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"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!!"

There are very few reasons to still be playing a PSone, and unfortunately, KOF '99 is not one of them. As a semi-fan of the series, I can say that I've been impressed with SNK's previous attempts, however this game would've impressed me alot more if it HAD been made previously...

The Low Down:
Basically, when I play a fighting game, I want a reason to learn the moves, put in the time, and complete the game. With KOF 99, the response is horrible. You really cannot pull off a move when you need one (using the Dual-Shock). Also, and I know this opinion may be a tad unpopular, SNK has never seemed to have the 2-D fighting down as deeply as Capcom. The characters are for the most part, uninteresting, speak only in Japanese, and are truly alien in contemporary American culture. I'm not saying I'm for giving Choi a backward hat, just give him a good translation. Why include an option to hear dialogue if I can't understand it?

What's with the options, or lack thereof, in this game. I mean, a color palette?? Agetec's signature all the way, however unlike RPG maker, I can't make K' run around with green antennae. Then there's the dialogue mess (see above), and some of the strait up oddest artwork I've ever seen in their gallery section. But here's the thing that made me really sick.

NO SECRET CHARACTERS!!!(Except Kriz, but he's a Two player only crap char.)

That's right! NONE! They put the game out with the DC's booklet, and that includes pics of characters included in that version ONLY! SHAME ON YOU! In my opinion, it's great gameplay, replay in the way of extras, and excellent characters that make you WANT to play and learn their secrets.

Gameplay--4/10 The response in this game is truly horrible. Especially in a game where split second timing makes ALL the difference.

Graphics--6/10 They're good, but you've seen 'em before.

Replay-- 2/10 They're just not delivering, especially in this day and age.

Fun-- 3/10 If you can get past the fact that this is a bad game, you'll enjoy it...feh!

Sound-- 5/10 Again, it's more of the same, with people shouting out the names of their moves. What if a real fight was like that?

Overall--5/10 Here's the deal, if you're a ''I've got an Iori t-shirt that I won't ever take off'' type of KOF fan, by all means, pick up what's probably the last mediocre fighter on the PSone. If you're not gripped by the SNK demons, then you'll be able to pass this one up REAL EASY.

BOTTOM LINE:Grab Capcom Vs. SNK 2, and take a cold shower.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 11/08/01, Updated 11/08/01

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