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"Two awesome RPGs re-released on the PS1! Thank you Square!"

Final Fantasy Chronicles is out today (June 29 2001) and when I got it, I gotta say, these two games are some of the best SNES RPGs I've EVER played. FF4 is a little different though. Square released it as the Hardtype version (but it's not exactly like the Japanese version), which means everything that was taken out of the SNES version (known as the Easy-Easytype version and 'FF2') is in here. Also, FF4 has a CG sequence in the beginning and end, though I find the opening CG is way too short. Chrono Trigger now has Anime scenes which were made by Akira Toriyama (creator of the Dragon Ball series). Now to the review.

Gameplay (9 out of 10)
Final Fantasy IV
The Gameplay is great. This Final Fantasy was the first to have the Active Time Battle (ATB) system in which enemies could attack you while choosing your commands. You can have 5 characters in your party, but you are never given the chance of switching your character for another one. FF4 has attacks, magic, and items that were never seen in the SNES version, Including Cecil's Dark Wave attack, Tellah's Recall attack, and Rosa's Pray ability. Spell names were changed (Like White to Holy), which is a good thing. In FF4, you can play two players cooperatively in battles (you can have one person control some characters and the other can control the rest). By the way, these rumors about FF4's new run button not working properly on the PS2 is not true. It works fine. As for loading, Saving takes a while, but getting into the menu is quick. No loading problems here.

Chrono Trigger
Chrono Trigger also has the ATB system. There's a total of 7 characters you get in the game and you can only have 3 at a time. Characters learn spells by gaining a certain amount of tech points which are received after battle. I love the team attacks in CT, which you learn when you fight enemies with different character combinations. A minor gripe I have is that in Chrono Trigger there is no 2 player battles, which would've made it absolutely more fun. A pretty bad thing about the game is it's horrible loading times, but I don't complain too much about, unlike some other people. Saving is quick, but getting in the menu takes a long time and there's a little pause before battles start.

Story (10 out of 10)
Final Fantasy IV
In FF4, you play as the Dark Knight Cecil who is the captain of the Baron Redwings (an airship crew). He had to steal the water crystal from the Mysidian people, and give it to the king of Baron. Cecil questioned the king about his recent behavior, but the King rejected him from being captain of the Redwings. Kain the Dragoon, Cecil's friend, helped Cecil out during the arguement with the king, but both were ordered to bring the bomb ring to the Summoner Village and kill the Mist Dragon. And so they set off, and the quest begins. Many friends join Cecil on a huge quest with many suprises and twists.

Chrono Trigger
In CT, you play as a young man named Crono, who sets off for the Millenia Fair, a fair in honor of Guardia Kingdom's past. At the fair, he bumps into a girl named Marle. They both go see a special Transporter made by Crono's friend, Lucca, which teleports a person to another transporter right next to it. When Marle tries it though, she disappears into a time gate, and Crono follows her in to find out what happened. A huge quest starts, and Crono, Marle and Lucca along with other characters from different time eras have to stop an evil being from destroying the past, present, and future.

Audio/Video (10 out of 10)
Hey, graphics for both games may be outdated, but if your a true gamer, you wouldn't care for graphics. CT's graphics are much better than FF4's graphics. The Anime cutscenes in CT are good, but the animations are pretty choppy.. FF4's opening and ending CG have nice graphics. As for music, these two games contain some of the best RPG soundtracks I have EVER heard. You'll love the music.

Replayability (8 out of 10)
FF4 has kind of low replay, but if you want to discover more secrets you haven't found out yet, play it again! As for CT, after you beat it, you can play New Game +, which lets you play again with everyone's abilities, items, and weapons aquired while you played the game the first time. You also have to get a ton of endings!

Overall (10 out of 10)
Excellent gameplay, excellent story. Excellent Everything! This compilation is absolutely brilliant! If you can get past the loading times, I totally reccommend this to any RPG fan and to those who missed these great classic or don't want to spend 80 bucks for a mint copy of FF4 or Chrono Trigger on SNES.

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