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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ZKeene

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 10/15/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    *                 Akumajo Nendaiki/Castlevania Chronicle FAQ                *
    *                 Version 1.4 - Last Updated 15 October 2002                *
    *                   By: Zach Keene (zjkeene@bellsouth.net)                  *
       Table of Contents    .       .       .       .       .       .           7
    1) Introduction         .       .       .       .       .       .          25
    2) What's New?          .       .       .       .       .       .          61
    3) Credits       .      .       .       .       .       .       .          82
    4) Legal Crap    .      .       .       .       .       .       .         143
    5) Frequently Asked Questions   .       .       .       .       .         160
    6) Castlevania Basics   .       .       .       .       .       .         238
    7) Fun With the Konami Code     .       .       .       .       .         366
    8) Walkthrough - Block 1        .       .       .       .       .         406
    9) Walkthrough - Block 2        .       .       .       .       .         477
    10) Walkthrough - Block 3       .       .       .       .       .         527
    11) Walkthrough - Block 4       .       .       .       .       .         572
    12) Walkthrough - Block 5       .       .       .       .       .         631
    13) Walkthrough - Block 6       .       .       .       .       .         684
    14) Walkthrough - Block 7       .       .       .       .       .         729
    15) Walkthrough - Block 8       .       .       .       .       .         788
    16) The End     .       .       .       .       .       .       .         867
    ::: Introduction ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
      I'll open this FAQ with something I had originally written for the 
    "Frequently Asked Questions" section, but I figured it'd be of more use here.
    Those of you who already know this can move on. 
    Q) Castlevania Chronicles? Cool! What games are in it?
    A) Calm down, this isn't the Castlevania compilation everyone's been waiting
       for. CC is just one game: a port of the Sharp X68000 game "Akumajo 
       Dracula" which was originally released in 1993. This game (only the third
       to be called simply "Akumajo Dracula", BTW) was very similar to the
       original NES Castlevania (which was also known simply as "Akumajo 
       Dracula" in Japan), except that it had near-SNES quality graphics, better
       music, and a more modern control scheme. It was also extremely difficult.
       The PSX version of this game brings you the original X68000 version in all
       of its glory, as well as a "Arrange Mode". Arrange mode gives you new 
       Simon and Dracula sprites (done by Ayami Kojima of CSOTN fame), remixed 
       music, and most importantly perhaps, a difficulty control. 
      This FAQ was originally written for the Japanese version, but since I own
    both Japanese and US versions, it will cover both. The two of you out there 
    that happen to have a spare Sharp X68000 lying around might also find some
    of the info useful as well. :) 
                      Where to get the latest version of this FAQ
                           [This version is always current.]
                       GameFaqs - http://www.gamefaqs.com/
          The Castlevania Dungeon - http://www.classicgaming.com/castlevania
    ::: What's New? :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    Version 1.4 (15 October 2002)
            - Two new secret items found.
    Version 1.3 (3 October 2002)
            - A few extra secret items found.
            - Some slightly improved Dracula and Medusa strategies.
            - Added a strategy to get rid of that annoying Glass Knight on stage
            - Think you're totally awesome at this game? One word: "NOMIS..."
            - And other minor fixes. Some of my enemy names have been changed
      	  for consistency with Concerto of Midnight Sun (aka Harmony of
    Version 1.22 (22 November 2001)
            - Mostly a minor clean-up update, but a new question has been added
              to the Frequently Asked Questions section.
    ::: Credits :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    Thanks to (in no particular order at the moment):
            - For the secret items in Stage 4 and Stage 7.
    The Cardinal
            - For posting to the GameFAQs board that someone found out how to 
              access the Original Mode soundtrack select in the US version.
    Great Q
            - For posting to the GameFAQs board what the heck the date option
            - For finding the Gameshark-only(?) hidden Money Bag in Stage 1
            - Some final Dracula tips.
            - For noting that the Soundtrack Select code is not limited to
              Original Mode.
            - For the Moai Head on level 23.
    Nemo Incognito
            - For the Crown on level 9.
    Dan Roth
            - For finding the value of a secret Money Bag in Block 6.
    Reggie Schreiber
            - For the method of easily getting rid of that Glass Knight in
    	  level 12, and a better Medusa strategy.
    Tau Ceti 
            - For the Double Shot on level 19.
    Whoever first posted the "Extra Option" code to the GameFAQs board
            - For, uh, posting the "Extra Option" code to the GameFAQs board.
              If you're reading this, please e-mail me so I can give you credit.
