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"The FMV 's are great, The games are great, but....."

Final Fantasy 4 Hardtype, Chrono Trigger, two of the best rpgs ever made come to the Playstation and the result at best is very good but it good have been a little better.

Gameplay--I wouldn't expect anything less from these two games then what I got, which is some of the greatest gameplay ever and it worked pretty damn well on the playstation. The battle systems for each game are retained to their fullest and were nothing less than perfect in each title. FF4 went to hardtype which is the true version of that Final Fantasy and all the extra monsters, items, and secrets are definitely what people wanted out of this game. Chrono Trigger is retained to its entirety and never fails to impress me with it gameplay even I've played it many times. One blank spot about each game is that there is some slowdown which would be expected and that is one of the reason why it didn't get a perfect 10.

Story--The stories are definitely together in both games and are entirely restored to their fullest. Final Fantasy 4 as I said went hardtype and the story that has been translated correctly for the playstation installment of the game. Chrono Trigger's story is still among the best out there and doesn't fail in any way in this updated version of the game. Some names in FF4 have changed to their original names and spells for the game have changed to what they were intended to be in the first place as suspected.
Both stories are without a doubt two of the best out there and the updated version sure did help.

Graphics--Very good but as I said before that characters are a little slow at time especially during battle scenes. Anyways FF4 has polished up nicely and has even include a beginning and end CG sequence which looks very good I might add. Chrono Trigger's the same with nicely polished graphics but the Animè sequences that are at the beginning, within the game, and at the end of the game definitely clear up a lot mysteries anyone might have about the game by recreating some of the most memorable scenes and even some new ones as well. The overall would be that even if there is a little slowdown it still is as good as it gets with these two greats.

Sound--The sound is still very good but the problem here is that sound and music are a little fuzzy and can really be irritating to listen which is a shame. Both of these games have some great music and when the playstation couldn't get the music perfectly ported from the SNES well it just was a terribl thing. Anyways beyond that little whittle the music is just as good as ever and there is even some bonus music included in them.

Replayability--Are you kidding? Of course there is replayability in fact there is tons of replayability in these two games. Anyone who knows Chrono Trigger will know there is multiple endings and many hidden secrets within the game which take multiple time to complete them all. Final Fantasy 4 has some nice added features and secrets to make it a good to replay for those reasons.

Buy/rent--Buy this game, you will not be disappointed with it and I guarantee you that. If you like this title but don't have the heart or cash to buy it then at least rent it and have fun.

Buy Final Fantasy Chronicles or I will make my pet cerberus eat you!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/29/01, Updated 06/29/01

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