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    FAQ/Walkthrough by piecemealcranky

    Version: 2.00 | Updated: 08/31/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Copyright (c) 2003 by piecemealcranky
    Game: Twisted Metal: Small Brawl
    Author: piecemealcranky
    Platform: Sony Playstation
    Date Created: 13th of April 2003
    E-mail: piece_meal_canky@yahoo.com
    Last Updated: 31st of August 2003
    Version: 2.00
    Last Updated: 25th of April 2003
    I had forgotten to mention some things (that are quite important) in
    this FAQ in the "Special Thanks" part. This (may be) the first and the
    last update and you might not be hearing from me anymore (I hope so). I
    like to mention here that I've added another way to get Trapper. So,
    check the "Secret Characters" part under. I have also done some checkup
    on the words that I have missed when I type it so that it is easier for
    you to read. Anyway, that's it!
    Last Updated: 2nd of May 2003
    Again, I did some major mistakes. Sorry for this shocking update (maybe
    not for you)! This is not necessary to be in this FAQ. I update again
    the last part (Special Thanks). It is nothing serious or big. Anyway, I
    apologize again if this thing makes you feel uncomfortable. Again, I
    thank you to the author Yefri S, RHINO0187, Gameshark, GameFAQs and
    Gamewinners for their helpful help.
    Last Updated: 31st of August 2003
    No serious update. Just some minor problems had been fixed. Yeah, this
    FAQ has reached the complete version, so no more updates in the future.
    Author's first words:
    Hooray! Twisted Metal is back again. This time is kids time. Anyway, I
    apologize if I didn't make a complete guide, or just missed some very,
    very important part. This game is old, but I can't find a game that is
    suitable for me to make a FAQ. So, I choose this game instead of other
    games! If you're wondering why I didn't put some sections into one, the
    answer is that I don't want you to get mixed up and confuse with the
    information given. So this is the reason I did that! Look, if you can't
    really understand my FAQ, that's fine. You can always e-mail me for some
    questions about this game (see above for my e-mail address).
    Anyway, I thank you for spending your precious time reading this FAQ.
    One more thing, if you can't find what you are looking for, you might
    read FAQ from other people under the same game. I know this sounds a bit
    crazy for disturbing other people's FAQ, but honestly, please check
    there for more information. Happy Reading!
    1. Introduction
    2. Legal Information
    3. Game Types
    4. Special Moves
    5. Characters & Characteristics
    6. Weapons
    7. Stages
    8. Secret Stages
    9. Obstacles
    10. Comments For Environmental Weapon
    11. Secret Characters
    12. Tips For Bosses
    13. Ending Movies
    14. Gameshark Codes
    15. Special Thanks
    1. Introduction
    This game is created by a boy name Billy Calypso. This person is not an
    ordinary boy, he is also known as the big bully! This game is just like
    all the rest of them. It is similar as Twisted Metal 1 till 4! The only
    difference is that this version, is using remotes! So, you can imagine
    if a boy rides a car just for a nonsense tournament. There are still
    some of them that can drive real cars actually (you'll see). Then,
    Calypso bullies all the kids around his neighborhood just to force them
    to enter his ridicules game! All the kids are impress with the prize,
    which is one of them, perhaps the winner, will be granted a wish.
    Anything they ever wanted! Some of them just wanted revenge against him,
    but others don't! Next, the game is yours! Just pick a mode and get
    2. Legal Information
    Please remember this each time you're trying to steal my work:
    This part may contain some VERY SERIOUS information, so please pay
    No part of this FAQ may be reproduced in any form, shape, or
    transmitted, in any ways, or any forms by any means (electronic,
    mechanical, recording, or otherwise) without prior permission from the
    author. This means no copying, no publishing, or any other illegal
    activities. This FAQ is posted only in GameFAQs and nowhere else. If
    other websites had taken this FAQ to theirs (a secured site), I won't
    mention them here. This FAQ copyright 2003 by the author
    piecemealcranky. The author may agree or disagree with any suggestions
    Contact me as soon as possible for any inconveniences regarding this
    E-mail me at: piece_meal_cranky@yahoo.com
    3. Game Types
    You should know all the game types by now! YOU'RE supposed to know!
    Anyway, in this part, I'll show you what it really is!
    One Player: A one-player game that gives you three choices to play with.
    They are tournament, challenge and endurance.
    Tournament: Let's you play the game with your opponent. Win a character
    and you'll unlock a movie (except secret characters).
    Challenge: This mode is just a normal mode but you don't have any
    continues. What I mean is that you are invulnerable, but you can die.
    Then, choose your opponent(s). Next, just play and test your skills.
    Endurance: Nearly the same as the challenge mode, but in this mode you
    have three continues. I like this mode. I always get eighty points and
    above. Can you beat me? Of course, you can, can you?
    Two Player: A two-player game. Play with a partner and here you can
    choose three different modes.
    Head To Head: Test your skill in this thrilling battle! Just you and
    your buddy. Get him first before he gets you! Try to be the ultimate
    Cooperative: You and your partner. Beat all Calypso's contestant. The
    winning will affect the first player. Can both of you share the word
    "work as a team"?
