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"Hey, it should've been better!!!"

Okay, so maybe a six for KoF99 is being awfully harsh. But I'm not very fond of KoF99 to begin with. Here, here, let me break it on down for you, the millions and millions of Yuri's fans.

Graphics: 7/10
I won't fake here. SNK's old-school SF2-like art is gettin' to be REALLY played. Even despite their recent switch to a semi-SFA-anime-like look, it's still pretty SF2-ish, and therefore it's getting played. And anyone who's played SSF2 or SSF2X on SFC or any game in SFC2 KNOWS that the Psx doesn't like those old-school graphics very much. It could've been worse, though. I hate to rag on one of my fave games, but the graphics on KoF99 could've been choppy as hell like they were in XvSF.

Controls: 6/10
Agetec, WHAT did you do to SNK's baby?! Man, I've seen some nasty controls, but never have I ever dealt with such unresponse! I somewhat broke my controller in utter frustration! I mean, I think that MK4 on the GBC has more forgiving controls than this. Man...if you have to play this, do yourself a favor and get a stick.

Gameplay: -20/10 (YES, that is a negative number!)
AAAARRRRGH!!! This is why I hate KoF99 in the first place! Armor and Counter Mode?! No more supers with a flashing lifebar?! No more charging up the bar a la KoF 97-98's Extra Mode and KoF95?! No more using the super ''stocks'' for supers like Advanced Mode in KoF97-98?! What is the bloody use of playing KoF if everything that made the game in the past is gone?! (Okay, for me, it's Yuri and her Shin Chou-upper, heeheeheeheehee!!!)

Fun/Replay Factor: variable
I don't know. I really only tolerate this game 'cuz Yuri's in it. DC owners get to use Krizalid, the boss, off the bat. We don't. We have to input some dumb code. Go fig, huh? Oh, but I CAN attest to the singles mode. It's almost like being in a permanent Special Heroes Mode from MvC on Psx. You and your helper. Now that makes for some smackdown...especially if there's a hidden option to have infinite strikers like there is on the DC version.

- Overall thoughts -
I must say that while MY opinion is that this game's NOT that good, it's in your best interest to rent it first...or borrow it from someone you know that has it. If you like it, then go get it. IMO, only get this if you DON'T have a DC or a Saturn and are a hardcore KoF nut who's got 95 and imported 96-98 cuz you don't have a DC for 98/99 or a modded Saturn to import 95-97. Or, of course, you're like me and you just HAVE to layeth the smacketh down on everyone with your favorite peeps in the game for yet another year... ^_^

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 04/24/01, Updated 04/24/01

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