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    Speech Translation FAQ by Gunsmith

    Version: 3.1 | Updated: 02/13/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                    The King of Fighters 99 Speech FAQ.  
    Translations, Equivalents and Japanese Language Education.  Kinda.
                            <REACTIVE VERSION>
                    by Gunsmith. V 3.1   gunsmith@i.am
    [Version History]
    3.1    Okay, "Gambatte", "Gambarimasu", "Ganba" etc, does not
           mean "Study hard!", it really means "Put in all your 
           effort!".  This mistranslation is my fault, due to 
           teachers in university screaming this phrase at me
           all the time :)
    3.0    Kao and Calvin email again with threats of torture,
           so I sit down and have a _quick_ look at some stuff.
           Yep.  Ran out of time.  Okay, this FAQ is now REACTIVE.
           that means I'll only check on stuff YOU want to know. 
    2.3    Kao emails me with some stuff.  Calvin counters.  I 
           take a peep at Kao's faq and believe that either
           he or SNK Website have made an error on some quotes.
           Whatever the case, I'll still supply both translations.
    2.0    Calvin pops up, having spent 2 years in Japan, with his
           gems of wisdom.  This faq is becoming a translation
           argument.  Who will have the final say?  Who knows?
           I still haven't had the time to look at this stuff
           properly MYSELF!  Well, sod it!  Fight it out 
           between yourselves!  I'll just name whoever provides
           the translation "correction".  It's all good that way.
    1.1    Bao vs any female and Shingo Dodge attack updated.
    1.     Not everything translated, but everything new to KOF 99
           is in.  Older speech that hasn't changed in 4/5 years
           has been left out in some cases.  At some point I will
           put the rest in, and sit down and double check everything.
           Cross your fingers I find the time!
           1 Japanese to English Dictionary
           1 English to Japanese Dictionary
           1 year of Japanese Language at University
           2 brief visits to Japan
           Knowledge of at least 100 anime catchphrases
           Kao Megura's KOF 97 FAQ
           Kao Megura's KOF 99 FAQ
           Kao Megura himself <cmd (at) hooked (dot) com>
           Mai-chan (who has the tendency to run very, very far 
           at any mention of "KOF" or "Bao")
           The Biz <samurai@digital-u.com> (unrevealed)
           Calvin Bauzon <calvinb@pacific.net.ph>  (ex KOF MLer, 
           spent 2 years in Japan)
           Some of Kao's '97 translations needed to be updated so 
           don't look at me like I'm some kind of idiot thief.  Kao
           has given me some translations for KOF 99, so he also
           deserves credit.  Is there any KOF faq that goes without
           crediting you, Kao? :)  I checked his KOF 99 v3 which 
           took speech info from the SNK web page.  Damned if I was
           gonna read through the whole site- so I just compared 
           notes with what I already had and translated what I 
    Some translations are not exact, some are what the character
    WOULD say if they were speaking English.  This is pointed out
    and the exact translation, if possible, is given just for 
    your information.
    In some cases where I've compared notes with Kao,
    I couldn't decide which was more accurate, so I've listed both.  
    I KNOW he got it from the SNK site.  I'm a KOF freak, ok?  I've
    got the CD so when I say I'm not sure, I have a good reason.
    Either that or bad ears.  
    Have a more intelligent opinion?  Email me.
    [Round Start]
    Takes off sunglasses and says 
    "Ore hitori de, juubun da..." 
    - Kao said (I'm just one person, but that's enough....)
    - Calvin disagrees.  "I alone would be enough" (direct translation 
      which kinda sounds awkward so...)  "I alone can finish you (your 
      whole team) up" or something.
    - I say : same difference
    Stands up straight with his thumbs in his pockets, grins and says 
    "Namenjane-zo teme-!"
    - I said: The English equivalent of "Temee!" is "Why you...!"
    - Calvin said (disagreeing with us AND the Neo Geo website):
      the proper (straight) way of saying it is "namerun janai-zo temae!" 
      and it means "Don't you under-estimate me"  
      (nameru - under-estimate, temae- harsh way of saying "you", janai 
      after a verb - don't)
    [QCF + K] 
    "Black out!"
    [QCB + K]
    [QCFx2 + P]
    "Owari ni suruze"
    (I'll finish it)
    - "Owari" means "Finished" or "Over"
    [Recovery Roll]
    "Yarujya ne ka"
    (Oh you're good eh?)
    [Winpose A]
    Stands with right hand aflame.  With a grin, he clenches his fist 
    to snuff out the flame.
