Review by acid2008

Reviewed: 12/18/08

Nothing like a good old 2D fighting game.

The game is just keeps on getting better and better. With the new installment to the great King of Fighters (KOF) series we are served with the grand daddy of them all, King of Fighters '99. If you want to know whether it's worth or not to purchase, keep reading and you'll know why.

A major change in the gameplay (which is not a bad thing actually). Instead of having 3 characters per team, we now have 4. Yes, 4 characters in a team. The improvement they made was adding the 'striker'. With 4 characters in a team, you will choose 1 to become a helper or striker. The number of times the striker can come our and help you depends on how many striker slots that you have. The striker is just amazing. When you choose a striker you wil be prompted with choices that leads to the striker's different attacking movements. With the help from striker you will be able to execute a deadly combos and save you in critical situation. Though it sounds great it had taken out the beauty of fighting with your rival one on one. Playing it seemed to remind you of Marvel VS Capcom where you can switch character when deems necessary. The ability to use Counter Mode and Armor Mode is something that you have to experience it yourself to know how great it is. Briefly, the abilities are polished to make it even better compared to KOF '98 and they did it perfectly well.

Besides that, there are a total of 5 new characters added while some of the old fighters that you used to see in the roster have been removed. The new characters are Whip, K', Maxima, Bao and John Hoon while the final boss while be the bad ass over powered Krizalid. Not to mention few Kyo clones added. It's not really a bad thing because each Kyo will have a series of different attacking styles and finishing moves. I don't know why people complain about it. The movements of some characters have been changed though I will not elaborate it further, I can say that it's a positive change and fun to play. Nothing to be argue about. In addition, choosing different color outfit will make your character a different winning pose. The rest of the gameplay is just equal to its predecessors.

The graphics look nice and smooth for a genre in its class. The environment is pretty and the brightness of the scenery makes it more vivid compared to '97 and '98 series. Its a great improvements in graphics. Thumbs up!

Sound and music? Well, it's not as good as KOF '98 but still fine with me. I never really concern about the sound in any fighting games I have, though it would be an additional advantage to the game if it has any. Story wise is acceptable. You play using the original member in a team and you get a series of story that led to one thing; killing Krizalid. The epic will be the battle between Kyo and Iori of course. There are hidden characters namely Krizalid, Iori and original Kyo. Most of the disc now unlocks the characters automatically. Replay value is not as good as KOF '97. You get to play the survival mode and... uh, that is all. No more. (not that I noticed).

Some people hate the changes and some love it. I believe true KOF fans will know that they need to adapt and stop complaining if they want to be in the game. As far as I am concerned, the developer did a great job, giving quality 2D fighting game in Playstation and it's worth standing firm with the rest of my collection. Its not the best, yet not the worst either.

Thanks again for reading my review. 'So fighters, choose your characters wisely and lets battle!'

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: The King of Fighters '99 (US, 04/22/01)

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