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"Easily a classic Castlevania shadowing Simon's first appearence"

Yes I gave it a 7/10. Sure the gameplay is amazingly great and enjoyable for me, but it's just not ready for the modern world. Many people think that this is a new adventure for Simon, when actually it is just another tail of Castlevania I/Vampire Killer/Super Castlevania IV. (Not Castlevania II: Simon's Quest) Here is a breakdown of the game:

Now- 4/10
Then- 6/10

When Konami made an arrange mode he only changed very few sprites. Mainly now Simon has Red hair (Different from his blue/brown/black hair) that he had in different games. Don't ask me why it's red and why he has a black outfit on, I think Konami said it's because he was resurrected. (Which he wasn't because this is a different tail from his first quest) Anyway the graphics are pretty bland and a tad below SNES quality. It has a few nice special effects, but now enough to blow you out of your seat. It's very good for back then, but when we're used to SotN it just doesn't cut the cheese.

Then: 7/10
Now: 9/10

Whoa!!! Although 70% of the songs aren't new and are just revised from classic games, Konami included a sound system that will make the songs sound 3 different ways with different instruments and melodies (Keeping the main tune in tact) with each one outstandingly composed. And then there are 3 different sounds of each song in arrange mode making 6 songs differently performed for each stage. This highly adds to the replay value and really is done well. It may not be SotN godlike, but it still makes you hum the songs and want to go out of control!

Then: 8/10
Now: 8/10

Even today this is fun, well for me to anyway. Now Castlevania has lost it's classic touch and copied Metroid with RPG elements. Many people now like that, and if you do and hated the classic Castlevania games, this one won't change your mind. It has a few new surprises and is just the lift you could use when your bored. However it is a bit short and could have been much longer.

Then: 7/10
Now: 5/10

Bah! Don't expect much here. Although the controls are tight, they just too basic. Thank god you can control yourself a little in the air, but you can't whip up. Only down-diagonal and down after you jumped. You can't swing your whip, slide, or run, which I guess is okay.

Sound effects:
Then: 6/10
Now: 5/10

The little beeps and boops are back that fit the classic mood. They sound odd today, but they fit in with the gameplay I guess.


Other than Simon's sprite changes, they took out the flying doll's speaking. I'm not sure if they took out the picture with simon doing drugs, which I have no freaking clue why they put that in the original in the first place. If you beat the game on arrange mode you get a very, very cruddy movie. The beginning has a nice 3d intro. Finally they included an interview with someone from the Konami staff which was nice, but kind of pointless because it doesn't really reveal anything.

Then: 8/10
Now: 7/10

It comes no where close to SotN, but it has great classic gameplay that many games are quickly losing.


Sure, especially for $20 you can't go wrong! The only way you should avoid this game is if you loved the SotN gameplay and hated the classic gameplay. Get it now!

Final review

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/14/03, Updated 05/26/03

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