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Reviewed: 01/15/02 | Updated: 01/15/02

A previously unknown classic

This was originally a game for the PC engine(which I believe is the japanese Turbografix 16) but it never made it to America...until now and, might I say, I have never been happier. This is an old Castlevania, very reminiscent of the series for the NES and it just reminds you of the reasons you got hooked on the series to begin with.

Story: It's the same story as most of the series (but it works). Dracula has risen from the grave once again and it's up to you, a descendant of the Belmont family, to stop him. Whip in hand, you must defeat hordes of undead, beasts, and ghosts in your quest to defeat the evil vampire. I believe you are Simon Belmont in this game (the same one you were in Castlevania 1 for the NES)

Graphics: The game comes with the option of either the original or the enhanced graphics. The original graphics are good, and the enhanced graphics are even better. The backgrounds look great, especially the shadowy statue with the bleeding eyes. The cross with the snake crawling all over it in Medusa's stage was particularly cool looking. Graphics don't make the game, but the enhanced graphics are really nice.

Gameplay: The gameplay is fairly simply. Kill anything that moves (and some things that don't), dodge spikes, and jump over pits. You can collect a variety of extra weapons to help you with the killing such as axes, daggers, holy water, and boomerangs. These things are limited in supply however, you restock your weapons by collecting hearts.

Sound: The music for the entire Castlevania series has always been awesome, and this game is no exception. Featuring some new music, and several remixed classics, this game has a little something for any Castlevania fan. The sound effects are very nice (Medusa actually talked a little bit) and they are all very simple (and sometimes, the more simple, the better). This was back before games HAD to be fancy to be good.

Difficulty: This game has adjustable difficulty. I played it on normal and I found it to be quite challenging. The Arranged Mode allows you to adjust the number of lives you start with and whether or not you have a time limit. This makes things a little easier for people who find the game a little too difficult for their tastes.

Should I buy this game? For a mere $20, you'd be a fool to miss out on this classic game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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