    [Winpose B]
    Puts on sunglasses and says 
    "Anta ja yakubusokudaze"
    ("I'm not content against you") or 
    ("With you as my opponent, I'm not satisfied")
    [Winpose C]
    Turns around and spits on the floor, then looks to the side saying 
    "Doitsumo koitsumo" 
    (I'll take you all on.)
    [Round Opening]
    Kneels down and scans the opponent while adjusting his wrist saying
    "Yoooku mieruze..." 
    - Kao said: (I can predict your next move....)
    - Calvin said: ("I can see you veeeeeery well...")(yoku=very well)
    [Round start other than 1st up]
    (Let's go!)
    - Ikuzo, Ikuze, same difference
    [Recovery Roll]
    "Tanze" Kao: "Tanomoze"
    - When I listened to the CD he said "Tanze!".  Kao's faq says
      "Tanomoze".  If that's what the SNK site says, well, I'm not
      gonna double check it (maybe later)
    - "Tanomu" is the verb "To ask/request".  Maxima hates when
      people ask for his opinion.  Dunno if this has anything to
      do with "Tanze/Tanomoze" but heck, it's interesting...
    "Ikisai bo"
    - Perhaps "I want to come"?
    [Vs Krizalid 1st Form]
    "Sasugani yomene-na"
    Calvin: "I can't seem to read you."
    [Fwd + A]
    - Reference to the race of Mongolian's and their style of 
    "Vapor Cannon!"
    "Bunker...  Buster!"
    [HCBx2 + K]
    [Round Start]
    Biz says: (Shall we begin?)
    "Yare Yare." 
    The Biz said: (Whatever.)
    -An expression of boredom
    [HCB + P]
    "Shinkuu Katategoma!"
    (Vacuum one hand Top)
    [Dwn + Up + K]
    "Handou San Dan Geri!"
    (Reactionary Three Step Kick!)
    - "Geri" means "an attack or kick"
    [QCF + P]
    "Rai Jin Ken"
    (Quivering Lightning Fist)
    [HCBx2 + P]
    [QCFx2 + P]
    (Lightning Gleam Fist!)
    "Kakugo wa deki takana?"
    - Mai said: (Are you ready to do or die?)
    - Calvin said: ("Have you made your preparations?")
    - I said ("Just because I wear tight jeans and a slit through 
      my T-shirt I'm not homosexual!?")
    "Genei Hurricane!...Kimatta na."
    (Phantom Hurricane!  Good move, huh!"
    -Kimatta. Eg: You're watching a wrestler and he reverses a figure
     four leglock into a scorpion deathlock.  That's when you say 
     "Kimatta!" because the wrestler has done an well thought and 
     sure to win maneuver.  Other equivalents "I did it!"  
    [Winpose A]   
    Turns around and point out at the audience and says 
    "Thank you!"
    [Winpose B]
    He stands up straight, with hands on hips and says 
    [Round Opening]
    Shingo appears in his tracksuit top doing some squatting leg 
    stretches saying 
    "O-ichi ni san shi" 
    He then gets up and takes off his top saying 
    "Shingo, ichiban te ikkima~su!" 
    (Shingo, first up, here I come!)
    Kao's faq says "Oicchini, sanshu-, Shingo ichiban maikimaasu."
    As far as I can tell, something is wrong there.  But you can't
    quote me on that (no pun intended).
    "Naguutaneanta oyanimo naguraretakotonainoni!" 
    (You hit me! My parents never hit me!)
    "Waza doko iita no, ne?"
    (Where are my moves?)
    "Yacchatte Kudasai!" 
    (Lit: Go Go GO! Get him please!)
    "Sugoi abunai!" 
    Literally means: "Very dangerous!"  However, I've seen people
    Japanese people shout this when the English equivalent would
    be "Watch out!"
    [CM or AM Activate]
    (Something coming!)
    [Round Entry]
    "Kotoshiwa edit jyanaize Shingo!"
    -I said: "Edit" means "Edit" as in "Team Edit" :p
    -Calvin said "This year, Shingo isn't for edit team purposes!"  
    (he refers to himself on a 3rd person basis, kinda like the rock =])
    (That hurts!)
    - Ite! Ita! Itai--! Same difference.
    [Winpose A]
    Gets out his notebook saying 
    "Eeeto...memo memo..  okay...." 
    (Well..... note note... ok)
    [Winpose B]
    Stands with arms and legs outstretched saying
    then turns around and looks at his fist saying 
    "Yarimashita yo, Kusanagi-san!" 
