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"A good game"

This will be the first review that I ever wrote, but unlike the other idiots out there who right bad/good review and don't give solid evidence behind it, I will make sure that there is a reason that I like/don't like the game.

Graphics: 9
Taking into consideration the platform and the actual age of the game, the graphics are quite impressive, especially with the arranged mode that Konami included. The monsters were good looking and especially the re-made Simon Belmont and Dracula, they looked like they belonged in Symphony of the Night.

Gameplay: 5
I was kinda hoping that they where going to include the omni-directional whipping style from castlevania 4, but it didn't make it. The jumping was also odd because when Simon jumped he would kind of hover at the highest altitude of the jump for awhile before coming down. It's hard to get used to and it would have been cooler if Konami fixed these things in the arranged mode. Not to mention that when you pick up a new sub-weapon, it automatically replaces your old one, and you can't get the old one back. Since you really have to hit every candle in the game to get hearts and points, sometimes one will have a new sub-weapon in them, and more often then not its not that good. You often end up loosing a good weapon to a bad one. They should have fixed the arranged mode so that it was like the castlevania-x series where your old weapon would pop out behind you when you found a new one so that you could go back to the old. The non-existence of the whip-brandishing technique also hurt arranged mode a little, not to mention simon's slow walking pace made it difficult to avoid attacks. They should have added a run button.

Music: 10
I always like the music in castlevania games (perhaps I am a little partial), but the remade music is very nice and fits the mood of the game better than any other Horror/Adventure non-castlevania currently out for any system. It gives a classic feel to the game without detracting from the overall value.

Storyline: 5
Well, what can I say? ''Kill Dracula!''. There's the whole storyline, while the castlevania series together is a pretty nice storyline, this game individually is lacking in that area. Although it is reasonable that you can only do so much with a Castlevania I re-re-make. Yes that's right, originally in Japan this was a re-make of the first Castlevania. Because of that and the already existing massive castlevania storyline are the only things that kept me from giving a 0.

Overall: 7
A must have for Castlevania fans, especially the classic ones, it is the only Belmont-Driven Castlevania for any playstation game console. But if you are just in the market for a new adventure game, and you don't really like classic, more difficult games, then you might want to rent first. Notice that with all the recommended changes that I mentioned above I said for all of them to be in arranged mode, I did because they should never change the original mode, it's extreme difficulty is why it never came to America in the first place. Might as well allow players to experience it in its fullness.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 04/20/02, Updated 04/20/02

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