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"The resurrection of old-school classics"

The first day I got this game all I could think about was what Castlevania it would be alot like. I liked all of them of course, but CV3 for nes would have to be my total favorite. This game shocked me from the get-go. Game Informer magazine gave it a 6 (Out of 1-10). I pretty much didn't expect that much out of it, but being the die-hard fan I am, it was a must buy. So here's my ratings


This is the only thing that hurts the game, but its meant to be like this. It brings the old nintendo version old-school graphics back and slammed them on a Playstation cd. Its to see the 8 bosses of the game, and even for not so good graphics, monsters like (Death, Tyrant, and of course, Dracula) will never lose their style.


I think this game sounds great! Konami remastered their old music from the nes and snes series. It sounds better then any other music from a CV game. On the arrange mode, when you start your quest on the 1st stage, you hear probably the coolest CV song Konami ever made.

Playability: 8

I have to admit, it can get alittle frustrating for some of you people out there who had trouble beating the other CVs. There are only 8 stages, but obviously they're not at all easy. Once you hit the 4th stage..well good luck! It took me a few days to beat on Normal and right now im in the process of beating it on the Hard mode.
We all need a challenge sometimes

Story: 7

Its just like CV 1,2,and 3. You can start out as Simon Belmount
who is in CV2 and CV1, and basically you hunt down anything you can. Its nothing like the Playstation's story, so if your looking for a good plot to this CV game, your'e not going to find it.


I give this game an Overal 8. It deserves some credit..after the last two CV's for N64, it lost alot of good fans. This is a complete turn around though! I think if you liked the NES games alot, you'll surely want to pick this one up! I think game informer didn't really look at the nostalgic part of the game, and missed the whole point of the fun and class it gives to the Castlevania series. Its pretty cheap for a new Ps-x game..only 20$ for a One disc game, so get it while its hot!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/18/01, Updated 11/18/01

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