              (IIRC this person's GameFAQs username was "travolta" followed by
              some number...)
            - A tip on how to use the Stage 2 Flea Man trap to your advantage.
            - A site of screenshots from the original X68000 version, including
              most of the secrets included in this FAQ. :)
            - Japanese site where I found the "NOMIS..." code.
    http://www.na.sakura.ne.jp/ - kasa0/PS/ secret/slpm867/slpm86754.html
            - Japanese site where I found the "hidden sound select message" code.
    ::: Legal Crap ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
      This Akumajo Nendaiki FAQ is (C) 2001 Zach Keene. As Grand Poo-bah of 
    Copyrightedness, I grant upon thee the following rights:
    1) Thou mayst give this FAQ to whomever you so choose. The key word here is
       "give". If anybody gets paid for this, it darn well better be me. :)
    2) Thou mayst put this FAQ up on thine website, so long as it remains
       completely intact. And I do mean completely.
      "KONAMI", "Akumajo Nendaiki", "Akumajo Dracula", and "Castlevania 
    Chronicle" are trademarks of Konami Corporation. (C) 1986, 2001 Konami and
    Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo.
    ::: Frequently Asked Questions ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    Q) What's different in the US version?
    A) First, the good: the US version has includes an interview with producer 
       Koji Igarashi (who talks a bit about a new upcoming Castlevania game as
       well as the possibility of further re-releases). Also, there is an Art
       Gallery that includes Ayami Kojima artwork from both this game and 
       Symphony of the Night. (Nothing you've probably not already seen if you
       own the Sega Saturn version though.) Also, you can save your game at
       stage 24 (the final battle with Dracula) in Arrange mode, which doesn't
       seem to work for me on the Japanese version. (Some of you may consider
       this a negative. :)
       Then, the bad: The Original Mode sound hardware selection appears to have
       been removed from the US version. Fortunately, it hasn't, but you now need
       to use a code to access it. Also, the dolls in Stage 17 no longer have
       their Japanese voices. 
       Then, the ugly: the screen adjustment screen still says "Please Setting
    Q) I got to the top of Stage 13, but I can't find the exit! How do I get out?
    A) There is a stairway on the platform on the top right corner of Stage 13. 
       If you can't see it or can only see a few pixels of it, you probably need
       to readjust your screen settings from the Options menu, as it should be
       plainly visible.
    Q) I have the Japanese version, and this wonky message comes up in Japanese 
       and won't let me start the game! Help!
    A) Put a memory card in Slot 1, select the top option, and (this is 
       important) push the O button.
    Q) My music skips during Block 2 of Arrange!
    A) So does everyone else's who owns the Japanese version. Except for those 
       whose music skips in other levels. :\ Seriously, the Japanese version of 
       this game suffered from the BGM skipping in a few places. For most people 
       this was limited to Block 2 Arrange, but there were a few scattered 
       reports of skipping music in other levels. 
       (Both the obvious nature of this "bug" and the semi-random nature of where
       it occured for different people made me wonder if this was a result of a
       botched pressing and not a bug...)
       This has apparently been fixed in the US version.
    Q) Got any codes?
    A) Beating the game in Arrange Mode (at any difficulty) will unlock Time
       Attack mode, where you can choose to play any level and your best times
       will be recorded. You have only one life and a permanent Triple Shot to
       get through your chosen level.
       The Konami Code makes a comeback as well, but I've devoted a whole section
       to it later on.
       Immediately after selecting either Original Mode or Arrange Mode, hold 
       L1 and R1 to access the sound hardware select menu. (Note: you will get 
       this automatically in the Japanese version if you select Original Mode.) 
       While you're on the sound select screen, plug in a second controller,
       then press and hold L1 + O + X on the second controller for a hidden
       message. (This has been removed from the North American version of the
       Start a new file in either mode, and put in "NOMIS..." as you're
       name. You will be delighted to find that you now only have one life
       bar. MWAHAHAHA... sorry. Finding Meat will still restore your life
       (presumably the Herb will too but I have not confirmed that), but each
       time you die or enter a new Block your life will be reset to one bar.
    Q) Hey, there's this funky screenshot over at the Castlevania Dungeon...
    A) The one with a goofy picture of Simon in the Stage 18 background? Whoever
       made that screenshot apparently used an emulator and turned off a 
       background to get that. So what's the _real_ way to get it? Supposedly, 
       that Simon picture will show up in a mirror on your fifth playthrough of 
       Original Mode. Good luck. :)
    ::: Castlevania Basics ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
      Well, I imagine most of you know the drill, but just in case...
