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I'll start off by saying I'm a huge SNK fan. They're awesome. I love'em. And I love the KOF series best. Which is why I was suprised, and excited when I found KOF'99 for 9.99 in my local Software Etc. I got home, played it, and had a grand time. Then, I got my hands on KOF2000, and loved it. Eventually I put KOF'99 back for a spin in the Playstation, and oh boy.. now I see with eyes unclouded.

Still awesome 2D fighting. This time in the KOF series, you pick an extra character, except that 4th character is a striker. However, the game is SO VERY SLOW compared to it's arcade and dreamcast counterpart(s). The fighting isn't that slow, but isn't as fast as it should be. The loading gets annoying, but isn't that what playstation was always known for?

Also, some moves get annoying to do on the PS controller, because some of the time they don't register.

Well the graphics are still the same. Backgrounds are a lot darker and less exciting, but I guess that's because of the type of storyline the game is in now. The character portaits look cheap now, and I'm not sure why.

All KOF's are hard. ESPECIALLY the legendary last bosses. However, this is one of the easier ones and I'm suprised. This installment was very easy, and I'm not sure if the other ports are like this or not. Also, KOF tradition has you pick a handicap for you after you lose a battle. You can make the CPU's health at 1/3, have max power gauge, or max strikers. This was always really cool, because the KOF's tend to be hard, but this just makes '99 even easier than it already is. You should have no problem beating it in one sitting without losing too much.

Same old. Once again, I don't listen to video game music. =P

In this installment we get a buncha new ones. Noticeably, tons of Kyo clones! K', Kyo 1, and Kyo 2. That might seem a little redundant, but it's not as bad as it sounds. They all have different moves and stuff. However, Iori is really starting to get toned down. :(

Not really any, except that you can play as the boss. I know SNK wasn't always known for extras, and that most of the fun is in the gameplay, but you'd think there'd be more stuff to do if the game was so easy. Typical modes though, Team play, Single, Vs., Survival, Options.. they also include an Art Gallery, which is neat, I guess. Then they have Color Pallete change, which is.. not.. too exciting.

All in all, if you are able to buy the dreamcast version, then do so. If not.. well.. it's only 9.99..

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 08/08/02, Updated 08/08/02

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