    (I've really done it, Mr. Kusanagi!)
    - Yosha! Yosh! Yoshi! Same difference.
    [Winpose C] 
    Holds a fist up high and says 
    "Ore no, Kachi da!"
    (Victory is mine!)
    [Round Start]
    Does two punches.
    [Round Entry]
    Does some shuffling then does Dodge Attack saying "Ha!"
    [QCF + A]
    "Power Wave!"
    [QCF + C]
    "Round Wave!"
    [QCB + P]
    "Bare Knuckle!"
    [QCB + K]
    "Crack Shoot!"
    [Hld Dwn, Up + P]
    "Rising Tackle!"
    [QCB HCF + P]
    "Power Geyser!"
    [QCFx2 + K]
    "Overheat Geyser!"
    [Winpose A]
    Throws off cap 
    [Winpose B]
    Tips cap 
    "Good Luck!"
    [QCFx2 + K]
    This was actually published in Gamest Magazine as
    "Oh my Shit! Geyser!".  The official English name
    for the move is "Hawaii Angle Geyser".
    [Round Start]
    Holds back his hair and motions a "C'mon" with his hand saying 
    [QCB HCF + K]
    "Chou... Reppa Dan!"
    (Super... Violent Ripping Bullet!)
    [QCB + P]
    "Hishou Ken!"
    (Flying Fist!)
    [DB, Fwd + P]
    "Zan Ei Ken"
    (Phantom Fist Slash)
    [DP + P]
    "Shou Ryuu Dan"
    (Rising Dragon Bullet)
    [HCF + K]
    "Kuu Ha Dan"
    (Sky Ripping Bullet)
    [QCB + C]
    "Geki Hi Sho Ken!"
    (Flying Fist Attack!)
    Calvin:(I know, geki can mean other things depending on the kanji
           used. <e.g. Ryo's super where he shouts "ichigeki hissatsu" 
           = one-hit sure kill, the kanji here for "geki", even though 
           you can't see it, means hit or attack>.  In this case, the 
           kanji for Andy's "geki" means supreme or ultimate. It is
           also the "geki" used in those SUPER hot curry packs in japan 
           <e.g. "geki-kara curry" - extremely-hot curry>) 
           ---> "Ultimate Rising Fist"
    Lifts one knee and rolls his right elbow saying 
    "Ohra Ohra!"
    [HCF + P]
    "Hurricane Upper!"
    [DP + K]
    "Tiger Kick!"
    [HCF + K]
    "Slash Kick!"
    [QCFx2 + P]
    "SCREW UPPER!!!"
    [Rapid P, then QCF + P]
    (Eat this!)
    "Ototoi Kieyare" 
    Kao said: "Ototoi kita yagare!!"
    Calvin said: "Ototoi KIYAGARE" 
    (Come on! Eat this!) (No one has disagreed with my trans, So far..)
    [Win pose B]
    "Mou ikkai yattemiruka~?" 
    (Want to try once more?)
    [Round Start]
    "Kakatte rasshai!" 
    (Come at me!)
    [QCFx2 + P]
    "Hitotsu!  Futatsu!  Mittsu!"
    (One (fan)!  Two (fans)!  Three (fans)!"
    [HCF + K]
    "Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi!"
    (Deadly Ninja Bees!)
    (air) [QCB + P]
    "Musasabi no Mai!"
    Mai's Giant Flying Squirrel!
    -I think the official English name is Dance of the Giant 
     Flying Squirrel.
    [QCF + P]
    "Ka Chou Sen!"
    (Flower Butterfly Fan)
    [QCB + P]
    "Ryuu En Bu!"
    (Dragon Blaze Dance!)
    [QCB HCF + K]
    "Chou Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi!"
    (Super Deadly Ninja Bees)
    [QCBx2 + P]
    - I heard: 
    "Shiranui Kugen Ougi!"
    (Shiranui style secret technique!)
    - Kao wrote:
    "Shiranui kyuukyoku Ougi!"
    (Shiranui style Ultimate technique!) 
    "Hora, ganbatte!"
    (hey, don't give up!)
    "Nippon ichi!"
    (I'm the best!)
    Literally "I'm the best [number one] in Japan!"  Heaven knows
    why she refers to Japan, but apparently "I'm the best!" is 
    more accurate.
    [Round Start]
    (Lit: When a fighter is ready to do or has occomplished something)
    "Ohra Ohra!"
    (Well Well!)
    [QCF + P]
    "Ko Ou Ken!"
    (Tiger Gleam Fist!)
