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NBA Hoopz is the latest in a long line of basketball games from Midway that are based on the original NBA Jam. Unfortunately this series has overstayed its welcome and is starting to get old and all too common place to still be entertaining after all of these years. So Midway decided to add one more player to the court to make the game some more fun, but this sadly did not work.


1. Great idea (ten years ago)


1. Overdone features
2. Does not offer much new
3. Not much fun after all of these years

The graphics are not well done at all. They look like early versions of Playstation game, they are kind of choppy and too polygonal. The only thing that seems better about this game is the increased likenesses of NBA players. The characters are nice but not anything to go bragging to all of your friends about. I think that Midway should have spent more time on this aspect of the game and hopefully it would have made the game at least a little bit more fun to play.

Do you remember the sounds for NBA Jam back in the arcades. If you do then you should recognize this game pretty quickly. Don't you think Midway could have gotten a new announcer to say ''He's On Fire!!!'' ? Apparently not. If you were to play the music out loud in public two things are sure to happen. One, you should get beat up and you r underwear should be on a flagpole in a matter of minutes. Two, a bunch of old ladies should come and help you out and love the music you just got beat up for playing.

The controls are one of the few things that was done right about this game, but since they never really changed it since the original version of the game then the great controls of the first game have not been changed. There are still the same Turbo - Shoot - Pass controls of this game. Nothing much to talk about.

If you have not played any game in the NBA Jam / NBA Showtime series then this should be a real fun game for you, if you have played those games then the fun should have worn off by now. Midway is just cursed with making a great game and then making as many games as possible identical to that to try and get the gamers money (Mortal Kombat, NFL Blitz, and NBA Jam) this time they are trying to disguise it under a different name.

This game is not much fun the first time around, or the second, or the third, or the Nth time around. It has just lost all of its fun many years ago.

The thing that I like about this game is the multiplayer modes. It is great that a game has finally included 21 in its multiplayer mode. Adding new games like 21 still could not save this game from its ultimate destiny.... mediocrity.

One thing that I do like about Midway games are they are plentiful with cheats. This game is no exception. There are a ton of cheats, but none great enough to save this game, but at least there are cheats in this game.

Once again if you have never played an NBA Jam game in the past then this game should be somewhat challenging to you, but if you have then Hoopz should be a push over for you.

There is no originality in this game, it is all based on previous games, with the sole exception of 21. How many times to I have to say that if you have played NBA Jam then you have played NBA Hoopz?

If you are deciding to buy or rent the game then let me offer this one word of advice to you.... NO

Overall: 4/10

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 06/29/01, Updated 06/29/01

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