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"Finally, KOF shows itself RIGHT on the psx!"

The King of Fighters series has long since been my favorite game series for 3 years now. I first played kof98 in the arcade and got hooked even though I sucked. Later, I got to play kof99 in the arcade as well. Eventually a friend sent me a cd with every kof rom on it and I was indeed happy. Then, I bought kof99 for psx and whoo hoo! The game is awesome. Storyline? Pretty good, It's KOF, storyline always rocks. But, the storyline in 99-2k1 is not as good a 94-97. 97 Rocked!

Gameplay 8 - This game just rocks. The game runs smooth and fast and plays very well. The loading time is MUCH better than it was in 95. The first round's loading time is the longest, but it's only about 15 seconds long. Every round after that has about 5-7 seconds loading time. Unless your an impatient bum, you won't mind the loading. The AI can be competitive too. Not anywhere near as good as some of the people I've played in the arcade, but, it's not a super easy breeze walkthrough game either. Playing with a friend though, is the true fun of it. It plays very fast with little slowdown. Some moves are slower now than they were in the arcade, but it's not that noticeable unless you're obsessed like me. All in all the gameplay is on par.

Graphics - The psx version has a lot and I do mean a LOT of frame loss. My friends don't seem to notice, But, I play the game almost 24/7 in arcade and on roms, I can tell the difference between a smoothly animated Strength Shot Supeior from whip in the arcade/rom, compaired to a 10 frame strength shot superior, from whip in the psx one. Characters are a lot smaller it seems too. And some frame effects are missing. But, the loading time is MUCH better than it was in 95. But, the graphics still look nice regardless. After you get into playing the game, you won't even care about the frame loss much.

Sound - Hears where I praise and complain! I LOVE having the AST version of Way to Rebirth, World War III, Tears, and such played during matches. But, the voices sound like someone took the orginals, compressed them down to the lowest level possible, added in as much lisp as they could, and then stuck them in the game. The voices aren't INSANELY horrible, and you get used to them. But, they sound a lot worse compaired to the awesomeness of the arcade/rom. Also, the music on plays for so long, then cuts off, or stops during round loading, and then starts up at the halfway point during the second match. The sound effects are the same as the voices, compressed bad, and added a lot of staticy crap. I like to set Music volume off in options, and leave voices and sound effects on. Then play the game and let the music come from my computer speakers. I have every KOF song so ^_^

Control - SNK has always been known for basically making the best control scheme EVER for a fighting game, with KOF. Capcom loyalists may disagree. But, KOF definately does make pulling off moves challenging and comfortable at the same time. It's not a one button press for moves, It's motioning just like street fighter. But, unlike capcom with it's ''perfect motioning'' system, SNK has a better one. If you do the correct motion you get your move, But, It doesn't have to be 100% perfect on the dot EXACT like Capcom. Capcom makes it so annoying to do moves cause if you're not perfect, you can mess up easily. And doing TWO 360 degree motions PERFECTLY on a psx controller to pull of zangiefs limit.......HAH! Capcom must've been smoking something when they did that one. SNK makes the best control system. Even Air Limits are comfortable and reliable to pull off. My only problem is that the psx has that fragmented controller *which I do like* but, it slows ''me'' down in pulling off moves. I pull them off faster with my comp controller, or with a joystick in the comp. Regardles, control in this game rocks.

Replay Value - If you're into getting secret artwork, krizalid as a playable char, and that's about it, then playing 1p mode over and over might be fun. But, other than that you'll probably get bored of it. ''Not me though, I love the game too much'' but you probably will. Just get some friends and play. As long as you have friends to play with, the game has hours of long lasting fun.

Overall - I still like Kof98 the best of all the KOF games, but, kof99 rocks a lot and I love it. The psx Version came out very well. It has it's faults, but, it's still definately worth a buy.

If you like 2d fighters, pick this one up. It's worth your money!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/08/01, Updated 10/08/01

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