    [QCFx2 + P]
    "Ichigeki Hissatsu!"
    (One-hit deadly finish!)
    - Calvin said: actually,  'kuso' means "shit".  'kuso' is also 
      used for... uh.. you know... dump...  AND a 'hanakuso' is a 
      booger (nose-doo... well, just thought i'd share that to you ^_^)
    [QCF + P]
    "Ko Ou Ken!"
    (Tiger Gleam Fist)
    [Fwd, HCF + P]
    "Ha Ou Shou Kou Ken!"
    (Supreme King Flying Roaring Fist)
    [QCB + K]
    "Hien Shippuu Kyaku!"
    (Flying Swallow Gale Leg!)
    [Fwd Bk Fwd + P]
    "Zan Retsu Ken!"
    [QCF + K]
    "Mouko Raijin Setsu!"
    That really means "Wild Tiger Thunder God's Arm", 
    because although "setsu" does mean temple, it
    also means "arm", as in "Issetsu Seoi Nage" (Single Arm Over The
    Shoulder Throw).  And as you can see, Ryo attacks using his arm.
    (Thanks Kao)
    -I would like to point out to newer fans of Ryo that indeed, 
     Ryo is the Tiger and Robert is the dragon, contrary to what
     is advertised in English...
    [QCF HCB + P]
    "Kyoukugen-ryuu Ougi!"  "Ora!  Ora!  Ora!"  "Moratta!"
    (Kyoukugen-style Secret Technique!  Take this and this and this! 
     I've done it/I've got you!)
    [Round Start]
    "Hona.. Ikimase!" 
    ("Well then, let's go!)
    [Hld Bk, Fwd + P]
    "Ryuu Geki Ken!"
    (Attacking Dragon Fist)
    [Dwn + K]
    "Hi En Ryuu Jin Kyaku!"
    (Flying Swallow Dragon God Leg)
    [Fwd HCF + P]
    "Ha Ou Shou Kou Ken!"
    (Supreme King Flying Roaring Fist)
    [Hld Bk, Fwd + K]
    "Senpuu Kyaku!"
    (Whirlwind Leg)
    "Donai shitan ya?"
    (What's wrong? What happened?)
    [QCF HCB + P]
    "Kyoukugen-ryuu Ougi!  Sorya Sorya Sorya!...  Donai ya?!"
    (Kyokugen-style Secret Technique!  Take that...  How's that?!)
    [Round Start]
    "Babbito yattsukechau zo!" 
    (I will defeat you quickly!)
    [Win pose A]
    "Ei!  Ei!  Wo!  Wo!  Jump!  V!  V!"
    [Round Start]
    "Madamada gen'eki deikeruwai!"
    (I'm still on active duty!)
    [Winpose C]
    Stands with Fist held at head level saying 
    "Mada Mada..."
    (not yet) Lit: "you're not yet good enough"
    Many fighters use this quote, eg: Goenitz
    [QCB + P]
    "Migitawa shya!"
    [SDM QCF HCB + P] 
    (THE last one!)
    [QCFx2 + P]
    "Kijin geki ... douja?" 
    (Cranky Attack!  how's that?)
    - Calvin says: "kijin" means something like "Demon God"  
      (the kanji used for 'ki' means devil and for jin means "God")
      therefore ("Demon God Attack!... How's that?")
    - Kao says: "Kishin" does mean 'demon god', but the kanji together 
      means 'terrible'.  meaning "Terrible God Attack"
    (Wont you come and play?)
    "Heart Attack!"
    [Round Start]
    "Ninmu, suikou shimasu."
    (I will do my duty!)
    "Nigeru no yo" 
    (Run away)
    [Winpose A]
    "Chikara wa seigyo dekiru kedo, sore ni, tayoru tsumori wa nai." 
    (I can control my power but I have no intention of relying on it.)  
    [Winpose B]
    "Anata de wa katenai"
    (You cannot win)  
    [Winpose C]
    "Ninmu... kanryo."  
    (Mission... complete.)
    [Round Start]
    "Whoa!!!  Tottotto kakatte koi!!"
    (Whoa!!! Hurry up, Let's fight!)
    "Totte oki da ze!" 
    (I saved this one for last!)
    [HCB + K]
    "Toriya Toriya!!!" 
    (Equivalent of "Take this!")
    [QCB HCF + K]
    "Totte okidaze! Taiman hataatara... Dachija!!!" 
    -Mai said 
    (I saved this one for last!  My opponent, You were careless...)
    [SDM QCFx2 + P]
    "Otokono iipatsuda korya!!!" 
