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"Just like the oldin' days"

This game is a remake of, well, a remake. It was released for PC, and now the PS, with a few changes.

STORY: 2/10
There is no story in the game, unless you count the beggining movie. It's all in the book, and nothing new. You play Simon Belmont, who, get ready for it-
Must stop the evil Dracula from taking over the world! Mwa ha ha ha ha!

It depends on which way you look at it. The graphics are what they were for the PC. If you pick Arrange Mode, their suppost to be better. The graphics are about SNES level, not PS. The graphics arn't any better on arrange mode, except Simon is much more detailed. There are other small changes, such as the fire was improved, things like that.

This is where it all counts. You got through a few levels, kill the boss, yada yada. You ahve sub-weapons, and a new one, the Herb, which heals you. Very usefull. You whack things with your whip, which can be powered up. You can get some sort of Urn that makes you invulnerable, and there is always hidden meat to heal you. It is very fun, the levels are simply cool to go through.

For the most part, the crontols are simple and responsive. You can whip diagnal and down when jumping, which is pretty usefull. Jumping is a bit wierd though, it was made for PC after all. For most games, the longer you hold down jump, the higher you jump. On this one, you press it and Simons jumps a certain hight. You can, however, move him back and forth in mid-air, which is very important. You also move slow. Why can't Belmonts ever run? Is that too much to ask for? Otherwise, the control is fine.

It depends, there are 3 different difficulty mode. If you want a real challenge, just play original, it's very hard.

LENGTH: 4/10:
This game is very short. However, it's fun, so you'll probably be playing it more than once, and you won't put it down until your done

MUSIC: 10/10
No matter how much someone may dislike this game, they can't complain about the music. This game's music rocks! What's more, by holding L1+R1 before picking you more allows you to choose 3 different modes, each are remixes of famous Castlevania music, such as Vampire Killer and Bloody Tear.

Rent it. It's very short.

This game is really fun, and hard to put down once you start.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/01/02, Updated 09/01/02

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