Review by Zemien TDW

"The best of the PSX bunch! Worth it!"

This has to be the best KOF ever released on the PSX, ever. Loadings are very much smoother, though the sprites seem to be smaller. There are no (unfortunately) extra modes. There are added options too. Kyo and Iori are readily selectable though I'm working out about Kriz.
As stated a few days ago, everything remains the same like the arcade. The gameplay that is. I am also proud to note you that over 70% of the background music has been edited to be a little bit more techno. Credits go to the sound team. But all speech is in Japanese. There are a few weaknessess. Appearing in all the KOF games that landed on the PSX, they have a speech problem. They're very echo'-ing' and seems to be recorded in a hall or toilet :). Though less in 99, it's clearly visible if you tune up the volume. No big problem. Then there's the frames. A few frames have been removed here and there, and it managed to make fast opponents even faster. For example I was using Athena against Krizalid 1. I did my Psycho Ball when he countered with his Negative Anguish. My Ball (no pun intended) managed to clear one hit but I got hit by its second hit. That's when I flew back but before I got down, I got hit again with another Negative Anguish because of the missing frames. But luckily they prevented slowdown, unlike 97...
On to the minor details. I've just played through it once so I can't confirm everything yet. There are those missing sounds and stuff that won't matter, but I'm happy to announce to you that now Krizalid-2 has a ducking animation That should make our lifes easier...
In addition to all of that, there are some extra stuff. One is the Art Gallery which I think it's like the Neo Geo CD version. Maybe more. Then they have Sound Test. You can here quotes from players but I don't understand how to use it properly. The same goes to the Colour Edit Mode. I don't know how to use it yet but rest assuared, they're very good addition and it won't disappoint us at all. Well then, that's all. I'll be updating as necessary but all you need to know is one thing: If you ain't got DreamCast, get Playstation! Both are good in their own rights. Before I forget, K's Team does have a secret ending...

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/21/00, Updated 03/21/00

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