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"So...who's the king?"

With so many good comments and bad comments I had to put one of mine in them. Here it goes.

Gameplay 10- 35 characters including a secret character, explosive levels, awesome special moves, hidden artwork, tag team partners, 6 modes of play, and more! Yes, King of Fighters has one of the best gameplay I have seen in any fighting game. The modes are:
Team vs. Com- A mode where you build a custom team with a striker and if you beat the computer you can unlock hidden cartoon demos or hidden artwork.
Single vs. Com- In this you get to fight the computer with one guy and a striker.
Single vs. Human- You get beat the pants of your grandma with a player you chose and a striker.(For those of you who are wondering I will eventually explain what a striker is)
Team vs. Human- Good news now you get to use a team to beat grandma
Single vs. All- A dumb name for survival mode, you pick a guy and play till you lose.
Practice- master you moves
Other modes which are not playing modes include artwork, demo mode, voice selection, and costume change.
Ok, I finally going to explain what the striker is. The striker is basically a player you pick who comes out a certain amount of times to help you during the heat of the battle. Different players have different striking moves. Some may give you health. Some may increase you special bar, or some may just hit you opponent.
What I like best about the gameplay is the strategy you can put in it. It takes work arranging a good team and striker who can get you through the game. Especially when the level of difficultly is on hard or above.

Sound 7- With some of the best music ever heard on a fighting game I should have given the sound a higher score, but what brought it down was that the game was in mostly Japanese. I can't understand a word their saying. They could have at least translated on the American version. Another think wrong with it is whenever the do a move they have to shout it out before they even do it. After a while this gets annoying. Who says their move when their about to do it? The sound will have to settle with a solid 7.

Graphics 10- Their are no flaws in this. The graphics look just like Street Fighter, maybe even better. The backgrounds from the game are amazing because of the movement that goes on in them. In one level you can see a man chasing a dog in the background. The special moves are amazing. Every time you do one the screen flashes. The graphics are a pearl.

Replay 5- Heres where the game falls. Their's no real replay. Their's noting to keep you coming back for more. At least in street fight you can unlock at couple of players. It's not really worth playing over and over.

Final words- Maybe the score I gave it was a little harsh, but I just being honest. I spent good money for it. It's fun at first, but I won't keep you playing longer than a weekend. I recommend you rent this for a night of fun, but if you planning to buy it spend your money on something like Toshinden 3 or something.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/23/02, Updated 10/23/02

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