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"Looking for 2-D fighters for your PSX?"

I don't own many of SNK's games, mostly the fighting games I have are from Capcom. But you must admit, SNK is known for such popular titles like their, Fatal Fury, Samurai Spirits (Samurai Shodown) and Metal Slug series on the Neo Geo game system. King of Fighters '99 is a no exception. With 32 characters (plus secret ones) to choose from ranging from the 1st King of Fighters game and a few additional ones, this game is worth your playtime.

The gameplay seems okay, but has a few glitches, like for example, there's a bit of delay when you press a certain button(s). And sometimes when you perform your supers, it can be cancelled by an opponent by a throw. Um...hello, I thought supers can't be stopped? But I think this is one of the game's new perspective, supers can be cancelled by a throw (?) Or otherwise, maybe because I just got used to Capcom's Street Fighter perspectives? There's also a cool feature called, Striker. The Striker is like a helper. You can summon your chosen Striker in the game anytime that can give you a hand. He/she can give your opponent multiple combos, grabs/throws or shoot an energy projectile depending on the Striker you picked. Anyway, the gameplay is alright so don't worry about it.

The music seems to be somewhat lacking. They sound like reminiscent BGM themes from previous King of Fighters titles only some are remixed. Not much improvement on this department. The graphics looks like subpars of Fatal Fury games from the Neo Geo or Super NES but with slight visual enhancements. But overall, I think the Street Fighter Alpha series has a more greater detailed visuals than that of SNK's. However, this isn't the most important aspect of every game (I believe you KNOW that!) but it can't be helped to people who thinks the looks of a game is what makes them think graphics is what counts the most.

All in all, King of Fighters '99 isn't a bad game at all. Of course there are some flaws since no one is perfect, and the probability of games who gets a perfect score is only about 10-20%. If you're looking for good old-school fighting games on your PlayStation, I would recommend this game is another choice other than the Street Fighter Alpha series. And as a bonus in this game, there are Art Gallery, Voice collection Gallery and others to take a look at. Its just sad to hear that SNK is now out of the business market. :( Hopefully, there's Capcom, who many believes, will fill in and continue to publish and develop quality action/fighting games for everyone. ^_^

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/05/01, Updated 11/05/01

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