    Free For All: Rock everyone in this mode, including your partner. Fight
    with computers and your buddy. Tell him that you're the best and prove
    it! Then, get a car and ram those monsters!
    4. Special Moves
    This part, its about your directional button on your controller. All of
    these moves are used in the game anytime and anywhere when your battery
    attack power is full or at least a half full.
    Jump: This move is the most common used in this game. Well maybe for me.
    You can use this to avoid attacks, reach unapproachable place or maybe
    just for fun. To do this, press: L1+R1 at the same time.
    Freeze Attack: This is not a move, but it is more to an attack.  This
    maybe the second common attack that several other players and I use in
    the game. It takes a lot of battery attack power so, try to avoid doing
    this to opponents unless if its necessary. Attack your opponent when
    they are frozen. To do this, press: up, down, up.
    Shield: This move is important when you need health or just escaping
    from enemies. It blocks any attacks but for 3 to 5 seconds only. So, use
    this move to keep up in the game. To do this, press: right twice, down
    Drop Mine: This move is the uncommon used move. Use this attack when
    someone is following you. To do this, press: right, left, down.
    Rear Attack: This is also an attack. Use this to get rid of enemies when
    they are on your tail without looking at the back. Before pressing the
    buttons, make sure you have selected any weapon such as fire missile,
    homing missile or maybe your own special attack.
    To do this attack, press: right, left, down and quickly press the L2
    button to fire the weapon you have chosen.
    5. Characters & Characteristics
    Under here, these are the names of the cars and the driver itself.
    Please be informed that the word (L) beside it means its locked and (BL)
    means it's locked and it's a boss. If there are words like "best called"
    means the driver's name is unknown. Also, I will explain the character's
    characteristics in different words. To find out how to unlock them, see
    the "Secret characters" part under.
    Crimson Fury - Agent Stone
    Darkside (L) - Jimmy Ash
    Hammerhead - Best called Hammerhead
    Mime (L) - Best called Mime
    Slam - Best called Slam
    Outlaw - Officer Roberts
    Trapper (BL) - Best called Trapper
    Shadow - Mortimer
    Spectre - Best called Spectre
    Sweet Tooth - Best called Sweet tooth
    Thumper - Vinnie & Bruce
    Piecemeal (BL) - Best called Piecemeal
    Twister - Best called Twister
    Warthog - Best called Warthog
    Axel (L) - Best called Axel
    Crimson Fury: This car belongs to Agent Stone, who dreams to be a
    British secret agent. He enters the contest to stop the bullying ways of
    the evil Calypso.
    Characteristics: Crimson Fury fires three homing missiles that home in
    an opponent. It works great in far range and gets worst when you're near
    to an opponent. However, his armor is low but have good in speed and
    Darkside: This car belongs to a mysterious boy name Jimmy Ash. His
    motivations remain unknown.
    Characteristics: Darkside has a very powerful and dangerous special
    attack. It has a power that can ram your opponents into pieces! It has
    very good armor. The only problem is that it can only hit one enemy in
    one shot. It is quite slow too!
    Hammerhead: This teen is dying to be a real rocker! He thinks that if he
    wins this contest, Calypso will make his wish come true...
    Characteristics: Hammerhead's special attack is quite good. He smashes
    his enemy with his two big tyres! His weakness is just like Darkside. It
    can only smash an enemy, but his armor and speed are better.
    Mime: Mime is a young actress who likes to mimic other kids behaviors.
    Characteristics: Mime's special attack is actually anyone's special.
    This is because it can mimic an enemy's special which is the nearest to
    her. You can choose which special attack that you prefer more to.
    Remember, you can mimic opponent's special attack, which is there only.
    Too bad, it has very low armor but she's quite fast and stable.
    Slam: Slam is the oldest and the biggest among the contestant. He enters
    the contest seeking revenge back after Calypso destroys his tree house...
    Characteristics: Slam has an ability to carry his enemy and throw its
    opponent into anywhere he wants. However, it's very hard to aim though.
    His armor is excellent but his speed is poor.
    Outlaw: Outlaw is controlled by Officer Roberts, who wants nothing from
    Calypso except peace in his neighborhood. He enters the contest to seek
    justice in his neighborhood that means no more bullying ways from
    Characteristics: Outlaw's special attack is an electric current teaser,
    which electrifies his opponent for about six seconds. His special attack
    is not so powerful, but his speed, handling and armor are balanced.
    Trapper: Trapper is a hunter and he is known for his powerful,
    devastating special monkey attack! Don't be too happy cause he is
    Characteristics: Trapper releases a bunch of monkeys on the ground that
    next, will add more monkeys as they hit opponents and eventually it will
    leave a big damage to the enemies! His armor is quite good; his handling
    as well, but his speed is poor.
    Shadow: Shadow is controlled by an odd boy name Mortimer. He enters the
    contest to fight back for his pet frog from the hands of Calypso.
    Characteristics: Shadow's special attack is a shadow that don't really
    home in an opponent, but just chase them. It is very powerful, extremely
    good, its armor and its handling is good too.
    Spectre: This shy boy enters the contest to seek for his long, lost
    father. Now, he is about to discover that he has a connection in Twisted
    Metal in the past.
