"Only bought it because it was $9.99"

Yuck! What kind of poor excuse for a 2d fighter is this? Ok its a KING OF FIGHTERS game, these games are not meant to be this bad, they were great quality 2d fighters. Now I have not played the Neo Geo version and it may be alot better than this[probably not because of the strikers which really suck in a King of Fighters game]or at least respectable as this on definately is not.


Yeah I know your thinking ''oh come on, its a PSone game, what do you except Capcom vs. Snk 2 graphics?''No, I expect respectable clean and crisp graphics such as any Street Fighter Alpha game on the PSone. The game looks very much rushed as characters look as if they were put together in a very sloppy manner. The backgrounds however are nicely designed and seem as if they spent more than five minutes doing them. They change a bit from Round 1 to Round 2. The backgrounds are the best looking thing in the game.

Gameplay 1/10

Sorry folks, but again for a King of Fighters game this is just horrible. Its just so freakin' choppy not to mention the animation is not there at all. They took alot out and you'll definately notice. The game does run at a decent speed at time and only really slows down when there's alot going on at one time and with that being mentioned, whoever's idea it was to put strikers in this game should be executed with no questions asked. This is not MvC2, strikers have no place here, they make the game look more ridiculous than it already is. I mean you have, lets say Terry vs Andy and out of nowhere Kyo comes in and attacks, poses and leave, WTF was that? Strikers are a horrible idea for this game period.

Audio 2/10

It literally sounds as if someone was recording the sound[music and sound effects]where recorded in a bathroom with the water running with someone ruffling a news paper around in the background. Sound quality horrible.

Replay Value 1/10

Yeah right, let's not even go here. It's not even worth mentioning the lack of replay value here.

Well that about sums it for this game. If a game is $9.99 brand new, you should expect much at all from it even if its from a respectable series such as King of Fighters. Die hard fighting fans only, the rest of you will be greatly disappointed at this....this...thing.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 11/22/02, Updated 11/22/02

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