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"A slight change for a new begining"

The King of Fighters storyline was really great during the years 1994-1997. 1998 was about a dream match so there was no storyline. In KOF 99 the storyline takes a new direction since the Orochi saga ended in 1997. In order to give the players a feeling that its a new game they decided to introduce new characters and a new story line. Sadly in the year 1999 the story of a clone is really boring and a bit overdone. Plus the fact the new hero team lacked the charisma of the previous hero team simply meant that I never bothered to use K. Did anyone notice that SNK loved to introduce new characters and made them seem important by linking them to Kyo ? They did it with great success in 95 with Iori as the rival and his father Saisyu as one of the boss. In 97 he gets a disciple named Shingo. In 99 he is being cloned 3 times so that there is Kyo 1 and Kyo 2 and K' one of the most boring main characters I have ever seen in a fighting game. Anyway I guess most people don't care about storylines in fighting games so I guess this piece of information probably won't bother them.

Sadly while the KOF series have always have great music from 94 to 98 their music start getting worse in 1999.
Most of the tunes aren't catchy at all and are kinda mediocre. To be a fair judge I would suggest that players try to get the soundtrack of KOF music from 94 to 98. They will really notice the differences.

This KOF has some of the worse stages I have ever seen. Luckily the stages made some improvement in KOF 2000. But compared to the stages of KOF 98 and 97 the stages really looked lame. Also the new characters just don't appeal to me at all. Luckily the new characters in 2000 are slightly better.

The strikers are not as cheap as the ones in KOF 2000. However they are not entirely useless. Its up to the player to find out which of the strikers are not useless.
But their powers aren't that great so they don't really affect the power balance of this game. Speaking of power balance this game isn't as unbalanced compared to KOF 2000 but several characters have been weakened. The result is that they are missing a lot of moves and makes them play like KOF 94. But in KOF 94 it was okay for a fighter to have a few moves but in KOF 99 having a few moves simply made the game get boring and fast. Also they removed many of the interesting characters in kof 98 and replaced them with the Kyo clones. Thus we have a cast of kyo clones, new boring and un interesting characters and a couple of
guys with lesser moves. The only reason why this game still gets a decent score of 8 was because of the character power balance and the fun in playing some of the guys who still have some moves left.

Conclusion-The KOF storyline hit its peak in 1997. The KOF gameplay hit its peak in 1998. In 1999 the KOF series introduced several new features that just don't seem appealing at all.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/11/03, Updated 06/11/03

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