    Characteristics: Spectre's special attack is three ghost homing
    missiles, which can go through any kind of walls. It makes a scary sound
    each time the special attack is release. Spectre's armor is low but his
    handling and speed are a little bit better.
    Sweet Tooth: Sweet Tooth is the youngest and most mischievous kid among
    all the other kids in the neighborhood. He enters the contest just
    wanting only a little bit of ice cream...
    Characteristics: Sweet Tooth's special attack is an ice cream thing;
    little bit a like with ricochet, which specifies to hurt enemies at
    once. It has a sound too each time the special is release. Its armor is
    excellent and it's handling as well, but its speed is low.
    Thumper: Thumper is driven by two people, Vinnie and Bruce. They enter
    the contest seeking the ultimate sound system!
    Characteristics: Thumper has a very powerful special attack, which are
    three waves that can push your opponents far away from you! It gives the
    enemy a massive damage, and it has an average armor and excellent in
    Piecemeal: Piecemeal is a collector and a scavenger. He fashions his
    huge car from pieces of his enemy's cars he has defeated in Calypso
    Characteristics: Piecemeal's special attack is just like Mime's attack.
    The difference is, Piecemeal can still mimic all the contestant that is
    on that level either they are dead or not. Dissimilar with mime, she can
    only mimic characters that are still alive in that level. Piecemeal is
    good in handling and armor.
    Twister: Twister is not the most brilliant girl in the pack, but she is
    one of the best drivers. She loves going fast, and enters the contest
    seeking the ultimate thrill ride!
    Characteristics: Twister's special attack is a twister. It will carry
    enemies on top of the car and throw them into random places. It carry's
    only a bit of damage, but can carry many enemies at once. Twister's
    armor is poor, but her speed is excellent!
    Warthog:  This little GI is tired being picked up by Calypso. Now, he
    can't stand it anymore! He thinks that if Calypso wants a war, then it's
    a war he's going to get!
    Characteristics: Warthog releases three homing missiles, which are red,
    white and blue that will home in an opponent. It will leave a massive
    damage to the enemy that hit it! It's armor is low but others are
    Axel: Axel wants nothing much but only to display his skills in a two-
    wheel R/C combat.
    Characteristics: Axel has a great special attack. Axel releases a first
    homing missile that when it hit an opponent, it will spin around and
    release all other homing missiles! The bad thing is that the first
    homing missile usually hard to aim in near range, so using the freeze
    attack might help. Axel's armor is good and its handling is outstanding!
    6. Weapons
    There are some weapons that are powerful and some of them have the
    ability to home in someone. Underneath here, you can find these weapons
    throughout the game. They are:
    Fire Missile: This missile is quite good in power, but less homing
    It can be easily found throughout the game and most of the time it can
    be useful.
    Homing Missile: This missile is good in homing (regarding its name). It
    has a long range and can easily aim an enemy. The power of this missile
    is poor.
    Ricochet Bomb: This deadly reflector gives a lot of damage if it hits
    someone. It will move straight when launched, and it will not stop until
    it runs out of time or it hit somebody else (including yourself).
    Power Missile: This is the strongest weapon ever! It has a great power,
    but too bad it can't home in anybody. Use this weapon much of the time
    when you're fighting against a boss.
    Roman candle: This weapon is good for large vehicles. It bounces off
    each time it is launched. It will bounce back many times until it is
    used up or hit someone. It will bounce higher depending how far your
    enemy is. If your enemy is near, than it will bounce low. It is hard to
    aim though. Its power is poor.
    Napalm: This is quite effective either in long or short range. A fire
    thing that will lob and hit the opponent. It will cause the enemy in
    fire! I use this much of the time in the game.
    Remote Bomb: This weapon, you can detonate it anytime you wish. It can
    detonate when someone goes over it or you detonate it yourself. Use this
    weapon when someone is chasing you like mad from the back!
    Environmental: This weapon allows you to command an environment weapon
    inside a stage. Once you've got it, use it. Don't waste it, it could
    come in handy!
    Special Attack: This is actually, not counted as a weapon. It is more to
    an attack. Each character has its own special attack with different
    abilities and power.
    Machine Guns: This is also not a weapon. I simply add this to give you
    more information about it. You can use this for as many as you want. It
    doesn't give a lot of damage, just for an appetizer for you to warm up!
    Use it while shooting your weapons.
    7. Stages
    Approximately, there are 11 stages, all of them. Three of them are
    In this part, I'll show you what things that are inside the stages
    (including secrets). If you want to know how to unlock the secret
    stages, check the "Secret Stages" part for how to get them. I've also
    done a part for defeating both of the bosses. Make sure you check that
    part for how to defeat them. Well, the stages are yours:
    Playground Peril: The first place chosen by Calypso. This is a small
    playground with lots of playground apparatus. However, they are good for
    nothing since you're just a remote control car (not real one). This
    place is not bad after all. It is easy to be conquered. Here are some
    secrets for you:
    -If your life is at stake and you need health, don't have to fear. All
    you need is a weapon (not machine guns). You can see there is a duck
    near a slide, right? Go to it and shoot it with a weapon. Any weapon.
    Then, a health icon will drop down to the ground. Pick it up, quick!
    -You can also unlock a secret character in this stage. To find out how,
    scroll down to the "Secret Characters" part under.
