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Reviewed: 09/10/00 | Updated: 09/10/00

Snk's flagship title is the best yet

First of all i've played most of the Kof series and Kof 99 by far is definitely one of the best 2d fighting games I have ever played. It is up there with the Street Fighter series.

Story: 7/10
Basically invitations have been sent for another Kof tournament that is held to see who are the strongest fighters. This year however it will go back to being a secret as opposed to being watched on t.v like in Kof 96 and 97. There is a new rule that allows a fourth member to participate as a striker and they can help out a certain number of times. The story is pretty interesting although not everyone will probably like it.

Graphics: 9/10
By far when it first came out the graphics are way better than the Kof series and i think the reason why the Kof series have always had dated graphics is because that Snk have to release the game once a year. Which doesn't give them alot of time to improve it dramatically like they did with Garou Mark of the Wolves but overall it's good. And the stages has that classic Snk trademark where for each location you fight in after the next round the background changes. Take for example in the park after the next round it gets dark and after that it starts raining really cool.
The characters also look very cool they have been drawn anime style in the round 1 fights when your character dies. Truly this game is beautiful. Although some parts of the background look a bit bland which keeps it from getting 10.

Sound: 10/10
Kof 99 contains some of the best music I have ever heard in a fighting game especially the Kyo clones theme, which has been remixed. Also Kim's team is very cool it has rock and roll in it sort of. Also the voices of the Kof characters are much more clear when they say their trademark move take for instance Terry when he says power wave it sounds much better than previous Kof series although it might just be me. The sound effects is pretty cool to and they sound like the real thing like in the elevator stage how you fall down there is a metal sound. This just goes to show that Snk is putting better effort in the sound department.

Gameplay: 10/10
This game has it all with alot of characters returning including popular favourites like Terry,Kim and Kyo everyone can choose who they want to use. Also new to the lineup are K, Maxima, Bao, Jhun and Xiangfei from Fatal Fury. The controls are precise and the moves have been changed to balance the characters. Rising tackle for Terry is back to its original state, which is hold down for 2 seconds then press up and punch. Also one important feature Snk has balanced out is that people with supers that hit alot in previous Kof's such as Kim's super the one where he dashes across the screen and does a combo has been canceled and you have to connect to make it work. For instance when you do it in Kof 99 and someone blocks it Kim just pauses. This makes it less painful and annoying in Kof because in previous Kof series those supers could chip away your life bar till you died. Also each character has at least one new super or move of some sort to keep it fresh.
Also new is the striker system. This is basically where you choose an additional fourth character who acts like a summon like in Marvel Vs Capcom and you only can summon him/her a limited number of times. Some strikers perform part of their super although damage is not alot. Some act, as helpers e.g. Xiangfei is a taunter which drains your opponents super bar. Althena comes in to heal you if you are close to her.
Also gone from Kof 98 are the advanced mode and extra mode. You can only hold 3 stocks of super and new is the counter mode and armor mode. Counter mode allows you to counter attack easier and to cancel special moves in supers and you do more damage. Armor mode lets you take less damage and no block damage from special moves very hand indeed. Also when your character flashes red when your character is almost dead. During this time your character can perform their full super in other words SDM so if you save 3 stocks and your character is flashing red you can unleash 3 SDMs.

Control: 10/10
Prefect for Kof 99 performing character moves are easy to do although people use to Capcom fighters will have to get used to Snk's four button system consisting of low punch, low kick, high punch and high kick otherwise known as A, B, C and D

Replayability: 10/10
With a huge amount of characters it can take you ages to master. Also Snk have included a survival mode like previous Kof series where when you beat one character your life bar gains energy and you have to beat every single character with only one life bar and then its all over. No easy feat mine you and there are 8 difficulty settings from very easy to very hard so this game will last you for ages. Also it can take you very long to form your team of 4 due to the huge amount of possibilities. Also bring over a friend and you can have loads of fund. There's also an art gallery if it interest you which contains really nice pictures of the Kof cast and some which you have to unlock.

Although Kof 2000 is out i still recommend Kof 99 for the playstation consoles as it is one of the best fighting games i have ever played of all times.
Give me 2d over 3d anytime.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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