      For those of you who joined the Castlevania saga after CSOTN or Circle of 
    the Moon, there are no fancy backflips, item crashes, twirling whips of doom, 
    air dashes, super jumps, summons, familiars, or any of that to be found here.
    All you have is plain ol' Simon Belmont, the Vampire Killer whip, and 
    whatever special weapons that can be found. Hey, considering how much this 
    game is based on the original NES game, be happy that you can even control 
    your jumps in mid-air. :)
      Simon will benefit from finding the following the following items, usually
    by whipping candles.
    1) Rosary - Destroys all onscreen enemies.
    2) Heart - Increases Simon's heart stock by 1 (up to 99). Hearts are consumed
       by using subweapons.
    3) Big Heart - Increases Simon's heart stock by 5.
    4) Transparency Potion - makes Simon invincible for a short period of time.
    5) Chain - Increases the Vampire Killer's range and strength. You can only
       find 2 maximum.
    6) Money Bag - Increases your score. Red bags are worth 100 points, blue bags 
       are worth 400 points, and white bags are worth 700 points.
    7) Meat - Castlevania Pot Roast[TM]. Restores 8 points of health.
    8) Double Shot - Allows Simon to have two shots of his subweapon onscreen at
       the same time. You will lose this if you die or switch subweapons.
    9) Triple Shot - Allows Simon to have three shots of his subweapon onscreen 
       at the same time. You will lose this if you die or switch subweapons.
    10) 1up - Gives you an extra life.
      And you just wouldn't have much of a Castlevania game without the following
    subweapons. Note that unlike Rondo of Blood, CSOTN, or Circle of the Moon, 
    any new subweapons you pick up immediately replace the one you had, and you 
    will be unable to reclaim the one you originally had.
    1) Pocketwatch - Freezes all onscreen enemies. Most bosses are immune.
       (5 Hearts)
    2) Dagger - Throws knife straight ahead. Travels quickly, but weak. (1 Heart)
    3) Axe - Flies at an upward arc. Low range, but good for enemies above you.
       (1 Heart)
    4) Holy Water - Lobs in a small arc, creating a small flame on impact. Low 
       range, but it'll do decent damage to anything dumb enough to stay in it's 
       flame though. (1 Heart)
    5) Cross - Flies straight ahead for a distance, then returns like a 
       boomerang. For best results position yourself so that your enemy is at the
       boomerang's maximum distance, so that it will get hit several times when
       the boomerang stops and starts to return. (1 Heart)
    6) Herb - Doesn't come around too often sadly, but very useful. This restores
       6 blocks of your health, and you can keep using it if you have enough
       hearts. Or until you die. (10 Hearts)
    * Points and Extra Lives *
      So, if you're wondering what good Money Bags (or any of the other assorted
    items that are worth bonus points) are, you get an extra life at 30000 
    points, and another extra life for each 70000 points you score thereafter.
      Another way to rack up points quickly is to kill several enemies at once 
    with one shot of a subweapon. The second enemy is worth 1000, the third 2000,
    the fourth 4000, and each one past that is worth 7000.
      Bone Pillars are always good for this, if you have a Cross and wait for 
    them to fire a few fireballs your way before you chuck a Cross at them.
    * Double and Triple Shots *
      While you can occasionally find these hidden in candles or other places, a
    more surefire way to get them is to kill 10 enemies using your subweapon. At
    that point, a Double Shot can be found in any candle that would normally be a
    Heart. If you already have a Double Shot, doing this will get you a Triple 
    Shot instead. 
    * Saving *
      Unlike the password systems previous Castlevanias have employed, this game
    allows you to save your progress. Anytime you run out of lives you are given 
    the option to save, continue, or quit. Regardless if you save or continue, 
    you will be thrown back to the beginning of whatever Block you were on.
    * Original Mode Sound Hardware Select *
      The original X68000 offered you a sound hardware select screen where you
    could, uh, select which sound hardware you had installed. All of the sound
    hardware options can be emulated on the PSX version; but getting to this 
    screen may be an issue depending on what version of the game you're playing.
      In the Japanese version, this screen comes up automatically when you
    select Original Mode. However, if you don't like the new Arrange soundtrack,
    you can hold L1 and R1 immediately after selecting Arrange Mode to bring up
    this screen. Doing so will allow you to have original X68000 music with the
    new pink-hair Simon. :)
      US version players will have to use the L1 + R1 code to access this 
    screen in either mode, but otherwise it works the same as it does in the 
    Japanese version.