    -You can also do a fun thing in this stage. You can see there is a big
    tyre near the seesaw right? Go to it and napalm that thing. It will be
    on fire. It doesn't affect anything, trust me! Unless if you go near it...
    -You can turn the golden duck into a roast duck! To do this, shoot the
    duck many times as possible with the power missile. Please note that
    once it had become a roasted duck, it can't give you any more health.
    -You can also shoot the boy that is on the marry-go-round thing. Jump
    and shoot it with a missile. Do this continuously until he is thrown out
    of the place!
    Carn-O-Maul: This place is a bit creepy with the music too. How do
    Calypso got this place, don't ask me! Well, in here, there is only one
    secret. Here it is:
    -You can see a big skull on the ground floor that has been rounding
    around for hours, right? Well, time for the truth! It has a secret that
    can give you an unlimited health icon! Wow! To get the health icon,
    shoot it with a missile and it should be dropped from the back. Don't
    shoot it continuously or you'll be losing your weapons. One more thing,
    if you follow the creepy skull, it will get you to a secret place and
    many things you can find inside.
    Easy Death Oven: The third place in the tournament, it looks dangerous
    in here! In this stage, you can see a plumber trapped inside something.
    There's a microwave inside this level. There is a health icon inside it.
    You might don't want to get trapped inside the oven, so quickly get out
    before you're toast! There are some secrets you might want to know in
    this level. Here they are:
    -You can unlock a secret character here. To find out how, scroll down to
    the "Secret Characters" part under.
    -To do this secret, first you must select napalm from the icon
    selection. Get to the plumber first. Then, jump by pressing L1+R1
    (facing directly at him) and napalm the Plumber's butt! He will blow a
    hole at the opposite side you're looking now. You will find a health and
    a power missile inside it.
    Minigolf Mayhem: The fourth place and the bad news is, a boss is waiting
    for you in this place. You must be prepared to face him. This place
    doesn't have any secret however; go down to find out about the obstacles
    for each stage. All you have to do is always keep up with the weapons
    and health. When you're low in armor, get health. If you don't have any
    weapons, you can push the golf ball into the hole to give you a random
    weapon. Sometimes it's a turbo. Anyway, good luck!
    Meat Your Maker: Time to get control of the meat grinder! Turn on for
    the grinder machine, and take the environmental icon. Press it when your
    enemy/enemies is chasing you near the moving system. Make sure you don't
    trap yourself because once you've got in it too; it's hard to escape.
    That grinder is moving so fast until you need to use your turbo to get
    away! Anyway, that's the best solution for this place. There is a health
    near the grinder. You have to stop the grinder first and then you take
    it. It's a little bit dangerous but if you think it doesn't worth your
    life, stop it!
    Gridiron Gore: The sixth place of the tournament. This place is too easy
    because it has an opened area and you can run free in this place. Make
    sure you take the health icon in both sides! If someone is chasing after
    you, run like hell! Take the weapons at the corners. The most important
    thing, do not get ran over by the mower machine. Keep your eyes on it.
    You can use the environmental weapon here. It is the mowing machine.
    This place is a piece of cake! Believe me, you'll definitely win! If
    not, I guess you need more training... Increase your normal playing time
    maybe, to 48 hours non-stop!
    Tree Top Rumble: Yahoo! This place is the easiest way to die, because if
    you fall down in the wrong place, you're doomed! This place, it has its
    own secrets. Here they are:
    -You can get some weapons (randomly) from the dartboard near the bridge!
    To do this, select a weapon, anything, and shoot at the dartboard. It
    should drop a randomly chosen weapon if it hit the board, on the target
    or at least touch it!
    -You can start up a lawnmower at the end of the bridge! Shoot that thing
    with anything and it will move! It will make one complete round without
    stopping until it reaches back the same place. It will smash
    anybody/anyone, including you that get on his way. So, you might want to
    think twice before starting that thing up!
    -You can also hear a cat screams. To do this, start up the lawnmower.
    When it is near the dart room, open out the gap door and let the
    lawnmower fall down. The lawnmower will smash into pieces and you will
    hear a cat screams...
    Now Slaying: Time to battle on the stage! This isn't the place to watch
    movie, but to battle! This place has a boss, so watch out. His name is
    Piecemeal (nearly the same as my mail). Although his huge, his nothing
    compare to you. Size does not matter, if you don't have any use of your
    brain, right? This place does not have any secrets, but it does have
    some tips. You can break the stage to get hidden icons! Just touch the
    large, ticket thing or whatever it is and it will move towards the
    stage! It will crash and you will find three icons, which are power
    missile, turbo, and health icon. Take all of it and there's another
    health. At the stage near the gap, take the health icon on the right
    side of the stairs facing the screen. Go for full speed and take it!
     Finally, after you have competed in eight different stages, if you
    succeed, you'll be watching a movie. The movie will be the character
    that you choose right now. Remember, secret characters do not have
    ending movies!
    8. Secret Stages
    There are some differences between the normal stages, and the secret
    stages. You can't play the secret stages because maybe you have not
    unlocked them yet, or you play in the tournament mode. Remember, you
    can't play in a secret stage through the tournament mode, but you can
    play with it in other modes. To unlock these stages, play in endurance
    mode in the one player screen. This part, I'll tell you how to get them.