    (This is it! THE punch!)
    [Round Start]
    "Anta, senaka ga susuketeruze." 
    Mai and Kao said: (You, I'll make your back dirty!)
    To Calvin- don't worry it's more or less correct...
    [Winpose ]
    "Otaku Shibui ne..." 
    (You're really cool) (Obvious sarcasm hehe)
    "Ima da!" 
    (Do it now!)
    - Calvin said -He's talking to himself so it should just be 
      "Now's my chance!"
    - I said <Same difference>.
    [SDM HCBx2 + P]
    "Clark Spark!"
    [SDM HCFx2 + K]
    "Running Threyaaaaaaa!" 
    (Running three plus screaming)
    - Calvin said: *The correct name of her whip is "WIDOW".  Whip kinda 
      treats widow like a pet or soemthing.  She -REALLY- loves her whip!
    - I said:  Where did my Whip winposes trans disappear to???
    Calvin provides the winposes:
    [Winpose A]
    She brings her whip to her wrapped up and says 
    "Gokigen ne, Udoddu"
    ("Doing good today, Widow!")
    [Winpose B]
    Lays the whip on the floor and flicks it slightly, saying
    "Hiyagare ba, ito wa tare teru wa"
    Calvin said: -not too sure about "hiyagareba". the next phrase means 
    that thread is sticking out or something like that.  you know, when 
    your shirts get old, the threads are all messed up.  It's something 
    like that
    [Round Start] 
    "Koko wa anata no deadline" 
    (Here is your deadline)
    [Round entry other than 1st up] 
    "Kakugo wa ii? Watashi wa dekiteru"  
    (Ready to do or die? I'm already ready!)
    "Kyou gaso garetawa."
    [D Throw] 
    [Fwd A x5] 
    "Ukete minnasai, Shureno, muchio! Hora!"  
    (Take this!..?? Here!)
    - Calvin said : -SHURENO???  maybe "Shura na Muchi o"  
      ("Take this, the demon's whip!")  Maybe. just a theory
    [Stand C or D]
    (used like "go away")
    [HCB + A]
    "Watashi wa anato no tekidakara"
    (I am your foe, okay...) 
    [HCB + A/B/C then D]
    [HCF + P]
    [QCF HCB + P]
    "Hiyagare ba.... Shall we dance?" 
    She only says "Shall we dance?" if the DM connects.
    If DM doesn't connet "Makanai" = I wont lose
    [Win pose]
    "Athena ni omakase"
    (I've done it!)
    - but Calvin said: "Leave it to Athena!"  (3rd person)
    "Totoke Kokoroni Gambatte!"
    (This is for your heart so don't give up!)
    If you get hit she'll say 
    "Psycho Shoot, Pyscho Ball, Psycho Sword, Phoenix Arrow!"
    [DP+ A/C]
    "Younai Younai!"
    (lit: I don't need to use power)
    (Why/Why not?)
    (lit: I'm a good fighter)
    - Calvin said!-I think he's reffering to the dimsum he's eating. 
      "It tastes good!"
    - I said it's not dimsum, it's NIKU BUN! (meat bun)
    "Ka! Shinuka omotta!"
    (Ka!  I thought I was going to die!)
    [QCFx2 + P]
    "Kore de... kimariya!" 
    (This is the... finish!)
    "Kore" "Koko" means "here", "Sore" "Soko" means "There".
    [Round Entry]
    "Bochi Bochi, hajimerukanou!" 
    (Let's begin slowly!)
    [Round Start]
    (not so hard please!)
    [Winpose A] 
    "Teleport o shimasu...Yappari murika!"
    (I'm going to teleport!...ah, I really can't do it!)
    [Winpose B]
    "Are? Datta no?"
    (literally: "What happened?)
    [Winpose C]
    Scratches the ground humming to himself.
    (Can you think what I'm going to do?)
    [QCBx2 + K]
    (Kore de owari yo)
    "It's over"
    [Round Start]
    "Are You Ready?"
    [Round Entry]
    "Are You Ready?"
    [QCB P... HCF + P]
    "Good bye!"
    [QCB P... HCF + K]
    "Good night!"
    [QCF + P]
    "Spin Fall!"
    [QCF + P...QCF + P]
    [Hld Bk, Fwd + K.... QCF + K]
    [DP + K]
    "Vertical Arrow!"
    [DP + K...DP + K]
    [QCFx2 + K]
    "Mary's ...Dynamite Swing!!"
    [HCBx2 + K]
    "Mary's Typhoon!"
