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"what is this?"

Okay, I admit I'm not an avid fan of the King of fighter series, nor am I a critic of some sort who doesn't know anything about what is cool and what is not when it comes to fighting games. But anyway, let's skip that and i'll go straight to my review about this game.

The graphics in this game ain't bad, not bad at all. The characters and even the background are well-detailed and well-defined. The choice of colours are also great. Even the choice of place(I specially love the one in the sewers,because it reminds me of SF ex wherein when you fight D.Dark).Everything just seems so perfect in this game's graphics.

Ugh. What a disappointment in terms of sound. Yes I admit that the voices of the characters are pretty good but unfortunately, the makers of this game fail to cater to English speaking players or even those people that don't understand Japanese(that includes most Filipinos, like me)and that really doesn't impress me. I wish they could've just made two versions of the game for PSX, one for the Japanese and another for the English version. So in that way, the players will be able to fully enjoy the game.

Another one of it's flaws, I think. Actually I found the moves of the characters in this game hard to pull off, just like on the other KOF version(96,97 etc.)Like seriously, who wants play a game which will kill your fingers?Well I'm going to make myself clear about these moves. What I'm talking about is the super moves. I find it bearable to do their special moves but the super moves are just plain crazy.

This game could've been fun, if not for the stupid moves the makers of these games are trying to make us players do.But that's not really the only thing that make this game less fun. It's also because of the fact that they don't have that much secret characters to offer. The only secret character you can get is Krizalid, available only in two player mode.At least they could 've made him usable for all the modes, not just 2 player. Aside from that, I didn't enjoy the characters endings too, because you have to go through the monotonous credits rolling before you can watch the endings,and after you do, you found out that these anything are nothing but 10 second craps.It's not even animated.It's just a series of pictures, although some has but believe me, they aren't that much.

Very low chance of replaying it. If you are a true hardcore KOF fan you might play it over and over but all I can say is that you'll get bored because you're going to do the same thing over and over again.

If you ask me, I suggest you rent it first. If you like it, then go ahead buy it.But if you don't, why bother?But I heard this games price is going down.So maybe you could spare a few change to buy it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 03/13/03, Updated 03/13/03

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