"It`s so terrible, it`s fun to play."

This is an absolutely terrible port. The sound is awful, the movement is choppy, and the controls are sluggish. But the characters are so awful, they are hilarious.

Story - Kyo got cloned. Wow. That`s a good way to take over the world. Clone Kyo. I mean, don`t clone anyone who is really good, just someone that is ''okay''. So basically the story is terrible and not worth the time they put into it. There is a New Hero team, which I despise because K' is a wiener and Maxima is flat out terrible. Benistinkbomb is playabale, and Shingo I`ll just never like. Kyo and Iori are ''hidden'' characters, and by which I mean ''selectable from the start''. They have by far the most fun team, but only if you like Kyo. Because it`s 75% Kyo. SNK felt the need to add 2 Kyo clones in the game. So, the team is Kyo, Kyo-1, Kyo-2 and Iori. So, most people will probably just beat the game with Iori and the regular Kyo, because the clones are terrible.

Gameplay- The controls are really sluggish, making it difficult to perform super moves. Sometimes you literally can`t do any specials or supers from a certain side, but later you can. It`s a nice system. The fighting is actually well done in this game. The speed is almost perfect, if not a tad on the slow side. The only real problem I found with the gameplay outside of the controls was that certain people flat out are terrible in this game. Like Andy Bogard? Oh well. He`s gonna lose pretty much every match. Becuase his strong fireball does about as much damage as a strong kick. Oh, it`s also slower than Moses. Don`t like Ralf? Too bad, because he`s gonna stomp the crap out of you. Especially with his super where he pretty much just kills you. It literally does around 60% damage when he`s in perfect health. Sure, it has a lengthy startup, but man, it still hits an awful lot. Even on people who know what they are doing. And I really hope you like getting the crap beaten out of you by King, because she`s a total whorebag in this game.

Audio- This is really bad here. Even the music is TERRIBLE, worse than the rehash crap in CvSNK Pro. The sound effects are terrible, like someone recorded them off a scratched record. The only good part of the audio is when you knock someone out, and they make the most terrible noise you ever heard in your life.

Graphics- Standard stuff for 2D fighters on the PSX. A little below the standard for it`s time though. But, that`s SNK for you. It doesn`t take away from the game really. The actual artwork sections of the game are a mixed bag. Sometimes it looks really good, and sometimes it looks TERRIBLE. It`s a tough score to give, so I`ll randomly give it something.

Replayability - This game is actually fun because it`s so terrible. There are lots of pictures to unlock by using insanely dumb teams, like the ''Awesome Hairstyle Team'', which unlocks a picture of Benimaru, Jhun, Andy and Chang bathing together. Well worth the time. Because that image is forever going to haunt me. Some of the images are amusing, some are nice to look at, and some are just plain awful. There is also a voice mode which will take roughly 12 years to figure out how to operate. So that adds to the replay value, I guess.

To buy or to rent? - I would actually buy this. It`s only like 5 bucks from what I`ve seen, and thats worth just the sound you hear when both people go on the random box. I mean, you`d pay 10 bucks to enter a freak show, wouldn`t you? Why not pay 5, and get way more freaks? And you can see them whenever you want.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 12/06/03

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