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Reviewed: 04/27/03 | Updated: 04/27/03

Another Castlevania Classic !

For fans mostly into the Castlevania series and old school games, this is one game in the series you should not miss out on. First off, there were only 25-30,000 copies sent here to the U.S. so if you are a fan and don't mind old school style gameplay then get this game if you can.

Gameplay-10/10 Some of you may be wondering if this game is anything like Symphony of The Night but it isn't. Some level structures and monsters are similar but the graphics, sounds, and gameplay are all different. If you are disappointed by hearing that, don't be, this game is fantastic for it being quite ''old school''. Your moves are limited and from the very beginning you should adjust quite easily. Don't expect millions of items, swords, shields, armor, leveling up, and other characters to conversate with. Like I said, it is very similar to Symphony of The Night, but not the same. You get the classic whip and the good thing about it since your moves are limited, you can pull off downward slashes and control your jumps in the air. The one thing I loved about the gameplay from the very beginning is that it is very solid and plays smoothly and like many old school games before this one, it tends to get rather addicting. The game has 2 modes of difficulty, original and arranged mode. The original mode would be considered the harder difficulty and arranged (which is slightly different from original) is a little more easier. The game is fun for it's simplicity and challenge. You will have a blast with this game and the gameplay easily deserves a 10.

Story-10/10 You play as Simon Belmont of the Belmont Clan of legendary vampire hunters. Dracula has been resurrected and you must put an end to his terror. Sounds almost like any Castlevania game but still a great story. After all if it were different, it wouldn't be quite the same...But as far as the story goes, this game started it all, it is one of the first adventures in the castlevania series ever. like you expected something different?!

Graphics/Sounds-10/10 The graphics in this game are plainly and simply old school. They did a wonderful job with making the game look the way it does. If you are a veteran of Nintendo and Sega then this game will feel oddly familiar to you and make you feel right at home if that sort of thing resides up your alley. And if it is, then you will be in your chain whipping, 2-D glory! The sounds are very good, the music blends in nicely with the game. All in all this game keeps it simple in these departments. Although old school this game is grade A and deserves a 10 in graphics and sounds too.

Playtime/Re-playability-10/10 24 Stages spanning 8 levels and 2 difficulty settings to keep you hooked for hours and hours on end. You will probably wind up re-playing it for the fun you get out of it. Or at least playing it through both settings before giving it a rest for a while. Regardless, you will have loads of fun because this game excels in many categories!

Overall Scores

Final Word- This game may be hard to find because like I mentioned previous to this only 25-30,000 copies have been released here in the U.S. My loving girlfriend picked me up a copy so I am very happy. Do not miss this title because if you are a fan of this series then this game is 100% MUST HAVE! I assure you will take great pride if you can get your hands on a copy of this game. I hope you found my review useful and start looking for this title, enjoy!

-Happy Gaming!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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