    [QCF HCB + P]
    [Round Start]
    "Honki dekita kudasai!" 
    ("Please come seriously!")
    [Round Entry]
    "Mata kachimashita"
    (I've won again)
    [Round start]
    While tying her hair she says
    "Uh-!  Chotto matte!!"
    (Uh-! Waitaminute!"
    Winpose B: 
    Wipes his brow then stands with hands on hips saying 
    - Calvin said: "Naka-naka kama ote maire." 
                   ("You were a pretty formidable foe!")
    [Round Start]
    "Odoru ahouni watashi aha."
    [Round Entry]
    "'Akua wa yurusan' de yansu!  Upupupu!"
    (lit. "a pleasant feeling")
    "Binbou himanashi de yansu~!"
     -Choi speaks Japanese in a weird way.  "Binbou" means "poor" (as 
      in the opposite of rich), "hima" means "time" (that's the lit. 
      translation.  "hima" is like freetime.  basically, the time when 
      you're not doing anything), "nashi" means "none"
    [Round Start]
    "Soredewa, hajimemasuyo." 
    (Well, let's begin.)
    [Winpose A] 
    "Doryoku wa mitememasuyo."
    -"Doryoku" =effort.
    ("I praise you for your effort") (thanks Calvin)
    [Winpose B]
    "Waza ga midare teiruyo."
    -"waza"=moves, "midare"-unorganized
    put simply: "Your moves are unorganized" (thanks Calvin)
    [Winpose C]
    "Tatakau karani wa katta nakudehane."
    ("Since I'm fighting, I might as well win!")
    "Kimi no tokui waza de kinasai."
    ("Come at me with your best move!")
    [Recovery Roll]
    (Not yet!)
    -"Muda"-unnecessary, no effect
    shouts names of moves...
    [Call Striker]
    "Deban desu."
    ("It's your turn")
    [As Striker]
    "Koko wa watashi ga."
    (I'm here.)
    Calvin says: ("I'll handle this")
    "Mou oyasumi kai?"
    (Bedtime already?)
    (Lit: Do you want us to say goodnight?)
    [QCFx2 +P]
    "Miseteyaru, Kusanagi no Ken o!!"
    (Watch this...the power of Kusanagi!)
    o-Kyo---[this section totally by the Biz]-------Speech-------------o
    [Winpose A]
    "Hehe... moetaro..."
    (Hehe... burned...)
    - This quote isn't intended to be posed as a question.
    [Winpose B] 
    "Anta jya moene na..."
    (You don't have the fire...)
    - This is a statement meaning "you're just not as good as me".
    - But Calvin interrupts by saying! : "I'm not having fun with you"   
      should be more appropriate.  Trust me.
    [Winpose C]
    "Ore no... kachi da!"
    (Victory is mine!)
    - "This is my victory!" would be written 
      "Kore ga ore no kachi da!".
      Translated verbatim this particular statement would be 
      "My... victory/win", but "victory is mine" is more grammatically 
    (Let's do this/Let's get it on)
    - The obvious translation for this one would be "Let's go", 
      but would be wrong since it's not meant to imply the act 
      of going or leaving.
    *Gunsmith punches the Biz for being so damn grammatically
    "Temee no tsugou de ikichainee yo"
    - Depending on what he's talking about (the game's story 
      or their rivalry in general), this either means "My life 
      is not at your convienience", or "I don't owe you my life".
    "Akubi ga deru ze"
    (What a bore)
    - Literally this translates to "I'm going to yawn".
    During Hikigane:
    "chi... MOERO!!"
    (chi... BURN!!)
    - The "chi" is just a sound.
    During R.E.D. KicK:
    "Kocchi da ze!"
    (Right HERE!)
    During Aragami:
    "Body ga... amai!"
    (Your body's weak!)
    - Referring to his opponent's body defence.
    During Kono Kizu:
    During Yano Sabi:
    "...garaki da ze!"
    (...wide open!)
    - Literally translates to "completely empty".
    During Dokugami:
    (Take this!)
    During Nue Tsumi:
    (Don't try that)
    During Orochi Nagi:
    "OOOhh... KURAI YAGARE!"
    (OOOhh... EAT THIS!)
    During 182 Shiki:
    "Usero! Kono Blow!
    (Beat it! Take this blow!)
    - "Usero" can basically means "get lost", but I just thought
      "beat it" looked cooler.
    Who doesn't know all of Iori's speech by heart?