    Here they are:
    Shock Therapy: This level, I can't really describe the features. Check
    the "Obstacles" part... It is most probably an Albert Einstein's secret
    room for experimentation. It is quite dark in here and watch out for the
    electrocuting thing! Anyway this place, its pretty good and perfect
    place to rumble! To be able to play in this stage, you need to kill TEN
    characters in the endurance mode. Then, there's a word telling you that
    you have just unlocked this stage!
    Buster's Lanes: Do you like bowling... If you're a bowling fan, this place
    may be the perfect place for you, cause like I said, this place is a
    bowling arena! You can knock down the pins, and get weapons! You can
    enter a place like a drain or something and get so many goodies! I
    always fight with my brother in this place. This place is perfect for
    fun battling. Anyway, earn this stage by defeating TWENTY characters in
    the same mode...
    Holiday Havoc: Yeah, its Christmas time again. Too bad, it's mixed with
    disaster! Shoot the train, and it will give you a health. You can blow
    up the Christmas tree too, and climb on it! You can see a Santa stuck in
    the smokestack. The obvious thing is that this Santa maybe trying to
    give presents to the owner of this place. Just get THIRTY kills in the
    same mode (again) and you'll unlock this great place for battling. You
    can unlock a secret character here too, so check the "Secret Characters"
    part under. Plus, you can shoot the Santa and he will say something
    different each time he had been shot. This is just for fun!
    9. Obstacles
    This part is (actually) not necessary needed for this FAQ. This is just
    some example for each different obstacle in every level (secret stages
    too). If I missed anything, please contact me through my mail as soon as
    <Normal Stages>
    Playground Peril: This level does not have any obstacles at all! That's
    what makes it easy than others... Anyway, if you napalm the tyre, near the
    see saw, you'll have to be careful because it can harm you if you move
    through in the middle of it.
    Carn-O-Maul: This level have quite much of obstacles! First thing, don't
    get pushed away with that creepy little skull thing. Just don't get near
    it! If you want health, slowly shoot behind it! Second, there's an axe
    swinging left to right near the skull's track. It doesn't take a lot of
    damage though (if you knock it). Lastly, don't become a cake when you
    got slice into pieces with the blade. Just watch out for it, ok?
    Easy Death Oven: Like it says, the oven is deadly. Don't go near to it,
    or you'll get the "easy death" sign to your life! Make sure you don't
    trap yourself inside the microwave, or it will bring disaster! It will
    start to burn, and will throw you out. Anyway, if you want to take the
    health inside, try to get it, carefully... and one more thing, don't get
    spin around by the spin catcher thing. Don't worry; you will get use to
    Minigolf Mayhem: The trouble starts again. The thing that makes the
    sound, which is above the health near the volcano, you better watch out
    for it! Don't get smash by that thing. Also, near that, there's a
    blockage! After two seconds, it will come smashing again. When you use
    your environmental weapon in this level, which is the volcano, you can
    hit your own self by getting yourself in the surrounded area! So, be
    Meat Your Maker: This place is giving me the creepy feelings... because
    you can get killed on the spot with the big, huge grinder machine! This
    obstacle is no more called obstacle! It can kill you at once! So, it is
    best called the killing machine! Anyway, watch yourself with the tiny
    little blades when moving towards the grinder. If you move fast, it will
    throw you upwards and slowly towards the grinder (if you're moving
    towards it). Last thing; don't get smashed up by that blockage near the
    grinder, ok? Watch yourself.
    Gridiron Gore: According to this level, the deadliest obstacle is the
    mower and can get your enemies (including you) a big damage. So, when
    using the environmental, make sure your enemies are around the field and
    not out of the line (benches). This is the only way to get your opponent
    rammed by the mowing machine right after you press the environmental
    Tree Top rumble: This place is quite easy, however, it do have some
    obstacles around it. Make sure you don't get ram by the lawnmower or
    else it can lead you to some serious problems! Don't fall into the gap
    door. You'll die straight away. Don't drive like a foolish guy or you'll
    be out of control and fall down, especially if your character has a bad-
    handling stat. If you're lucky, you might survive, but if you're not,
    too bad! Anyway, watch the lawnmower the most out of your time because
    you can only get one health at a time.
    Now Slaying: This place shouldn't be threatening you because this area
    is so easy. You'll never have any problem with the obstacles. You can
    run free, won't have any problem with health, and best of all, the boss
    is quite easy too! Anyway, watch yourself out there or you'll be
    Piecemeal's bait for his car!
    <Secret Stages>
    Shock Therapy: Remember, there's an electric current near this place.
    This obstacle is the most, dangerous thing among others (inside the
    level). It can cause you severe damage, and most of the time, it always
    has an electric current flowing from top to bottom. So, watch out for
    it! There's also another obstacle, I call it the liquid dropper. It's
    like a drop of acid keep dropping from above on the cabinet. There are
    many of those above you that can cause pretty bad.
    Buster's Lanes: This place doesn't have much of dangerous obstacles. You
    only have to remember one little thing; even though this place is a
    bowling arena, you might find something that is dangerous for you. So,
    what are you afraid of? Go out there and kick some butts!
