you can do this 
    safely and connect all 3 hits is if you do this very close to your 
    opponent! Does decent damage but not really the best move when used 
    *Orochinagi (qcb,hcf+P): Kyo's infamous Serpent Wave. The C version 
    gives you invulnerability to low attacks and the A version gives you 
    invulnerability to high attacks (or was it the other way around?). You 
    can also delay it by holding down P. It is Kyo's only super move! Does 
    decent damage but can't really be used. Why? Well for one it can not be 
    used in a combo, not even a juggle. The only time you could use it 
    would be after a grab striker (e.g. Benimaru, Shingo, Maxima) and 
    that's it. The SDM is also great because of the fire protecting you 
    (don't rely on it to protect you all the time though). Now to use it, 
    you want to use it in a way such that only the tip would make contact 
    with your opponent. That way you wouldn't get countered back. But of 
    course you aren't completely safe yet!
    II. Striker
    I'm tired of saying how weak the striker system is so I'll just go on 
    and explain what Kyo-1 does. Kyo-1 will jump out from the side of the 
    screen with a R.E.D kick and will continue with a Shiki Kai if blocked 
    or miss. If it hits, it ends with the R.E.D kick. Both Kyo-1 and Kyo-2 
    does the same thing as a striker. Needless to say, he is useless. The 
    only use I find for it is to defend yourself from jump in attacks when 
    you're at the corner (yet it is only about 60% effective). Don't try to 
    rely on the Shiki Kai to hit, your opponent is too smart for that. What 
    can I say, Kyo-1 sucks as a striker. Use someone else like Shin Kyo, 
    Athena, Kim, or Robert.
    III. Now I like to devote some of this guide to tactics and strategies 
    for using Kyo-1. The combo section will be the last section because it 
    is pretty much self-explanatory.
    -One of the weakness with Kyo-1 is that he has little to no air 
    defense. Prepare to be abused by players using characters with powerful 
    air CD attacks. The only reliable air defense is a low C. Though I said 
    you can use Shiki Kai (qcf+B,K) and Oboro Guruma (dp+B), they are very 
    ineffective. Usually you'll trade hits but the damage for a jump attack 
    is more than those two attacks. So use only the low C. If your opponent 
    just start going crazy with jump CD, just use guard cancel (block, CD). 
    You'll waste a super but like you were able to use it anyway. Just use 
    it and go back on offense.
    -Here's a very useful tip. When you follow up after Oboro Guruma (dp+D) 
    always use the Migiri Ugachi (df+C). For any other attacks, use Yami 
    Barai (qcf+P). Why? Smart players know how to safe land which will 
    prevent you from doing a pursuit hit. If you follow with a Yami Barai, 
    you are not only safe, you can also cause tick damage. Remember this 
    -Kyo-1 has a few safe moves he can use. They include his Kurogami 
    (f+A), Honofuri (f+B), Yami Barai (qcf+P), and Shiki Kai (qcf+K,K). One 
    move I recommend you use a lot is Shiki Kai. You not only are 
    completely safe, you also might get lucky and juggle your opponent with 
    -The Honofuri attack (f+B) in my opinion is a little too slow but yet 
    it still works on waking opponents. Also try mixing this up with 
    Kurogami (f+A) after a standing C/D. Once in a while your opponent will 
    get hit. I don't know why though, I guess it ruins the player's timing 
    for a counter. Follow up with a Shiki Kai (qcf+D,K) after Honofuri to 
    get tick damage if blocked.
    -Whenever your opponent goes for sweeps, use the standing D (far). 
    Usually they do a low A/B repeated times then a sweep. Stop them dead 
    with the D. You can actually do the repeated low A/B and let them do 
    the sweep, then counter them. Most players know Kyo has a very slow 
    sweep so they try to sweep first. The D will stop them. Note that this 
    will not work for opponent with high sweeps such as Iori.
    -After a striker such as Benimaru, Robert, Shin Kyo, Maxima, always use 
    *Orochinagi (qcb,hcf+P) because it causes the most damage. The SDM 
    version will cut at least 50% of your opponent's life. So definitely 
    don't miss the opportunity! I like following it up with Shin Kyo 
    because it looks cool and its quite hilarious to see 2 Orochinagi; not 
    to mention that it takes off like 70% of your opponent's life!
    If anyone has more strategies, please feel free to tell me! I'll give 
    you credit for anything you can contribute to this faq.
    IV. OK, enough with the strategy and on with the combos. The combos are 
    splitted into 3 sections: beginners, intermediate, and advanced. Notice 
    that Kyo-1 has a lot of combo limitations! I even completely disregard 
    Kyo's counter combos because I find them too hard to do and a complete 
    waste of time and 3 stocks.
    1. jump C/D, sC/D, Yami Barai (qcf+C)/Kurogami (f+A)/Oboro Guruma 
    (dp+D) (Oboro Guruma should only be used if your opponent is standing 
    and not ducking when executing the combo).
    1. cB, cA, Migiri Ugachi (df+C)
    2. cB, cA, Aoki (qcb+A), Yami Barai (qcf+A) (note: Yami Barai may miss 
    depending if your opponent rolls out)
    3. Kurogami (f+A), Shiki Kai (qcf+D,K), Oboro Guruma (dp+D), Migiri 
    Ugachi (df+C) (note: you'll probably have to run forward a little to 
    connect all 3 hits of Oboro Guruma. Only use Migiri Ugachi if you are 
    in range.)
    4. Kurogami (f+A), Shiki Kai (qcf+D,K), Kurogami (f+A), Yami Barai 
    1. ^jump C/D, sC/D, Kurogami (f+A), Oboro Guruma (dp+D), Migiri Ugachi 
    (df+C). (Note: make sure not to dish out Oboro Guruma if your opponent 
    was ducking! Use C version Yami Barai if they so happen to be ducking 
    or blocking! Yami Barai will be blocked but better than nothing.)
    2. ^jump C/D, sC/D, Shiki Kai (qcf+D,K), Oboro Guruma (dp+D, Migiri 
    Ugachi (df+C). This is definitely the most high damage combo that Kyo-1 
    Kyo-1 doesn't have much combos nor combo abilities so here's the ones I 
    will list. There are a few more but you can find them yourself. These 
    are the general ones I use!
    Conclusion & Reference
    In conclusion I hope you find this faq useful and worth your time. It 
    is not very in depth which it should be but I hope the main points here 
    will help you perfect using Kyo-1. All strategy and combos are 
    personally tested by me so there may be errors. If there are any parts 
    you think I should change or needs a little tuning, mail me and give me 
    some feedback.
    I would also like to say that the only way you can get better is with 
    experience. Regardless of how many times you read this faq or any other 
    faqs, your skills won't get any better. Your knowledge may grow but as 
    long as you can't execute your knowledge on your skills, it will be 
    useless. So play a lot!
    I would like to take this time to give a shout out to my friends. Yes I 
    made another faq. Hope this faq will be as promising as my other faqs. 
    At least I know I'll get feedback from you guys!
    And also, thank you for reading this faq. Without readers, this faq 
    would be completely useless. 
    Author: Kao Megura
    Website: His faq can be found at www.gamefaqs.com or 
    Comment: I borrowed his movelist names again. Well I guess its always 
    best to borrow from the greatest author. Wonder what big faqs he will 
    make in the future?

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