     [ . V E R S U S  I N T R O D U C T I O N S-----------------------]
    The descriptions are taken from the text in the Gamest Mook,
    so don't look at me like I'm trying to tell you a damn
    story, okay?
    -Beni vs Real Kyo 
    Kyo says nothing.  Beni is now part of the New Hero Team.  Kyo is 
    once again his rival.  There is a high tension in the air.
    Beni looks at Kyo then strikes the air with a flash and says
    "Jaa, yaruka!" (Are you ready?).  Calvin says "So, shall we do it?"
    -Shingo vs Real Kyo 
    Shingo is suprised to his sempai after so long.  The last thing
    Kyo said to Shingo was to get some Yakisoba bread for him...
    Shingo hides behind his arms and screams: "KuuuuuuusaNAGI-SAN!".  
    Will Kyo be suprised to see how Shingo has grown?  Will he be 
    impressed to see how Shingo got this far?  Kyo shows no emotion.
    -Shingo vs Kasumi 
    Shingo gets out his notebook to check a move he says
    "Fukushu Fukushu... (gibberish)".  Kasumi is angry because she 
    wants him to be serious about this match.  She says
    "Techounanka miruna!" (Don't look at your diary!!!)
    -Fukushu means "review". well, depending on the kanji, it also means
    -Andy vs Mai 
    Mai holds out a baby that cries "Papa Papa"!  Andy is shocked
    (to say the least).  However this is Mai's ventriloquism and 
    a ninja trick.  The baby is actually Mai's fan.  Mai giggles.
    -Terry vs Mary
    Terry greets Mary by taking off his cap and bowing.  Mary 
    says "Let's fight Terry!"
    -Kensou vs Athena
    Athena stands up and poses saying "Gambarimasu!" (Study
    hard!).  Kensou says "Wai wa Athena no knight yasakai!" (I'm 
    Athena's Knight (in Shining Armour!).  Athena doesn't notice.
    As she is about to finish her pose she notices Kensou and says 
    "Nani?" (What's up?).  Kensou droops over, flabbergasted.
    -Athena vs Bao
    Athena crouches to Bao's height with her hands on her knees.
    Bao stands up straight.  Bao says "Ganbarimasu!" (I'm going to
    Study hard!).  Athena says "Gambatte ne?" (Study hard, ok?)
    -Bao vs Chin
    Bao stands up straight.  Bao says "Ganbarimasu!" (I'm going to
    Study hard!).  Chin nods.
    -Bao vs Kensou
    Bao stands up straight.  Bao says "Ganbarimasu!" (I'm going to
    Study hard!).  Kensou stretches his neck and says "Honmonono 
    chugoku kempou Oshietaru wa" (This is real Chinese Kempo.  
    I will teach you.)  ...then strains his neck.
    -Chin vs Kensou
    Kensou eats a bun and chokes and says " (I almost died!)
    Chin nods.
    -Athena vs Chin
    Athena does her transformation from Schoolgirl Sailor uniform
    saying "Athena ikimasu!" (Here comes Athena!).  Chin nods.
    -Bao vs any female
    Bao scratches the back of his head, looking down sheepishly and 
    says "Iiroro, oshiete kudasai, ne?" = "Please teach me lots of
    different things, ok?"
    -Kim vs Chang
    Chang drops his ball points at Kim and says 
    "Danna, takagen shineezo!".  
    Kim shakes his head.
    -Choi vs Jhun
    Choi: "A, anta datsu wa / mou / iya de yansu!!"
    Jhun: "Kimimo watashi ni tsuite kurukane? Choi-kun!"
    -Kim vs Jhun
    Jhun: "Watashi ni katterukane? Kim-kun!"
    -Xiangfei vs FF Team (Terry, Andy, Joe, Mai)
    Xiangei whirls her left arm and says "Makenaizo!" (I wont
    -Kasumi vs AOF Team (Ryo, Robert, Takuma, Yuri)
    Kasumi says "Kyokugenryu Kakugo shite moraimasu!"
    (Kyokugenryu member, please fight to the finish!)
    -Calvin says: (Kyokugenryu, prepare yourselves!)
    -K' vs Kyo
    Kyo prepares his flame as usual.  K' grins and his hand
    catches fire.
    -Leona vs Whip
    Whip is facing away from Leona, whip held behind her back and 
    her eyes closed, and rocking back and forth.  Leona, meanwhile, 
    is crouching down, not looking at Whip, fixing her boots.  
    Leona looks up at Whip, then stands up and says "Omatase"
    (Sorry to keep you waiting).  Whip then turns to face Leona 
    and they begin the fight.