    Holiday Havoc: This level is quite dangerous, for a holiday trip! Better
    get ready, because your vacation is over! Open your eyes and smell the
    fresh air! This place does not really have any obstacle; so don't need
    to worry a thing! Just be careful when shooting the Christmas tree!
    10. Comments For Environmental Weapon
    This part is also not necessary needed for this FAQ. Anyway, what I've
    done is for your own good, even though it looks useless. I'll tell you
    the use of the environmental weapon for stages that has its own only.
    So, here they are:
    Easy Death Oven: The environmental for this place is not effective. It
    is like some flying thing and will freeze someone that is nearby to it
    (including you). So, better save your environmental for the next stage.
    I don't recommend the environmental weapon used in this stage!
    Minigolf Mayhem: This place has its own unique environment attack. It is
    the volcano! This environmental attack for this place is quite
    effective. However, if you have the time to escape, or your enemy, it
    will not hit. Remember, it only hit the person that is around its area
    only. So, if you want to use this attack, there must be someone chasing
    after you. Then, take him to the volcano place; press the attack two to
    four seconds before he gets to that place. Then, he should be trapped
    and the fire thing will do the rest! I think this attack is quite
    effective, but if you still want to keep it, that's fine.
    Meat Your Maker: The environmental weapon in this level is very
    effective but hard to do so, pay attention. You know the meat grinder
    right, where you can kill someone or yourself in one shot. Make sure the
    meat grinder is on (if it is off still fine), then quickly change your
    selection icon to the environmental selection and get up to the meat
    grinder. Then, turn to the side. This is because to avoid you getting
    killed when this process is being done! Now, cross the meat grinder to
    the other side as soon as you saw the opponent near your side. Then,
    press the environmental weapon as quickly as possible before he crosses
    the meat grinder to you.  Then he should be crushed. Hard to understand?
    Actually, not really!
    Gridiron Gore: This is the easiest level and still, the game provides an
    environmental weapon. The weapon is for a mower. This thing looks huge
    because remote control cars are tiny. So, with the cars view it looks
    big! Anyway, this attack will chase the opponent like crazy and often
    times it misses. Well, not exactly it is missed. It just can't get that
    far if your opponent is out of the line. I told you in the "Obstacle"
    part above. Try to use it. If I were you, I won't keep it for the next
    level because it is useless.
    Tree Top Rumble: The environmental for this stage is not accurate when
    it is launched. This is because it only goes straight and doesn't really
    chase an opponent. It goes straight until it hit the bridge and... that's
    it. Look's useless right? Not at all (actually). You see, it can hit the
    opponent but only one condition; you must bring your opponent there and
    get off quickly otherwise it will hit you too!
    Shock Therapy: This is the only secret stage has an environmental
    attack. It is the electric zapper! It will really cause you big damage
    and it is easy to use. There's a way to avoid it. If you're playing with
    someone, your buddy maybe, if he presses the attack, you can avoid it.
    Fire the bridge's switch at the left of you to straighten it up and
    quickly get out of there! I recommend you to use the environmental and
    the stupidest thing is, you should never waste it for something useless!
    11. Secret Characters
    The secret characters can be unlocked and every single character can be
    playable. If you want to unlock a character, check under here. This part
    is telling you how to unlock a locked character. Remember; always change
    the difficulty first to medium or hard. It will not work in easy mode.
    Anyway, here they are:
    Axel: Axel is locked when you start the game (if you have unlocked him
    before, this code won't work again). To unlock him, you must make sure
    you change the difficulty level first from easy to the normal or hard
    selection. Choose the normal, it will make it easier. Then, play the
    tournament mode and choose any character. In the first level, Playground
    Peril, you can see a set of swing near the see saw, right? Well, shoot
    the middle one and you'll see a statue of Axel will be thrown out and
    into the ground. Take it and you'll unlock Axel!
    Darkside: Darkside is also an unplayable character, which means he is
    locked. To unlock him, first change the difficulty. Then, play through
    the tournament mode by selecting any character. When you reached the
    third stage, Easy Death Oven, go to the plumber. Make sure you have at
    least one napalm in your hand. Then, face the plumber's butt and napalm
    it! He will blow a hole behind him. If you enter it, you'll find the
    statue of Darkside. Take it to unlock him!
    Mime: Mime is also a locked character. To unlock her, you must first
    unlock the Holiday havoc level first. Check the "Secret Stages" part for
    more information. Then, play the endurance mode and choose Holiday Havoc
    level. Before you start, make sure you change the difficulty first, ok?
    When you're in, shoot the Christmas tree until it is burned out and fall
    down. When it is down, quickly climb on it and get you weapons ready.
    Near the place where Santa gets stuck, there are also four different
    stockings. Just take your time to shoot all four of them and you'll get
    the statue that marks as Mime. Take it to unlock her!
    Trapper: I'm sure this way works! There are rumors saying that there are
    many other ways to get Trapper. I tried one of them and I get a great
    success! This is it: Make sure you change the difficulty first all
    right. Choose the medium, it will be easy. To be able to play as
    Trapper, you must beat the game with EVERY single character in the game,
    so this means that secret characters are INCLUDED and must be complete.
