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"Konami makes an already perfect game even better."

Intro - Who could ever forget how great the original Castlevania was? Certainly not me (just read my NES review on it). It was a simple game but challenging game that introduced gamers to so many concepts and launched one of gamings greatest series. So of course we were going to see rereleases and remakes. The most notable remake was in Super Castlevania IV on the Super NES and years later in 2001 with Castlevania Chronicles. Even now in 2004 an NES classic rerelease on the GB Advance has just come out. What can I say everyone loves the original. But this is a Castlevania Chronicles review so we'll stick to that. What most don't know was that this was already out in Japan on some system I forgot the name of. Not even sure when it was originally release but Konami had planned to do a Chronicles series. Only one game was released though. But the price was right at the time and I figured it would end up being pretty rare. It's a good thing I got it the day it came out or else I probably wouldn't have it right now. But remake or not this game will always hold a special place in my heart becuz it was released the day my son was born and that's when I picked it up. Anyway let's see why it was so great.

Story - 10/10
The story of the original NES Castlevania remains the same. Dracula has returned to torment the land and Simon Belmont begins his adventure with nothing but his ancestral whip to smite evil. As stated in past reviews I liked the story so it gets a 10. Unlike Super Castlevania IV the story did not change at all. So don't expect to find any plot twists here.

Graphics - 10/10
What can I say the game is beautiful. Although not as stunning as say Symphony of the Night, alot of detail was added in here and there. The backgrounds are rich in color and detail. Some stages even have hidden surprises in the backgrounds. There are even mirror effects later in the game. The sprites are also rich in detail and if you're playing the arrange mode then Simon will also appear more up to date thanks to some of Symphony of the Night's staff. There are even a few lighting effects here and there that just add a little bit more to the game. Really it's common to see good 2-D games use a few 3-D effects to increase the intensity. Excellent job, Konami.

Sound - 15/10
No it's not a mistake that is a 15. And it's becuz of the arrange music. Never have I been so blown away by a game's soundtrack before. The excellent music just gets you so pumped up while playing that sometimes you'll only want to play to experience it. And when you hear Simon Belmont's Theme in the last stage I promise you that you'll forget all about the Symphony of the Night soundtrack. Almost every classic theme from the original Castlevania has been redone and a few extra tunes here and there. It just sets such an epic tone for an already perfect game. The in game sounds are excellent as well. All the familiar whipping and slashing sounds are here just as you would expect them to be. I don't know who was responsible for the excellent sound but they certainly have my thanks.

Control - 10/10
Perfect. nuff said. The Playstation controller was just meant for this game. You can easily jump, attack, and use all your sub-weapons with the greatest of ease. The extra button for subweapons isn't here as it was in Super Castlevania IV so you'll have to settle for the classic Up and Attack method. There is also no multi-directional whip however you can whip down and diangonal down while jumping which is very similar to Castlevania Bloodlines. However like it's Super NES brother you do have some control in mid-air to help with jumping so the cheap deaths won't be as bad here.

Fun Factor - 10/10
I love this game and if you're into the old school style of Castlevania, you will too. It may not have as much to offer as some of the newer entries into the series but it's still a lot of fun to play. Arrange mode isn't really much of a challenge for the seasoned veteran so for the experienced I suggest trying your hand at the original mode for the ultimate Castlevania challenge. Although I have yet to try and beat original mode I do know of a friend who did it so it's not totally impossible.

To buy or not to buy?
Buy It. I don't care how much it costs this is an excellent game. I only wish Konami would've continued making the Chronicles series. Anyway if you don't have it already I do wish you luck as it is becoming quite rare these days. I'm also sure it won't come cheap either. I know it retailed for $20 in 2001 and there were limited copies but I've seen a few turn up on Ebay auctions. I don't remember how much they went for but I'm sure I saw them. If you do find it DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES LET THIS ONE SLIP THROUGH YOUR FINGERS. It's way too good of a game to pass up.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/18/04

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