    * Art Gallery (US Version only) *
      This unlocks when you start a game, and new pictures unlock as you play
    through the game. I'm not sure what the exact triggers are at the moment 
    1) Japanese Akumajo Nendaiki: Akumajo Dracula cover art
    2) Simon                                      
    3) Dracula                                 
    4) US Castlevania Chronicles cover art
    5) Japanese PSX Akumajo Dracula X: Gekka no Yasoukyoku cover art 
    6) Alucard
    7) Alucard (close-up)
    8) Alucard (using a potion)
    9) Alucard (w/ bats)
    10) Alucard (w/ Alucard Shield)
    11) Alucard (casting Hellfire)
    12) Richter
    13) Richter (close-up)
    14) Richter ("Lord of this castle" :)
    15) Maria
    16) Maria (close-up)
    17) Lisa
    18) Master Librarian
    19) Succubus (censored)
    20) Ferryman
    21) Richter
    22) Death
    23) Shaft
    24) Dracula
    25) Dracula (close-up)
    26) Japanese Sega Saturn Akumajo Dracula X: Gekka no Yasoukyoku cover art
    ::: Fun With the Konami Code ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
      Devoting a whole section to this probably wasn't necessary, but for maximum
    playing enjoyment I recommend using this code before starting each playing. 
    No, this isn't a cheat code of any sort, but it helps to restore some of the
    neat features of the original X68000 version that would otherwise be lost.
      At the title screen (the one with "Original", "Arrange", and "Options"), 
    press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, X, O (this would be the
    Konami Code, for the two people out there who don't already know it. :)
    This will allow you to access the Extra Option menu.
      [NOTE: This code still works in the US version, but since the confirm and 
       cancel buttons have been swapped, the code is now Up, Up, Down, Down, 
       Left, Right, Left, Right, O, X.]
      The first option is the date/time setting. It is set by default to May 24, 
    2001 (the game's release date in Japan.) Anyway, go ahead and set today's 
    time and date. For what it's worth, the time and date will be saved to the 
    memory card, but obviously it'll be off the next time you play the game. 
      What's the point, you ask? Well, the boss battle of Level 5 takes place in
    front of a clock. The original X68000 version set this clock to the X68000's
    clock (which presumably would be the current time.) The PSX has no such 
    battery-powered clock, so without this option all it could do would be to 
    set it to your current playing time (like CSOTN's Marble Gallery clock did
    on the PSX) or however long it had been turned on.
      What good is the date, you ask? One of the backgrounds in Block 7 changes
    with the seasons. 
      Anyway, the second option is the Display Mode option, which allows you to
    select whether or not your status bar (with your health, current stage, etc.)
    is transparent (choose Normal) or opaque (a la the NES Castlevania games; 
    choose Trim).
      All set? Then let's begin.
    ::: Walkthrough - Block 1 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
      This walkthrough assumes you are playing Arrange at Normal difficulty,
    unless otherwise noted. Enemy and boss names are taken from similar
    enemies in CSOTN or CotM whenever possible. Otherwise, I just made them up.
      Also this won't be a walkthrough in the usual sense (like my CSOTN FAQ),
    since the levels are very straightforward. Only rarely does the path branch,
    and in these cases both paths will lead to the same place. These walkthrough
    sections will mostly point out secrets, give boss strategies, and anything
    else I feel is worth mentioning.
    Facts About:    Monastery
    Music Track:    Vampire Killer
    Enemies Found:  Bat, Black Panther, Flea Man, Merman, Peeping Eye, Zombie 
    Bosses Found:   Darkwing Bat
      If you've played the original Castlevania this level will be very familiar.
    All of the secrets are just where you remember them, too... well, almost. :)
    Stage 1:
      Nothing much to say about this, just head to the right. Kneel before you
    cross the bridge to uncover a Crown behind you. The Crown is worth 2000 bonus
      At the very end of the first set of floating platforms (where the Black 
    Panthers attack; right before the painting), you can whip the last block in 
    order to find a 700 point white Money Bag.
      (One for the weirdness column: The platform floating high off the ground
      near the very end of the stage contains a 1000 point Money Bag, but there
      seems to be no way to actually get up there without using a Gameshark.)
    Stage 2:
      Castlevania veterans will be tempted to whip out the bottom two blocks of
    the right wall at the beginning of stage 2. Doing so would be a Bad Thing.
