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"A Perfect 2D Fighting Game? Not quiet but near, find out why?"

''Once upon a time but not so long ago there was a 2D fighting game that became one of the most legendary 2d arcade fighting game of all time, and that game was Street Fighter. Many years have past and we come to the age where the then powerful gaming console, Playstation was at the dawn of its release, a 2D game was release in the arcades, that game spawned many sequel since 1995 and there was one every year. That game was known as The King of Fighters.''

Today, The King of Fighters have gone to the year 2000, their 6th episode out in the arcades. But on the home consoles, King of Fighters have got their 99, their 5th episode and perhaps the greatest since 1997, so if the arcade was good then is the home console (which is playstation) any better? Well....

In the opinion of those who have rooted for Street Fighter all the way, they would say that the game is juts a cheep rip-off. But to those who have left Street Fighter and stepped towards the world of King of Fighters, like me, would say this game is better then Street Fighter. But the score I gave would be for the game is not of my opinion, but its for everyone who are fighting fans.

The story...
The story of King of Fighters 99 links on to the previous games, unlike Street Fighter where the game kept repeating its story. King of Fighters story revolves more around Kyo rather then Iori or 'K'. Kyo Kusanagi, the victor of the previous 4 KoF contests returns to gain one more victory but something sinister is about to happen. A madman have cloned Kyo and has added on a new Striker Battle rule, so who is this madman? Why did he clone Kyo? The answers are included in the game.

The Graphics...
The graphics in King of Fighters are perhaps the weakest point in the game, since Street Fighter have moved to 3D, any fighting game fans would of have rated it down. But to even imagine a game so detailed in 2D form would be translated to 3D would leave a few fans guessing...''Will 3D destroy the expectations and the tradition of the game?''
The graphics in the game are the same as its previous ''ancestors'' I haven't played the Dreamcast version of this game, but the PSX's graphics haven't changed since 1997.

The Sound...
Not bad, the blows and block sounds are a return from the previous games. The music though is another story, becasue the music is a step back from 1998 and 1997 where many of the music were a favourite to many. But still the music is still acceptable.

The gameplay...
It may be 2D, but the fighting mechanics are perhaps the greatest seen in a 2D fighting game, the amount of combos to be mastered will have you performing a ritual of one-hour-a-day-trying-to-master-combos. The combos and tactics to be formed are endless. The amount of difficulty ranging from beginner (level 1) to Expert (level 8) will have you addicted.

If changes to graphics more features and better music are added, plus of of that addictive gameplay are involved then we'll see a true fantasy fighting game. I enjoy this game so much that it'll be part of my ''Golden Collection'' and I hope that SNK will bring out more KoF games.

Story... 8
Tekken's storylines are the best, but King of Fighters are not far behind from Tekken.

Graphics... 5
I've seen it all before.

Sound... 7
OK music and very good sound from the previous KoF games.

Gameplay... 9
Very Addictive gameplay, but it could get repeatative if you aren't playing against another player.

The game itself 7.25 (calculated to 7, average from the scores)...
A very good score fro a 2D game when 2D games are now outdated to many (not me!).

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/22/01, Updated 05/22/01

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