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"A Classic of the arcade ported to Playstation."

SNK was always trying to please PSX Players porting some big sucesses of snk, some don't really suceed, like KOF96 and less, others don't suceed but enjoy the fans, while the others are masterpiece, almost loyal to the arcade, like Metal Slug X and KOF98, but now, KOF'99, the sucess of the arcade, it's not ported to psx, is it any good? well, I can say it's a good improvement. But is it better than KOF'98?

Congratulations SNK !!!!!!!!!!! You now learned how to keep the graphics good !
The characters in this version now look a lot more realistic, looking more like they in arcade countpart, the chars are very colorful and brilliant, just like the arcade version, all the sprites look good, but it's now the villain of all 2D Fighting games, the framecuts.
Being a new version, this game was supposed to have less framecuts than KOF'98, but it has more framecuts, yea this is it, the framecuts are more visible in KOF99 than in KOF98. The possible reason for this is that KOF99 in the arcade received a lot more of technology, so porting to psx would be more problematic.
An example of Framecuts, and the huge ones, is Kyo Kusanagi when moving, you see that his clothes don't balance much like in the arcade, another example is Whip, she lots plenty of frames, I remember in the arcade and in the Dreamcast version, that to perform the move where she arrests the enemy in her whip, My good, this move had a lot of animation, and in psx version this was all lost.
The sound is pretty annoying, I hate the sound of this version, they aren't genesis-like like KOF'97 was but they get on people's nerves, there's no music, except Krizalid theme, that I enjoy hearing, I remember in KOF98 that I was pleased hearing Orochi Chris' Music, Kyo's Music, Omega Rugal's music, in this version I only like Krizalid theme.
Believe, the sound is annoying.

Gameplay is better than KOF'97 but loses for KOF'98.
Let me start saying the changes that were made in this version, and wait, there are a lot of changes, firstly, the advanced and extra bars of KOF97 and 98 were lost, well, I don't care much about those bars, but the actual powerbar is more similar to Advanced Bar of KOF'98 and 97, this good, bkoz we can run and dash bach, the system of this powerbar acts more like Advanced bar than in extra bar, to tell the truth, EXTRA bar was really an uselessness for me, I was so restricted using extra bar, and advanced bar gave me more freedom.
The char selection lost too, now it's 32 instead of 38 in KOF98 and 35 in KOF97. The new chars are: Maxima, Jhun, Bao, Whip, Krizalid, K, Kyo 1, Kyo 2, and Li Xiangfei.
Maxima joins Heroes team accompanied with the new main hero, K', and in this team, Benimaru is in, and now, Shingo is also in, he was always a solo entries in the last versions. Mai Shiranui was finally accepted in Fatal Fury Team, even Andy disagreeing with that, the family is united in AOF team, Ryo, Yuri and Takuma are united this time and with the troglodytic Robert Garcia is also in with his costume that he used in KOF 94.
A Big thing in KOF'99 you may know, it's Kyo-1 and Kyo-2, Kyo-1 represents KOF94 TO KOF96 versions of Kyo Kusanagi, Kyo 2 represents KOF97 and KOF98 versions of Kyo Kusanagi (I am not so sure about it).
Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami that were secrets in the arcade version, are unlocked here, just like in the DC version, SNK decided to do this favour for all of us, KYO and IORI fans.
Continuing talking about teams, General Heidern sends his newbie soldier to Ikari Warriors team, it's a girl, tcharam, her name is Whip, and she is cheap, pal, with her whip you'll need to care.
The Psycho Soldiers, Oohw, Athena, how I love you, you are more sexy in this version, you cut your whole hair this time and you have a new friend, I see it's Bao ..... Well, Here's another case of Chris' Curse, Bao looks like a she, but is a he. Bao looks more like a girl than Chris, well, their sex don't matter now, Bao is the new kid to Chin train..
The female fighters had a lot of modifications, now we have the Old School King that was always in Women team except in KOF2000 that she is in AOF Team, and now, Blue Mary accompanies THE KING. Kasumi returns once again, that little coward didn't appear since KOF97 because of Ryo Sakazaki. The newcomer is Li Xiangfei, she appeared in Fatal Fury Wild Ambiion and In Real Bout Special.
In the team of the defender of the justice, Kim Kaph Wan, was added his deadliest enemy, Jhun Hoon.
Time to talk about thie big boss, and he is easier than ever, his name is Krizalid, compared with what Orcohi and Omegal Rugal '98 were, Krizalid is a cinch, once you get the trick, you can beat him, but he's not so easy, I just say that orochi and rugal are harder than him. Also .... if you wanna play as him my dude, you can only play as him, you can use him only in VS modes and in the practice mode guy, so sad, in DC version of KOF99 you can, believe, playing Krizzalid in dc version is so cool, unluckily, in psx version is impossible.
Now in KOF 99 there are no more the 3 char style that the previous games had, now it's four members, being the fourth the striker, pressing Square+Circle you can throw them against the enemy, Some of them are very hepful while others are really useless, like Iori Yagami's striker, his striker can be easily avoided with no cost,
while others are just auxiliars like, Xiangfei, Kensou and Athena, athena for example, heals your energy.
Strikers cana also be used to help combos, you can link your strongest combos to use with striker to devour the enemy.
A New change that I liked a lot is the lifebar, it's now a lot more fair than the previous ones.
Well, this game has some elements from Capcom Games, one is the character selection that is very familiaar to Street Fighter Zero 3, and the striker system that is a lot equal to the TAG system of VS series, well, sure not original in ideas, but fun in gameplay.
Well, the modes of gameplay, it has all the modes you've seen before, the arcade mode, that now has just 5 battles b4 the last boss, instead the overlong number of matches of KOF98 and 97.and the rest you already know, including the infamous practice mode. but a new mode was added, it's single all, that you fight all the chars like in survivor, hehe but now like survivor, it's not even a survival mode, bkoz your health is recovered all the battles.
The loading times were improved, ALELUIA,, now only the loading times of the battle against the first member of the team is long, but no much, the others are pretty fast, and won't upset you like in KOF97.
Now the fillers, some cool things were added, like the color edit mode, guys to edit colors is hard,, you need to understand a bit of the things, but once you get the trick, you can have a lot more fun, the other new thing is the voice text, to see if all the possible special intros. A Thing that is always in every kof game is the demo, that you can see the endings of the teamm you've beaten the game with.
The gallery is also here, for those who like it.

Check Kailu Lantis' Story Guide for more info about the story of this game.
My Personal Opnion about the story is that it's a bit uninspired, compared to the previous games

SOUND:: 80%
STORY: 60%



0................... YOU CAN'T USE KRIZALID

The second best KOF .........It'll make your money worthy. Buy it, you'll have fun.

Although not as great as KOF'98, this version stands up for alal KOF Maniacs on duty, bringing a new fighting system, fun is a guarantee.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/23/01, Updated 11/23/01

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