    (Go ahead and try, but don't say I didn't warn you. :) (But if you whipped it
    anyway, you can position yourself so that you can keep whipping the resulting
    Flea Men as they appear, and rack up a few additional lives and points if you
    want.) Instead, take out the bottom two blocks of the bottom left wall for 
    some Meat.
      Going down stairs, one of the floating blocks can be whipped to allow you
    access to a candle with a Big Heart if you feel like bothering with it.
      Once you get to the end of the mermen room, whip off the far right block
    of the floating platform with the stairs and drop to the very bottom 
    platform. Kneel down on the far left block of that platform to uncover 
    another 2000 point Crown.
      (Another one for the weirdness column: once you come back up from the
      Merman room, you can whip the top right block from the large wall to the
      left, then jump on top and head left all the way back to the start of
      Stage 2. There doesn't seem to be any purpose to this, though...)
    Stage 3:
      Again, not much going on here. The small three-block platform at the very
    end will yield a Double Shot if you whip off the last block. This will come
    in handy, because you're about to face...
    Darkwing Bat Tactics                 Boss Music Track: Creatures In The Depth
      The Darkwing Bat will just sort of hover around. If you leave it alone for
    too long, it will swoop down on you, but this won't be an issue if you can
    keep it busy. Every time you strike it it will turn into a flock of bats;
    you can kill off some of these bats if you like, but there's no point since
    extra bats will fly in to replace any you kill, and eventually the whole lot
    will reform the Darkwing Bat again.
    ::: Walkthrough - Block 2 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    Facts About:    Underground Waterway
    Music Track:    Thrashard in the Cave
    Enemies Found:  Bat, Bone Dragon, Merman, Peeping Eye, Spear Demon 
    Bosses Found:   Dragon Zombie
    Stage 4:
      Nothing much of note here. Keep whipping at the green goo to break through; 
    it will regenerate if you don't keep whipping at it fast enough.
      When you reach the part where the stalactites fall from the ceiling that
    you must jump on to continue, stay on the ground and duck just before the
    path is blocked. This will reveal a 2000 point Crown on the platform above.
    Stage 5:
      One of ADX68000's few route splits occurs here. I recommend taking the high
    route, because it will eventually lead to a Bone Dragon, and behind the Bone
    Dragon you can whip out the wall to find a strange robed flute-playing 
    figure. Once he comes out, four items will start spinning; whip an item to
    collect it. Or, if you don't like your item options, whip the flute player.
    This will give you four new items. Be careful though. If you whip the flute
    player too many times, you will kill him and won't get anything.
      If you took the low route, mind the gap where the large snake creature 
    likes to pop up and take a bite out of jumping vampire killers. You can get
    a 10 point bonus for every time you successfully make the jump, though.
    Stage 6:
      Going up? Be careful, since your raft will get smaller and smaller as it 
    runs into the small platforms. Meanwhile, mermen will be attacking you and
    trying to knock you off. If you're playing anything harder than Arrange 
    Normal, be extremely careful, since their fireballs will send you flying 
    right off your raft. 
      At about the end of your ride you'll have to leap accross a few platforms 
    to get to a new raft. Do so quickly, because the screen will still be 
    scrolling upward.
    Dragon Zombie Tactics                Boss Music Track: Creatures In The Depth
      The Dragon Zombie will do anything in its power to knock you off your raft.
    Watch out for its flame breath, and beware of the fact that it will
    periodically upset your raft with its tail. Its weak point is its head, so
    aim for that with whatever you may have (the Axe would be pretty useful here,
    and crosses are always good. :)
    ::: Walkthrough - Block 3 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    Facts About:    Courtyard
    Music Track:    Wicked Child
    Enemies Found:  Archer Statue, Blue Raven, Bubble, Caterpillar, Harpy, Flea 
                    Man, Skeleton, Toad, Tree Demon
    Bosses Found:   Wizard
    Stage 7:
      Beware of the trees, since demons like to pop out of them when you least
    expect it. Once you get past the Harpy/Flea Man drop zone and the fountain,
    take the low road under the staircase there and whip out the middle block
    of the lower platform for some Meat.
      Climb the second set of stairs you encounter and duck at the left side of
    the platform you climb onto to reveal a 1000 point Money Bag.
    Stage 8:
      The mud here acts as quicksand; don't stand on it too long. A rare Herb
    can be found in the candle underneath the overpass toward the beginning of
    the stage. You'll have to sink under the steps to get to it though.
    Stage 9:
      The ice here is slippery. The large ice column likes to rise up to knock 
    you into the spikes, which is instantly fatal. Beware of the gap-dwelling
    snake again (no bonus this time, though). 
