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"One of the best fighting series available"

Street Fighter was what started it all. Yes. The fighting genre never fails to capture the gamer's attention with it's non-stop action and the smile it brings. Since then, many different engines have been tried. But none more impressive then the King of Fighters series, who utilized a multi fighter engine. Every year, a new King of Fighters is released. But perhaps one of my favorites is the game from the year of 1999 (hence the title King of Fighters '99).

King of Fighters '99 features a engine that is not seen in any other series. That is why this system is King of Fighter's signature feature. In this installment in the King of Fighters series, players pick four fighters, each with their own special moves, advantages and disadvantages. After the fighters are chosen, the order has to be selected, the last fighter being the ''striker'' can be called out to act as a helper. After one character is defeated, the next fighter in line takes the place of the fallen one. The victorious fighter gains a little bit of health back. The fight continues until all four fighters of one side are all defeated.

The controlls are very easy to master. There are the basic punching and kicking buttons. Then the evade buttons are on the shoulder (R1 and L1). And that's basically it for the controlls. As you can probably tell, there are not too many functions, so this decreases the chance of a finger cramp, or a hurt finger. As in most fighting games, the controlls can be changed. King of Fighters 99 is no exception. The player can change the controlls to any way he/she sees fit.

This game is very high on challenge. Just like in all fighting games, numerous difficulties are offered. Obviously, each level is harder then the previous one. This game has a mild learning curve. Which means it gives lots of time for beginners to catch on. But once you're past the beginner stage, you can advance to the next difficulty level. Even veterans of the game will find the hardest difficulty to be a challenge.

The graphics of this game, I feel can be much improved on. Some of the backgrounds does not look like they were made with care. Some of the fighters' movements looks quite sketchy. The audio is not that great. It's not that horrible either. You get background music plus all of the basic fighting sounds. It's pretty good, but nothing to brag about.

Now the fun factor is where this game really excels. Besides from single-player play, you can play with a friend. You can bring this game to a party and everybody can raise the roof chearing for their favorite player. The replay value is quite high, not like other fighting games. After completing the game once, there is still so much more to see as you try to master other fighters, or try different combinations, and/or order of the same combination! There is so much to see in this game.

But overall, I would not buy this game right away. Some people do not like fighting games as much as others. However, if you are a huge fan of fighting games, this game is for you!

Fun Factor:9
Replay Value:8

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/02/00, Updated 07/02/00

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