    After the last character had been beaten, you'll see a screen that shows
    you've just unlocked him! There is also another way. I didn't try this
    one yet but according to some other authors to get Trapper, you must
    beat Mime with the NORMAL mode. If this doesn't work, try on the HARD
    mode. If you think this is hard to do, why don't you try the Gameshark
    code? I'm sure it will work!
    Piecemeal: Much people still don't know how to get this person! However,
    I've found the answer! Here are the steps: First, change the difficulty
    into HARD! Then, pick the tournament mode selecting Trapper ONLY as your
    character. Choosing other characters will ruin the steps. Then, complete
    the game. After beating the final boss, you'll get a screen that shows
    you've just unlocked Piecemeal as a playable character! If you think
    this is hard to do too, you'll have to get the Gameshark codes. Check
    the "Gameshark Codes" part under!
    12. Tips For Bosses
    Here are some tips defeating bosses. If you have any other way, you
    preferred more, than go on. I'm just giving suggestion. Anyway, good
    Trapper: This boss is quite powerful and often times beat me! He is the
    real threat in this game actually! He is good, his armor is high, and
    has a good handling stats! Anyway, this boss is huge, and has a powerful
    special attack power. For more information about special abilities,
    scroll up to the "Characters & Characteristics".
    Piecemeal: This guy looks a little bit scary, but compared to Trapper,
    he is nothing! This guy is too easy but sometimes gets me on my nerves!
    He is definitely huge (that's true). His special attack is exactly like
    Mime, but a bit different. For more information about special abilities,
    scroll up to the "Characters & Characteristics".
    <How To Beat Them>
    Trapper: You can beat this guy in many ways, and one of them is this:
    Make sure you have kept enough weapons for this boss before he shows up!
    Then, you will need to have powerful weapons such as the power missile.
    Use this on him the most the moment he is frozen. Remember, freeze him
    first and then use power missile on him. Do this a lot of times and
    always keep up with your health quickly, since the health is only one!
    Don't let him take the HEALTH because sometimes he might. Don't
    repeatedly get away from him because he might take the health or maybe
    waiting for you somewhere. If he doesn't move, just go get him! Always
    use the environmental weapon too; they can also come in handy...
    Piecemeal: This character, well maybe for me, is not a threat! Serious,
    you can see it yourself! To beat this guy, the most important thing is
    that NEVER leave the health icon in the middle of the stage after you
    have pushed down the large thing. This is important to avoid Piecemeal
    recovers health, since he always shows up at the middle of the stage!
    This guy is a chicken, because he disappears each time he feels
    threatened! So, you must think wisely. This place is hard to collect
    weapons, and since he only shows up after a character dies, you can take
    this opportunity to collect some weapons! So, avoid killing normal
    characters if you do not have any weapons that all. This is dangerous!
    Then, kill the normal characters with your special attack first. When
    Piecemeal shows up, freeze him and shoot with all your weapons! Don't
    freeze him immediately after he shows up at the stage. Doing so may have
    done something useless to your actions because he always have a shield
    protector for about two seconds at the stage. After a tough battle
    between both of you and it should be over.
    13. Ending Movies
    You can earn an ending movie for each character. Remember, secret
    characters do not have any ending movies. So, for those of you who
    haven't won anybody yet, please don't read this part or it may mess up
    your surprise! This part is not fully 100% accurate, I'm telling you the
    story based on the game itself. Well, watching is more exciting than
    reading, don't you think?
    Crimson Fury:
    Ending Movie - Agent Stone wants to accomplish his goal, so he goes up
    to Calypso aiming a water gun at him. While Calypso was busy petting his
    cat, Agent Stone is bust aiming the gun to him. Since it was only a
    (water) gun, Calypso gives him an expression, "You think I'm afraid of a
    silly water pistol". Then, instead of aiming to Calypso, Agent Stone
    aimed at his cat. Finally, the cat got shocked and attack Calypso.
    Ending movie - Firstly, Calypso ask this teen whether he really wanted
    to be a rockstar. Then he answers, "Totally dude". Then, with a sudden
    move from Calypso, unexpectedly he is what he wanted. Then he screams.
    This may be the wished that he do not like at all since his group's name
    is 'Silky boys'.
    Ending Movie - Slam gives Calypso an experience that he will probably
    never forget. He carries Calypso by a real Slam car! Then, he burry him
    under the hot sun with his head left on top! Then, he carries a small
    house by the Slam car again and drop it on his head and lock it, safely...
    Calypso screams, NO!
    Ending Movie - Officer Roberts's readies a missile for Calypso for pay
    back. Then, he aimed at Calypso, say a few words, and launch the
    missile. It goes straight just like he expected. Suddenly, the missile
    misses Calypso when he fell down into the hole behind him. Then the
    missile hit a real police car. This movie ends with Officer Roberts get
    carried by a real policeman!
    Ending Movie - Mortimer asks Calypso for his frog back, like what
    Calypso promised to him. It looks like Calypso really doesn't want the
    frog, and giving excuse that saying the frog is making so much noise
    till he can't get in! While digging his nose, Mortimer says that the
    frog has been tainted with radiation or something... Then, he says, "On
    the second thought, you can keep the frog!". In seconds, he's gone.