      Right at the end of the level, if you head down the stairs and head left 
    and kneel in front of the wall, a crown will appear. You'll have to be
    quick to get back up the stairs to reach it, though.
    Wizard Tactics                       Boss Music Track: Creatures In The Depth
      For the most part, the Wizard isn't very threatening. His magic daggers do
    little damage, his ice columns just rise you up to his level making him
    easier to hit, and while annoying, those green things he shoots just steal
    a few hearts.
      However, do not under any circumstance allow him to get a summon off. He
    will be invincible during this time, and the summon demon's flame attack is
    very difficult to avoid.
    ::: Walkthrough - Block 4 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    Facts About:    Red Brick Chapel
    Music Track:    Bloody Tears
    Enemies Found:  Bat, Blood Skeleton, Bone Dragon, Bone Pillar, Glass Armor, 
                    Ghost, Medusa Head, Skeleton, Spear Guard
    Bosses Found:   Medusa
    Stage 10:
      Once you make it to the top, walk off the left side of the topmost platform
    to reveal a spinning Moai head worth 4000 points.
    Stage 11:
      Walk past the large goddess statue; the left wall is fake. Jump into the
    wall and continue on to find a room full of goodies, including some Meat,
    a Double Shot, and some subweapons. Head back to the statue and continue on.
    (Note the statue's bloody tears; they turn into blood skeletons.)
      When you get to the part with the elevator platforms and the two spear
    guards near the very end, whip the top block of the "wall" there for a 
    Double Shot.
    Stage 12:
      The spike traps near the beginning are reminiscient of a similar part of
    Block 2 from the original Castlevania. They aren't instantly fatal, 
    fortunately. As you climb up the stairs, the stained glass in the background
    will shatter to form a rather obnoxious Glass Armor. You can take it down
    easily enough, but its shield will remain and start spewing glass shards
    in your direction. To get rid of it easily, after climbing on the forth
    platform up, stand on the far left side of the platform and jump straight
    up. The Glass Armor will form, then walk off the right side of its platform
    and land on a platform below, allowing you to pass.
      Fortunately you can whip the floor at the stepdown right before Medusa for
    some much needed Meat.
    Medusa Tactics                       Boss Music Track: Creatures In The Depth
      Those of you who noticed Block 4's resemblance to Block 2 from Castlevania
    will no doubt be expecting an extraordinarily easy fight. You will be wrong.
      Medusa's tail has a range easily equivalent to your whip, if not longer,
    and she loves to jump around sticking her butt in your face. On top of that,
    she fires a laser that will petrify you temporarily. Also, she will
    periodically jump high in the air and toss out snakes.
      If you can get close enough the Holy Water is effective if you can get 
    Medusa at a time when she's not spazzing all over the screen. Which doesn't
    happen very often. (As usual, Crosses are always good. :)
      Better still is a Dagger at and least a Double shot, as well as a good
    reserve of hearts. Stay on the far right of the screen and just chuck
    Daggers at Medusa. This works extremely well as long as you don't get hit
    with her petrifying ray. However, since you get the Dagger at the beginning
    of Stage 10, you'll need to stay alive for the whole level.
    ::: Walkthrough - Block 5 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    Facts About:    Clock Tower
    Music Track:    The Tower of Gears
    Enemies Found:  Bone Pillar, Bone Scimitar, Flea Man, Medusa Head, Peeping
    Bosses Found:   Werewolf
    Stage 13:
      Right at the very beginning, you can whip the wall to the right to get an
    Axe if you'd like one. You can get several Big Hearts and a few Subweapons
    from the candles on the left side, but the fact the rotating platforms under
    them make this somewhat difficult.
    Stage 14:
      Two Bone Pillars will drop down at the very beginning; between the two of
    them and a third just offscreen, you can rack up a ton of points and a 
    Double Shot if you grabbed the Cross near the end of Stage 13. (See the 
    Castlevania Basics section if you have no idea what I'm talking about.)
      Toward the end you must step on a platform that will free several Flea Men
    from a cage. If you can hit them all with a Cross (or Holy Water flame or 
    whatever works), you can rack up yet another large amount of points. Anyway,
    whip the left wall at this point, and stand in the gap you make for several
    moments until a 1up appears to the right. 
    Stage 15:
      Some more vertical action. At various points cogs will drop off the
    background; you can somewhat control how they roll by whipping them. The
    arrangement of 5 candles contains a Cross, Dagger, Double Shot, Pocketwatch,
    and something else that I've already forgotten. :) More important however
    is that if you can get to the moving platform above these candles and whip
    the blocks there, you can find some Meat.
