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Reviewed: 05/02/02 | Updated: 05/02/02

Nothing but the Best is My Motto. If Only the Makers Listened

People, before I start this review, I’d like to address one small issue concerning this Arcade-format game: CHALLENGE. Now, take a look at it. It doesn’t seem too hard to read, it doesn’t look like a trivia question, or a riddle at that. So what’s my point? I’ll tell you, it’s too FRICK’N EASY! I have to say that before we progress.

Addressing done.
Moving on…

Storyline: Strickers 1945 follows a format where it’s 1945, WW2 never happened, some country, and they never mention whom, has dark military secrets for new hyper-advanced planes. But some evildoers steal them! Oh, no, what can we do</sarcasm>?!? Well have no fear you’re here! Bad guys beware, some how the bad people, the creators hint that it’s Russia that’s behind this, seem to get crushed by one hit of your high-tech laser beams. Plus, you have bombs symbols that represent an invincible plane that comes to protect you for a brief period of time. I must say, it’s done poorly.

Gameplay ---8/10--- It’s pretty basic here. Controls are not a problem. It’s shoot, drop a bomb and shoot some more. However, each plane is designed for a different level besides the last 2. The “Flying Pancake” is one of the most diverse plans, and has the greatest advantage when the going gets tough and you need to do some heavy damage fast, and cover a large area at that. Whereas, the “Mosquito” is a fast little plane, and while it’s attack is straight forward and it’s power-ups are low, it can maneuver very well, weaving in and out is the best bet for experienced players. Besides the terrible names and the lack of challenge it’s not too bad. By the way, there is no end to it, if you do well enough you just keep going, like Asteroids and Millipede.

Graphics ---6/10--- I know they could do better here; this is the Playstation platform not Atari 2600 for the love of Tria! Don’t give me this: Oh, well it’s an arcade based game, don’t expect good graphics! Well, most arcade games have done better when they were developed a decade earlier. Wake up designers, look around you, it’s the ‘90’s, well, at least at their time period. Well the best graphics you’ll find are in the “Start/Select” menu. Besides that, it’s either low-quality graphics or pictures plagiarized straight from a French World War II photographic heritage book.

Sound ---7/10---
Music ---7/10--- The music can get on your nerves at times. For game time more than an hour, I recommend cranking up those head phones of yours and turning down the volume on the television before the music gives you a tumor. At the beginning of a one-hour block, you think: Oh, it’s not so bad. At the end you’re hitting your head against the screen praying that new music shows up. So in reality, there’s only 3 music tracks. The sound matches the actions nicely though, so I appreciate that. Basically, only listen to the music for 15 minute stints.

Rent/Buy/Burn/Crap? Rent. It’s definitely not crap, and it’s a waste of a CD to burn it. Buying it will be too expensive for what it’s worth. Unless you can get a great deal e. g. $8 or less, the go out and get it. Otherwise just get it from your local rental place.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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