    -Clark vs Leona/ Whip
    Clark flips his cap.
    -Leona vs Clark/ Ralf
    Leona salutes.
    -Ralf vs Whip/ Leona
    Ralf salutes casually.
    -Real Kyo vs Iori
    Iori says "Kutabari zokonaataka!" (You should be dead!) and 
    Kyo replies "Teme-no tsugo-de ikcha ine-yo!" (Why you.... I 
    don't want to live at your convenience!)
    -Ryo vs King
    King has a hat on and looks at Ryo, she says
    "Hisashiburi ni, tanoshimisou ne!" (Long time no see! You will
    enjoy this!) and throws her hat.
    - BUT Kao lists it as ! "Hisashi burini, tanoshi mesoune."
    - Calvin says:  I finnaly figured this out!  I heard it just 
      today and king says: "Hisashiburi ni tanoshi MASHOU ne!"
      (After such a long time, let's have fun, right?) (trans by me)
    -AOF Team:
    Each does their stance.  
     Ryo vs Robert: Stance then their rapid punch/kick.
    -Andy vs Terry
    Terry says "Are you ready?" while Andy shakes a limp wrist
    -Andy vs Joe
    Andy shakes a limp wrist while Joe cracks his knuckles
    -Joe vs Terry
    Terry says "Are you ready?" while Joe cracks his knuckles
    -Kensou vs Xiangfei
    Kensou will eat his bun and Xianfei will look at him all hungry.
    You'll hear her stomach growl and then she'll say 
    "Ii na...onaka ga heta na.." (That looks nice...I'm hungry).
    -Ralf vs Clark
    Clark takes off his cap and holds it with one hand.
    Ralf gets down on one knee and says "Kakatekina Clark!!!" 
    (Come on Clark!!!) Clark flips his cap and then puts it on 
    saying "Okay Rarufu!!!"
    -Chang vs Choi
    *Rehabitation Hell Never Ends*
    They notice each other with a small spark.  They look like they're
    about to do their VS intro from '98, but instead they both lean
    forward with head down and let their arms hang limp (like they're
    exhausted).  It looks like they realise (because of Jhun) there is 
    no chance in hell they can try to escape this year!
    -Maxima vs Krizalid (1st form)
    Maxima says: 
    "Sasugani yomene-na"
    ("I can't seem to read your moves")
    -K' vs Krizalid
    K' says "Katazuketeyaruze" ("I'm cleaning you up!")
    Krizalid says "Yattemiro, clone fuzei ga!" ("Try and do it, 
    you good for nothing clone!")
    -Whip vs Krizalid
    Krizalid grins and says "Anata to tatakara koto ni naru da ro."
    (I'm going to fight with you!).  Whip loads her gun and points it 
    at Krizalid saying "Honto no ko o mada shiranaii no ni."  (You 
    still don't know the truth...)
    Credit must go to the Biz for rewriting Kyo's section.
    I can't be bothered to check it over, so if you're 
    Japanese and want to argue that you have even better
    English than him, email us.
    Whoof!  Calvin wants to fight!  GAMBARIMASU!!!!
    STUDY HARD TOO!!!! ;p
    Kao gets another credit!  Again! ARGH! :)
    Mai-chan gets another credit! Wah! I admit, I've 
    had to virtually blackmail her to make her sit with
    me and help translate!  Thank you!
    Very minor points were covered by 1 or 2 people from the 
    KOF community- you know you are, you're damn credited on 
    the main KOF faq! 
    Even though my name goes as the author of this FAQ, let
    it be known that it really is an invisible team effort,
    with the people mentioned in the tools section pitching
    in with comments on things here and there in response
    to my questions/debates/rantings/threats/swearing in 
    I could make this FAQ better by double checking everything with
    every bloody Japanese person I know.  But guess what?
    I don't have the time.  It's all well and good when you email
    me with your sarcastic gems of wisdom, but who, at the end of the
    day has to write it all bloody down?  ME!  If you think you
    can do better, I'll see you next year!  Write a translation
    FAQ that all the players can look to for definitive and
    deadly correct translation.  I'M BEGGING YOU!  If you
    don't have the time to waste writing a FAQ about a stupid
    arcade game *surprise surprise* then drop us a line with that 
    gem of wisdom and you'll get credit!  Don't scream at me
    when I've made a mistake, just help me! *ranting snipped*
    Unprofited Work Copyright 2000 Gun Smith.
    Fatal Fury, KOF and all characters are copyright SNK Corp 1992-2000
    how does it feel?

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