    Werewolf Tactics                     Boss Music Track: Creatures In The Depth
      The Werewolf starts jumping around like a madman, tearing off stone blocks 
    from the clock and throwing them at you. Then it will start throwing the 
    numbers from the clock face at you. :) At any rate, the most important thing
    to remember here is to _keep moving_. You'll be harder to hit that way.
      I _highly_ recommend having the Cross in this battle; they're a dime a 
    dozen through Block 5 really. A Double or Triple Shot will be very useful 
    as well. Try to stay as far away as possible while throwing Crosses at both
    the Werewolf (and its stone chunks if you have the Hearts to spare.)
      Once you whittle it down some it will grab one of the clock's hands and try
    to use it as a club. Again, stay back and chuck Crosses at it, and it should
    go down pretty easily at this point.
    ::: Walkthrough - Block 6 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    Facts About:    Sky Corridor
    Music Tracks:   MOON-FIGHT, The Tower of Dolls
    Enemies Found:  Axe Armor, Bone Scimitar, Clown, Ghost Bat, Marionette, 
                    Medusa Heads, Winged Guard
    Bosses Found:   Doppelganger
    Stage 16:
      Near the bottom of the first screen (just before you can start scrolling to
    the right) you can kneel down to reveal a Money Bag on the platform above 
    you. I wasn't able to get to it fast enough to see how much it was worth, 
    but I'm told it is worth 1000 points.
      Once you get to the long bridge it will start crumbling, and you will have
    to jump from section to section. Of course, there will be expertly placed
    Medusa Heads that will try to prevent you from doing so easily. 
    Stage 17:
      Stages 17 and 18 take place in some sort of freaky funhouse. The treasure
    chests that make up the platforms here tend to spew out little toy clowns,
    dolls, balloons, and bats on occasion. About midway up there will be some
    blocks on the left side of the screen you can whip for some Meat. (It's
    not to difficult to find.)
    Stage 18:
      Now you're in a hall of mirrors now. Yay. Watch out for the little ones
    that tend to drop on your head. Once you get past the stairwells and Axe 
    Armors, you can whip the top right block for some Meat. 
    Doppelganger Tactics                 Boss Music Track: Creatures In The Depth
      Hopefully this guy is smarter if you're playing Arrange Hard or Original,
    because on Arrange Normal you can beat it just by kneeling and whipping like
    mad, as long as you've got half or life or so coming into the battle.
      Anyway, any subweapon you may be holding is also availiable to the
    Doppelganger. You can use this to your advantage; grab the Dagger earlier in
    the level and keep kneeling throughout the battle. Anytime the Doppelganger
    throws a dagger is a free hit for you.  
    ::: Walkthrough - Block 7 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    Facts About:    Torture Room/Laboratory
    Music Track:    Etude for the Killer
    Enemies Found:  Blood Skeleton, Flea Man, The Monster, Skeleton Spider, 
                    Skeleton, Two-Headed Demon 
    Bosses Found:   Death
    Stage 19: 
      Don't worry about the skeletal spider thing at the beginning; just kneel 
    and let it pass. You can get a double shot by whipping as you go down the
    stairs early in the second section, just after the two white Skeletons.
    Stage 20:
      After you've passed the two sets of skeletons that want you to play jump
    rope (with a rather spiky and bony rope, I might add), take the stairs down
    and whip the dead end for some meat. Watch out for the differently decorated
    blocks to the left of spikes; those blocks will send the spikes headed right
    for you.
      On the second screen, there's a Double Shot hidden in the left side of the
    upper level wall after you've passed the Blood Skeletons. Uh, try not to whip
    the wall while you're actually fighting off the Blood Skeletons, or you'll
    probably not make it around in time to collect the Double Shot. Once you have
    the Double Shot and are safely on the other side of the wall, you can whip
    through the wall at the Blood Skeletons if you want to rack up enough points
    for another life or two.
      Just past that you'll run into the Monster. You can try to fight it off if
    you'd like, but it is quite fast and does not die easily. If you get hit I
    recommend taking advantage of your window of invincibility and making a run
    for it. The Holy Water works wonders on it, though.
      Climb up the stairwell past the Monster and take a flying leap as far off
    the right side as you can. If you did it right, a 4000 point Moai will be
    yours for the taking.