    Then, Calypso look back to his house. It suddenly cracked into pieces by
    a gigantic, ugly-looking frog. Then Calypso screams and the frog lower
    his tongue and grab hold of Calypso in an instant and eat him up! Man,
    it is scary!
    Ending Movie -This shy boy knock on Calypso's house door. Then, Calypso
    open up, then says a few words to him. Then he says, "It is tough. All I
    could dig out is with this stupid picture". He throws the picture to the
    ground. Then he closes the door. Spectre picks it up, look at it. It is
    his father's picture and under it has a key to the real Spectre car. He
    laughs for happiness! Then, he starts the engine and get out with a real
    Spectre car from a hidden cave, somewhere...
    Sweet Tooth:
    Ending Movie - This is what Calypso says to Sweet Tooth the moment he
    opens up a garage door. "Man, you can have anything you wanted, and all
    you could think of is a little ice cream?" By the time, Sweet Tooth is
    checking the car in that place. Then he laughs! The moment after that he
    drove Calypso out of the place by putting him in the front of the car!
    Calypso screams!
    Ending Movie - Vinnie and Bruce came up to meet Calypso. Then, they told
    Calypso that they wanted a very big sound system. Then, Calypso granted
    their wish. They do get a very, big stereo system! However, they put the
    volume to the maximum until they flew up and landed very, very far away!
    Ending Movie - Twister had been given to ride a small duck toy (mostly
    kids love this). By not getting what she wanted, she argued with Calypso
    telling that this thrill is not enough. She said she wanted to go fast!
    Then Calypso starts up a rocket launcher underneath the duck toy thing
    and she just flew into the air! Calypso laughs!
    Ending Movie - Warthog wanted revenge, so he wears an army suit and call
    out for Calypso! Then, he saw Calypso in front of him. Then he is ready
    to open fire. Actually in front of him is just a Calypso's statue with
    many explosives hidden behind it. When Warthog shoots away the bomb,
    then he realize that he had just been tricked. It is too late, so the
    bomb exploded and he's down! Finally, this is what he said, "Take that,
    Calypso!" Luckily, he's still alive even in a very awful shape!
    14. Gameshark Codes
    All this code I got them at the site Gameshark.com. Never argue with me
    if these codes don't work. I don't simply set this code myself, all
    right! So, check there for more details and updates! Anyway, I'm
    serious, you can get this from other author's too if you found out that
    some codes I typed don't work. I may have done some mistakes when I
    typed it!
    Infinite Battery Attack Power <<<>>> 80151e882a30
    Infinite Environment Weapon <<<>>> 80151ebc0003
    Infinite Health <<<>>> 801504a004fb
    Infinite Homing Missile <<<>>> 80151ea40003
    Infinite Lives <<<>>> 80160f8c0003
    Infinite Napalm <<<>>> 80151eac0003
    Infinite Power Missile <<<>>> 80151eb80003
    Infinite Remote Drop Mine <<<>>> 80151eb40003
    Infinite Ricochet Bomb <<<>>> 80151eb00003
    Infinite Roman Candle <<<>>> 80151ea80003
    Infinite Special Attack <<<>>> 80151e9c0003
    Infinite Turbo <<<>>> 801504ac03e8
    Infinite Fire Missile <<<>>> 80151ea00003
    Unlock Axel <<<>>> 301d1e3c0001
    Unlock Darkside <<<>>> 301d1e400001
    Unlock Mime <<<>>> 301d1e440001
    Unlock Piecemeal <<<>>> 301d1e480001
    Unlock Trapper <<<>>> 301d1e4c0001
    15. Special Thanks
    Well, since (I think) I've made this complete guide, I will never forget
    those who helped me through my journey from creating this FAQ until I
    submit them. I thank a lot to my eldest sister and my parents for
    helping me through my problems and solving it! I also like to have some
    credits to my brother, for helping me to get this tremendous game (but
    he didn't help that much)! I also will never forget my friend, who went
    to Australia last year that helped me to know Twisted Metal and get into
    it! Also thank you to my other friend for his support. I would also like
    to thanks to the resources I got especially GameFAQs, GameWinners,
    Gameshark for its codes and also other authors (Yefri S & RHINO0187),
    who gave me some information to do my first time FAQ. Not to mention
    CJayC for accepting this FAQ and running the best FAQ-based website on
    the net. Best of all, to all of you that had read my FAQ, I thank a lot!
    My Advice: Try to keep up with this game, never give up when you lost a
    match. Remember, losing is not a bad thing, but it gives you more
    experience on it. Well, I hope this FAQ helped you to improve your
    skills in this game. Just contact me if your have any problems regarding
    this FAQ. You can also mail me some suggestions for this FAQ too.
    My e-mail address (again) is: piece_meal_cranky@yahoo.com
    Again, no part of this FAQ may be reproduced in any form, shape, or
    transmitted, in any ways, or any forms by any means (electronic,
    mechanical, recording, or otherwise) without prior permission from the
    author. This means no copying, no publishing, or any other illegal
    activities. This FAQ is posted only in GameFAQs and nowhere else. If
    other websites had taken this FAQ to theirs (a secured site), I won't
    mention them here. This FAQ copyright 2003 by the author
    piecemealcranky. The author may agree or disagree with any suggestions
    Copyright (c) 2003 by piecemealcranky

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