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King of Fighters '99, SNK's sixth installment to the King of Fighters franchise, finally released to the Arcade since 1999. It was one of the biggest changes yet to a KoF game. This type of game is quite different from the old ones you've been playing all these years. The port was then released later to home consoles. This game is only available for the Sony PlayStation, Neo-Geo, and the Sega Dreamcast.

Story: One of the most important aspects of a game...

This game spans a new story for the King of Fighters series. The new hero is K'(or K Prime as some call him), a clone of the famous Kyo Kusanagi(who's present in every King of Fighters game). This story features the N.E.S.T. cartel. I'll go as far as right here, as I don't want to spoil some other details of the storyline.

The gameplay features...

1. New Characters: Yes, this game presents to you over 30 characters to choose from. Each character has their own type of unique skill. There a quite a lot of teams to choose from if you want team-based, or you can create your own custom team if you wish. Returning from the old King of Fighters games are the popular Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, Terry Bogard, Mai Shuranui, Joe Higashi, etc.... The new characters, to name one, is K'(the new protagonist).

2. New Battle System: No, it's not the typical Charge-up(Extra) or Build-Up(Advanced) Grooves as you've been using in the past. In fact, this new Super DM gauge is quite different. It actually combines some aspects of the Charge-up and Build-up grooves. For example, you fight until you build up your gauge and you can perform up to three Level 1 DMs. But when your health is flashing red and you have DMs available for use, you'll do a MAX Super DM instead(up to three if you have all three).

Ahh, the second thing.. Strikers! Huh?? What are strikers?? Strikers are a new addition to this game. Remember how in the old games you play three-on-three type of matches? Well, this game allows you to pick a 4th character to pose as your ''backup'' player. Basically, during a fight, you press a certain button combination and what you'll see is the character flying out from your corner and performing a basic action to sort of ''back you up'' whenever you are in deep trouble.

3. Loading Times: Quite slow. In fact, the game present you with the loading screen every round during a fight which is quite irritating if you're one of those who enjoy non-stop action. It takes a few seconds before it loads up, depending on how your PS1 treats your disc.

And the graphics are not that bad..

The graphics are well done. Every character model looks clean and fresh by the hour. Kyo Kusanagi may not be recognized because of his new outfit..Jacket and Jeans. All the girls are nicely done as well as the backgrounds. All of the backgrounds are highly detailed considering the use of the PS1's limits. Quite so, this time, you'll be seeing a lot of new animations and specials. They look charming.

The Sound/Music Presentation.

Every King of Fighters always bring you great sound. However, since this is ported to the Sony PS1, sound and music isn't bad at all. If you think about seeing if this game has a soundtrack, it sure does. They are quite hard to find, but eventually one will pop up. There's not a whole lot to say in this category, because fighting games aren't really about sound. All you hear is characters screaming and the typical win quotes/animations.

How do you control this game?!

This is the part where it really gets rough. Sadly, I was disappointed this didn't came with Analog support. it does support the Vibration function, which is gibberish to me. It's really hard if you use the D-pad(well, for me at least) knowing how stiff it is. Plus, it's hard to execute moves and DMs. Glad they made up for this part by adding shortcuts to the trigger buttons which can be modified for each character somewhere in the options menu. This can make things easier in battles. Also, it's always the same common configuration, two punches and two kicks, etc...


The Replay is high depending on how you look at it. You have several secret scenes to unlock. You have a Art Gallery for viewing early drawings, Color Edit to edit character looks to make them either more ugly or more pretty. Fighting games can get boring quick, and there is no point of trying to unlock anything else(like Capcom vs SNK for the Dreamcast...).

The Ups and Downs of this game.

+ Great Music
+ Good be continued.
+ Good Visuals and Animations
+ Mediocre Replay Value
+ Mediocre Fighting System

- Fair Control Customization/No Analog Joystick support
- Gets boring quick.

Final Rating: 8.1. I'd give this game a 8 to round it off.

Rent or Buy....

It's very cheap now.. and probably very rare to find as well. Go pick up a copy if you're a 2-D fighting freak. SNK only expanded the series one more time. Every other was developed by somebody different.

It's Never Too Late For A Great Fight!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/06/03

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