    Stage 21:
      I highly recommend grabbing the Cross in the first screen. When you get to
    the stairs on the top right, whip the wall first for some Meat. You may wish
    to go back up and down this stairwell to collect a few spare hearts.
      Check out the painting when you climb up the stairs; its colors change 
    depending on what date you've set (see the "Fun With the Konami Code" section
    for more details.)
    Death Tactics                        Boss Music Track: Creatures In The Depth
      Death is pretty annoying (but in what Castlevania game _isn't_ he annoying 
    in?) He likes to float around, flooding the screen with sickles. From time to
    time he'll slash at you with his large scythe. As usual having a Cross is a 
    Good Thing, especially with a Double or Triple Shot, to help clear out the 
    screen a little bit if nothing else.
      I accidentally picked up an Axe on the way here and still managed to beat
    him... with one life bar left mind you, but I beat him. :)
    ::: Walkthrough - Block 8 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    Facts About:    Tower of Count Dracula
    Music Track:    Theme of Simon Belmondo
    Enemies Found:  Axe Knight, Black Panther, Crossbow Knight, Darkwing Bat, 
                    Flame Armor, Sword Knight, Maid, Morningstar Knight
    Bosses Found:   Dracula
    Stage 22: 
      The path splits again on the second screen. Take the Cross in the center
    if you want it, then take the right set of stairs. Whip the left wall, then
    stand in front of the podium for a few moments to reveal a 1up. If your 
    health is good, continue on up. Otherwise go back to the room where the
    path split and take the left set of stairs. Break the wall at the dead
    end for some Meat, then continue upward.
      On the third screen (however you may have gotten there) beware of the 
    chandeliers. The second one will drop, setting the room on fire. While you're
    fighting off the Flame Armors here, do not forget to pay attention to the 
    _other_ four zillion falling chandeliers. 
    Stage 23:
      Another import from Castlevania. As soon as you climb up the stairs,
    immediately jump off the right side of the platform to reveal a 4000-point
    Moai head.
      As you make your way across, you will be attacked by several Darkwing
    Bats. It may well be worth it to grab the Pocketwatch about halfway; this
    will stop the Bats in their tracks.
      Anyway, after the first jump, kneel until the first bat passes. Then keep
    going and the second bat will miss you. On the ledge with the Pocketwatch,
    hang around until the bat to the left comes your way, then destroy it. (This
    jump is hard enough without any bats trying to knock you off.) There's still
    one more bat, but defeating it or Pocketwatching by it won't be too
    Stage 24:
      The maids here aren't too strong, but can be annoying, so get rid of them
    quickly. Otherwise this is a pretty short and straightforward level. Soon
    you shall reach the Official Castlevania Stairway Of Doom[TM]. Just like
    every Castlevania game, the first candle is a Cross, and the last one is a
    Holy Water. I recommend taking the Holy Water. Yes, even over a Triple Shot
      If you need some more hearts you can just go back down the Stairway Of
    Doom[TM] and return.
    Dracula Tactics                      Boss Music Track: Creatures In The Depth
      And just like every Castlevania game, it's the old teleport/fireball 
    routine. Try to get just within whipping distance of Dracula when he
    starts to teleport in, then when he opens his cape, jump towards him and 
    whip. You should hit him and clear his fireballs. (If you got hit, you 
    probably jumped too soon.) Once you get him down to seven or so lifebars,
    he'll start shooting five fireballs instead of three, but don't let this
    intimidate you, since this will require no change of strategy. Repeat until
    Dracula Tactics                      Boss Music Track: You Goddamned Bathead!
      Yes, that's really the name of the music track. 
      You didn't really think it'd be that easy, did you? :) Dracula will turn
    into a large blue demon, that is really easy to hit with Holy Water. And
    while the Holy Water is in effect, Dracula will be stunned, allowing you a 
    few licks with your whip to boot. The best place to be is probably directly
    in front of him. If you kneel while whipping, his fireball attacks will go
    right over your head. Be careful when he jumps though; a simple reposition
    is enough for his regular jump, but when he starts bombing you need to be
    moving far, far away. That still leaves his claw attack, which can also be
    avoided if you happen to be kneeling close to Dracula. (The positioning on
    that one is pretty tricky though; I can't even do it consistently)
    Fortunately he doesn't seem to use that attack very often.
    ::: The End :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
      And that's it. If you were playing on Arrange mode, enjoy the cruddy FMV.
    If you were playing Original however, just like Castlevania, you get to 
    restart on Block 1, except this time the game is even harder. Good luck! 
    Zach Keene
    15 October 2002

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