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"I waste money better than any of you"

Castlevania Chronicles is one of my worst purchases of a game in a very long time. Sure, everyone loves Castlevania (or should), but Konami couldn't have chosen a worse game in the series to port to the Playstation (minus the nigh-painful Castlevania II and III). I sure as hell know I'd much rather be playing Dracula X: Rondo of Blood, or Super Castlevania IV. No, though, an obscure remake of Castlevania for the personal computer (only in Japan) is what Konami decided to unleash on us. I understand the logic that, since it was an obscure PC game released only in Japan, Castlevania Chronicles would be an ideal sell to veterans of the series that never got to play the game, or people new to the series -- just newer school gamers looking to learn a bit about the series before the highly-anticipated (to decent people, anyway) new Castlevania is released. However, it's just not fair to us people who would've loved to see Konami use a little of their considerable muscle in game-making (they still have it, folks, it's just not as apparent as before), and create a totally revamped rev of the original Castlevania, at the least. Even then I'd be upset they didn't opt for a port (not even a remake, as a port would be just fine) of Dracula X (TG-CD VERSION PEOPLE) or Super Castlevania. Overall, Castlevania Chronicles suffers from crap level design, totally uninspired and forgettable music, and an insane level of difficulty (and not in a fun ''Smash TV'' kind of way; more like a terrible ''Hydlide'' kind of way).

Even though it's at the attractive price of twenty dollars, Castlevania Chronicles will leave you sighing at the computer, wishing such a poorly-designed game wasn't the focal point of probably the last 'old-school' Castlevania game we'll ever see, on any system. A shame, really.

62 Graphics-5 Control-8 Play Mechanics-6 Music-5 Originality-3

Yes, this is the way I'll be reviewing games now, for the most part. Yes, I'll be including the good-old Gamefan (the undeniable kings of all that was reviewing, when it was actually an exciting thing to do) scale in my reviews. No, I do not really try at all when I review, nor have I ever, save a couple reviews.

And, yes, I am just tacking these random thoughts on here to fill a little space so I can meet the KB requirement for new reviews.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 10/31/01, Updated 10/31/01

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