"Shoot, bomb, rinse, repeat..."

Gunbir... I mean Strikers 1945 (US PSX version)
Reviewed Dec 19, 2002.

At the onset of playing this game, I had a sudden feeling that I played it before. The interface, the bomb and power-up icons and the whole game mechanic itself seemed so familiar. And then it hit me. Gunbird 2 (Dreamcast)! Strikers was just like Gunbird. Or more like, Gunbird was just like Strikers (since Strikers came first). That's not to say it's a bad game, it just turned out to be boring for me, overall, playing what amounts to be practically the same game as something else I owned.

Let's go through the usual cats.

Nice if not a little bland. Sprites are small but clear and the background is detailed but drab in colour occasionally (that's probably due to its theme, though: a war torn area). Robots are huge though occasionally indistinct.

The intro FMV was on the other hand not so good. But then we're not playing the game for FMVs.

Hmmm... Nothing much here. There's a goofy WWII background story in the instruction booklet and the game itself. I didn't know World War II was fought and won with lasers, mini-planes, invincible support planes :)

With that said, the story isn't really fleshed out. Compare this to the multitude of shooters out there that contain stories (though that isn't necessarily a good thing either) and you'll find that replay value of this game after going through 6 planes is pretty minimal. Gunbird 2, for example, features humourous monologues for each character and unique dialogue when two player mode is used. Gunbird 2 is certainly the superior game. Hmmm... I seem to be digressing. :)

There's certainly not very much that's unique about this game. You shoot, bomb and repeat. It's good basic clean fun that tests your reflexes.

Bells and whistles:
Music seems repetitive and occasionally dull. It's okay.

Well, I paid $40 Canadian ($26 US) from EB. Was it worth it? Well, if you're really, REALLY scrounging for a shooter, then this game is recommended. However, there are other shooters that are much better and offer more variety of gameplay than this one. Strikers 1945 is fun while it lasted though.

I would've preferred to pay $20 to 25 Cdn for this game so at it's best, I would give it a rating of 6.

Personal Ranking:
1. Gunbird 2
2. Mars Matrix
3. Strikers 1945
4. Gigawing 2
5. Silpheed: Lost Planet (beautiful looking but bleah)

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 12/20/02, Updated 12/20/02

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